Lukas Rossander 
Dominates early with late loss in draw
May 24, 2017
gla1ve posted a 25/27 KD on Tuesday in a 1-1 draw with Fnatic in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
gla1ve dominated during Game 1, leading the team to an impressive 16-1 run over Fnatic on Train, posting a firm 17/8 KD and 92.3 ADR along the way. Game 2 gla1ve had a contested first half after starting Inferno with a 3-0 lead. gla1ve wasn't much on the fragging side as he only managed an 8/19 KD and 64.7 ADR during the Game 2 performance, but he helped rally the team late in the first half down 8-7. However, his second-half defense was no match for the aggressive and hungry Fnatic offense to take a Game 2 loss 16-8, evening the series 1-1 in Week 6.
Leads to big Week 5 sweep
May 18, 2017
gla1ve posted a solid 38/31 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series win over Team Dignitas in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
gla1ve had a hot start in the first half of Nuke, leading to a quick 4-0 lead until Dignitas started to read gla1ve's strats to win four of their own to tie the game early. However, gla1ve commanded for seven rounds straight to close out the half up 11-4 for the defense. The second half, gla1ve couldn't penetrate the defense of Dignitas, who won ten rounds straight in the second half. gla1ve finally broke ground in Round 26 for the first win in the second half, and it led to a five-round winning streak to close Game 1 16-14, posting a 21/18 KD and an 85.5 ADR. gla1ve continued to surge on the defense in Game 2, taking a massive 12-3 lead at the half. gla1ve made some good calls on some late rotations that ended up in an Astralis win, not giving Dignitas any room for error. gla1ve struggled some in the beginning of the second half but managed to close out the Game 2 win 16-7, posting a 17/13 KD and an 89.2 ADR.
Strong first game, tapers off in second half
May 18, 2017
gla1ve posted a KD of 26/24 in Astralis' ECS Season 3 win over Team EnVyUs on Tuesday.
gla1ve had a great Game 1 on Inferno, dealing massive damage while picking up kills in a very lopsided Astralis first half. Heading into the second half with a 14-1 lead, there was little NV could do as Astralis steamrolled on to take a 16-1 win, thanks in part to gla1ve's 14/8 KD and whopping 115.2 ADR. In Game 2, gla1ve struggled to pick up kills on Train, relying on his teammates to carry him. The rest of Astralis, particularly Kjaerbye and dev1ce, had stellar showings, while gla1ve only mustered a 12/16 KD and team-low ADR of 56.2 as Astralis finished the 2-0 sweep with a 16-10 Game 2 win.
Loses all traction with broken economy in second half
May 4, 2017
gla1ve put up an even 16/16 KD in Astralis' 16-12 loss to SK Gaming on Thursday at IEM Sydney.
gla1ve got off to a nice start here in the first half of this game, picking up a double in Round 3, but then became a bit inconsistent. Towards the end of the half, though, he was pretty strong. He got two kills to open up Round 10 and give his team a 6-4 lead, and then picked up an impressive 3k in Round 14. Moving into the second half, while Astralis started off pretty well, SK completely broke their economy in the later rounds. As such, gla1ve was unable to get into any sort of groove with his team, which eventually led to the 16-12 loss. Astralis are still looking for one more win to move on to the playoffs.
Consistent kills gives Astralis win to open IEM Sydney
May 3, 2017
gla1ve put up a 20/11 KD in Astralis' big 16-5 win over The Chiefs on Tuesday.
gla1ve played a consistent game to open up the team's play at IEM Sydney on Wednesday. He started off with a nice double in Round 4 to get his team a 3-1 lead early on. He picked up another double in Round 9 before tallying just two kills in the final three rounds of the half that Astralis lost. He opened up the second half with a double in the pistol round to set his team on the path for victory in this 16-5 win to start off IEM Sydney on the right foot for Astralis.
Comes up big in final half to seal the deal
April 26, 2017
gla1ve put up a 42/30 KD in Astralis' 2-0 over GODSENT on Tuesday in Season 3 of the ECS.
gla1ve started off the first half of Overpass nicely, going 14/11 while his team got out to a 10-5 lead. He was a bit more even in the second half, only tallying a 6/4 KD. Even with him not really stepping up in a big way, there wasn't much more that his team needed since they were executing extremely well as a unit. He was the second-best player in the lobby during the second game on Mirage. With Kjaerbye playing so well, gla1ve didn't even need to really pop off. He still performed very well with a 13/8 KD in the first half, though. While GODSENT made a bit of a run in the second half, gla1ve stepped in with a 9/7 KD to push his team to a 16-9 win.
Short of series sweep in draw vs NiP
April 20, 2017
gla1ve posted a 38/36 KD on Tuesday in a series tie versus Ninjas in Pyjamas in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
A slow start giving up the first two rounds in the first half on Inferno didn't stop gla1ve from dominating in Game 1, earning a 22/17 KD and 83.5 ADR. gla1ve picked up a couple of kills and assists winning the eco round on the B-bombsite to cut the lead in half 2-1. NiP's defense was too strong in the gun round for gla1ve to counter, though he came up big in Round 5 after beating friberg in a 1-vs-1 on the B-bombsite for the ace to remain in the game. However, NiP's defense remained poised in the first half, holding off gla1ve for the 9-6 lead. The second half was all Astralis, as gla1ve contributed to the seven-round stance holding off NiP's offense as gla1ve led in kills for a 13-9 lead. Although NiP managed to rebel and steal three rounds, Astralis had enough of a lead to take the game 16-12. Game 2 gla1ve struggled on the defense as he faced a grueling 6-0 deficit, unable to capitalize on odd-man situations or individual trade kills. However, after a close Round 7 as Astralis won their first round in the half, gla1ve marched back into the game with a comeback to take the half 8-7. The offensive side of Astralis was no match for NiP's defense on Cache, as gla1ve struggled to open the bombsites to gain the advantage in the late game and close the series 16-12 in favor of NiP. gla1ve earned a 16/19 KD and 66.5 ADR during Game 2 on Cache.
Barely contributes in tough loss to FaZe Clan
April 9, 2017
gla1ve posted a 46/58 KD in Astralis' 1-2 loss to FaZe Clan in the grand finals of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
gla1ve didn't do much to stop his team from getting knocked out of the grand finals here against FaZe Clan. He started off poor in Game 1 with a poor 16/18 KD despite his team picking up the win. His best moment came in the final round when he picked up a double to close out the map with a win. Moving on to Nuke in Game 2, he managed to sit at the top of his team, but he only put up a 16/17 KD, and had the lowest ADR in the lobby at 58.2. That game was a bit of an aberration from all of Astralis, though, as they were picked apart to the tune of a 16-6 loss. When things went to Inferno for the final game, he was once again off his team. He had just a 14/23 KD and a 47.4 ADR in an overtime loss. If he had just managed to turn around a couple of his gunfights, he could have helped his team secure a second straight grand finals win over FaZe Clan. But he didn't and they were taking down 19-17 in overtime.
Falls short late against North
April 5, 2017
gla1ve put up a KD of 24/27 in Astralis' overtime loss to North on Day 2 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
gla1ve wasn't the best player ever for his team in this tough loss, but he wasn't the worst either. He posted the second-highest ADR on his team, which showed that he was certainly doing his best, even if it ended up not being enough. He secured a double kill in a Round 11 win to stop his team from getting blown away in the first half. He got off to a nice start in the second half with a kill in the second pistol round and was actually leading his team in kills at a point in the second half. His double in Round 27 managed to keep his team alive in the later rounds of the game, but they ended up losing five of the last six rounds, including overtime, to drop the game 19-16.
Weak link in win over CLG
April 4, 2017
gla1ve posted a lackluster 15/19 KD in Astralis' win over CLG on Day 1 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
gla1ve continued to be one of the weaker links for Astralis in this win over CLG. While he did have a nice anti-eco 3k, that was his lone shining moment in the game. He just never seems to contribute much to his team's success. Depsite the fact that they were able to win the game, they will certainly need a bit more from him going forward once they start meeting tougher competition.
Leads Astralis in split versus North
March 19, 2017
gla1ve earned a 30/35 KD in a 1-1 split versus North on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
gla1ve had a rough start as the in-game leader in Game 1 after a dismal offensive side down 11-4 at the half. gla1ve's defense was unable to generate any wins in the second half for a five-round blowout 16-4. gla1ve earned the team an 11/16 KD followed by a 56.5 ADR. However, gla1ve had a much better performance in Game 2 with a dominating first half 9-6. Despite this, the second half was leaning towards North as they seemed to be fueled by a late comeback. gla1ve then made an adjustment and pushed the offense to a 16-11 win. gla1ve lead the team with a 19/19 KD in Game 2.
Strong start and finish in win
March 1, 2017
gla1ve posted a KD of 23/20 in Astralis' group stage win vs OpTic at IEM Katowice on Wednesday.
gla1ve had a good start to the game on Train, picking up a double kill in Round 1 to give Astralis an early lead in the first half on CT side. gla1ve simmered down considerably after that, picking up occasional frags in a chaotic and scrappy first half. Coming into the second half on T side, gla1ve stepped up considerably near the end, picking up a quadra kill in Round 25 to cement an Astralis winning streak in rounds. Finishing with a KD of 23/20, gla1ve eventually got his form together in a 16-12 Astralis win.
Sloppy start to IEM Katowice
March 1, 2017
gla1ve went 35/39 Wednesday during a 1-0 group stage win over NiP at IEM Katowice.
Astralis' in-game leader has been subpar at IEM Katowice so far. After finishing with a 16/25 KD in a win over OpTic in their first match, gla1ve was a little overzealous against NiP, perhaps trying to redeem himself. He was reckless when Astralis needed more patience, and passive when Astralis needed aggression.
Game-changing calls as IGL late in the Game 3 clincher
January 29, 2017
gla1ve went 56/61 in Astralis' big win against in the grand finals of the ELEAGUE Major.
Despite a bit of a slow start, gla1ve showed up in a big way during Round 8 of Game 1 where he grabbed a 3k to secure the round for Astralis. Not content to let dev1ce have all the fun with flanks, gla1ve positioned well outside by the Silos to get a double entry frag in Round 12 that tied it at six. They continued to keep things even all the way to a 12-12 tie before losing a step and dropping the map 12-16. gla1ve didn't get a kill in Game 2 on someone other than a teammate until Round 6, which showed the kind of early game he had on this second map. He did get a double in that round though, demonstrating some nice accuracy on the rifle. As the game progressed, things started to look a bit grim for the Danes. They allowed VP to battle back and take a 14-13 lead. gla1ve and Astralis banded together to win three straight rounds and take the map to force a Game 3. He didn't tally a kill until Round 7, which goes to show how bad of a start Astralis had to this final game. There just seemed to be nothing that the Danes could do to stop VP early on in the first half of this game. In the first few rounds of the second half, gla1ve once again showed up with some key kills to bring his team to with four rounds of VP at 9-13. His calls towards the end of this game were nothing short of legendary. Astralis never gave up at any point. The Danes got aggressive towards the end, and it paid off with their first major title. When it was all said and done, Astralis won on the back of a 16-7 run in the final game to take the title.
Weakest link for Astralis in win
January 28, 2017
gla1ve went 35/37 in Astralis' 2-0 win over Fnatic in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Major.
gla1ve was the slowest member of Astralis in the first few rounds of the first game on Cache. He only had one kill after five rounds, but his double in Round 6 was just what his team needed to lock up the win. He added in a few more kills in the first half to finish up at a 9-6 scoreline. In the second pistol round, he and durpreeh locked down the round with an early double entry to take a 10-6 lead. He was extremely close to clutching a 1-vs-2 in Round 23, but came up one kill short, which allowed Fnatic to get its 10th win of the game. From then on, Fnatic just inched their way back into things and forced overtime. He'd only pick up one kill in the overtime period, but it was enough to lock up the win. Despite his team getting off to a 3-0 start in Game 2, gla1ve only had one kill after those four rounds. He ended with the lowest kills of his team, but with everyone playing at the top of their game, they still locked up the easy win.