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Joins Luminosity; zakk added as coach
April 22, 2018
Luminosity hasannounced the addition of former Liquid member steel and coach zakk to the active roster.
steel returns to the active lineup of Luminosity, where he spent four months back in 2015, led by the FalleN at the time. In early April, steel stepped down from the active Liquid roster "for professional and person reasons" after just five months with the North American team. Alongside steel will be their coach, zakk, who served under the Immortals banner before the team released in late 2017. With the additions, Luminosity looks to find their spot in both ECS and the ESL Pro League as they are still in contention for both finals. steel and zakk will first debut at the WCA Finals in Zhuhai, China, on April 29-30.
Steps down from Liquid
April 6, 2018
Following the news of the recent signing of former SK Gaming member, TACO, the organization has also revealed that steel will step down.
Last month, the news of SK Gaming confirming the exit of TACO only raised more speculations as the 23-year-old also made an announcement that he would be staying in North America to play for a North American organization. The 24-year-old's stint with Liquid has now come to an end after only five months with the squad, claiming the cs_summit 2 title and reaching third-place finishes at StarSeries and IEM Katowice. However, in a statement steel revealed that he asked to step down from the team "for professional and personal reasons." As of now, it is unclear what the future may have in store for steel.
Earning the last round in loss
December 17, 2017
steel posted a 19/21 KD in the 16-12 loss to FaZe Clan on Friday at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
The pistol round went the way of steel who contributed to the firm hold on the B-bombsite to prevent the plant. A solid anti-eco retake granted the team the 2-0 lead but steel did miss a few trade kills that allowed FaZe to win a few rounds. Although FaZe contested early, steel found his groove on the defense with the keen retakes and map control to take the first half 9-6 going into the second. However, steel was rather quiet in the second half despite the denied retake in Round 26 with a triple kill to earn Liquid's last round won in the loss.
Ineligible for EPL S6 Finals
November 26, 2017
Due the league's roster lock rule, steel will not be eligible to play for Liquid in Odense, according to a report from
Since joining Team Liquid prior to the start of IEM Oakland to replace stanislaw; steel has only experienced one offline tournament as well as the last four ECS matches of the regular season. The Brazilian in-game leader will be ineligible to participate in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals in Odense, Denmark due to the league's roster lock going into effect prior to Oakland. As a result, steel will also miss his opportunity to help Liquid in the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier, since representing Immortals in the online qualifiers for the Americas Minor.
Newest member of Team Liquid
November 13, 2017
steel is the next member to join Team Liquid, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Per Sources
With the benching of stanislaw, Team Liquid has decided to bring in steel from Immortals to help the team reach new heights. While the team won the Americans Minor to move on to the Major Qualifier in January, they have been a bit down on their luck of late. This all culminated with their loss to Cloud9 in the semifinals of iBUYPOWER Masters this past weekend. The team hopes that steel will be a boon to the team going into IEM Oakland this weekend where steel will make his Liquid debut. While he won't be able to play with the team at the Qualifier since he was already eliminated during his time with Immortals, Liquid has still signed him as a permanent member of the team.
Consistent in series split
October 8, 2017
steel went 44/34 on Thursday in a 1-1 split against Misfits in ESL Pro League Season 6.
steel came out of the gates to crush Misfits' offense in the first half of Train in Game 1 with a massive 14-1 lead. Going into the second half, steel continued to thrash in the second pistol round before Misfits fought back to win eight straight before steel led to a 16-9 Game 1 win. steel spotted a firm 25/16 KD and an 86.2 ADR in the convincing Train win. In Game 2, steel was unable to find his groove in the first half despite picking up several entry kills, but only contributing to a 12-3 deficit going into the second. He then had a better second half showing on the defense to pick up a few opening rounds to the half. However, the Misfits offense seemed to be tricky and managed to get in a few rounds to break the economy, ultimately taking the second half by storm in the 16-9 Game 2 win to earn the split. steel picked up a 19/18 KD and an 84.7 ADR in the Game 2 loss on Cache.
Keeping Immortals afloat
October 3, 2017
steel showed up in a big way with a 38/25 KD in Immortals' 1-1 split against OpTic Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
With Immortals swimming in a sea of mediocrity over the last couple weeks, they need a light to keep them moving in a positive direction. steel is that light without a doubt. While the team has been struggling mightily in the aftermath of their roster exodus, steel has been playing so consistent. He tallied an incredible 23/8 KD in the first game of the day, while also tallying a 126.5 ADR in the 16-4 win. While he couldn't bring home a second win in the 16-10 Game 2 loss, he still managed a respectable 15/17 KD in the game. If he can just get a couple members of his team to follow his lead, this team might just turn things around.
Dazed and confused
September 28, 2017
steel tallied a 26/36 KD in his team's sweep at the hands of CLG on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
The effects of HEN1, LUCAS1, and kNg leaving the team are clearly still being felt on Immortals. Just a few weeks ago at the PGL Major they went all the way to the grand finals with crisp play, but now they just look hapless and confused. steel did his best to try and keep things going, but he eventually fell by the wayside. His 12/17 KD in the second game was surely a contributing factor in the team's 16-6 trouncing.
Does his best to bring home the win
September 15, 2017
steel put up a 28/33 KD in Immortals' close loss to North on Friday in Group B of the ELEAGUE Premier.
steel was constantly in the thick of the action in this game, but it ended up not being enough in the end. He started off with a huge clutch ace in Round 8 that included a nice 1-vs-2 clutch at the end. He continued to lock up clutches on a pretty regular basis in the first half and then helped with a nice comeback in the second that got them all the way into two overtimes. They just didn't have enough to overcome the might of the Danes in the loss.
Leads his team in close series
September 1, 2017
steel put up a massive 71/53 KD in Immortals' loss at the hands of G2 Esports on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
It's a shame that Immortals couldn't get the win in this series with how well that steel played from start to finish. He had some rough rounds in Game 1 where he peeked in positions where he probably should have hung back, but any success they had in the round was still on his shoulders. Then in Game 2, he led Immortals' resurgence in the second half of the game. They were down at the half, but he picked up kill after kill, including a 3k in Round 27 that set up map point, to push towards the win. He continued right on into Game 3, but G2 was simply swarming all over the map in this final game. He tried to lead his team to another comeback, but G2 easily recovered in this game and got right back into it to get the win.
Nerves of steel in win
August 30, 2017
steel posted a 17/23 KD in Immortals' razor-thin win over Fnatic on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
steel started off a bit slow in this game, but he never gave up one bit. Even while he only had a single kill in the first seven rounds, his team was up 6-1. Once the game progressed, he finally turned on the jets a bit. He locked down the B-site in Round 1 before securing a huge 1-vs-2 in Round 11. He went quiet once more in the second half but made his presence felt one last time in Round 30 with a double that secured the series win.
Consistency in win
August 25, 2017
steel tallied a 41/36 KD in Immortals' 1-1 split with SK Gaming in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
steel was nothing if not incredibly consistent in this series on Thursday. He didn't end up with the most kills in the series, but he had plenty of early aggression in the first game that helped push his team to a big win. He was rotating and picking off the opposition with ease, which was especially nice to see given that he was up against SK Gaming here. He was even better in the second game, even if he was a bit more quiet with his slaying. He was doing everything right, which put his team up 10-5 in the first half. The only problem was that the rest of Immortals were a bit off in the second half, which allowed SK to battle back for the 16-12 win.
Comes up just short in grand finals
July 24, 2017
steel tallied a 52/50 KD in Immortals' 2-1 loss to Gambit Esports in the grand finals of the PGL Major Krakow.
steel, like the rest of Immortals, started off pretty strong in this series. They came out the gate in Game 1 and took it straight to Gambit. This resulted in a strong 16-4 win. After that, however, the wheels of the Brazilian hype machine came flying off. They looked wholly unable to really handle the measured aggression of Gambit in the final two games. steel did his best to get Immortals back in it with the only positive KD in the final game of the series, but it simply wasn't enough. This was a strong performance from Immortals overall, however. They've now got Legends status and will certainly be back for the next Major.
Pied piper in Day 1 win over VP
July 6, 2017
steel thrashed Virtus Pro with a firm 23/14 KD on Tuesday for Immortals at ESL Cologne.
steel had a rather slow start on the offense, unable to break through the Polish defense with a sluggish 3-0 deficit. Still, the last-minute call for the late rotation on the A-bombsite in Round 4 gave steel some hope after taking Immortals' first round won in the half. Virtus Pro fought back, but steel had the upper hand, taking down the Polish Plow with his precise aiming to open up the bombsites as well as strengthen the economy. steel got the ball rolling earning frag after frag, which resulted in rounds won with a definite lead, including his Round 9 A-bombsite denied retake to advance the score to within two. steel did manage to give up a few rounds late in the first half but came out on top 8-7. The second half was all steel on the defense, holding off the Plow and earning the eight rounds for a 16-12 win and 79.1 ADR along the way. Virtus Pro threw everything they had, but steel was right in front to slow them down for the win.
Second-half performance not enough
July 6, 2017
steel tallied a 16/22 KD in Immortals' loss against Cloud9 on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
steel did what he could in this game, but it ended up not being nearly enough to take down C9. His close-but-no-cigar-type play started off in the pistol round. He grabbed two kills in that round, but his team still couldn't grab the win. That first win didn't actually come until Round 4 where steel grabbed another double kills. The rest of the first half was a bit lackluster, but then he tried to come back in the second half. He found kills in almost every round of the second half, yet that still wasn't enough to keep C9 from running away with the game.
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