Ozgur Eker 
Slow start with big finish
April 4, 2018
woxic collected a 38/39 KD on Tuesday in a 1-1 split against mousesports in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
woxic's consistency has played a vital role in HellRaisers recent success; however, the start to the best-of-two series against mouz was a different story. Despite leading his team to the scoreboard the best way he could, woxic took a turn for the worse on Mirage as mouz dominated for the 16-4 win. The series then shifted to Cobblestone, where woxic found his touch on the T-side with a dominating 11-4 first half. He continued his reign through the second half of the CT-side despite a slow start, which eventually rallied for a 16-7 win thanks to his 93.6 ADR and 1.50 rating on Cobblestone.
Not enough to close in OT
December 9, 2017
woxic picked up a 37/27 KD on Tuesday in the 25-23 loss to Luminosity in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
The series started rough for woxic as he watched the offense of Luminosity run away with an 11-0 start. toxic then stepped up to bring home three round wins for a 12-3 deficit at the half. The second half was all offense by HellRaisers as woxic contributed to a Round 24 1-vs-2 clutch on the A-bombsite post-plant hold to secure the round. He eventually tallied the 30th round to force overtime where he fought tooth and nail before the offense of Luminosity closed the door in the third overtime to had woxic his first loss.
Snipes Fnatic off their feet
December 9, 2017
woxic collected a 16/9 KD on Tuesday in a 16-5 win over Fnatic in ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
woxic began the first half of Inferno with an excellent offensive start getting the quick entry-kills and post-plant holds to secure a 5-0 start. Although Fnatic picked up a few rounds throughout the first half, woxic sniped down the Swedes to a massive lead in the first half with an 11-4 score. Going into the second half, woxic punished the offense of Fnatic with an aggressive defense to pick up three straight to start. With Fnatic's final contest of the second half, woxic remained composed through the 16-5 win to pick up a 67.4 ADR.
Strong on AWP in Game 1
August 26, 2017
woxic gathered a 36/24 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against BIG in ESL Pro League Season 6.
woxic had a busy first half on Cache starting on the defense with several big holds early to stump the offense of BIG for a 6-0 lead early. Once the economy got rolling, woxic remained consistent on the AWP with opening-kills to shut down the offense before making it out onto the bombsites. woxic helped the team get to nine rounds, including his Round 8 triple hold on the B-bombsite, before BIG picked up the last few to settle the half 9-6. His second half performance put the nail in the coffin for BIG as his AWP picked the defense apart in the 16-7 win. In Game 2, woxic struggled early on the defense, but managed to win a few rounds in the slow comeback, down 8-7 at the half. While the second half had a smooth start with woxic getting a couple of bomb plants to help the economy, it didn't last long as BIG had a tough defense in the 16-11 loss on Cobblestone.
Unable to capitalize in Game 2
August 23, 2017
woxic earned a solid 35/36 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to Heroic in ESL Pro League Season 6.
woxic had a slow start to Game 1 on Mirage, taking a tough 4-0 deficit early on the offense. It wasn't until Round 5 that his bomb plant on A gave the team its first round won. However, the celebration ended as the defense of Heroic was too tough to tame, taking a massive lead in the mid game. It wasn't until Round 14 that woxic gained an entry, bomb plant, and post-hold to help the team win rounds and finish the half down 10-5. The second half was quiet for woxic, as only three rounds were won for the defense in the 16-8 loss. woxic had a confident first-half start to Game 2 with a double-kill hold mid and a 1-vs-1 win in Round 6 for the 4-2 lead. Five rounds later woxic came up huge with a triple kill retake on the B-bombsite and defuse to break the tie up 6-5. His accurate sniping led the team in the second half after an 8-7 first-half finish. The AWP was red hot and firing all rounds for a dominant offensive second half until Heroic came clawing back for a 16-14 finish.
Added on trial basis
August 11, 2017
HellRasiers has announced the trial of woxic, placing bondik on the transfer list.
woxic has earned his trial on HellRaisers after gathering experience in FPL and consistency competing in ESEA Premier S25. The 18-year-old Turk was first known for his impressive performance with, DarkPassage before the team disbanded and shining in the spotlight in FACEIT's FPL. The team coach, johnta, mentioned the team won't take long to adjust and should be ready for upcoming qualifiers for ESG Mykonos 2017, ESL One New York and ESL Pro League Season 6.
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