Keith Markovic 
Big plays not enough for win
October 22, 2017
NAF posted a 35/39 KD in Renegades' 0-2 loss to BIG in the semifinals of DreamHack Denver.
NAF tried to will his team to victory in the opening game of the series, but his monster showing couldn't lock up the win. He started off 9/2 after seven rounds as he was destroying things with the AWP. It seemed like his bullets had magnets as he didn't miss a shot for awhile. Unfortunately, he tapered off towards the end of the game and his team didn't add much to the equation in the 16-11 loss. He lost some of this momentum in the second half, but the rest of his team was on top of their game as they took an early lead. BIG wouldn't simply let the game slip away, however. Even as NAF started to come alive, BIG kept on pushing and came away with the narrow 16-14 win.
Contributed to only one round won
October 21, 2017
NAF posted a dismal 10/16 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a crushing 16-1 loss to Cloud9.
NAF took a massive deficit to the start of Train as his offense couldn't muster a single round to contest Cloud9. With only one round won in the first half, which was a close one itself, NAF took the massive 14-1 deficit going into the second. Unfortunately, NAF had nothing to show in the second half as the team took a massive 16-1 loss.
Shuts out CLG
October 20, 2017
NAF tallied a 26/19 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-14 win over CLG.
NAF quickly got over the 3-0 deficit early on to pick up rounds for him and his team, taking back control of the defensive side. Climbing back into the frame, NAF would pick up a solid triple-kill hold on the B-bombsite to secure the 4-4 lead. From there, NAF would win seven straight on the defense to hold down the 11-4 score going into the second half. With a contested start to the second half, NAF would have a hard time holding off the offense of Renegades, but his Round 24 triple-kill clutch on the B-bombsite would bring the score 14-10 in favor for NAF. Renegades wouldn't go down without a fight, as they would pick up four more offensive rounds to tie the game late 14-14; however, NAF would earn map point with a triple-kill clutch on the A-bombsite. NAF would then close out the game with an edging 16-14 win, posting an 85.1 ADR.
Adjusting well with Renegades
September 5, 2017
NAF put up a 41/25 KD in Renegades' big win over compLexity Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
NAF seems to be fitting in with his team just fine as the ESL Pro League trugs along. He was pretty consistent all the way through but was never anything particularly amazing. That's not to say it was a bad thing, however. He was simply always there for his team to keep them moving towards the ultimate goal of a nice 2-0 sweep here. He missed a few 1-vs-1's in the second game, sure. But he more than made up for it with a ridiculous 1-vs-1 in the second pistol to keep them moving along in the 15-round streak they compiled in the second game. He then bookended his performance with a nice double in the final round to secure the 16-7 win.
Signs with Renegades
September 2, 2017
Renegades have announced Naf as their permanent fifth player after both organizations reached an agreement over his transfer from OpTic Gaming.
NAF will become the permanent fifth for Renegades after coming to an agreement over his transfer from OpTic. NAF will now replace Jayzwalkingz, who was added to the team on a trial basis after debuting for the lineup at DreamHack Masters Malmo finishing third in its group. NAF's future on the OpTic roster had been a major question after they signed four European players. His 18-month tenure on the roster resulted in an ELEAGUE Season 2 Championship and a second place finish at the ECS Season 2 Finals, but the team struggled near the mid-way point of the year as its core players left the roster to join Cloud9. NAF will now debut for Renegades when Season 6 of ESL Pro League start up again on Tuesday after DreamHack Masters Malmo.
On the lighter side of the win
July 8, 2017
NAF collected a 16/14 KD on Wednesday in an OpTic win over Space Soldiers at ESL Cologne.
NAF slowly came out of the gates unable to find the right pixel to connect which resulted in a sluggish 3-0 deficit early. His contribution to the Round 4 win had some minor setbacks as he played too aggressive in the following round, which resulted in a loss. However, NAF rallied back and began to win round after round until finally taking the first half up 9-6. Another slow start in the second half on the defense giving up the first three rounds sparked the core of NAF to fight back by winning the last seven consecutive rounds for the 16-9 win, posting a 71.5 ADR along the way.
Does all that he can for floundering OpTic
July 6, 2017
NAF tallied a 13/16 KD in OpTic Gaming's rough loss to Team Liquid on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
NAF was one of the main reasons that this game even looked somewhat close early on. He started with doubles in Rounds 2 and 5 to try and keep his team afloat, but he couldn't do it alone forever. He even picked up doubles in rounds that his team lost, showing that he simply just didn't have enough reliable backup in this game. He even got flashy with the Dual Berettas in the second pistol round, but again, his team couldn't find enough kills in their own right to keep OpTic moving along. He also tried to grab an AWP to give his team an advantage, but Liquid was rushing the site too hard, and he was unable to ever line up shots consistently.
Big finish to Game 2
June 7, 2017
NAF earned himself a 40/25 KD on Tuesday in the final week of Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a win over NRG 2-0.
NAF faced a 4-0 deficit early with the slow start, but was still able to pick up a few straggling rounds early. However, NRG won four more straight for the 8-2 lead. NAF still had the confidence on the defense and managed to help come back with five rounds for an 8-7 deficit at the half. The second half NAF was solid in the pistol and the two anti-eco rounds to take the lead early. From there, NAF continued to punish the defense of NRG for a 16-10 win, earning a 21/16 KD and an 81.9 ADR. Game 2 NAF had a spectacular showing on the first-half defense to hold off the offense. NAF read the offense well and countered each time they tried to exploit either bombsite, which allowed him to play more aggressive. NAF continued his dominance in the second half to blow NRG out for a 16-4 win, earning big 19/9 KD and team-leading 106.7 ADR.
Tag-teams with mixwell to try and achieve victory
June 1, 2017
NAF went an impressive 24/18 in OpTic Gaming's narrow defeat at the hands of North on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
OpTic came out the gate in this series with a poor showing in the first few rounds of the half, which resulted in North's early 5-0 lead. But NAF got OpTic back into the game with a double in Round 6 for their first win of the half. As the half progressed, things stayed pretty even and OpTic looked for a way to break ahead. This resulted in NAF and tarik running in a double AWP setup toward the end of the half, which paid off in the former.of an entry frag and double kill from NAF in Rounds 13 and 15, respectively. While OpTic had many leads in the close second half, they were unable to hold on to the site in far too many rounds in the late stages of the second half. This gave North room to inch back into the game and resulted in OpTic's 16-14 defeat.
Strong performance in essentially an exhibition match
June 1, 2017
NAF ended up with a 21/12 KD in OpTic Gaming's win against Na'Vi on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
NAF continued to play strong in this game, and this time he actually got some help from his teammates to allow them to pick up the win. He opened with a double kill to tag-team with tarik in Round 5 for a nice start to the game. He was a bit slower to get into a groove for the rest of the first half, though. He did end up with a 3k in Round 13, which allowed OpTic on a good roll moving into the second half. After winning the pistol round in the second half, NAF came up with a double in Round 17 to really give OpTic a good hold over the game. Unfortunately, all of this was for naught since they still didn't crack into the playoffs with the win.
Can't shake off slow start
May 31, 2017
NAF put up a 15/17 KD in OpTic Gaming's rough loss to Liquid on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League.
NAF, despite showing up big for his team in their previous game, started off extremely slow in this game against OpTic. He didn't get on the board until picking up a double with the FAMAS in Round 4. Trying to give his team a spark, he pulled out the shotty to attempt a flank in Round 8. He only managed to pick up a single kill in the face of three Liquid enemies, though. Still, his team got the win, but those wins were far too tough to come by for the Green Wall here, as they were completely outpaced and dominated.
Consistent in draw vs Cloud9
May 18, 2017
NAF earned a 28/27 KD in Tuesday's 1-1 draw with Cloud9 in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
NAF had a slow but solid start in the first half of Train, winning round after round to silence Cloud9 11-4. NAF picked up a few double kills along the way to hold off the offense and then channeled his momentum in the second half for a 5-0 blowout. NAF got a few entry kills early that helped his team take the early advantage for the 16-4 Game 1 win, posting a 14/11 KD and 52.9 ADR. NAF's performance in Game 2 came late after, only gathering a few kills in the 13-2 deficit at the half. However, his second-half performance started off well until Cloud9 won three to take Game 2 16-5, with NAF earning a 14/16 KD and 70.0 ADR during his efforts late on Cobblestone.
Big Game 2 doesn't translate to win
May 6, 2017
NAF ended up with a KD of 23/31 in OpTic's tough loss to SK in the semifinals of IEM Sydney.
NAF didn't get off to the best start in this series, but then again, no one on OpTic really did. He had no kills in the first six rounds, but managed to pick up a double in Round 8. It was just an overall poor showing from OpTic here that continued right on into the second half where they lost two more rounds to give SK the 16-1 win. The second game was slightly better, but overall much the same. He had the only kill for OpTic in the opening pistol round, but could never pull his team ahead as he continued to top frag for his team in the early rounds of the game. He did pick up a nice 3k in Round 13 to give his team two in a row, which gave OpTic a bit of hope at a comeback. That hope continued into the second half where NAF tallied another 3k to lock up the Round 18 win. The comeback train derailed after that, though, with SK closing out the 16-7 win strong.
Key multi-kills give his team easy win
May 3, 2017
NAF tallied a 24/12 KD in OpTic Gaming's 16-8 win over Vici Gaming on Wednesday at IEM Sydney.
NAF was on top of his game to start out this win over Vici Gaming on Wednesday. He got the opening entry frag in the pistol round, and then followed it up with some consistent kills in the early rounds of the game. He notched a double in Round 3 and a 3k in Round 7 to put his team up 6-1 early on. He didn't stop there, tallying two more triple kills in Rounds 10 and 12. Moving into the second half, he was yet again on point. His biggest round came towards the end in Round 22 where he picked up another 4k to put them up 14-8 and well on their way to a 16-8 victory.
Week 5 sweep over RUSH for NAF
March 26, 2017
NAF posted a 28/31 KD in a 2-0 series win over RUSH on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
NAF started the day off with a huge lead over RUSH on Tuesday, leading the team to a sweep in Week 5, earning a 17/11 KD following a 79.1 ADR. NAF's defensive strategy went well in Game 1 of Inferno with a huge lead in the first half picking up a triple kill on the A-bombsite to further extend the lead for OpTic to 5-0. NAF continued to apply pressure to RUSH early as the team put up a commanding 13-2 lead at the half. Though the second half RUSH managed to take three rounds away, NAF's offense closed out Game 1 with three of their own for a 16-5 win. Game 2 NAF's start was on the slow side of things for his offense on Overpass. Though late in the first the offense broke free from RUSH's defense for a 9-6 lead. However, the second half was highly contested for NAF as his defense struggled to keep up with the offense of RUSH. Eventually, thanks to NAF's teammate for tying the game 13-13, NAF managed to squeeze the last three straight for a 16-13 win. NAF posted an 11/20 KD following a 63.2 ADR in the Game 2 win.
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