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Set to link with OpTic
April 24, 2018
OpTic has targeted the Danish in-game leader alongside his teammate JUGi to create a full Danish roster, according to a report from
Earlier on Tuesday, Snappi was revealed to not compete in today's Pro League matches, in which JUGi returned to the active lineup to fill the void. It is unclear when the in-game leader will return to Heroic's active lineup but a new report suggests that he may be linking up with the Green Wall alongside his stand-in, JUGi. Snappi would replace one of the two North American players -- stanislaw and ShahZaM -- resulting in a full Danish lineup with cajunb, gade, and k0nfig. It is uncertain when Snappi will officially join the team as both organizations are competing in the ESL Pro League.
Stopped short in spit
April 7, 2018
Snappi posted a 40/36 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split with Natus Vincere in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Snappi had better starts in the Pro League as this one began on the CT-side of Train with Na'Vi sitting comfortably up 6-0. A buy round finally allowed Snappi some room to work with, and it worked out as the Danes' marched through the CIS defenses to break their economy and claim the first half lead, 8-7. With raging momentum, Snappi continued his reign through the second half to lead his team for eight straight to take the series lead, 16-7. Snappi had a bigger challenger on Cache with a highly contested start on the CT-side, but this time around it would be Na'Vi to take control of the first half, 10-5. Snappi managed to help turn things around in the second half to put Na'Vi on their heels as the Danes' came close to reaching match point. Snappi and his men came close but no cigar in the 16-14 loss to result in a series split.
Not enough defense in 2-1 loss
December 3, 2017
Snappi completed Saturday with a 56/52 KD in the 2-1 loss to Natus Vincere at DreamHack Open Winter.
A rough start to the series on the defense of Inferno would haunt Snappi later on in the series as Na'Vi controlled the map to take a massive 16-5 win over Heroic. Game 2 shed some light on the future of Heroic as Snappi led his team to a strong defensive hold in the first half, with several players picking up great individual plays. A 10-5 lead going into the second half gave Snappi some room to adjust to the defense of Na'Vi, who started the second half on the lighter side. After a few rounds given up early, Snappi was able to work with the buy-round that eventually broke the Na'Vi economy. With the economic advantage, Snappi picked up the 16-9 win along with a solid 23/15 KD and team-leading 100.0 ADR. The series came down to Train where Snappi picked up the 2-0 start but Na'vi quickly evened the score to contest. Snappi helped pick up two more rounds on the quick rotate but with a tattered economy, Na'Vi sailed through the half for an 11-4 lead. Although Snappi led a fast and aggressive offense, Na'Vi was just too skilled and picked up their fifth round of the half to take the series 16-12.
2-0 to open Day 2
December 2, 2017
Snappi earned a 32/36 KD on Day 2 of DreamHack Open Winter with a 2-0 sweep over Rise Nation.
Snappi showed no mercy in the first half of Inferno with a massive overhaul of the offense to dominate. With a 13-2 lead going into the second half, Rise Nation pounced and showed a stern offense of their own to pick up a handful of rounds early. The rounds kept coming in by Rise Nation, who eventually cut the deficit to almost force the extra rounds. However, Snappi remained composed on the defense and edged Inferno for the 16-14 win, posting a team-low 51.8 ADR. The series then shifted to Nuke where Snappi once again led a massive first-half lead, including his Round 9 quad kill to shut down the A-bombsite push to take the 8-1 lead. A 12-3 lead going into the second half gave Rise Nation little hope as Snappi rallied his team on the offense to pick up four rounds and close the series on Nuke 16-5, posting a 20/13 KD and an 80.4 ADR.
Couldn't force OT in Game 2
October 17, 2017
Snappi would go 42/43 on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Snappi was disowned in the first half of Inferno for the defense as G2 Esports would ravish his confidence to win any more rounds in the dominant 13-2 first half for G2. After taking a turn for the worst in the first half, Snappi came out in the second half with a fierce offense to push G2 back early on. Getting the entry-kills and post-plant holds, Snappi would earn the eight rounds won posting a 17/21 KD and 77.6 ADR. However, his momentum would fall short in the second half as G2 would finally close out Game 1 with a 16-10 win. Moving into Game 2, Snappi would have another slow start in the first half of Nuke as his offense couldn't penetrate the G2 defense. Although late in the half, Snappi was able to win some rounds to end the first half with a 10-5 deficit. However, the second half motion came back again as Snappi held the line for an abundance of rounds to cut the deficit to 10-9. His A-bombsite holds wouldn't hold for long as G2 would pounce on the offense to take on a 14-10 lead. From there, Snappi would hold off for four more rounds coming close to forcing the extra rounds but G2 shut the door with a 16-14 win.
Couldn't snap back in Game 2
October 15, 2017
Snappi picked up a 28/38 KD in the 2-0 loss to North in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals on Wednesday.
A slow start for Snappi would end tale the rest of his first-half performance on the offense was rather dim. With only a handful of rounds to show in the 10-5 deficit, Snappi did pick up a fair amount of frags before switching sides. In the second half, Snappi would struggle to hold off the offense of North as they dominated the second half to take Game 1 16-7. Snappi contributed to a 16/19 KD and 69.2 ADR in the Overpass opening loss. Snappi had a better first-half performance in Game 2 of Mirage with the defense taking control after a 2-0 start. A 4-3 lead would develop as then both teams would battle neck to neck before tying the game 5-5. North then would take off with the first half with a strong aggressive offense for a 9-6 score. Snappi then took the turn for the worst in the second half with a hard time getting past the North defense for only one-round gain in the 16-7 Game 2 loss as Snappi picked up a team-low 12/19 KD and 73.1 ADR.
Does his best in loss
September 13, 2017
Snappi finished Heroic's loss to BIG on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League with a 36/40 KD.
For as rough of a Game 2 that Heroic had, it's quite surprising that Snappi even managed to come out with an almost even KD. He was essentially the only consistent member of his team from start to finish here. If Heroic wants to gain any traction here in the Pro League, Snappi will likely be the catalyst.
Snaps back into action
August 23, 2017
Snappi combined for a 39/32 KD on Tuesday with a win over HellRaisers 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Snappi got the defense going in the first half of Game 1 with key holds on the B-bombsite early on to secure a 4-0 start. Throughout the first half, Snappi continued to passively hold onto the B-bombsite, but also played aggressively on the anti-ecos, which paid off with economic stability. His consistency turned into a big 10-5 lead going into the second. During the second half, Snappi contributed mostly to securing bomb plants early on to keep the economy stable while HellRaisers slowly started to fight back; however, they came up short of a win as Snappi earned an 18/12 KD and an 83.8 ADR during the 16-8 Mirage win. Game 2 Snappi was another offensive member with several entry kills in the first half as well as a couple of bomb plants to secure much-needed rounds. The neck-and-neck battle ended with Snappi taking an 8-7 deficit into the second half, but a quiet start had some effect on the team early on. However, Heroic ultimately managed to hold off HellRaisers for a 16-14 win on Overpass.
Simply average in loss
May 7, 2017
snappi tallied a 57/56 KD in Heroic's 2-1 loss to Misfits on Sunday at DreamHack Tours.
snappi didn't start out this series on his best foot, as he only went 23/27 in the first game that ended up being a drawn out overtime loss. The game looked alright for him to start out, as he picked up a double in Round 3 to give his team an early 3-0 lead, but then it sort of fizzled out from there. Misfits battle back to force overtime and eventually win the game 22-19. In Game 2, Heroic were very strong, dominating things from the start. Despite his team's overall strong performance, he wasn't the greatest. Sure, he had a positive KD, but his ADR was a bit lackluster. At just a 64.6, snappi was seemingly only able to pitch in here and there, while not really taking any sort of strong initiatives in the game. While his ADR was even lower in Game 3, it came in a loss and was third-highest on his team. This was more of just an off game by all of Heroic. Still, a bit more contributions from snappi and maybe things could have turned out a bit different.
Bottom of the barell in loss
May 1, 2017
Snappi tallied a 44/57 KD in Heroic's close loss to Immortals in the semifinals of DreamHack Austin.
Snappi was serviceable in the opening game of the semifinals against Immortals. He started with a double kill to follow up valde's entry kill in Round 2 to tie things up at one round apiece. Throughout the rest of the game, he was very good at shutting down rotations from Immortals, which kept Heroic on the comeback train. His other strong round was a 3k in Round 19 that brought them even closer to a tie. Heroic kept on pushing in the game to eventually come away with a 16-14 win. Snappi couldn't shake off the rust that all of Heroic showed in the Game 2 trouncing that Immortals put on them. He had a 3k in Round 4, but that was about it in the rough first half. He picked up another double in Round 20 to try and start a bit of a comeback, but it ended up falling short in the 16-6 loss. Game 3 was a nightmare for Snappi, who only tallied a 13/22 KD and couldn't come up with kills in the late game to save his team from losing. He only had two kills in the first eight rounds. While he managed to bust through with a 3k in Round 9, it was his second half performance that was the main problem. He and his teammates couldn't find any sort of groove as they watch Immortals go 11-3 in the half to secure the 16-13 win and eliminate Heroic from the tournament.
Leads Heroic to big Game 1 victory
April 20, 2017
Snappi put together a 33/26 KD in Heroic's 2-0 win against VP on Wednesday.
Snappi's performance in this series has two distinct sides. The first took place in Game 1 where he was on fire. With his team winning by so much, he didn't even need to really put up a monster amount of kills. He went 18/9 in an impressively resilient showing. He put up two quad kills in both the pistol round and later in Round 11 to keep his team moving right along. Him only dying nine times while putting up an ADR of 108.4 is an impressive feat that he certainly would have hoped to replicate in Game 2. That didn't happen, unfortunately. He seemed to just not be able to land his shots as well in this game as he did in the first. This led to a pretty poor 15/17 KD. Thankfully for him, the rest of his team chose this game to shine and keep Heroic slowly moving towards the win.
Continues strong play at DreamHack Leipzig
January 13, 2017
Snappi went 23/18 in Heroic's win over LDLC in the Group A winners match at DreamHack Leipzig.
This game against LDLC definitely didn't get off to the start that Heroic would have liked. Snappi was a consistent force, but he got no support from his team early on. The team didn't get their first win until Round 5 where he picked up a single kill. He would pitch in some more kills in each round until notching a double in Round 9 to take their first lead of the game. They would take an 8-7 lead into the half, but then faltered as a team in the second half. They lost six straight rounds before finally picking up a win in Round 22, where Snappi nabbed a double to secure the round. He got himself another double in the next round with a nice flank to get the comeback train going. He picked up a big double in Round 26 that swung the round in Heroic's favor and allowed them to tie the game up at 13. He snagged a nice 3k on the entry in Round 28 that put his team on match point and broke whatever will LDLC had left.
Leads team to big victory to start off DreamHack Leipzig
January 13, 2017
Snappi put up a stellar 24/12 KD in Heroic's big win over qwerty on Day 1 of DreamHack Leipzig.
Snappi was the hero of the game in the first half of this match against qwerty that opened up the weekend in Leipzig. He was 12/4 after 10 rounds and was the main reason why his team was up 7-3 at that point in the game. He closed the half strong with a big quad kill in Round 14 that further asserted the dominance of the team. He put up another ridiculous quad in Round 17, this time with nice play on the UMP, to keep qwerty completely beat down and marginalized in this game. While qwerty would make a small run to try and get back into this one, Heroic easily took Round 23 to get on match point before Snappi snapped back into gear with a double in the next round to pick up the 16-8 win.
Starts off strong, but unable to keep the momentum going
November 18, 2016
Snappi earned a 15/20 KD in his team's defeat against NiP at IEM Oakland.
The start off Nuke looked grim for Heroic and Snappi as NiP quickly took the first four rounds of the map. Despite this fact, Snappi did not falter, and began performing much better than his teammates, earning the top spot on the scoreboard and picking up multiple frags to assist his team in picking up much-needed rounds. Although the team was down 5-10 at the half, it seemed as though his play may have been enough to help the team bounce back and take an upset victory over NiP. This was unfortunately not the case, as Snappi began wavering during the second half of the map. He failed to pick up many frags, earning only four during the second half of the map as his team was defeated in a rather convincing fashion.
Shows off map knowledge with sneaky bomb defuse
November 18, 2016
Snappi only managed a 15/18 KD in Heroic's win against SK Gaming in Group B of IEM Oakland on Thursday.
Snappi never really put himself in the narrative for most of the game. He did use some nice positioning to pick up kills every now and then, but it was nothing major. He even got a grenade kill in Round 13 of the game to get a round win. His best moment of the match came on a sneaky defuse in Round 14 where he knew how far away fer was and stayed just around the corner to defuse the bomb. It showed incredible map sense and patience to pull off the move. Heroic was the team to constantly get plays like this against SK, which inevitably led to the 16-13 win.
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