Ruben Villarroel 
Team Dignitas
Filling in more than a spot
December 17, 2017
RUBINO went nuts with a 32/15 KD on Friday in the 16-13 win over FaZe Clan at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
RUBINO took a tough 3-0 deficit early on the defense of Overpass as FaZe showed an aggressive offense early. However, the patience from RUBINO paid off to help his team on the retakes and holds to help even the 3-3 score. He then tied the game for Astralis in Round 8 with a triple kill hold on Long-A to secure the round. RUBINO also followed up with a quad kill to secure the two-round lead. FaZe contested but the composure from RUBINO allowed the team to edge the first half 8-7 going into the second. Despite FaZe taking the two opening rounds, RUBINO never missed a beat getting the entry-kills and frags in the second half to outlast FaZe in the win, posting a team-leading 116.6 ADR.
Can't fill dev1ce's shoes
December 6, 2017
RUBINO ended Astralis' rough loss to FaZe Clan on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals with a 9/17 KD.
While he may have performed well enough in the dev1ce's stead on Day 1, RUBINO came crashing back down to Earth here in this game on Day 2. He ended the game with the second-lowest damage and kill total in the entire lobby, which is a far cry from the type of output that dev1ce would have normally put up. It was only one game, but it was still not something that you want to see from a stand-in. Astralis has to hope that dev1ce is back soon or this could become the new normal.
Solid in backup role
December 5, 2017
RUBINO put up a 17/15 KD in Astralis' 16-11 win against Luminosity Gaming on Tuesday at the ESL Pro League Finals.
RUBINO is filling in for dev1ce in the AWPer's absence, and while he didn't necessarily light up the scoreboard, RUBINO was solid enough to get his team the win. When the team faces more formidable competition, however, he could leave a bit to be desired. While he had some nice plays in this game, he only finished with a 58.6 ADR. He will certainly need to bring a bit more to the table as the week goes on.
To the stars in Odense
November 30, 2017
The Danish organization has announced that they will be using RUBINO for the upcoming LAN Finals of ESL Pro League.
RUBINO will be wearing the black-and-red jersey for Astralis in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals. Astralis are unable to bring in former GODSENT member, dennis, to the LAN finals in Odense, Denmark due to his season being mainly dedicated to GODSENT. dennis also joined the team days after the transfer deadline, helping Astralis with a second-place finish at BLAST Pro Series against SK Gaming, and he also participated in the last match of ESL Pro League, whereas RUBINO did not. The Norwegian will also represent the team in the upcoming ECS Season 4 Finals in Cancun, Mexico in mid December, the organization has added.
Dismal display in 2-0 loss to Astralis
May 18, 2017
RUBINO posted a 30/42 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 series loss to Astralis in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
RUBINO had a slow and quiet first half despite winning a few rounds that allowed him to finally make some noise on the scoreboard. The 11-4 deficit at the half was a distant past as RUBINO surged in the ten-round streak over Astralis in the second half, contributing a small 14/24 KD and 64.7 ADR. Astralis then went on to close out Game 1 with a five-round streak to close Nuke 16-14. Game 2 RUBINO had a dismal first half down 12-3, but the second half seemed promising as RUBINO got a few rounds together until Astralis won their fourth round to take Game 2 16-7, with RUBINO posting a 16/18 KD and an 80.1 ADR on Mirage.
Comes up just short against VP
January 27, 2017
RUBINO went 43/51 in North's loss to in the quarterfinals of the ELEAGUE Major.
Despite this strong performance in Game 1, RUBINO was the slowest member of North to get going in the second game, as he was just 10/10 after 18 rounds. As a team, they looked much better, though. Whereas they got completely pushed around on Overpass, they looked very crisp on Cache. Accordingly, they rode a strong Game 2 into a decisive Game 3. RUBINO took a couple rounds to get going, but he locked up a nice double in Round 7 to push North out to a 6-1 lead. He ended the half with a double in Round 15 as North took a 12-3 lead. He only tallied five kills in the second half that saw North get dominated by VP. The Danes just couldn't do anything against the veteran play of VP, who took the final map 16-13.
Parts ways with Team Dignitas
December 20, 2016
RUBINO has parted ways with Team Dignitas, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
Hot on the heels of the team's qualification for the ELEAGUE Major in January, the players and team have mutually agreed to part ways. The team was recently purchased by the United States-based Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA, which has led them to start looking for a roster filled with North American players. While the players are now currently left without a banner in which to fly under, they have every intention of staying together. This means they will be competing at the 2016 Worlds Electronic Sports Games final and ELEAGUE Major in January. More information on the players' futures will be coming fairly soon.
Surging in win
December 19, 2016
RUBINO boasted his team with a 30/17 KD over Spirit on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
RUBINO shined in the fourth round as his picked up his first double entry kill onto the A-bombsite to secure the round for a 2-2 tie. In the sixth round, RUBINO managed to squeeze a triple kill onto the B-bombsite, but lost the round falling back to a tied record. However, in the following round, he swiftly picked up a double kill to close out the seventh round to retake the lead 4-3. After giving up three rounds to face another tie breaker, RUBINO once again snags a double to help his team to a 7-6 score, breaking the tie for the second time. RUBINO closed out the half with the remaining two rounds with two or more kills in each to a 9-6 lead at the half. In the second half, RUBINO played more aggressively with his AK-47 giving Dignitas favored odd man situations, which reflected the early 14-6 lead. Three of those rounds won were secured by RUBINO who picked up multiple kills in each, including Dignitas match point round. Dignitas secure Mirage 16-11 after a short Spirit comeback faltered.
Tag-teams with k0nfig in big win
December 18, 2016
RUBINO put up a strong 25/13 KD in Team Dignitas' win against G2 on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
RUBINO didn't get a kill until Round 5, but he picked up a double in that round that kept G2 bogged down and gave them the bomb plant and detonation. He came up big again in Round 12 with a quad kill to close the gap between the two teams a bit. He started off the second half well with a big 3k to win the pistol. Throughout the rest of the map, he tag-teamed with k0nfig to completely shut down G2 on their way to a 16-9 win.
Takes backseat in win over SK
December 10, 2016
RUBINO went 12/15 in a 1-0 win over SK Gaming in Group B of the ECS Finals.
RUBINO started off hot, with a fearless challenge through a Molotov'd Monster, which netted him a gorgeous pair of entry headshots into the B-site. He fell off from there, but still pitched in a healthy 84.8 ADR, finding spurts of damage here and there. With a win over the vaunted SK, who are struggling at the moment, Dignitas becomes a forerunner to escape Group B.
Disappoints in series loss to SK
November 30, 2016
RUBINO earned a KD of 34/52 in Dignitas' series loss against SK Gaming in the quarterfinals of ELEAGUE Season 2.
RUBINO was a non-factor in Game 1 on Dust2, finishing with a game-high 21 deaths. RUBINO suffered as Dignitas seemed unable to communicate effectively, causing the aggressively positioned RUBINO to feed with disheartening consistency. Finishing Game 1 with a poor KD of just 8/21, RUBINO did little more than watch as SK took a 1-0 series lead. RUBINO would find slightly more success on Mirage in Game 2, picking up a double kill in Round 3 to give Dignitas a solid economic lead. RUBINO didn't shine like teammates cajunb and Magiskb0Y, but his 15/12 KD and 90.8 ADR helped Dignitas to recover from a crushing Game 1 loss to take Game 2 by a 16-4 margin. RUBINO's newfound confidence seemed to shatter in Game 3, with RUBINO struggling heavily on Overpass. Finishing with game-lows in KD, 11/19, and ADR, with 49.9, RUBINO weighed heavily on the backs of Dignitas. Despite how close the game was until the end, RUBINO was unable to make a positive impact for the Danish side, allowing SK to take Game 3 and the series.
Remains consistent in series win
November 22, 2016
RUBINO shutdown Fnatic in Dignitas' win in the ELEAGUE Season 2 Group D winner's final earning his team a 13/6 KD.
RUBINO started the match for Dignitas on the right foot by racking up a triple kill in the first pistol round to give Dignitas the early advantage. He then contributed to the second round won by a double entry kill onto the A-bombsite to grant the team and early bomb plant by his teammate. He managed to close out a couple of more rounds throughout the half, including a few bomb plants in the first half to give Dignitas the 12-3 lead. However, the second half was all Dignitas as RUBINO picked up a few trade-kills to help his team shut out Fnatic 16-3.
Consistent despite loss to Cloud9
October 31, 2016
RUBINO posted a 19/21 KD in the loss to Cloud9 in the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals.
RUBINO had a good performance against Cloud9 despite the loss in the second half posting a 19/21 KD followed up with a 79.6 ADR. He stayed consistent against Cloud9 with a kill and assist in the first pistol round to get things started for Dignitas. He then contributed to an early first half lead with a few kills in mid to stop Cloud9 from gaining map control. He repeated the same process in the second half with a great second pistol round picking up a double kill to hold off Cloud9 for the bomb to secure the round. However, he was denied by Cloud9's defense after losing a 12-6 lead as he looked to even things up after a 13-12 deficit late in the second. He managed to get a three kill with the AK-47 including a 1-vs-1 preplant situation against Skadoodle, breaking Cloud9's seven round winning streak and tying it up 13-13. RUBINO's efforts didn't carry over in the next three rounds as Cloud9 take Dignitas 16-13.
Disappoints on the AK
October 28, 2016
RUBINO ended Team Dignitas' loss to SK Gaming in Group B of the ESL Pro League Finals on Friday with a 13/18 KD.
RUBINO was only above MSL in terms of frags at the beginning of this game, which wasn't saying a whole lot. He was mainly using the AK, but he never managed to get many early kills. He did pick up some trades here and there, but it was just never enough to really keep SK backed into a corner. He secured a double in Round 20 that surely gave Dignitas some hope that they would get back into the game. That one round seemed to be an outlier, though, as SK got right back into it with four straight wins to take the map.
Consistent despite crushing loss
October 28, 2016
RUBINO earned a 14/17 KD in Dignitas' loss to FaZe Clan on Thursday in the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals.
RUBINO had a slow start against FaZe Clan, who took the best-of-one with an early 5-0 lead. He posted a 14/17 KD following a 64.6 ADR on Mirage. RUBINO started to make an impact for Dignitas after the sixth round by picking up a few double kills to slow down FaZe's offense. He was able to get Dignitas back into the game with a 9-6 scoreline at the half. However, he was unable to generate any frags in the second half for his team. After only picking up one round, Dignitas falls 16-7 to FaZe.
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