Andreas Lindberg 
Free Agent
Released from GODSENT
November 15, 2017
The organization has revealed changes to the roster as znajder has been released from his contract.
GODSENT has released long-term member znajder from the active lineup with immediate effect. The news comes as the team has had a rather lackluster performance throughout the 2017 campaign. Between missing the ESL Pro League Playoffs and placing 5-6th in the EU Minor for the ELEAGUE Major, GODSENT needed change and needed it quickly. According to the team's sports director, Kasper Hvidt, it has been clear that znajder "wished to try something new in his career." znajder's contract will be free as the player is free to play for whomever he wants. To fill in the void, GODSENT have brought in pyth and hampus and stand-ins.
To miss DreamHack Atlanta
July 17, 2017
znajder will miss DreamHack Atlanta this weekend, reports Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin of HLTV.
With DreamHack Atlanta on the horizon this weekend, GODSENT were forced to make some roster moves. znajder planned a vacation for this weekend, which conflicts with the event in Atlanta. To fill his spot, the team called on the former Ninjas in Pyjamas ace pyth to round out their roster. With enough time to actually get him into the team offices to practice, the team should look pretty good this weekend.
Strong in later rounds of Game 2 victory
June 7, 2017
znajder put up a 22/37 KD in GODSENT's split with FaZe Clan on Wednesday in the ECS.
znajder was really off his game in the opening map of this series, but that was about to be expected considering how bad his team was as a whole in this game, although he was still especially bad even compared to his teammates. He finished with six kills and was one of two GODSENT members to have fewer than 10 kills. Moving into Game 2, he was a bit better, but still not amazing. He had nothing until Round 5, but contributed to a late comeback from GODSENT. He had a 3k to close the half and a double in the second pistol round. He was continually strong in the late rounds as part of the 14-round streak that his team went on in the 16-10 win.
Game 2 closer in series draw
May 13, 2017
znajder posted a 42/44 KD on Tuesday in a series 1-1 draw with Vritus.pro in Week 4 of ECS Season 3.
Znajder had a slow start to Game 1 as well as an underperforming first half in a hard to take 11-4 deficit. Although the second half was more lopsided as znajder started solid on the defense holding off VP early until the tides turned to the aggressive side and the Poles took Train 16-11. Znajder posted a 14/23 KD and 69.4 ADR during the Game 1 performance. In Game 2, znajder had a solid start off from disco doplan's ace, however, the rounds began to come to a halt as the offense of VP was too much for a 10-5 deficit at the half. The second half had a better start with znajder picking up kills to close rounds after rounds for a 16-13 win on Cache, earning a 28/21 KD and 100.3 ADR.
Comes up big for GODSENT in big win
December 17, 2016
znajder put up a strong 23/16 KD in GODSENT's win over HellRaisers on Day 3 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
znajder grabbed a kill in the opening pistol round win for GODSENT, but then didn't do much else until Round 5 where he got a double to make the score 2-3. He opened the second half on a strong note with a 3k in the pistol round to tie things up at eight. He continued to add in a good amount of kills in the second half as GODSENT surged to a 13-10 lead. He added in another double in Round 25 to get his team a 14-11 lead. GODSENT just kept doing what they had been doing all game and finished up the 16-11 game and punched their ticket to the ELEAGUE Major in January.
Poor performance despite GODSENT win
December 15, 2016
znajder bottom-fragged in GODSENT's win over G2 on Thursday with a KD of 15/20.
znajder had a decent start to the game, picking up a double kill in Round 4 to give GODSENT their first point on Overpass. After that, however, znajder's production went noticeably downhill, failing to impact the game as a result of taking poor trades. Not only did znajder show poor positioning on both T- and CT-sides, but his questionable decision-making often led to numbers disadvantages for GODSENT. znajder made his home on the bottom of the scoreboard with his KD of 15/20 and team-low ADR of just 57.2, but teammates flusha and Lekr0 were able to pick up the slack. znajder will hope to forget his poor performance, as he was ultimately a forgettable factor in GODSENT's 16-11 win.
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