Alex McMeekin 
United Kingdom
Bottom frags in both games
October 6, 2017
ALEX finished LDLC's split with G2 Esports on Thursday in the ESL Pro League with a KD of 37/45.
Like the rest of his team, ALEX was better in the opening game than he was in the final game. Even in his team's big win in the first game, he didn't really have the highest impact on the game. He posted an early triple kill hold in Round 6 to give his team the round win, but then he bottom fragged the rest of the way. They still won the game before stinking things up on Cache. ALEX was again on the bottom of the team with just an 11/20 KD. If this team played more like they did in Game 1, things could turn around for them this season.
Consistent in split
September 14, 2017
ALEX went 48/37 Wednesday win a 1-1 split to HellRaisers in ESL Pro League Season 6.
ALEX had a big Game 1 performance to start on the defensive side of Cache taking down HellRaisers whichever bomb site they tried to capture. The first was all ALEX on the A-bombsite hold and quick retake on the B-bombsite to secure a 9-3 lead before HellRaisers closed the half 9-6. The second half was nothing but offensive power with multiple frags to win seven out of nine rounds to take Game 1 16-8, posting a team-leading 26/15 KD and 125.4 ADR. Game 2 with a simple 3-0 start on the defense of Overpass, but HellRaisers punished the over aggressive pushes and pounced on the broken economy to take the first half 10-5. Another pistol and two anti-eco wins to start the second half brought the game within two rounds, however, the small comeback would shortly diffuse to a 16-14 loss.
The clutch master
September 13, 2017
ALEX went 38/29 on Tuesday in an LDLC win over GODSENT 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
ALEX started the match on the offensive side of Inferno, with his Round 4 2-vs-2 clutch in a post-plant hold on the A-bombsite for the two-round lead 3-1 early. From there, ALEX dominated on the offense to rip through the first half for an 11-4 lead. In the second half, ALEX edged away in the pistol round but later struggled to hold off his opponents, until Round 21 with a defensive hold on the A-bombsite to help close for a 16-9 win. ALEX came out swinging in Game 2 to kick off Overpass with a quad-kill opening on the A-bombsite to secure the round. From there, the offense led the half, but not many kills came from ALEX as he rounded out the half 10-5. The second half was a strong defensive showing as ALEX contributed to winning six out of nine rounds to close the series 16-8.
Superb Game 1 performance
April 11, 2017
ALEX posted a 39/34 KD in Tuesday's win over in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
ALEX had a monster performance on Tuesday posting a 20/15 KD and a team-leading 111.0 ADR on Nuke. ALEX got the ball rolling taking the initial pistol round and the following anti-eco earning the few kills for a 2-0 lead. ended up winning the second anti-eco, but ALEX came back in Round 4 to hold off the B-bombsite with a quad kill in the post plant to take the 3-1 lead. ALEX continued to dominate in the first half racking up the kill count holding off the offense for a commanding 13-2 lead at the half. Though ALEX had a slow start to the second half of Nuke, he still managed to string together some kills to close out Game 1 with a score of 16-5. In Game 2, ALEX had a slow start facing a 1-7 deficit, however, he contributed to a few close rounds won, but came out to even the score in the first half down 7-8. ALEX opened the B-bombsite to the initial pistol and anti-eco round won to take a 9-8 lead before evened on the B-bombsite retake. ALEX kept the lead in the hands of LDLC holding off the defense of for the remainder of the second half, only allowing the Poles to win five rounds for a 16-13 loss.
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