Ludvig Brolin 
Young talent joins GODSENT
December 20, 2017
GODSENT have announced the recent roster completion with the addition of hampus and 15-year-old Brollan.
GODSENT have replaced dennis and znajder, who both exited the team over a month ago. With lackluster results, the team never found solid ground to make it through either ESL Pro League or the ECS season, resulting in group-stage exits. Now, GODSENT have added 15-year-old Brollan to the mix, who has been seen playing at notable offline tournaments such as the WESG Europe Regional finals. At the same event, Brollan was a stand-in for Fnatic's KRIMZ, and played well against the top-tier Counter-Strike players from different regions. Despite the young talent, GODSENT will be unable to play ESL-organized tournaments with the full lineup due to the organizer's age restrictions.
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