Finn Anderson 
FaZe Clan
Leads second grand final win
October 15, 2017
karrigan tallied a 43/30 KD on Friday with a 2-0 sweep over Astralis in the ELEAGUE Premier grand finals.
A slow start in the first half of Cache didn't phase out karrigan, although frustration growing as the team took a massive 12-3 deficit at the half. Karrigan came right out of the gates in the second half to have a strong defensive hold, including his Round 21 quad kill on the defense to lessen the deficit to 13-8. From there, he continued to put pressure on the Astralis offense to eventually edge out a Game 1 win 16-14. The series then moved into Overpass where karrigan led the defense for a massive hold primarily on the B-bombsite for a 12-3 lead. Although Astralis stumped karrigan for three rounds to start the second half, karrigan then ripped the defense for four rounds to finally close out the series with a 16-7 win on Overpass.
Leading another 2-0 sweep
October 15, 2017
karrigan led for a 2-0 sweep over Team EnVyUs in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals with a 40/30 KD.
karrigan started the sweep on Nuke with a highly contested first half on the defense against EnVyUs' aggressive offense. However, in Round 4 karrigan led the FaZe force-buy which karrigan himself would pick up three kills to break the tie for a 3-2 lead. Rounds traded as karrigan remained in control of his team to take the first half with an 8-7 score. In the second half, karrigan led for seven-straight for the offense to force mappoint advantage. Although nV did win five in a row, it wasn't enough to force overtime as karrigan took Game 1 16-12 with a team-leading 28/19 KD and 97.7 ADR. Coming close to a defuse in the pistol round, karrigan came right back in the following round with a force-buy that would turn into a 5-1 lead early. He continued to hold the line from nV advancing into the bomb sites for a 9-1 lead before nV collected their last round of the half. Although karrigan had little frags on Overpass, his team carried the way for a 13-2 half and then a quick second half with three rounds on the offense for the 16-3 win.
Lacks in the fragging department in loss
October 13, 2017
karrigan went 34/38 in FaZe Clan's 2-0 win against North in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
karrigan, despite not really finding many kills, called a great series for FaZe in this big win. They started out a bit slow in the first game, but before long, they found a groove thanks to the strategies of their in-game leader. While karrigan may not have played his best the entire game, but he did have a couple nice moments, especially in Game 2. He found a 3k with a sniper in that round to help keep them pushing to a big win. They will now move on to the grand finals to face Astralis.
Leading the all-star's to grand final sweep
September 18, 2017
karrigan made it look easy with a 49/30 KD on Sunday in the grand final of ESL One New York with a 3-0 win over Team Liquid.
karrigan led the series with tremendous composure under the most stressful times of need when trying to win it all. A solid start to Inferno on the defensive side resulted in a massive 15-0 shutout going into the second. karrigan then led the offense of FaZe with a tough 3-0 deficit to start, however, he came up huge with a triple kill to close out the map 16-3. In Game 2 karrigan led a solid offensive showing despite giving up four rounds, but he rallied the team's eight-round streak with a Round 13 denied defuse with a triple kill to that eventually closed out the half 11-4. A bit of a lagging defense on Overpass struggled early on but karrigan stayed composed to edge for a 16-14 win. Still feeling the adrenaline from a close Game 2 finish, karrigan adjusted his defense for Mirage to lead a hefty 11-4 start. He then led his entry fragging machines olofmeister and rain to close out the second half 5-0 for a 16-4 grand final win.
Explosive in the second half for the win
September 2, 2017
karrigan earned a 13/11 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a solid win over mouz 16-9.
karrigan had a busy start to Mirage on the defense for FaZe with a 4-0 lead shutting down the A-bombsite push early. karrigan then gave up a few crucial rounds that reset his economy allowing mouz to tie things up at 5-5. Two rounds later, karrigan had a massive double kill retake on the A-bombsite in a 2-vs-1 win to extend the lead 7-5. karrigan applied more of his loose play to pick up the opening frags over mouz which helped the team take the 9-6 score at the half. karrigan led the second half with a slow start on the offense but got the ball rolling with several bomb plants which turned into rounds won. The offense overhauled the mouz defense to take Mirage 16-9.
Unable to lead FaZe to victory
August 30, 2017
karrigan put up a paltry 9/20 KD in FaZe Clan's loss at the hands of Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
While karrigan led his team well in the first rounds of this game, once NiP woke up, he couldn't bring them back out of the hole they dug. Not only that but karrigan himself wasn't providing nearly enough to keep his team away from danger all throughout the series. As such, NiP easily walked away with a 16-8 win. FaZe will have a chance to redeem themselves against mousesports later in the day.
Leads charging comeback late in Game 2
August 26, 2017
karrigan posted a 37/41 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against mousesports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
karrigan had a rough start to Cache facing a difficult task to come back from a 5-0 deficit. In Round 6, his double kill on the A-bombsite retake helped the team secure its first round of the half. Four rounds later, his triple hold on the B-bombsite forced an offensive save which gave FaZe another round win, down 7-3. With an 8-7 deficit going into the second half, karrigan's entry and bomb plant on the A-bombsite helped secure the pistol. The pistol round win turned into a dominating offensive half as karrigan only gave up two rounds in the 16-9 win. In Game 2, karrigan evened the score 1-1 in Round 2 with an aggressive push into the A-bombsite to grab the plant and the final frag. karrigan then won the following two rounds with post-plant holds and bomb plants to force the defensive save. A couple more bomb plants and post-plant holds gave the team the 8-7 lead at the half. karrigan won the first three rounds on the offense before mouz came back to win three of their own, however, as mouz reached the 14th round, karrigan closed Game 2 with a triple hold on the A-bombsite with the AWP, edging Mirage 16-14.
Leads FaZe to split with BIG
August 24, 2017
karrigan put together a 26/26 KD in FaZe Clan's split against BIG in the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
karrigan had his team playing at a pretty ridiculous pace in the first game of this series, as they were destroying BIG with reckless abandon on Overpass. He was even putting up some nice early rounds in terms of offense, which was a bit different for him since he usually sticks to the background of his team's games. They had strong retakes throughout the first and second half, which eventually led to the 16-8 win. The second game on Train, though? karrigan struggled to keep his team afloat in the game. They didn't pick up a win until the ninth round of the first half and then faltered again in the second half. They may have had a nice run of seven straight to close out the first half, that second half performance wasn't up to snuff, leading to the loss.
Leads to a perfect 2-0 start
August 23, 2017
karrigan posted a 24/31 Tuesday in a 2-0 thrashing over G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
karrigan had a smooth performance overall on Cache as the team won their duels and played passively enough for its opponents. After a 16-3 thrashing over G2, all eyes landed on the team captain and in-game leader, karrigan. The first half was a tight race as the defense started with a 3-0 lead. From there, G2 fought back against karrigan and the offense until G2 took the lead at the half 8-7. The second half was all FaZe as karrigan and team dominated on the defensive side, only allowing four rounds won for a 16-12 series sweep.
Stumped in 2-0 loss to SK
July 9, 2017
karrigan posted a low 20/46 KD on Saturday in a semifinal loss to SK Gaming at ESL Cologne.
karrigan led a poor Game 1 performance with only four rounds won on Overpass posting a 6/19 KD and 38.0 ADR. His offense and defense only won a pair of rounds in each half as SK dominated on both sides. In Game 2, karrigan had another slow start, but he picked up the pace on the defense in the late rounds creating the odd-man advantage early on to allow his team to hold a 9-6 deficit at the half. karrigan had a better performance in the second half despite the slow start on cache, but the mid-game belong to karrigan who led a comeback to force overtime. However, the overtime rounds were scarce as only one round was won for the 19-16 loss as karrigan posted a 14/27 KD and 58.1 ADR.
Early game calls come up short
July 4, 2017
karrigan finished FaZe Clan's loss to mousesports on Tuesday at ESL Cologne with a 14/20 KD.
Simply put, FaZe Clan tripped and fell flat on their faces in the first half of this game. Whatever strategies karrigan tried to input were met with swift aggression from mouz. This led to an early 9-0 lead for mouz, as FaZe was left floundering for a way into the game. While they did seem to settle into a groove in the early rounds of the second half, the early drought really came back to haunt them. To his credit, this was one of the better performances that karrigan has put up in a bit. FaZe is still at 1-1, so things aren't doom and gloom just yet. Certainly they need to tighten up their early rounds though, to avoid another showing like this one.
Superb shotcalling narrowly misses ECS Finals win
June 26, 2017
karrigan, despite strong shotcalls, only managed to come up with a 48/65 KD during FaZe Clan's loss to SK Gaming in the grand final of the ECS Season 3 Finals.
Whereas FalleN is an in-game leader who can dominate the scoreboards, karrigan is a brilliant IGL who often leaves his team without consistent enough frags to win rounds. His shotcalling in this series was very strong, but he just couldn't get the kills needed to get over the hump. With both Games 2 and 3 going to overtime, the margin of error shrunk to minuscule levels. Had karrigan been able to find a couple more pixels for kills in those late rounds, his team likely could have won the series. He did come up with some nice clutches to keep his team even, but never over the hill. Still, the incredible series that he called has to be acknowledge. Despite his deficiencies, FaZe hung in there against probably the best team in the world. This is a rivalry that will be fun to watch for months to come.
Slow-moving performance in series split
June 7, 2017
karrigan posted a 28/26 KD in FaZe's series split with GODSENT on Wednesday in the ECS.
karrigan was pretty slow to get off the ground here against GODSENT. While his team jumped out to an early lead from the start, he didn't find his first kill until Round 4 of the game. He still managed to have some pretty impactful rounds, though. In the middle rounds of the first half, he pulled out his AK and picked up bunches of kills. He even pulled out the SCAR at the end of the half and came up with an entry frag to help secure the final round of the half. Despite only having 16 kills, he only died seven times in the big 16-3 win. Game 2 was another slow start for karrigan that basically never got better for him. He didn't get much going in the first half when his team was dominating, so it isn't very surprising that he also came up short in the second half when GODSENT were in the midst of a gigantic comeback in the 16-10 FaZe Clan loss.
Dominating first-half's for 2-0 win over nV
May 20, 2017
karrigan posted a firm 39/29 KD on Wednesday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 win over Team EnVyUs.
karrigan had a rocky start facing a 3-0 deficit early, but the in-game leader came back to hold off the offense in the first half for an impressive 11-4 lead. karrigan had a strong showing on the defensive side racking up the kills that helped FaZe overcome the odds early in the first half. However, Team EnVyUs had something else planned in the second half winning ten rounds to pin-down FaZe before karrigan prevailed on the offense and earned a runner-up 24/19 KD and an 85.1 ADR in the 16-14 win on Inferno. In Game 2, karrigan led a massive offensive run for a 12-3 lead at the half; doing a majority of the damage by taking the A-bombsite and capitalizing on the post-plant hold to solidify the economy. karrigan had a few double kills that created some early advantages as well as great calls to counter the defense. He then went into the second half with confidence, and it showed as he contributed to a perfect 4-0 to sweep the series 16-3, earning a 15/10 KD and 79.4 ADR.
Late rally to close Game 2 over G2 2-0
May 19, 2017
karrigan posted a 35/36 KD on Thursday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 win over G2.
karrigan had a prideful day leading the offense in the first half with a dominating performance, ripping apart the defense of G2 for a massive 11-4 lead at the half. karrigan didn't stop there, as he continued to show no mercy, winning five out of six rounds on the defense to take Nuke 16-5. karrigan posted a 10/14 KD and 64.0 ADR in Game 1 to take the series lead 1-0. Game 2 karrigan got the ball rolling with a double-kill retake on the A-bombsite to take the first pistol round won. He then called a force-buy in Round 3 that flawlessly worked to keep FaZe back in the game. G2 had nothing against the high-powered offense led by karrigan for a 12-3 lead at the half. However, his second-half performance was tested as G2 won eleven rounds on the offense, controlling the second half. karrigan quickly acted once FaZe hit map point, and G2 came back to get the score 15-14 by holding off a patient B-bombsite execute to shutdown G2 and take Overpass 16-14, earning the team a solid 25/22 KD and 86.5 ADR in the series sweep 2-0.