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Secures Inferno over the Turks
April 18, 2018
dupreeh went 17/7 on Wednesday in the 16-2 win over Space Soldiers in Group D at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
dupreeh helped Astralis through a lightning start on the CT-side of Inferno as he contributed to the 8-0 lead. Space Soldiers snapped out of it in Round 9, but dupreeh returned in the following round to flash himself into a triple kill and secure the round. dupreeh never backed down and helped Astralis secure the 13-2 lead, which after two rounds in the second half was then claimed by dupreeh's team-leading 108.8 ADR.
Earns the 2-0 dub
April 15, 2018
dupreeh claimed a 36/31 KD on Tuesday in the 2-0 win over Space Soldiers in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
dupreeh began his week on Mirage where his CT-side came out on top with a 3-0 advantage in the pistol and the following anti-ecos. However, Space Soldiers contested which led the first half into a frenzy where dupreeh and co. managed to come out on top with a 9-6 lead going into the second. The second half was just as contested as dupreeh finally got a round on the board thanks to his aggression through the middle with a quick double to break the tie for the 10-9 lead. From there, both rounds went back and forth but dupreeh once again held out to edge for the series lead. Inferno was up next where dupreeh sailed through the first half on the T-side getting the bomb plants down for a strong economy, which led to an 11-4 half. He then continued through the second half to pick up five straight on the CT-side to take the series sweep.
Securing the win aggressively
December 17, 2017
dupreeh tallied a 21/13 KD on Friday in a 16-13 win over FaZe Clan at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
Down 3-0 early on, dupreeh stuck with it and contributed to the Danish comeback to hold the aggressive offense of FaZe on the B-bombsite to earn their first-round. He then helped get the team pick up several defensive rounds with a hold on the A-bombsite as well as his well-timed retakes to shut down FaZe. Taking the lead late almost went south as dupreeh gave FaZe some room on the A-bombsite but managed to close the half with a quad kill. The second half started smooth but FaZe made some noise near the end, but the composure from dupreeh getting the entry-kills allowed his team to take more control. His efforts allowed the offense to pick up enough rounds and money to finally close FaZe with a 16-13 win.
Slow start; big comeback
December 17, 2017
dupreeh posted a 27/17 KD in the 16-11 comeback against Cloud9 at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
A slow start on the defense of Train gave Cloud9 the early 6-0 advantage, however, dupreeh helped his team get back in Round 7 with the late-rotation on the B-bombsite to shut down the rush. From there, dupreeh eventually got the money needed to continue the A-bombsite hold to cut the lead in half. Breaking the Cloud9 economy allowed dupreeh to continue the defensive reign to eventually take the 8-7 half. A slow start in the second half quickly turned around as dupreeh showed patience and a passive offense to grind out eight out of nine rounds to take the win from Cloud9, posting a 93.1 ADR.
Stumped in loss
December 9, 2017
dupreeh went 13/18 on Wednesday in a lackluster 16-7 loss to Fnatic in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
A clean 2-0 beginning in the pistol and following anti-eco round started dupreeh on the right foot for the defense of Inferno. However, the team hit a brick wall when Fnatic bounced back in the buy-round to pick up seven consecutive rounds to take a massive lead. dupreeh struggled to hold back the offense as he couldn't get the majority of his trades to turn into round wins. Although they tacked on a few defensive rounds late, it wasn't enough to make an impact in the game. Down 11-4, dupreeh came out the gate with a quick offense and three rounds to show for it, but the defense of Fnatic proved to be a worthy contender as dupreeh struggled to overcome. Fnatic picked up the remainder of the half to close Inferno 16-7, with dupreeh posting a 79.0 ADR.
Steps up in dev1ce's absence
December 5, 2017
dupreeh tallied a 23/15 KD in Astralis' win over Luminosity Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
With dev1ce out until 2018, someone on Astralis needed to step in and pick up the slack. dupreeh took that upon himself in this game as the leader of this team. He was on point from the start and kept the team on top of its game from start to finish. While it was a bit shaky at first with Luminosity taking a 10-7 lead early, dupreeh brought them back with crispy frags and solid strategies.
Couldn't edge FaZe in grand final loss
October 15, 2017
dupreeh tallied a 26/43 KD on Friday with a 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan in the ELEAGUE Premier grand finals
dupreeh had a strong defensive hold in the first half of Cache with only three rounds given up to FaZe late in the half for a 12-3 lead. However, his offense in the second half couldn't budge for more than two rounds as FaZe clan would dominate the field to come back and edge Game 1 with a 16-14 win. In Game 2, dupreeh continued to have a rough first-half for the offense only able to pick up three early on to be on the other side of the 12-3 half. dupreeh would come out fierce in the second half of Overpass on the defense to hold out for three rounds. FaZe finally picked up the fourth rounds of the second half as dupreeh would fire back with his own. Unfortunately, dupreeh could get more than four rounds in the second half for a 16-7 series sweep.
Brings the thunder in series sweep
October 10, 2017
dupreeh posted a 59/21 KD in Astralis' 2-0 win over Fnatic in the quarterfinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
dupreeh showed up for his team in a major way in more ways than one in this series. Not only did he own the scoreboard with his blistering KD, but he called an impeccable series from start to finish. On Train, he was bringing out multiple looks from the very start to give Fnatic fits. Especially with Golden being a new shotcaller for Fnatic, dupreeh's strategies were especially strong. The fact that he could couple that with such a strong performance offensively is an even greater feat. He had multiple strong rounds, including a quad kill that locked up Train for his team. With Astralis playing this strong, they've got a shot to lock up their first major win in quite some time.
Solid performance in 2-0 sweep
October 8, 2017
dupreeh gained a 37/27 KD on Thursday in a 2-0 win over North in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A 3-0 deficit early didn't phase dupreeh one bit as the Dane helped pick up four straight on the defense to secure the lead. His firm holds and aggressive defensive retakes into the bombsites granted the team an early lead and eventually taking the first half with an 8-3 score, winning eight in a row. Although North did come back with a few rounds of their own, dupreeh made sure to secure the half with a 9-6 lead. In the second half, North picked up two defense round holds on the B-bombsite but dupreeh got the opening kills and post-plant holds to win seven rounds in the half to secure Mirage with a 16-10 win. In Game 2, dupreeh lost the opening round due to a defensive retake but the following eco round wins jumbled the economy of North. From there, a 5-1 lead would materialize in the first half as North struggled to gain ground and eventually ended the half with a 9-6 deficit. dupreeh started the second half on a slow note but eventually held the line on the A-bombsite to secure seven rounds to secure the 2-0 sweep with a 16-10 win on Inferno.
Leads in more ways than one
October 5, 2017
dupreeh finished his team's 1-1 split with BIG on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League with a 45/38 KD.
While many in-game leaders, dupreeh included, tend to slack off in the fragging department, that wasn't the case in the slightest in this game. While he never topped the team, he was always in the thick of it with his team. He wasn't content to just let his teammates have all the fun, as he even managed to come up big with a 3k in Game 1 to put his team on map point. Sure, they ended up losing that game, but it was a big round nonetheless. He wasn't a one-game pony in this one, however, as he came up big again in the early rounds of Game 2 where he found another triple kill hold to give his team a 7-1 lead in what ended up as a 16-6 win.
Shutting down Heroic in primetime
September 30, 2017
dupreeh went 14/10 on Friday with a 16-2 win over Heroic in Group D of ELEAGUE Premier.
The first half was all dupreeh on the defense to hold off Heroic in every angle possible. Despite giving up one round in the first half, dupreeh never skipped a beat when helping his team in a quick rotation to extend the team to a 14-1 score at the half. The second half was nothing more than a nail in the coffin as dupreeh got a few more frags to win two out of three rounds to take Train 16-2, advancing into the Premier playoffs with a 90.3 ADR.
Steps up when his team needs him
August 31, 2017
dupreeh finished Astralis' win against Na'Vi on Day 2 of DreamHack Malmo with a 38/31 KD.
While dupreeh usually calls a great game for his team, he took it a step further in this series and ended up near the top of his team in kills to boot. He was slow out the gate in both games, but once Astralis got their footing, dupreeh was right there pushing them along. He set up some strong crossfires with Xyp9x to keep Na'Vi from really gaining ground in the first map. He even picked up an AWP and ran with dev1ce in that game to really catch their opponents unawares. When it came to Mirage in Game 2, he was always there to shut down rotations from Na'Vi at every turn. He's got Astralis looking super strong thus far.
Outplayed by NBK-lead G2
August 24, 2017
dupreeh went 27/39 in Astralis' loss against G2 Esports in the ESL Pro League on Wednesday.
Try as he did, dupreeh was simply unable to get Astralis into any kind of groove in this series. It seemed like whatever strategy they went for, G2 had the perfect answer at every turn. He had a few nice rounds throughout the first game, but nothing consistent enough to outlast G2 in the late stages of the 16-9 loss. Game 2 was even worse, as they looked completely confused and unable to do anything at all in the 16-6 loss. They went into the half with a 12-3 deficit, and dupreeh only had an abysmal 4/14 KD. He managed to stave off defeat in Round 19 with a nice 3k, but they still couldn't get anything going in the loss.
Dominates in Game 1 win
May 24, 2017
dupreeh earned a solid 34/28 KD on Tuesday in a series draw against Fnatic in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
dupreeh had an outstanding first-half performance on Train, shutting out Fnatic in Game 1. dupreeh remained composed on the defense, not skipping a beat and picking up double and single kills to create odd-man situations as well as to help close out the rounds for a 14-1 lead at the half. dupreeh picked up more assists and kills in the second half within just two rounds to close out Game 1 16-1, posting a team-leading 20/9 KD and 135.8 ADR. Game 2 dupreeh got out to a 3-0 start until his offense was halted by Fnatic for six rounds, losing his economy. Once the economy was back up again, dupreeh managed to close the half down 8-7. However, his second-half performance on Inferno was a struggling task as his defensive abilities were stifled by Fnatic, only winning one round in the second half for a 16-8 loss. dupreeh posted a 14/19 KD and 64.7 ADR during Game 2 to even the series in Week 6 1-1.
Leads to series sweep over Dignitas
May 18, 2017
dupreeh earned a 33/41 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series win over Team Dignitas in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
dupreeh had a solid first half start, winning the first four rounds for the defense early. Dignitas came around and won their four rounds on the half until dupreeh outplayed the opposition to take the first half 11-4. The second half was all Dignitas in a lopsided second-half performance, with Astralis giving up ten straight for a 14-11 deficit. dupreeh then rallied the offense to win the last five rounds to take Game 1 16-14, posting a 16/25 KD and 67.5 ADR. Game 2 dupreeh led the defense to hold off Dignitas for a massive 12-3 lead at the half. dupreeh picked up a for more kills to help close some late rounds in the second half to win the fourth and final round and take Game 2 16-7, posting a 17/16 KD and 78.2 ADR on Mirage.
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