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compLexity Gaming
Tough loss on Mirage
April 7, 2018
androidx23 posted a 28/37 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to Renegades in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
androidx23 would want to have a repeat of his performance on Mirage as the team could only muster up three rounds in the 16-3 loss. androidx23 posted a second-best 11/16 KD and 63.7 in the loss. The series then landed on Inferno, where the Aussie-based team walked out with three on the board to start. The gun round went the way of androidx23 but Renegades kept the control of the economy and continued to win rounds in the 10-5 half. The T-side with androidx23 found some ground in the second half, picking up several opening kills to achieve the bomb plant. A handful of rounds went the way for coL but it wasn't enough to settle the series in the split, resulting in a 16-10 loss in the sweep instead.
Consistent despite trouncing
September 5, 2017
androidx23 put together a respectable 35/38 KD in compLexity's destruction at the hands of Renegades on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
androidx23 was probably the most consistent member of his team in this series, but that didn't really mean much in the grand scheme of things. He had some nice rounds where he'd find a multi-kill or work with a teammate to try and get something going, but they simply couldn't sustain any sort of momentum. They kept getting their economy reset over and over in the first game, and then simply laid down and died in the second game where they lost 15 straight.
Unable to capitalize on efforts
November 14, 2016
androidx23 barely managed a 22/34 KD in compLexity's loss to Liquid 2-0 on Thursday in Group A of Northern Arena.
androidx23 just couldn't find his rhythm in this best-of-three series against Liquid. He had a good performance in the first half of Map 1 with a few rounds where he dealt two or more kills. However, the second half did not go in his favor as he was unable to find the connecting pixel on a couple of key duels to get his team back into the frame. His Map 2 performance was far from great as he was unable to capitalize on a lot of trade-kills to even some rounds for his team. androidx23 and his team fell 16-3 on Map 2 to close out the 2-0 loss to Liquid.
Keeps up with G2 despite loss
November 10, 2016
androidx23 finished with a 20/20 KD in a 0-1 loss to G2 in the 2016 Northern Arena tournament.
androidx23 looks like one of the only players on compLexity that can hang with top international talent. In Round 5, he denied a big flank from ScreaM at Forklift, limiting ScreaM to just one frag when he should have had much more. android's playmaking was arguably the biggest reason compLexity managed to take so many rounds from G2 at the start. However, compLexity's weak points were exposed later on, and android wasn't able to carry his team to victory. Still, this was an impressive showing from him.
Tries his best, but comes up short without necessary support
October 16, 2016
androidx23 earned a 42/40 KD in compLexity's 0-2 loss to Immortals on Sunday.
androidx23 stuck with his trusty M4 in the first half of Game 1 on Train, and did some major damage with the rifle. He grabbed a 3k in Round 6 that kept compLexity moving along well. He continued to add in some kills here and there, but it wasn't near enough to stop Immortals. They got off to a nice start in the game, but ended up losing 11 straight rounds. Those wins were just too much for compLexity to overcome in the loss. android did outduel HEN1 at one point, but it still wasn't enough to get a win. androidx23 started off strong in Game 2 with a 3k in Round 2 with the AK that put compLexity up 2-0. He added in another double in a Round 3 win with the Mac-10. The only problem here was that android and uber seemed to be the only ones able to find consistent frags. Their teammates were nowhere to be found, which was a big reason why compLexity seemingly fell apart in the second half of this 16-13 loss.
Huge play on Cache gives compLexity the split series
August 22, 2016
androidx23 ended compLexity's series split against Immortals on Saturday with a 36/34 KD.
androidx23 didn't have the strongest of maps on Train, but he really turned it on when things moved over to Cache. On Train, he used the P-90 for most of the first half to so-so results. He wasn't the worst with the weapon, but he certainly didn't have the greatest accuracy with it either. He helped his team salvage a bit of the second half with a nice triple with the Glock-18 to start the second half, but that was about it. On Cache, though, he was a renewed person. He used the Desert Eagle in the opening round of the match and went "beastmode." He completed the ace for that opening round that included clutching a 1-vs-2 where he only had two HP to work with. After four rounds, he was a stellar 9/2. While he ended up being outplayed by his teammates towards the end of the map, it was still his huge opening that allowed compLexity to get the ball rolling in this 16-12 win.
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