Hunter Mims 
United States
Composed in 1-1 split
October 8, 2017
SicK posted a firm 52/33 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Immortals in ESL Pro League Season 6.
SicK only contributed to the lone round won for the offense in Game 1 of Train as Immortals stoned Misfits for a 14-1 lead going into the second half. Immortals put SicK on edge after taking the second pistol round, but an eight-round streak for the defense to shut down the A-bombsite led by his 22/17 KD and 95.7 ADR. Unfortunately, SicK came up short of a Game 1 win as Immortals closed Train 16-9. SicK then led a massive defensive showing in Game 2 of Cache, despite the contest early on as he held off the Immortals offense for a 12-3 lead going into the second. Although Immortals were consistent on their retakes to get the early rounds as SicK once again led the team with an impressive 30/16 KD and 116.8 ADR to take Game 2 16-9 in the split.
Average performance in loss
May 8, 2017
SicK finished up Misfits sweep at the hands of HellRaisers with a KD of 30/41 in the semifinals of DreamHack Tours on Monday.
SicK started off a bit slow in this game despite having himself quite the day on Sunday. He only had two kills in the first five rounds that saw his team hold a narrow 3-2 lead. As the game progressed, He pitched in with some kills here and there, but never found a strong groove. In the late rounds of the game, he couldn't clutch things to prevent their 16-14 loss. SicK was also slow to start in this game, notching just a single kill in the first four rounds. He had a nice double in Round 9 for a win, but there was just not much they could do overall to prevent the 16-14 loss.
Comes up big in overtime during series win
May 7, 2017
SicK lit things up with a 69/63 KD in Misfits' 2-1 win against Heroic on Sunday at DreamHack Tours.
SicK got off to an incredible start in this series against Heroic on Sunday. His play in overtime is what really pushed them ahead to take down Heroic in a close match. He started with an double entry frag in Round 36 to tie things up at 18 before getting another double in the next round to take a 19-18 lead. His best round of the overtime period was a 3k to take another lead, this time at 20-19. He wasn't done yet, as he got another 3k in the very next round to go up 21-19 before picking up the 22-19 win. He played pretty poorly in Game 2, though, only tallying 11 kills in the loss. Moving in Game 3, he was strong once again, posting a 23/19 KD and 87.3 ADR. His consistent damage in the game was more than enough to keep moving Misfits along in the 16-12 win.
Joins Misfits alongside rest of TSM roster
January 15, 2017
Misfits announced in a video yesterday that they had acquired the entirety of the TSM CS:GO roster.
Just recently, the Team SoloMid CS;GO roster saw a huge change with the departure of sgares due to a dispute with Reginald surrounding the PEA. As a result, the team has shown signs of deterioration within their relationship to the organization. This along with their desire to compete with sgares left TSM no choice but to release the roster. Just hours after being released, SicK and the rest of the former TSM squad found a home with Misfits who announced they had acquired the entire roster.
Does what he can in loss to CLG
November 8, 2016
SicK put up an even 40/40 KD in Team SoloMid's 0-2 loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Tuesday.
SicK was exceedingly consistent throughout the entire series here against CLG. He never did anything all that fancy or dominating, but he was just a constant presence for his team. The main problem with all of TSM in this game was that they just had a bit of an odd strategy to the game. They were just far too passive and essentially sat back and watched as CLG just completely dominated control of the map round after round. SicK did end up with an 82.0 ADR, which was fourth in the lobby, but it wasn't enough to secure the win. He was once again big early on in Game 2. He had a nice spray transfer for an early double, and he did his best with his big KD throughout the game, but it again was not enough.
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