Timothy Ta 
United States
Silent in series loss
September 3, 2017
autimatic went 25/36 on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo in a 2-0 Cloud 9 loss to SK Gaming.
autimatic had a contested first half in the early rounds but got the defense going individually to hold off on the A-bombsite for a 9-6 lead at the half. However, his second half performance was shy as he was only able to pick up a few frags in the entry of the A-bombsite and last-minute rotations to the B-bombsite that only granted him four rounds in the second half for a 16-13 Game 1 loss. autimatic contributed to the defensive start on Cobblestone with a firm hold on the B-bombsite but SK got creative with the split on the A and B-bombsite to spread the defense thin for a 10-5 lead at the half. The second half had a great start through the pistol and the two anti-eco rounds but it was all SK on the defense to hold off autimatic from gaining access in the drop-area to take the B-bombsite to lock up the series sweep.
Sweeps second half for win
August 31, 2017
autimatic gathered a 17/8 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 16-2 win over B.O.O.T.
autimatic started on the defensive side of Mirage with a quick double kill to open the pistol round. Round 3, autimatic sprayed down three in an underpass rush to mid, shutting down the offense of B.O.O.T for a 3-0 lead. autimatic remained strong on the defense to hold off the pushes into the A-bombsite, as well as being a keen sniper on the retakes for the early 10-2 lead. Round 13, his quick rotation to the B-bombsite secured the round with a double-kill hold for the 11-2 lead. A final double-kill hold on the A-bombsite sent the first half away with a 13-2 lead. The second half was all on the offense, with autimatic blasting through the bombsite for the 16-2 win, posting a 108.7 ADR.
Unable to make a mark in the Grand Final
July 9, 2017
autimatic scored a 56/64 KD on Sunday in the 3-0 grand final loss to SK Gaming at ESL Cologne.
autimatic started the series on Cobblestone picking up the pistol round but after that he struggled to hold off the offense of SK for a tough 10-5 deficit at the half. autimatic started the second half with a double kill to win the pistol round, but once again, he struggled to get past the defense, as they only won four rounds to fall 16-9. In Game 2, autimatic aggressively took the pistol round from SK, however, SK contested as autimatic fought tooth and nail on the offense to take the 10-5 lead at the half. The second half was torturous for autimatic as he could not hold off the offense of SK in the 16-12 Train loss. Game 3 on Inferno started with a pistol loss for C9, but he then remained strong on the defense to help his team to a nine-round win streak, taking the first half 10-5. However, autimatic struggled in the second half only winning four rounds on the offense as SK thrashed his offense for a 16-14 loss.
Consistent in 2-0 sweep over Na'Vi
July 9, 2017
autimatic earned a 45/42 KD over Natus Vincere on Saturday in the semifinal at ESL Cologne.
After being punished at the start of Mirage, autimatic rallied back with his team and began to open the bombsites and hold the post-plant for a massive 7-3 lead. Only a couple of rounds were given up, but autimatic remained composed and finished the half 10-5. The momentum from the first half carried over picking up a few kills in the pistol and anti-eco before allowing his opponents to comeback to tie the game at 13 a piece. Although with a tight economy and a chance to lose Game 1, autimatic came up big with a half buy that allowed him to pick up an entry to generate the economy to take Mirage 16-13, posting a 23/19 KD and an 89.4 ADR. In Game 2 auitmatic had a perfect defensive first half with a 6-0 lead by remaining consistent on his trade and winning duels. However, the CIS team came back to shake up the score, but autimatic stayed calm and took the half 9-6. The second half was a slow start, but quickly got heated after a 3-0 deficit as autimatic punished the defense with a triple kill for taking the lead back. He began to struggle in the mid game, but closed out the game with a few entry kills that allowed his team to take a 16-14 win earning a 22/23 KD and 75.2 ADR on Overpass.
Plays perfect second fiddle to Skadoodle
July 8, 2017
autimatic came up with a 60/57 KD in Cloud9's win over Ninjas in Pyjamas on Friday at ESL Cologne.
autimatic was anything but in the early going of this series, as he was missing shots left and right in Game 1. He seemed to be unable to really get a hold of bombsites to stop NiP from getting a 10-5 lead at the half in Game 1. As things progressed, however, he found big plays in that second half to lock up the win. While he came up a bit short again in Game 2, the final game was his chance to shine. He found an early 1-vs-1 clutch to get himself going and he never stopped from there. He was certainly living up to his namesake in this game, and with such a strong presence to back up Skadoodle, C9 easily took the 16-6 to advance to the semis.
Brings the consistency
July 6, 2017
autimatic was on his game with a 22/17 KD in Cloud9's win over Immortals on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
autimatic never seemed to put himself in the forefront of things against Immortals, but he did manage to bring up consistent kills. He started with a double entry frag in Round 5, and just kept on finding kills all throughout the game. He picked up another double in Round 14 to cap off his strong first half. In the second half, he tag-teamed well with shroud in a couple rounds to shut down any comeback attempts from Immortals and lock up the 16-11 win to stave off elimination.
Big first half keeps Cloud9 on track
July 5, 2017
autimatic put together a 22/14 KD in Cloud9's big win over TyLoo on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
While n0thing held things down for Cloud9 in the second half of this game, autimatic was the man in the first half. Despite C9 getting out to a slow start, they fought back with the help of autimatic to keep things pretty even by halftime. He helped get their economy back in order with a 3k in Round 5, and then notched a double later on in Round 9 to pick up the round. Once Cloud9 got into a groove, there was just no stopping them. While autimatic didn't slay with impunity all game long, he did show back up again with a double entry frag in the final round to secure the 16-9 win.
Fails to show up in lopsided loss
May 31, 2017
autimatic went just 7/20 in Cloud9's defeat at the hands of Fnatic on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
autimatic was pretty off in this game against Cloud9 on Wednesday. He grabbed a double entry frag in Round 3, but even that couldn't get his team the win. From then on, he was unable to get anything at all going in the one-sided loss. He only managed to put up a total of five more kills in the next 19 rounds of the game as Cloud9 were pushed all over the place.
Slow first half result in loss
May 30, 2017
autimatic posted a 21/24 KD for Cloud9 on Tuesday, Day 1 in a loss to EnVyUs in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
autimatic fired back after the pistol round loss was just a few kills away from going into the right hands of Cloud9 by winning three in a row for the early lead. EnVyUs came out on the better side of the things in the buy round as autimatic struggled to hold off the offense of the French for a dominant first half. Down 9-6 going into the second half, autimatic had another slow start, but picked up the pace as well as the frags in the mid rounds of the second half to win five rounds for the offense until EnVyUs closed out the last two rounds as autimatic contributed to a team-leading 91.3 ADR in the 16-11 match loss on Cobblestone.
Automatic in lopsided win
May 30, 2017
autimatic put up an impressive 20/8 KD in Cloud9's win against G2 Esports on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
autimatic was doing it all for Cloud9 from start to finish in this game against G2 on Tuesday. He started with a 3k in Round 3 for a 2-1 lead, and he never let up from there. He was a big part of his team's early 7-2 lead, with his consistent frags all throughout. He closed the half with a strong retake on the A-site to lock up the 11-4 lead for C9 at the half. Moving into the second half, he was on top of his game once again with a double kill in the second pistol round. That was just what Cloud9 needed to keep moving right along to a 16-4 win that was locked up by autimatic's 3k in the final round.
Blanked in the second half of loss
May 30, 2017
autimatic went 10/20 in Cloud9's tough loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League finals.
autimatic was another member of C9 who limped coming out the gate of this game to open the week. He got his first kills in Round 7 in the form of a 3k, which was enough to prevent SK from getting the defusal. He had another 3k in Round 10, but C9 still went into the half down 8-7. Moving into the second half, autimatic found no kills as SK won all eight rounds of the half for the 16-7 win.
Woke in Game 2 for draw
May 18, 2017
autimatic earned a 33/27 KD on Tuesday in a series draw against OpTic Gaming in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
autimatic had a rather slow start on Train, contributing to only four rounds won in the first half for an 11-4 deficit. autimatic picked up a few entries and closed out rounds in the first half; however, he was unable to do the same in the second half due to a grueling 5-0 shutout in a Game 1 loss 16-4. autimatic let his frustration out in Game 2 as he held off the offense of OpTic for a massive 13-2 lead at the half. Despite the three rounds given up to OpTic in the second half, autimatic managed to rack up three rounds to close Game 2 16-5, earning a 19/10 KD and an 84.7 ADR to close out the second half on Cobblestone.
Worst member in 1-1 split with NRG
May 10, 2017
autimatic finished Cloud9's 1-1 split with NRG on Tuesday in the ECS with a KD of 31/33.
autimatic had a bit of an off series here against NRG on Tuesday. He was pretty flat in the entirety of the first game. Even as his team rushed out to a nice start in the first half, he was constantly at the bottom of his team. The second half is where it all fell apart for Cloud9. autimatic only tallied five kills in the half that saw NRG go on an incredible run to put Cloud9 on eco round after eco round, which gave NRG the 16-12 win. Going into the second game, he was a bit better, but still the worst on his team. They managed to pick up the win, but they will certainly need more from autimatic if Cloud9 wishes to make some waves in the ECS.
Strong play not enough to lock up win
April 30, 2017
autimatic ended Cloud9's 1-2 loss against G2 in the Group B decider match at DreamHack Austin with a 67/58 KD.
autimatic was the saving grace for Cloud9 in this series, but that can only get your so far in the game of Counter-Strike. He got to work early and often in this series, starting with a 3k in the pistol round of Game 1 to give his team a nice 1-0 start. Throughout the rest of this game, autimatic continued to be the one to get the kills for Cloud9, but the only problem was that he was just about the only one. The rest of his team had nothing and they were swiftly handled by G2. Game 2 was a better game from C9 overall. He was in the middle of the scoreboard for his team, but he actually got help from his teammates this time. They all worked well together with strong rotations and executions to keep pushing on against G2 in this 16-12 win. With Game 3 on the horizon, C9 needed to band together for another performance like Game 2. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. autimatic did his part yet again, but with no help from his teammates for another game, C9 were bounced from the tournament.
Falls flat in loss to Immortals
April 29, 2017
autimatic went 10/19 when Cloud9 lost to Immortals in the Group B winner's match at DreamHack Austin.
The normally very strong fragger for Cloud9 was extremely off his game when his team took on Immortals on Friday. After winning the first three rounds of the game, C9 fell flat on their face by losing 16 of the next 20 rounds. autimatic was right there on the floor with his teammates as they couldn't make heads or tails of the matchup. While he didn't have the lowest ADR (66.0) of the match, he still failed to bring the offense in this tough loss for C9. They've got one last shot at the playoffs with the loser's final match on Saturday, but they will need to avoid another showing like this from autimatic to crack into the semifinals.