Issa Murad 
Neutral through two
April 12, 2018
ISSAA gathered a 32/38 KD on Tuesday in the 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
ISSAA had a tough time getting the frags needed to close more rounds than the four gathered in the first half. However, FaZe Clan didn't let up much as the mixed-European giants sailed away with the series lead, and ISSAA came forth with a 13/17 KD and 71.4 ADR in the 16-7 loss. The decider came down to Cache, where ISSAA looked more stable through both halves despite the lack of frags; however, putting FaZe against the wall gave him some room to help win more rounds. Unfortunately, ISSAA's 19/21 KD and 73.1 ADR weren't enough to split the series with a 16-12 loss.
Swept for a loss
December 9, 2017
ISSAA posted a 47/53 KD on Friday in the 2-0 quarterfinal loss to Misfits in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
After winning the pistol round for the defense on Cobblestone, ISSAA took a blunder as Misfits offense return four rounds as a response. Money back in the bank, ISSAA was able to hold off the B-bombsite and win a few retakes to contest the first half to an even 6-6. However, Misfits closed out the first half with three straight and continued their dominance in the second half. ISSAA began crawling back in the late rounds of the second half, eventually helped break the Misfits economy to force overtime. However, ISSAA managed to force double overtime before coming up short on the defense for a 22-18 loss. His performance overall on Overpass was dismal as the first half on offense was sluggish to win the five rounds against. Then, in the second half, his defense couldn't hold back Misfits, despite one round won in the 16-6 loss.
Comeback cut short in triple OT
December 9, 2017
ISSAA gathered a 35/32 KD in the 25-23 loss to Luminosity in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
Luminosity dominated the first half as ISSAA tried to hold off the aggressive offense but failed to do so as the Brazilians took a massive 11-0 lead. However, a few rounds were contributed with the help of ISSAA to close the half 12-3. ISSAA started the second half with a triple entry-kill on the B-bombsite to secure the plant and the round. From there, his entry-kills allowed HellRaisers to come back and force overtime. Unfortunately, not even three overtime rounds could help ISSAA take the win as Luminosity remained composed on the offense to take the win.
Shuts out Fnatic in fashion
December 9, 2017
ISSAA posted a 25/11 KD on Tuesday in a 16-5 win over Fnatic in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
ISSAA had a massive performance on the offensive side of Inferno with a quick entry in the early rounds to pick up the 5-0 lead. Fnatic contested but it wasn't enough to shake ISSAA as he continued to get the entry-kill needed to earn more round wins. The post-plant holds served as the milestone for his economy which allowed him to contribute to the 11-4 lead into the second half. The second half start was ISSAA on the defense to hold the A-bombsite for three-straight-round wins before Fnatic won their last round of the game. ISSAA finally picked up two more rounds to close the 16-5 win, posting a 104.4 ADR.
Silent impact in 1-1 split
August 26, 2017
ISSAA picked up a 29/38 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with BIG in ESL Pro League Season 6.
ISSAA had a strong start on Cache on the defense with a 6-0 lead early on, including his Round 4 defuse to secure the lead on a late retake. His defensive holds early on got the team to nine rounds before BIG came rallying back to settle the score, down 9-6. The second half was all offense from ISSAA, as he picked up entry kills quickly with an aggressive playstyle to secure Game 1 16-7. Game 2 saw ISSAA have a quiet start to Cobblestone for the defense until late in the half with a couple of rounds won with double kill hold and a 1-vs-1 win to tie the game 7-7. Although the team came up short in a first half lead, down 8-7, ISSAA had a solid start on the offense winning the first three rounds entry kills and post-plant holds. However, ISSAA struggled in the late game to get past the BIG defense to settle for a split with a 16-11 loss.
Stunned in debut
August 23, 2017
ISSAA had a rough debut only picking up a 17/43 KD in the 2-0 loss to Heroic on Tuesday of ESL Pro League Season 6.
ISSAA struggled during the duration of Game 1, especially in the first half on the offense. There was little to no action from ISSAA besides a few trade kills in the five rounds won, which settled the first half down 10-5. ISSAA had a better start in the second half with a double kill on the A-bombsite retake, but again, there was nothing more to show as ISSAA took the 16-8 loss. Game 2 ISSAA had a quiet first half with not much to offer on the defense besides a few trade kills and help on the retakes throughout the late game. His offense in the second half started slow but quickly turned over rounds with support on the post-plant and entries. With a 13-10 lead, Heroic came back to sweep the series 16-14 on Overpass.
Given trial
August 11, 2017
HellRasiers have added ISSAA on trial after sending bondik on the transfer list, the organization has announced.
The 20-year-old Jordanian is now added to trial after recent performances being noticed through FACEIT's FPL and most notable ESEA Premier S25. The news comes after the team placed bondik on the transfer list, in a statment the team is looking for "new blood". The coach, johnta, assured fans that the team will adjust and be ready for the upcoming qualifiers for ESG Mykonos 2017 and ESL One New York as well as ESL Pro League Season 6.
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