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Team LDLC.com
Set to depart LDLC
February 6, 2018
Ex6TenZ is looking to depart from the active roster of LDLC, according to a report from Flickshot.fr.
Since departing the G2 roster back in 2016, Ex6TenZ has been flying the LDLC banner and leading a new squad under his belt. Unfortunately, Ex6TenZ has not been able to lead his team to win in most notable tournaments, however, only with their biggest accomplishments coming from ESWC 2016 (second ), ESWC 2017 (first) and Assembly Winter 2018 (second). Ex6TenZ has spent over a year and a half with the organization and is now looking to be on his way out.
Contributing to the max despite sweep
October 7, 2017
Ex6tenZ went 38/41 on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to Natus Vincere in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A 5-0 deficit didn't favor Ex6tenZ in the early game of Inferno for the defense, but they did manage to string together a few rounds to cut the lead to a reasonable 10-5 at the half. He led a fresh start for the offense in the second half with a 3-0 outing on the A-bombsite before Na'vi returned that favor. The rounds began to close as the gap began to shrink as Ex6tenZ got his hands dirty with a handful of frags to power the team to a 14-14 tie. Unfortunately, Na'Vi closed out the half with map point advantage and a 16-14 win. In Game 2, Ex6tenZ had another smooth start for the offense with a 3-0 lead but the rounds began to flutter, giving up the lead for a 3-3 tie. A few round went back and forth but Ex6tenZ was on the short end of the stick with no positive reinforcements to take the half 9-6 going into the second. Although the second half didn't favor Ex6tenZ in the late rounds as Na'Vi took off with the offensive lead and the series with a 16-10 win over LDLC.
Falls short of Game 2 comeback
September 14, 2017
Ex6TenZ earned a 32/34 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with HellRaisers in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Ex6TenZ led an almost perfect defensive first half on Cache with a firm showing to lead the half 9-6 going into the second. His second-half calls allowed the team win seven out of nine rounds on the offense to take Game 1 16-8. Ex6TenZ got Game 2 started on Overpass with a triple kill on the A-bombsite defense to take the pistol round, which turned into a 3-0 lead early. However, not many rounds were won as HellRaisers took the first half with a 10-5 score. The second half was another 3-0 offensive start, but HellRaisers rallied back to get within two round of taking Game 2. A short comeback led by Ex6TenZ came up short of an Overpass win, posting an even 23/23 KD and an 85.2 ADR as HellRaisers edged out with a 16-14 win.
Leads team to sweep
September 13, 2017
Ex6TenZ picked up a solid 47/28 KD on Tuesday with a win over GODSENT 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Ex6TenZ got the ball rolling early in the first half of Game 1 on Inferno with a Round 4 win to create a 2-vs-2 situation on the A-bombsite, which later would be won on a post-plant hold to have the two-round lead 3-1 early on. His frags would accumulate throughout the dominant first half to close 11-4 going into the second. The second half was a bit slow, but once the defense finally got an economy to hold off GODSENT, the rest was history in a 16-9 win. Ex6TenZ led another big run in the first half of Overpass for the offense to lead 10-5 going into the second half. This time around his frags helped the team overcome several close rounds, which would help in the second half. The second half was all defense, including his Round 22 triple kill on the B-bombsite hold that would send the team away with a win 16-8, posting a solid 30/12 KD and 131.8 ADR.
Strong showing in series win over VP
April 11, 2017
Ex6tenZ posted a 43/27 KD on Tuesday in a series win over Virtus.pro 2-0 in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
Ex6tenZ had a great start to Game 1 on Nuke winning the initial pistol round then following up the anti-eco with a Round 2 save on the early push from outside for a 2-0 lead. From there Ex6tenZ continued to dominate on the defense holding off Virtus.pro for a commanding 13-2 lead at the half. Ex6tenZ contributed with a couple of doubles and assists to help overrun the Virtus.pro offense. In the second half, Ex6tenZ had a slower start giving up the initial three rounds, though he came back to close out the game with a 16-5 win, earning a 17/9 KD and 88.8 ADR. In Game 2, Ex6tenZ found himself in a tough 1-7 deficit early, though he got another round on the board with a double entry kill into the B-bombsite. From here, Ex6tenZ had a great run picking up more rounds, including the Round 12 triple kill to open the B-bombsite down 8-4. Ex6tenZ contributed to three more rounds won pouncing on the B-bombsite for a 7-8 score at the half. In the second half, he stood tall on the defense, holding off two attempts at a B-bombsite hold, though eventually giving up a round or two to shake up the economy. Virtus.pro won five rounds in the second half, though Ex6tenZ controlled the lead for a 16-13 Inferno win.
Comes on strong in final game to secure playoff berth
January 14, 2017
Ex6TenZ put up a 60/54 KD during LDLC's win over Fnatic Academy in the losers match of Group A at DreamHack Leipzig.
Ex6TenZ wasted no time at all getting into the groove of things with a double in the pistol round of Game 1 to get his team off to a nice start. He added in a 3k in Round 9 and a double in Round 10 to get back on track and keep his team moving along in this game. Even though he had a nice first half, his second half left a lot to be desired. He only had four kills in the first 12 rounds of the half. He grabbed three more kills in the next few rounds, but it just wasn't enough to hold off Fnatic. He didn't get the best start in Game 2 on Overpass, but he came up with a nice one tap with the Deagle in Round 5 to secure his team's first win of the game. For the rest of the half, he would pick up some key entry frags that allowed his team to take an 8-7 lead into the half. He would be a consistent force in the second half, picking up a kill in every round except the final two where xms went off. LDLC had quite the terrible start to Game 3 on Cobblestone, and Ex6TenZ was no exception. For as poor of a first half this team had though, their second half was massive. Ex6TenZ was always right in the thick of things with strong kills and rotations to completely shut down Fnatic. There was just nothing at all that Fnatic could do to stop this.
Free Agent
Ex6TenZ: Released from team, will be replaced by bodyy
April 9, 2016
According to former teammate shox's facebook page, Ex6TenZ has been released from G2 and will be replaced by bodyy in time for their ESL Season 1 qualification match on Saturday.
Ex6TenZ was the in-game leader for this squad and G2 simply felt he wasn't getting it done. Replacing Ex6TenZ will be bodyy, coming over from Team LDLC.com White, who will immediately step in for G2's ESL Season 1 qualifier match, playing for the FaceIt bid. bodyy is mostly a rifler with some AWPing ability and has an overall player rating over one, sitting at 1.08, according to HLTV.org.
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