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Locks down Overpass and Cache
April 22, 2018
Xyp9x posted a 45/29 KD on Thursday in a 2-1 series win over Team Liquid in the Group D winners' match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
Xyp9x series began on Mirage on the T-side with a hard fought battle against Liquid's defense to trail for an 8-7 half. From there, Liquid retained control of the lead after breaking the 10-10 tie to reach map point, but Xyp9x's triple kill hold on the B-bombsite triggered Astralis to come one round from forcing overtime but fell short for a 16-14 loss. Through the remainder of the series, Xyp9x kept his composure and stayed consistent to hold Liquid off for six rounds across Overpass and Cache to lock down their quarterfinal spot.
Unable to claim a map in the sweep
April 15, 2018
Xyp9x gathered a 38/42 KD on Wednesday in the 2-0 loss to Natus Vincere in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Xyp9x started the series on Train where his defense was stout in the 3-0 lead for Astralis, however, Na'Vi contested to tie the game in Round 6. Xyp9x broke the tie in the following round thanks to his triple kill clutch on the A-bombsite retake. Na'Vi contested to pick up two more rounds but Xyp9x extended the lead by three with a triple kill retake on the A-bombsite. The half was eventually claimed by Astralis as Xyp9x marched on through the second half to secure the pistol. Na'Vi found their footing in the early rounds of the second half and managed to secure map point as Xyp9x fired back to help force the overtime rounds, but unfortunately came up short in the 19-16 loss. Xyp9x had a great start to Inferno but Na'Vi secured the rounds later in the half to take the 9-6 lead going into the second. Astralis' smooth start was once again stopped short as Xyp9x was unable to equalize the series with a 16-11 loss on Inferno.
Locking down Inferno in the sweep
April 15, 2018
Xyp9x gathered a 41/31 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 sweep over Space Soldiers in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The series began with Xyp9x getting the best of Space Soldiers by earning on three straight right out of the gates. However, the Turks of Space Soldiers returned to contest the first half, which saw Xyp9x come out on top to take the first half lead (9-6). The second half was much like the first as both teams traded rounds, but it wasn't until Xyp9x got the double entry frag to secure map point, which eventually led to the 16-14 series lead. The series moved on to Inferno where Xyp9x continued to hound on Space Soldiers through the first half on the T-side for an 11-4 lead going into the second. Space Soldiers had nothing to show in the second half as Xyp9x contributed to five straight, including his quad kill to reach match point to secure the series sweep, posting a 20/9 KD and 95/7 ADR in the 16-4 win.
Earns clutch to spark come back
December 17, 2017
Xyp9x gathered an 18/13 KD on Friday with a 16-11 win over Cloud9 at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
The 6-0 deficit wasn't the start Xyp9x expected as he struggled to win the trade kills to help his team shut down the aggressive push from Cloud9. However, Xyp9x contributed to the first round won in Round 7 with a late defensive rotation to the B-bombsite to shut down the bomb plant. He continued to hold the line to prevent Cloud9 from getting more rounds to eventually even the score and take the 8-7 half. The second half started slow but the economy of Cloud9 dwindled which allowed Xyp9x to win the 1-vs-2 clutch on the post-plant to even the 11-11 score. From there, his offense ripped through the A-bombsite to win six straight to close Train with a win, posting a 76.3 ADR.
No confidence in loss
December 9, 2017
Xyp9x picked up a 12/17 KD on Wednesday in a 16-7 win over Astralis in the ESL Pro League Season 6 finals.
Holding the B-bombsite with firm action granted Xyp9x and his team a 2-0 lead to start Inferno, but the offense of Fnatic bullied the defense for seven rounds. Down 7-2, Xyp9x only had a few rounds left in him as he managed to pick up two more rounds to settle for the 11-4 deficit at the half. The second half started well for the Danes as Xyp9x got the entry kills he needed to open up the second half wit ha 3-0 lead. Unfortunately, Fnatic stomped the yard in the second half and dominated for five rounds to take the 16-7 win.
Deflated in the second half
November 14, 2017
Xyp9x posted an even 17/17 KD on Tuesday with a 16-11 loss to the Ninjas in Pyjamas in Group A of IEM Oakland.
Xyp9x contributed to the first three rounds won, holding off the offense of the Ninjas for a 3-0 lead. However, the Ninjas came back to tie the game and eventually take the lead with a five-round streak. Xyp9x managed to exploit the A-bombsite push in Round 9 to shut down the offense, although the Swedes would pick up several rounds, Xyp9x stayed close behind with a brittle economy to settle the first half down 8-7. A slow start in the second half would never pick up as the offense of Xyp9x couldn't find a gap in the defense to secure more than four rounds in the 16-11 loss.
Crushes Cloud9 for grand final berth
October 15, 2017
Xyp9x went 63/43 on Thursday in a 2-1 win over Cloud9 in the ELEAGUE Premier semifinals.
Xyp9x started the series with a pistol round win for the defense on Mirage but the Cloud9 offense was too much at first for a 5-1 lead. However, his Round 7 double kill to enable the retake on the B-bombsite served the team another win, down 5-2. From there, Cloud9 still held into the first half lead as Xyp9x closed out the half with a 10-5 deficit. Cloud9 continued their dominance in the second half but Xyp9x won a few rounds to try and get back within the frame of action with a Round 25 1-vs-3 clutch on the A-bombsite to keep the team alive in a 15-10 deficit. Although he could only win two more rounds before Cloud9 would take Mirage 16-12. Game 2, Xyp9x had a tough first half on Overpass for the offense as both teams traded rounds for the most part until Xyp9x was able to secure the half with an 8-7 lead. Cloud9 then got off in the second half with a huge offensive showing to take an early 13-9 lead. However, Xyp9x won a 1-vs-2 clutch on the A-bombsite to lessen the deficit to a 13-10 score. He would then continue to apply pressure on the offense to finally breakthrough and take Game 2 with an edging 16-14 win. Taking Game 2 by storm, Xyp9x continued to ravish Cloud9 in Game 3 with a triple kill on the anti-eco in Round 3 for the 3-0 start. Xyp9x would then dominate the first half for a 10-1 lead, thanks to his Round 10 triple spray down. Xyp9x wouldn't give Cloud9 any room to play with in Game 3 as he took the first half with a 14-1 score and closed out the series 16-4.
Average in series sweep
October 10, 2017
Xyp9x put up an even 27/27 KD in Astralis' 2-0 sweep of Fnatic in the quarterfinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
While Astralis certainly dominated this series from start to finish, Xyp9x didn't really have a ton to do with their success. He finished with the lowest KD on his team while also tallying the lowest ADR on Astralis. He just seemed to be resigned to the support role, which was good enough when dupreeh and dev1ce were going off, but may not be as strong later on in the playoffs.
Dominant in 2-0 sweep
October 8, 2017
Xyp9x went the extra mile with a 47/30 KD on Thursday to win over North 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Despite opening the series to a 3-0 deficit on Mirage, Xyp9x quickly got the ball rolling for the defense to hold off the A-bombsite to take the 4-3 lead early on. The defense continued to be stout besides eventually giving up a few rounds to North, but his Round 8 triple kill allowed his team to make the retake happened to secure the 6-3 lead. From there, the lead stayed with Xyp9x and Astralis who would contribute to the 9-6 lead at the half. In the second half, North got the first two defensive round holds on the A-bombsite, but Xyp9x got several entry kills to take Game 1 winning seven rounds to close Mirage 16-10. In Game 2, Xyp9x couldn't close out the pistol round on a North retake but he managed to contribute to the Astralis eco round win to even the score 1-1. From there, Xyp9x crushed the confidence of North with a 5-1 lead on the offense early on. However, North did come back to win a few rounds but it was Xyp9x who would stay composed to finish the half 9-6. In the second, North got three on the board early but Xyp9x held the line on the B-bombsite for seven rounds to close Game 2 on Inferno 16-10.
Consistent in win
October 5, 2017
Xyp9x posted a 47/33 KD in Astralis' split against BIG on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
Xyp9x continues to have himself quite the year, posting another solid performance in this series on Wednesday. While his team wasn't able to get the win in the opening game of the series, BIG had to go all the way into overtime in order to pull out the victory. Once the action moved onto Inferno for the second game, he led the team with a blistering 22/8 KD to down BIG 16-6.
Eased past Heroic in dominant form
September 30, 2017
Xyp9x had a solid 16/7 KD on Friday with a dominant 16-2 win over Heroic in Group D of ELEAGUE Premier.
Xyp9x controlled the rotation by Heroic from the A to B bomb sites, shutting down any attempt to make an advancement. Xyp9x remained consistent with the firm holds on the A-bombsite as well as his aggressive defense to frustrate the Heroic offense even more. Despite giving up one round in the first half, Xyp9x finished the half with a massive 14-1 lead. However, in the second half, Xyp9x easily got the entry kills to help close out Train with a 16-2 win, posting a 92.8 ADR to advance into the Premier playoffs.
Strong positioning locks up win
September 15, 2017
Xyp9x managed to put together a 16/19 KD in Astralis' win against Team Liquid on Day 1 of ESL New York.
While Xyp9x wasn't exactly the strongest player on the team here, he certainly pulled his weight in certain moments during the game. He was very strong at getting into the right position to lock down bombsites for his team. This ended up being key since Liquid put up a strong fight to keep this game somewhat close all the way into the second half. Xyp9x again showed up again late in the half with a big double kill in Round 27 that put them up 14-13 and on the path to a 16-13 win.
Zips around the map in win
August 31, 2017
Xyp9x went 32/30 in Astralis' win against Na'Vi on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
Xyp9x was pretty consistent during this big series win for his team. He couldn't clutch up the 1-vs-3 in the opening pistol round, but he found a 3k in Round 4 that set Astralis on a strong run to open up the game. As the game continued, he had some nice flanks to shut down Na'Vi and give his team crisp rotations. Moving into Game 2, he was again pretty strong as well. He came up with two kills in Round 6 to give his team their first win in the game and then kept it on throughout the rest of the game. His 3k in Round 9 was more than enough to keep the comeback train rolling. Astralis certainly looks better than we've seen from them in quite some time and could get back on the winning horse this week.
Hapless in series loss
August 24, 2017
Xyp9x only managed a 19/37 KD in Astralis' sweep at the hands of G2 in the ESL Pro League on Wednesday.
Simply put, Xyp9x was abysmal in this series. He never gained his footing whatsoever, and it showed with his scoreline. He only put up eight kills in the first game, which is simply not enough. He did have one nice round in the second of Game 1 where he locked down the site to get his team their first win of the half. They were still down 13-6, however, and went on to drop the game 16-9. Interestingly enough, he managed more kills in their blowout loss in Game 2 than he did in that first game. That's not to say that he was playing much better, however, as he simply had three more kills. He'll need to look back at this series and see where he went wrong so that Astralis can get back into the swing of things.
Coasts through 1-1 draw vs Fnatic
May 24, 2017
Xyp9x posted a 28/18 KD on Tuesday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 1-1 draw versus Fnatic.
Xyp9x had a great first-half showing, contributing to the massive first-half dominance on the defense, including his Round 13 1-vs-2 clutch on the A-bombsite to take the round and AWP. Xyp9x earned a solid 11/4 KD and 59.9 ADR after closing out the second half with two rounds for the 16-1 Game 1 win on Train. Game 2 Xyp9x started with a 3-0 lead for the offense until Fnatic came back with six rounds of their own to take the lead 6-3. However, Xyp9x tied the game in Round 12 with a quad kill on the A-bombsite, which led to just an 8-7 deficit at the half. However, Xyp9x couldn't get the ball rolling in the second half, only winning one round for the 16-8 Game 2 loss on Inferno, posting a 17/14 KD and 63.5 ADR in the series draw.
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