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Dismal 2-0 sweep to mouz
December 3, 2017
tabseN posted an even 38/38 KD on Saturday in the 2-0 loss to mousesports at DreamHack Open Winter.
tabseN didn't have the greatest start on Overpass with a 3-0 deficit to start. He then contributed to the Round 4 win to get on the board for the first time, however, mouz returned with a seven-round streak to take the 10-1 lead. In Round 12, tabseN helped pick up the second round of the half with a 2-vs-5 post-plant hold on the A-bombsite. His efforts helped win a few more rounds to conclude the first half with an 11-4 score. A strong start on the defense gave tabseN some hope with a five-round streak but mouz returned with five of their own to take Game 1 16-9. The series shifted to Mirage where tabseN finally broke the 14 round streak by mouz with a triple kill post-plant hold to settle the half. However, the momentum carried over into the second half with two rounds won and a 115.4 ADR but it wasn't enough as mouz cruised to a 16-3 win.
Outlasts North Academy 2-1
December 2, 2017
tabseN posted a firm 68/49 KD on Saturday with a 2-1 win over North Academy at DreamHack Open Winter.
The series started on Train where tabseN had a field day on the offensive start. North Academy struggled to hold off the quick rotating offense of BIG, who took a massive 12-3 lead at the half. The second half was a little contested but tabseN remained consistent on the defense and held off for a 16-6 win, posting a team-leading 129.5 ADR. In Game2, tabseN carried his momentum over to Cache where he picked up a clean 4-0 start. However, North Academy came back to tie the game 4-4 but tabseN reset the defense once again to pick up three in a row. Surprisingly, North Academy came back and settled the first half with an 8-7 lead and carried their momentum over into the second half. tabseN picked up the ace to secure the second pistol round and led the team in damage with a 118.0 ADR, but that was all he could do in the 16-8 loss. With the series tied 1-1, tabseN returned in Round 2 of the eco to pick up a triple kill to secure the A-bombsite and the round. Both teams contested early but tabseN got the offense out on top with a 10-5 lead going into the second. North Academy only had two rounds left in them as tabseN continued to rock the Danes with another team-leading 103.3 ADR in the 16-7 win on Overpass.
Not enough to close in OT
December 2, 2017
tabseN posted a 29/25 KD in the overtime loss 19-17 on Friday to Team EnVyUs at DreamHack Open Winter.
tabseN had a slow start on the offense of Cache with a 2-0 deficit early, however, in Round 3 the mid-control favored BIG to pick up its first round won. After picking up the following round on the B-bombsite push, both teams contested and tied in Round 6 3-3. Both teams with tattered economics needed to pick up the next round, but unfortunately for tabseN EnVyUs picked up four in a row. With the economy reset, tabseN contributed to a couple of rounds won but the EnVyUs defense was too stiff for a comeback and recited to a 10-5 finish at the half. A slow start in the first half still resulted in four consecutive rounds won but EnVyUs returned and contested to further extend their lead. Now trailing, tabseN watched as EnVyUs picked up map point advantage, but the defensive retakes were perfect as tabseN helped force the extra rounds. Unfortunately, in the extra rounds, tabseN could only pick up the first two rounds as EnVyUs took the 19-17 win.
Blanked in grand final 2-0
October 23, 2017
tabseN picked up a 32/43 KD on Sunday in a 2-0 series loss to Cloud 9 in the grand finals of DreamHack Open Denver.
tabseN contested early on as Cloud9 took a 2-0 lead for the defense of Cache. In the following rounds, tabseN picked up the entry-kills to even up the score 3-3. Both teams traded rounds but it was Cloud9 to take the first half over with a 9-6 score going into the second. Both teams traded rounds again in the second half much like the early rounds of the first, despite being one round behind. In Round 27, tabseN picked up an insane triple kill hold on the A-bombsite to reduce the deficit to 14-13. Although Cloud closed out Cache with a 16-13 win. In Game 2, tabseN took a rather dismal first half for the defense as he only managed to pick up three rounds in the first half thrashing 12-3 deficit. The second half was a better start but tabseN couldn't close out as Cloud9 picked up the remaining rounds to close the series 2-0 with a 16-6 win on Train.
Leads the way in sweep of Renegades
October 22, 2017
tabseN tallied a 41/37 KD in BIG's 2-0 sweep over Renegades in the semifinals of DreamHack Denver.
tabseN was the driving force in this series win against the Aussies on Sunday. While gob b brought the srats, tabseN brought the kills. He started with a double on the force buy in Game 1, and it never stopped from there on. He was getting retakes with his pistol and generally dominating the game. He may have taken a bit to get going in the second game, he came on strong in the later rounds that BIG used to fuel their big comeback.
Consistent despite loss
October 3, 2017
tabseN gained a 55/44 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to mousesports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
tabseN got the quick entry-kills needed in the pistol and two anti-eco rounds to secure the 3-0 start. After a little hiccup in Round 4, tabseN continued to dominate offensively to secure the first half with his aggressive offense 9-6 at the half. From there, it was a neck-to-neck battle as tabseN held firm on the B-bombsite to secure map point, however, mouz struck back to force overtime. tabseN remained steady on the offensive side of things but it wasn't enough to close out in double overtime 22-20, reaching a 37/25 KD and an 89.2 ADR in the Game 1 loss. In Game 2, tabseN led the team in another direction with his even 18/18 KD and 84.0 ADR with an unsuccessful second-half showing, only winning one out of eight rounds played in the 16-7 Train loss.
Monster in 2-0 win over GODSENT
September 14, 2017
tabseN went 61/38 on Wednesday in a commanding 2-0 win over GODSENT in ESL Pro League Season 6.
tabseN had an absolutely monstrous performance in the series against GODSENT, starting on the offensive side of Cache. Despite the 3-0 start and GODSENT firm on the defense, tabseN came up big in Round 13 with a quad kill entry into the A-bombsite, including a 1-vs-2 clutch to start the three round streak to take the 8-7 lead at the half. tabseN then switched sides to dominate the second half to win eight out of nine rounds to take Game 1 16-8, earning a team-leading 33/16 KD and 135.0 ADR. Mirage claimed Game 2 as tabseN had another rocky start in the first half but quickly stomped GODSENT to take the 6-2 lead. However, GODSENT fired back for a toss up of rounds to settle the half with a 9-6 deficit. A 3-0 start for GODSENT to tie in the start of the second half was quickly diminished as tabseN fragged his way through the second half on the offense to sweep the series with a 16-13 win, posting a 28/22 KD and 114.8 ADR.
Leads BIG to lopsided win
September 13, 2017
tabseN put up a 51/32 KD in BIG's 2-0 win over Heroic on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
While the first game of this series was pretty close, the second game was a complete blowout. tabseN was on his game from the very start of this series. He grabbed three kills with the Deagle early on and then it was off to the races. While Heroic did manage to push this into overtime, BIG won all four games in the extra rounds to lock up the win. While he dropped a 30-bomb in the first game, he pulled in the damage like crazy in the second. He finished with a 125.6 ADR, most in the game, to lead his team to a blistering 16-1 win.
Thrashed Game 2 for the split
August 26, 2017
tabseN earned a 36/39 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against HellRaisers in ESL Pro League Season 6.
tabseN started the series on the slower side of things with a 6-0 deficit to start on the offense. Despite the deficit early on, tabs helped power his team back into contention with several entry-kills and bomb plants to settle the half down 9-6. The second half didn't have much action on tabseN's side beside one round won in the 16-7 loss. In Game 2, tabseN had a busy first half on the offense racking up the KD on entries early for a 7-2 lead. Although he started to struggle on the offense towards the end of the half giving up rounds late for an 8-7 lead. However, the second half was quiet for tabseN, with not much action early in the half although his defense came into play to hold off HellRaisers to close out the series 16-11.
Elusiveness leads to split
August 24, 2017
tabseN tallied a 32/33 KD in his team's split with FaZe Clan in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
tabseN was pretty average throughout this series against FaZe on Thursday. In the first eight rounds of the game, he only had three kills. This directly coincided with BIG's early slump in this series. He found some nice double kills in the second half, but they were in too much of an early hole and couldn't really bounce back. The second game was a much better showing all around from BIG. He managed to stay alive for the first few rounds while also stringing together some nice early kills. He may have had a couple moments where he simply missed some shots and couldn't finish off kills, but their 8-0 start was simply too much for FaZe to overcome.
Big plays all throughout despite loss
August 22, 2017
tabseN did his best to power his team ahead with a 46/43 KD, but BIG was still taken down 2-0 by Fnatic on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
tabseN was the only reason that BIG even threatened to pick up a win in this series. He went off during certain stretches of both games, and almost single-handedly put the team on his back to fuel comebacks attempts. He was especially strong late in Game 1 with nine kills between Rounds 18 and 19, but that simply wasn't enough. The same can be said for Game 2 where he again was the only player on his team with a positive KD. BIG certainly has some adjustments to make to get back to their PGL Major form we saw last month.
Goes off on FaZe Clan on Inferno
July 19, 2017
tabseN earned a solid 23/13 KD on Sunday with a win over FaZe Clan on Inferno at the PGL Major.
tabseN had a slow start to Inferno on the offensive side facing a 4-0 deficit early on, but a Round 8 triple entry kill into the A-bombsite tied the game. The late comeback in the first half resulted in tabseN playing more aggressive on the offense, spreading apart the defense to pounce in Round 13 with a triple kill down the middle, ending the half up 8-7. tabseN had a monstrous second half, starting with an aggressive triple kill down the middle to take the pistol. He then followed up the next two anti-eco's with an aggressive double-kill push down Banana to take the lead 11-7. tabseN continued to dominate the second half with a Round 20 triple kill hold on the B-bombsite. Then, finally, he managed to send the game into map point with a Round 22 double-kill hold on the A-bombsite that pushed the team for a 16-8 Inferno win, earning a team-leading 100.1 ADR.
Slow beginnings
January 16, 2017
tabseN underperformed for BIG with a 19/22 KD loss to FlipSid3 on Day 1 of DreamHack Leipzig.
tabseN had a slow start to Day 1 against Flipsid3 on the CT-side which didn't gain much ground on the favored side. tabseN remained quiet up until the eighth round where he picked up a double kill to secure the first round for his team in the half. However, his momentum was quickly turned down after a crushing loss on the B-bombsite that gave FlipSid3 more ground to cover. tabseN contributed to the last two rounds won for BIG that completed a 12-3 record at the half. The second half started off with tabseN getting the only double kill to help his team secure the second pistol round with an aggressive push onto the A-bombsite. The quick pistol round turned into five consecutive rounds won, including tabseN's triple kill tot secure round 19. Although BIG came back into the frame, Flipsid3 managed to win three straight of their own to bring the match to map point. tabseN and company didn't give up as they rallied back to win three straight for BIG thanks to tabseN's quad kill on the A-bombsite to start off. He then followed the next two rounds with a couple of quick entries before falling 16-11. tabseN finished the day with a 19/22 KD followed by a 79.4 ADR.
Only one to consistently show up in loss
January 15, 2017
tabseN put up a 44/39 KD in BIG's loss to FlipSid3 in the grand finals of DreamHack Leipzig.
tabseN was feeling it from the very start of Game 1 of the series. In the pistol round, he and BIG executed a textbook retake on the B-bombsite to take a 1-0 lead on the back of a tabseN 3k. Not slowing down one bit, he then retook the A-site by himself for a 1-vs-2 clutch in Round 4. He would continue this strong play throughout the game, ending up as one of the few bright spots for the German squad during the loss. tabseN was once again strong and at the forefront of his team in Game 2, but they just couldn't string very many rounds together early on in the game. Towards the end of the half though, they managed to right the ship. tabseN and keev took matters into their own hands as they finally won some games. tabseN picked up a double in Round 14 and a 3k in Round 15. They tried to make a bit of a run in the second half, but it was swiftly shut down by FlipSid3.
Joins all-German team, BIG
January 4, 2017
tabseN will next hit the stage under the BIG banner, reports Sam Nordmark of DOT Esports.
Following their release from NRG, tabseN, LEGIJA and gob b have joined forces with nex and keev to form a new team that will be called BIG. The team touts some of the most experienced German players in the CS:GO scene, and will look to make some waves in 2017. If the fact that the three NRG players actually paid for the buyout of nex and keev from their contracts is any indication, the players are extremely dedicated to making this team work. Only time will tell if this dedication translates over to the game.
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