Justin Savage 
Short in Game 2 comeback
September 30, 2017
jks earned a 40/30 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split against OpTic Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Down 7-0 to start on the offense, jks picked up several entry-kills in the remainder of the first half to help Renegades get back to contention to settle the first half 8-7. With a 23/12 KD and 101.6 ADR, jks steamrolled OpTic in the second half on the defense to win nine straight to claim Cache 16-8. Another slow start in Game 2 of Train with only a couple of fluke round wins early on but the lead remained with OpTic through the duration of the first half. jks did manage to get his defense in line late in the half to settle for an 8-7 score. The second half was highly contested, but jks' entry kills helped the team get the offensive round wins that eventually took the late 14-13 lead. However, jks couldn't get past the OpTic defense for a 16-14 Game 2 loss.
Quiet overall performance in win
September 5, 2017
jks put together a nice 33/30 KD in Renegades' win over compLexity Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
jks was pretty subdued all throughout this series on Tuesday. He kind of just stuck to the background the entire time and let his team pick up most of the kills. He wasn't necessarily bad by any means, just not overly impactful. He came alive a bit in the later rounds of the second half to keep pushing his team along in the 15-round streak that they rode to a 16-7 win.
Cleans up rounds in win
September 1, 2017
jks did little with a 13/13 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a Renegades 16-7 win over Virtus Pro.
jks started Cache with an entry kill into the A-bombsite as well as a post-plant hold to help secure the pistol round win. From there, jks held down the bombsites on the post-plants to secure the massive 10-0 lead before Virtus Pro won its first and last round of the half. In the last round of the half, jks picked up an entry kill into the B-bombsite followed by a plant in a 2-vs-1 to secure the first half 14-1. After a slow start to the second half, jks finally broke free in Round 19 with a double kill on the B-bombsite retake in a post-plant situation to secure the defuse. The final round of the game, jks held off the offense, which gave his teammate a better alternative in a 1-vs-2 to secure the round and the game 16-7.
Slow start in Game 1 a burden
June 8, 2017
jks earned an even 43/43 KD in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 on Wednesday in a 2-0 series loss to NRG.
jks seemed to have a great start to Cache, winning the pistol and the second anti-eco round to stir up the action in the first half. However, the NRG defense was just too strong as jks threw everything he could to try and find a gap to reduce the deficit. jks fought and fought, but NRG came out on top 10-5 going into the second. The second half jks had a few opportunities to win the early rounds but NRG took off to take Game 1 16-11. jks had a better run in the Game 2 performance despite his dismal early first-half display that allowed the 6-0 lead of NRG. However, jks came roaring back with eight rounds to overcome the NRG defense for the 8-7 lead. The second half was close in the early rounds, but NRG secured their lead and map point. jks never gave in and remained strong in the late rounds of the second half to break the economy of NRG to force overtime. Unfortunately, the overtime rounds went in the other direction for a 19-17 loss on Cobblestone, with jks earning a 28/22 KD and a team-leading 94.8 ADR.
Contributes next to nothing in win
May 3, 2017
jks only managed an 8/13 KD in Renegades' lopsided victory over Vici Gaming on Wednesday at IEM Sydney.
jks was the only player on his team to somehow post a negative KD in this lopsided 16-5 win over Vici Gaming on Wednesday. While he did get a pick in Round 7 to boost his struggling team and a matching double with AZR in Round 9, he fell off the face of the map after this. He only notched one kill in the five rounds before finally getting another kill in Round 15. He opened up the second half pretty poor as well, with no kills in the first three rounds of the half. He did get a kill in Round 19, but this is certainly one that he will want to forget as Renegades continues to fight for their lives in this tournament.
Best member in a losing effort
May 3, 2017
jks ended Renegades' lopsided loss to FaZe Clan on Wednesday at IEM Sydney with a 13/17 KD.
jks was the best member of Renegades in this loss, but given his lackluster KD, that wasn't necessarily a good thing. He started off the first half by peppering in kills here and there, but it was never enough to really get Renegades on any type of roll. He notched a double kill and bomb plant in Round 10, but that ended up only being their second round win of the game. This inconsistent play continued into the second half where his best round came with a double kill in the final round of this 16-4 loss.
Slow start leads to tough loss
December 15, 2016
jks tallied a 15/19 KD in Renegades' loss at the hands of Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
jks and Renegades didn't get off to a very good start here at the major qualifier, and that was clear almost from the start. While they did get off to a 4-1 lead, they proceeded to see their performance take quite the nosedive. For a span of four rounds, jks and yam were the only two players to get kills, as NiP surged in a major way with 10 straight wins to end the first half. Once the second half started, it was Renegades turn to surge a bit. jks helped this surge along with some nice plays, including a double in Round 18. They ended up just not having anywhere near enough to stop NiP in this 16-9 loss.
Superb day for the young Aussie
November 26, 2016
jks put up an excellent performance in Renegades win over Cloud9, earning a 27/17 KD in Group B of DreamHack Winter 2016.
jks gave Cloud9 a run for their money in this extremely close game. He had a stellar first half as he single-handedly took the second round away from Cloud9 with a triple kill on the B-bombsite to even the score 1-1. He then won the following round with a double kill to secure the third round, as well as give Renegades the early lead. He contributed to five rounds where the bomb was planted in Renegades favor as well as five rounds where he gained two or more kills securing the first half 11-4. He did have a slow start in the second half, but managed to get Renegades within two rounds of taking the map away from Cloud9. With a defuse in Round 27 and a kill to clean up with following round to get Renegades to map point. Fortunate enough for jks, Cloud9 ran out of time in Round 30 to take the map 16-14.
Strong play despite 2-0 loss
August 30, 2016
jks earned a 48/44 KD in Renegades' 2-0 loss to Cloud9 on Monday.
jks was the most consistent member of Renegades in this series, despite their ultimate demise. He may have started off slow, with only one kill in the first seven or eight rounds, but after that, he was a beast. He was playing very well with the SMG in this one and even used it to get a clutch 1-vs-2 at one point. Renegades mounted a bit of a comeback in the second half with the help of jks' strong play, but they ultimately fell short and lost 16-12. In Game 2, he was slow to start out, but ended somewhat strong. He didn't have many highlight reel plays, as the game saw a seesaw of momentum shift between the two teams. While jks helped Renegades get a 14-7 lead, they fell apart at that point and ended up losing 19-16.
Boosts Renegades' split with OpTic
August 26, 2016
jks finished the split series against OpTic Gaming on Thursday with a 37/40 KD.
jks and the rest of Renegades really tripped coming out the gate in the first game of this series. They ended the first half down 2-13, but ended up putting on quite the showing in the second half. jks was part of the almost-comeback that saw them go 11-2 before finally losing the game. He pitched in with a nice triple in Round 28 that got them a couple rounds from OT. The second game went much better for Renegades, as they were actually in good control of things from the start. jks started things off with a huge ace in Round 2 that got the ball rolling. That helped them get out to a 5-0 lead, which they were able to eventually use to win 16-12. While he ended up having no kills from Rounds 24-26, he still helped them get the win.
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