Nikola Kovac 
Bosnia and Herzegovina
FaZe Clan
Unable to stop the dominance
October 15, 2017
NiKo put up a 41/33 KD on Friday in a 2-0 win over Astralis in the ELEAGUE Premier grand finals.
NiKo didn't have the greatest start on Cache as expected when Astralis came out of the gates with a stiff defense in the first half for a 12-3 lead. NiKo then got the ball rolling with a stern defense for himself to pick up a 22/23 KD and an 81.4 ADR to come back and take Game 1 16-14. Moving into Game 2, NiKo continued his defensive moves to hold out in a big first-half performance over Astralis' best maps, Overpass. His Round 2 triple pistol-kill with the desert eagle gave his team the momentum needed to take the first half by storm 12-3. Although Astralis came out with three rounds against, NiKo then opened up the bomb site to win four to close out the series with a 16-7 win to take home the title.
Pops back up for strong win
October 13, 2017
NiKo put up a 44/37 KD in FaZe Clan's sweep over North in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
NiKo had been the focal point of this team since he joined the team earlier this year, but with the addition of GuardiaN and olofmeister, his contributions haven't been needed as much. But this series was a bit different. While olof had the first game locked down, NiKo and GuardiaN cleaned things up in the second game. He led the team in KD and was generally playing on top of his game to lock up the sweep and push FaZe into the grand finals.
Quiet in Game 2
October 7, 2017
NiKo went 29/31 on Wednesday in a split with North 1-1 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A stiff start on the offense for NiKo with a 2-0 lead for North but a force buy in Round 4 granted a round win. From there, NiKo got the entry-kills with a restored economy to put up four in a row to take the 4-2 lead. However, in Round 6 a flawed A-execute resulted for a round loss, which North took advantage of to close out the half 10-5. A dismal start in the second half resulted in North taking a massive four round 14-5 lead, putting NiKo at a state of emergency. Although NiKo helped pick up the first round of the half on a half-buy to win Round 20. From there, NiKo managed to pick up seven rounds straight on a broken North economy but it wasn't enough to close out the half with a 16-12 loss. NiKo had a flawless start to Game 2 of Inferno with a smooth pistol round win for the defense. From there, NiKo dominated on the defense to shut down North's attempt at getting into any bomb site for a 13-2 lead going into the second. NiKo's offensive side started slow but closed out the half winning three out of five rounds to earn the split, posting a 12/10 KD and an 80.5 ADR.
Quiet in 1-1 split
September 30, 2017
NiKo posted a 24/32 KD on Thursday with a 1-1 split against Ninjas in Pyjamas in ESL Pro League Season 6.
NiKo had a slow start on Cobblestone with a 3-0 deficit early on the defense, however, his Round 4 triple kill hold on the B-bombsite granted the team's first-round win. From there, only a few more rounds were won with the help of NiKo's 14/20 KD and 74.5 ADR. Down 11-4 at the half, NiKo picked up a couple of entry kills in the second half, but he quickly dwindled on the offense with a 16-6 Game 1 loss. Game 2 FaZe controlled the first half on the offense with a consistent lead over NiP, despite only a few frags from NiKo. With a 9-6 lead on Mirage, FaZe dominated the second half in fashion with seven out of eight rounds won to take home the split 1-1. However, NiKo only contributed a team-low 10/12 KD and 45.3 ADR in the 16-7 Game 2 win.
Outrageous in grand final sweep
September 18, 2017
NiKo went 68/31 on Sunday with a 3-0 win over Team Liquid in the grand finals of ESL One New York.
NiKo was insane during the grand finals with a 3-0 sweep, including his Game 1 first half seep 15-0. The start of Inferno went better than expected, a massive lead thanks to NiKo's Round 10 triple kill hold on the push to the A-bombsite and Round 13 quad kill hold on the B-bombsite. A rightfully earned 15-0 start finally resulted in a 16-3 win. NiKo started and finished Overpass with a huge save on the B-bombsite with a quad kill entry to lead 4-0. The first half resulted in another 11-4 start to the second half as NiKo contributed to the five-round blowout, including his triple kill to close out the map 16-14. In Game 3 on Mirage, NiKo contributed to a dominating defensive first half with a triple kill hold to close out the half 11-4. He then went on to close out the series and grand final with a five-round sweep in the second half 16-4.
Key eco round wins to secure map
September 2, 2017
NiKo solid with a 23/16 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 16-9 win over mouz.
NiKo got Day 1 started on Mirage with a double kill that secured the pistol round for the defense. He then followed up with another double kill in the following round to secure the A-bombsite and the 2-0 lead. NiKo was faced with economic struggles early on, however, that didn't matter to him as he picked up several opening kills and eco rounds won with a pistol. NiKo continued to make his defensive stance in the first half which provided the 9-6 lead at the half. NiKo remained consistent in the second half for FaZe getting the opening frags to have the early advantage in the 16-9 win.
Only FaZe member on top of his game
August 30, 2017
NiKo put up an 18/19 KD in FaZe Clan's 16-8 loss at the hands of the Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
NiKo was perhaps the only member of FaZe who showed up in this game from start to finish. This is perhaps not that surprising since he's been their most solid member for some time now, but you'd think that with the addition of GuardiaN and olofmeister, someone would take his place. Well, that simply wasn't the case here. He was consistently picking up kills for FaZe, which worked out in the early rounds that saw FaZe take an early lead. Once the game progressed, however, even his contributions weren't enough to lock up the win.
Late comeback for the split
August 26, 2017
NiKo posted a solid 48/36 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with mousesports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
NiKo struggled on the defense to start Cache, giving up the first five rounds for a 5-0 deficit. It wasn't until Round 9 where he secured the round with the final frag to start the long come back. Two rounds later, his triple hold on the A-bombsite secured the anti-eco to bring the deficit to 7-4. Down 8-7 at the half, NiKo struggled on the offense until the last two rounds of Game 1 with solid entry kills and post-plant holds, despite losing 16-9. In Game 2, NiKo had a better start on the offense of Mirage, with a few major entry-kills to secure Rounds 5 and 9 for the 7-2 lead. He then won the final round for FaZe in the first half with a bomb plant in a 2-vs-1 to claim the 8-7 lead. The second half started with NiKo picking up a defensive quad kill to hold off the A push to take the pistol. Then, two rounds later, he capped the 3-0 start with a triple kill retake on the A-bombsite and defuse, before mouz won three straight of their own. NiKo ended the streak with a 1-vs-1 win on the B-bombsite in Round 22, but mouz continued to press on to the fourteenth round. NiKo then contributed to winning four straight to edge mouz on Mirage 16-14.
The double AWP is strong with this one
August 24, 2017
NiKo finished FaZe Clan's 1-1 split against BIG on Thursday in the ESL Pro League with a 38/36 KD.
NiKo's performance in this series was highlighted by his blistering play with the double AWP setup in Game 1 along with GuardiaN. While GuardiaN is the primary AWPer, NiKo was doing his part with some ridiculous plays in this game. It was highlighted by an improbable 4k in Round 11 where he basically locked down the A-site on his own. This setup was far too much for BIG to handle, and gave FaZe a big enough lead to pick up the 16-8 win. The second game was a bit different, however. While NiKo was very consistent as always, the rest of his team wasn't. It took them a whopping nine rounds to actually find a win. They tried to get a bit going, but they just couldn't scrape enough together and lost the map 16-10.
Crushed G2 in Game 1
August 23, 2017
NiKo earned a solid 38/28 KD on Tuesday with a win over G2 Esports 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
NiKo dominated in Game 1 on Cache with an explosive first half on the defense. Round after round he held off the struggling G2 offense. NiKo cleaned up several rounds, including his Round 11 triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite to expand the lead 9-2. NiKo went into the second half with a 12-3 lead under his belt and continued to harass G2 with aggressive plays and precise accuracy for the 16-3 win, posting a team-leading 21/8 KD and 106.4 ADR. Game 2 NiKo opened Overpass with entry kills for a 3-0 lead; however, G2 kept the first half highly contested, taking the lead at the half 8-7. The second half was much more controlled on Niko's part, as he held off the offense of G2 after a rocky start. Trade kills and multiple rounds won with two or more kills propelled the team to sweep the series 16-12.
Quiet in loss to BIG
July 19, 2017
NiKo pulled an even 15/15 KD on Sunday with a loss to BIG on Inferno at the PGL Major.
NiKo started the series with a remarkable comeback in the pistol round to pick up the defuse on what looked to be a BIG win. NiKo contributed to the following three round won for the 4-0 start, but his lead quickly vanished as BIG came storming back. After BIG won four straight, NiKo put the pedal to the metal and picked up a double-kill hold on the B-bombsite with the AWP to take the lead up 6-4. NiKo had a rocky finish on the defense, giving up a few more rounds but then coming back with force despite the 8-7 loss in the first half. NiKo then had a dismal second-half performance until Round 23 with an entry kill into the A-bombsite followed by a bomb plant to win a 1-vs-2. However, that was the only round won as NiKo took a 16-8 loss on Inferno, posting a 70.0 ADR.
Not enough to take down SK
July 9, 2017
NiKo gathered a 32/39 KD on Saturday in a semifinal loss to SK Gaming at ESL Cologne.
NiKo had a rough start in the first half of Overpass unable to get past the SK defense for a 13-2 deficit at the half. The second half NiKo came out on the second pistol to cripple the offense on the B-bombsite. However, the remaining second half was a dismal display as only two rounds were won for a 16-4 loss, posting an 11/16 KD and 70.1 ADR. NiKo had a slow start in Game 2, but began to pick up rounds on the defense late in the first half including his Round 14 triple on the Deagle in mid to cut the lead within two rounds. However, that was the last round won for a 9-6 deficit at the half. NiKo didn't have the greatest start in the second half, but he still managed to get the offense going by winning duels and remained consistent on his trade kills to force overtime. However, the extra rounds didn't go in NiKo's favor as he fell 19-16 on Cache, posting a 21/23 KD and 59.1 ADR.
Rare poor performance comes at the worst time
July 4, 2017
NiKo struggled his way to a 16/18 KD in FaZe Clan's loss to mousesports on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
If there was ever a time for the always reliable NiKo to finally stop being reliable, a best-of-one certainly was not the time. He started off the game with no kills to his name until Round 8. This directly correlated with the 0-9 start FaZe had in this game. Even when they got a few rounds back in the first half, he couldn't muster up much. He finished the half with a paltry 5/12 KD and 47.1 ADR. While he did end up going 11/6 in the second half, NiKo and FaZe simply waited far too long to come online. They now fall to 1-1 on the week, and have a bit tougher road to victory.
Comes up massive once again despite tough defeat
June 26, 2017
NiKo led FaZe Clan from start to finish in this 1-2 series loss to SK Gaming in the grand final of the ECS Season 3 Finals, finishing with a 76/69 KD.
NiKo continues to be one of the best acquisitions in the world of CS:GO for quite some time. He was almost always at the forefront of his team in this series and was just about the only reason they were even able to get as close to a win as they did. While some of his teammates faltered at different points in the series, he was always on point. Well, he did only have two kills in the first 10 rounds of Game 3, but that was more of a macro level issue with FaZe as a team. Once he came alive, his team came alive with him to almost pick up the win. With such a strong leader for this team, FaZe is certainly a team that will be here for quite some time.
Poor contributions in late stages of Game 2 loss
June 7, 2017
NiKo finished FaZe Clan's 1-1 split with GODSENT on Wednesday in the ECS with a 38/32 KD.
NiKo, while not on top of his team, was still extremely dominant. Most of his damage came in the early rounds of the half where he was nasty with his Deagle. He was picking up one-tap headshots left and right to push his team out to an early lead. He then opened the second half with two kills in Round 18 to put his team on map point in what ended up as a 16-3 win. NiKo managed to get off to a nice start in Game 2 with a double in the pistol round that shut down a strong setup on the A-site from GODSENT. That allowed FaZe to jump out to a big lead early on, but as the game progressed, he only contributed in small bits while GODSENT mounted a massive 14-round comeback to take this game 16-10.