Nicolai Reedtz 
Quiet in grand final loss
October 15, 2017
dev1ce posted a 28/41 KD on Friday in a 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan in the ELEAGUE Premier grand finals.
dev1ce got the mid control he wanted in the first half of Cache for the defense to dominate the majority of the half. With only three rounds for FaZe to win offensively in the first half, dev1ce would hold out for a massive 12-3 lead. However, his second-half performance was little to show for as he struggled to get past the offense of FaZe for only two rounds in the 16-14 blowout. With a crushing loss in the second half, dev1ce continued to struggle in the first half of Game 2 on Overpass with a 12-3 deficit at the half. Although he picked up a 3-0 start in the second half, dev1ce would then find it hard to win any more rounds to take down FaZe and force Game 3 with a 16-7 loss.
Shut down Cloud9 on Game 3
October 15, 2017
dev1ce earned a 65/48 KD on Thursday in a 2-1 win over Cloud9 in the ELEAGUE Premier semifinals.
dev1ce started the series on Mirage for the defense taking on a massive retake thanks to dev1ce and his quad kill to take the pistol round. Although from there it seems Cloud9 had the upper advantage early on winning five straight to take the 5-1 lead. dev1ce then picked up a few more rounds but CLoud9 would take the first half in fashion 10-5. Going into the second half, dev1ce continued to struggle as Cloud9 picked up two more rounds. However, a force buy would go in his favor to pick up four in a row. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to shake Cloud9 as they would take Game 1 with a 16-12 score. dev1ce then had a tough first half on Overpass on the offense with a slow start as Cloud9 had a stiff defense to start. The rounds would go back and forth as both teams would keep an even score throughout the half. dev1ce would tie the game 7-7 with a quad kill to secure the round and eventually take the half with an 8-7 score. Cloud9 would hold a firm offensive lead in the second half as dev1ce finally got the ball rolling with a strong defensive hold late to edge out a 16-14 win. Carrying his Game 2 momentum into Game 3 of Inferno, dev1ce would shut down Cloud9 in the first half with a triple kill clutch on the A-bombsite retake to take the 13-1 lead. He would finish the first half 14-1 then finally close out the series with an explosive second half to take Inferno 16-4.
Shuts Fnatic down with the AWP
October 10, 2017
dev1ce tallied a 49/17 KD in his team's 2-0 sweep of Fnatic in the quarterfinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
dev1ce was trailing right behind dupreeh with a blistering performance in this series to open the ELEAGUE playoffs. He did most of his work with the AWP in this contest, finishing with 29 of his 49 kills on the high-powered sniper rifle. It simply seemed as if there was nothing at all that Fnatic could do to stop Astralis in this series. Between dev1ce laying things down with the AWP and dupreeh just lighting it up in general, Astralis looks to be back in form and will surely be a force to be reckoned with in these playoffs.
Early dominance in win
September 30, 2017
dev1ce earned a 21/17 KD on Friday with a 16-11 win over Team Liquid in ELEAGUE Premier Group D.
dev1ce got the strong start needed to get the AWP early on to stomp Liquid on the defense with a 10-0 start. Despite giving up three in a row, dev1ce finally closed out the half with two strongholds with the AWP on the B-bombsite to take the first half lead 12-3. The second half was a bit of a slow start but the rounds started to come his way on a couple of Liquids fluked rounds. dev1ce remained composed in the late few rounds of the half after breaking Liquids economy to take the map 16-11, posting a 78.1 ADR.
Sets the pace in win
September 15, 2017
dev1ce put up a 24/16 KD in Astralis' win over Team Liquid on Day 1 of ESL New York.
dev1ce was his normal self throughout this game on Friday. He started off by flanking well in the early rounds to get his team off to a nice start, which ended up being a huge help to helping them outlast Liquid in this game. He was especially strong in the second half with clutch after clutch to hold off Liquid. He even picked up a 1-vs-2 at point that completely shut down Liquid. Astralis certainly looks to be playing in top form and could have a nice time in New York this weekend.
Zones off A-site in Game 2 victory
August 31, 2017
dev1ce put up a 37/24 KD in Astralis' 2-0 win over Na'Vi on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo.
dev1ce may have taken a game to get into a groove, but once he was on his game, he was nothing less than spectacular. He opened up with a slow performance on Overpass where he didn't really get his AWP very much, which severely limited his impact. With the rest of his teammates playing as well as they were, though, Astralis still easily picked up the win. Game 2 on Mirage was a bit closer, but thanks to dev1ce, Na'Vi was unable to get much going. Anytime they tried to get a plant on the A-site, his AWP was on point and prevented any sort of retake of execute. If this is the dev1ce that Astralis is going to get from here on, Astralis could easily get back on point with a tournament win.
Unable to get going with AWP
August 24, 2017
dev1ce put up a 33/40 KD in Astralis' 0-2 loss to G2 Esports in the ESL Pro League on Wednesday.
dev1ce tried desperately to get Astralis ahead with his AWP in this series, but Astralis never managed to get strong setups in the series. As such, dev1ce was simply unable to find the right angles to be effective. He did have a pretty ridiculous 3k in the first half of Game 1 that included an improbable no scope, but he still lost the round in the 1-vs-1. That round pretty much summed up Astralis' play in this game. They would find an occasional break, but then fall apart late. In Game 2, he was basically the only one doing much of anything in what ended up as a complete trouncing by G2. He got a bit of consistency with his AWP, but he simply couldn't do it alone and they were swiftly defeated 16-6.
Unable to hold off Fnatic in late Game 2 loss
May 24, 2017
dev1ce posted a 33/23 KD on Tuesday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a draw against Fnatic 1-1.
dev1ce had a monster first half on Train, taking down Fnatic with the AWP in every angle and retake. dev1ce shut down the Fnatic offense from attempting any play into the A-bombsite; he also countered their more passive rounds by being patient and holding out to pick off the push one by one on both bombsites. dev1ce took a dominating first half 14-1 and swept the second half with two rounds for a 16-1 win, earning a 16/7 KD and 81.2 ADR along the way. Game 2 had a quick 3-0 start, but Fnatic came back to win six straight, forcing dev1ce to save for the AWP late in the first half. dev1ce managed to close the half down 8-7, but his chances in the second half were slim as he never got on his feet despite the one round won in Round 23, with a 1-vs-2 clutch on the B-bombsite for a 16-8 loss. dev1ce posted a 17/16 KD and 73.2 ADR during the dismal second-half performance to tie the series 1-1.
Quiet day on the AWP in 2-0 sweep
May 18, 2017
dev1ce posted a 42/32 KD on Wednesday over Team Dignitas in a 2-0 series win in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
dev1ce contributed to the 4-0 lead to start Nuke, but Dignitas came back to tie in the first half 4-4. Once the economy was stable, dev1ce got the AWP and got to work as he contributed to the last seven rounds won in the first half on the defense to take the 11-4 lead at the half. dev1ce took a hard ten-round deficit in the second half, but got his wits together and finally broke the defense of Dignitas to take Game 1 16-14, posting a 21/20 KD and 68.6 ADR. Game 2 dev1ce dominated in the first half with the AWP to shut down the mid control as well as the late B rush to pick apart the offense one by one. dev1ce contributed to the 12-3 lead at the half and even had some tight competition in the second half despite Dignitas coming up short of a win 16-7. dev1ce earned a 21/12 KD and an 83.7 ADR.
Carries Astralis to clean win vs NV
May 18, 2017
dev1ce played phenomenally in Astralis' 2-0 win over Team EnVyUs on Tuesday, earning a combined KD of 55/18.
dev1ce had a phenomenal showing against NV, beginning with his strong showing in Game 1 on Inferno. dev1ce was a monster throughout the match with the AWP, dealing death throughout the first half as Astralis jumped out to a 14-1 lead heading into the second half. Two short rounds later, and dev1ce led Astralis to a dominating 16-1 win with a KD of 26/5 and an ADR of 123.5. Continuing to fire on all cylinders in Game 2 on Train, dev1ce continued to post monstrous numbers. While it wasn't as easy as it was in Game 1, a KD of 29/13 and another game-high ADR of 110.2, along with a highlight reel of triple kills with the AWP, was enough to carry Astralis to a 16-10 win.
Strong early play overshadowed by late collapse
May 4, 2017
dev1ce ended with a 20/16 KD in Astralis' tough loss to SK Gaming at IEM Sydney on Thursday.
dev1ce was the top man yet again in this narrow loss to SK on Thursday. He opened up with a nice 3k in the pistol round that was followed up with a double in Round 2. As Astralis continued to keep moving along in the first half, he notched an opening double in Round 6 to go up 4-2. In the rest of the half, he was incredibly strong with his AWP to help put his team at a 9-6 scoreline to end the half. He opened the second half with a double kill in the pistol round, but it wasn't enough to get the win in the round. From that point on, he lost a bit of steam and kept getting steamrolled along with his teammates in the late stages of the second half. SK were much more decisive with their holds and executes, which left Astralis floundering in the eventual loss.
Not his usual self in win
May 3, 2017
dev1ce posted a subdued KD of 13/9 in Astralis' lopsided win over The Chiefs on Tuesday.
Despite being one of the rocks for Astralis, dev1ce had a bit of a quiet game to open up their play at IEM Sydney. He had a couple of early kills, but was very quiet for most of the first half of this game. He did pick up a solid four kills between Rounds 7 and 9 as Astralis picked up three straight wins without dropping a single kill. However, he had no kills in the final three rounds of the half as The Chiefs ended with a bit of a nice run. Opening up the second half, he was slow once again with only two kills in the first three rounds of the half. His teammates made up for his deficiencies, though, and picked up the 16-5 win to put Astralis at a nice 1-0 to open up IEM Sydney.
Average in win over GODSENT
April 26, 2017
dev1ce managed a 31/25 KD in Astralis' 2-0 win against GODSENT on Tuesday in Season 3 of the ECS.
dev1ce is normally the biggest contributor for Astralis, and while he was certainly not bad in this series, he was a bit more of a secondary player than anything here. In the first half of Game 1, he failed to even crack double digits in kills with just nine. He was much better in the second half, going a strong 7/1 to give his team the 16-5 win. The second game was even more lackluster for dev1ce, as he only went 15/15 in the whole game. His first half was pretty average, with a 10/9 KD. The second half was an almost invisible one for him, only tallying five kills in the half. With their opponent not being the most intimidating, this play was fine, but against a better team, it could end up being a bit of a problem.
Rock solid on AWP for series tie with NiP
April 20, 2017
dev1ce earned a 43/36 KD on Tuesday in a series tie with Ninjas in Pyjamas in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
dev1ce got out to a slow start faced two rounds down to start the first half of Inferno. Device contributed to the eco round win which cut the score in half 2-1. Although NiP stood tall in Round 4, dev1ce came back to take the following two rounds to remain in the game 4-3. From there, dev1ce gave up four rounds before opening the A-bombsite, and his aggressive AWP through the mid area allowed them to take three rounds to end the half down 9-6. However, dev1ce shut down NiP's offense in the second half, winning seven rounds in a row before the Swedes captured one of their own. dev1ce posted a 23/17 KD and 85.0 ADR to close out the second half 16-12. Game 2, dev1ce didn't have the stable economy to really try and advance using the AWP, down early 6-0 on Cache; however, he did manage to string a few rounds together to get the economy going late. As a result,dev1ce contributed to the first-half comeback to take the lead at the half 8-7. device started the second half with a triple kill on the A-bombsite in a post-plant situation to secure the second pistol round. From there dev1ce and team were closed out to a series tie with a 16-12 loss on Cache. dev1ce earned a 20/19 KD and 79.6 ADR.
Fails to clutch for Astralis late
April 9, 2017
dev1ce put up a 66/60 KD in Astralis close 1-2 loss to FaZe Clan in the grand finals of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
dev1ce had a bit of an odd series here against FaZe Clan. While he is normally a rock for Astralis, the Dane came up short more than a couple times in this series. He started off well enough in Game 1 with a 28/17 KD, including 16 kills with his famed AWP. He led the way in a close 16-14 win that put his team up 1-0 from the start. Game 2 on Nuke is likely one that will haunt him for quite some time. He only managed to put up a lowly 10 kills in the stomp that FaZe put on them in the game. This set the teams up for a showdown of epic proportions in Game 3 on Inferno. While he played well enough, it simply wasn't enough for his team to the pick up the win. Despite being up 10-5 at the half, he couldn't find the requisite kills in the late game to hold off FaZe's furious comeback. Far too many times his AWP wasn't hitting his targets, which allowed FaZe to inch all the way back to force overtime where they picked up the 19-17 win.