Robin Ronnquist 
Not enough firepower in OT
October 18, 2017
flusha posted a 41/49 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to North in ESL Pro League Season 6.
The series started on Mirage as flusha would open up to a 3-0 lead on the offense early on. After North finally made their mark, flusha would then continue to shut down the defense for a 6-1 lead. However, North rallied back to even the field 6-6, as flusha would get the entry needed to help win the following round but the Danes came out on top 8-7 at the half. Going into the second, flusha held down the line primarily on the A-bombsite to win four straight. The defense dominated the start of the second half, but North would come back from a 14-9 deficit to tie once more 14-14. Reaching map point, flusha failed to close out the map as North forced extra rounds. Giving up the first overtime round, flusha would even things out 16-16 with his defuse to deny the clutch from North. Despite only one more round being won, flusha would fall 19-17 on Mirage. A dismal start in Game 2 of Cobblestone showcased flusha unable to win any defensive rounds in the first eight rounds for an 8-0 deficit. However, a couple strongholds on the B-bombsite and fast rotations on the A-bombsite retake allowed the team to take a 10-5 deficit at the half. flusha rode on the first half momentum into the second half to pick up a few offensive rounds early, including his Round 18 anti-eco quad kill on the A-bombsite post-plant to secure the round. An aggressive offense from flusha would earn rounds to put North on their toes, although the Danes did come back and advance with map-point advantage. flusha would then force the extra rounds, but would flake in overtime for only one round won in the 19-16 Game 2 loss.
Top man on Fnatic in loss
October 10, 2017
flusha put up a 31/40 KD in Fnatic's 0-2 loss to Astralis in the quarterfinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
Simply put, Fnatic were completely outmatched in this series against Astralis on Tuesday. Ever since olofmeister left the team a couple months ago, the Europeans have been looking for any semblance of an identity. While they haven't been terrible by any means, they have just been missing a spark. That didn't change here against Astralis. flusha did his best to lead his team to victory with somewhat solid fragging, but it simply wasn't anywhere near enough. His ADR was the third-highest in the lobby, yet it didn't really matter much in this lopsided showing. They will have to go back to the drawing board in the coming weeks to help stabilize this team.
Rocked mouz in Game 1
September 27, 2017
flusha posted a solid 36/20 KD on Wednesday with a 2-0 win over mouz in ESL Pro League Season 6.
flusha started the series on Train and opened with an impressive triple-kill clutch on the B-bombsite retake to secure the pistol. He then stood strong on the B-bombsite in Round 4 with a quad-kill hold on the anti-eco to secure the round. His opening-round win surged the team to a dominating start. Up 7-0 on defense, flusha reclaimed the B-bombsite with a quad kill to extend the lead to 8-0. The first half was dominated in fashion by flusha's 134.8 ADR although mouz finally won one round to complete the half 14-1. After blowing mouz out in two rounds to take Train 16-1, flusha then moved into Cache where things heated up. Despite his thrashing performance in Game 1, flusha actually struggled for the most part in Game 2 unable to collect more frags. A team-low 13/15 KD and 66.4 ADR were able to help the team secure Game 2 with a blitzing first half on the offensive side to take the lead 12-3 going into the second. Mouz was able to gain some ground but flusha and team stood strong on defense to take Cache 16-10.
Steamrolls through the second half
September 1, 2017
flusha gathered a 14/23 KD for Fnatic in a 16-13 win over EnVyUs on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
flusha had a rather quiet first half for Fnatic on the defense, with only a few stray frags picked up on the B-bombsite holds and not much to show on the retakes either. However, he contributed to six rounds won in the first half to earn seven kills in the 9-6 deficit. flusha picked up entries for the most part in the second half with a 3-0 start and to even the score in Round 22 with a double entry into the B-bombsite. flusha began to steamroll the defense of nV with consistent entry frags and create the odd-man situation early to take Cobblestone 16-13.
Shows up big despite the loss
August 30, 2017
flusha racked up a 25/18 KD in Fnatic's tough 16-14 loss to Immortals on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
flusha was one of the better members of Fnatic in this close loss on Wednesday. He started off pretty average, finding just a few kills in the early rounds, but never really getting off the ground in the first half. Once the second half kicked off, however, he found his footing during Fnatic's comeback attempt. He started to find steady frags through most of the early rounds of the half, and then hooked up with KRiMZ in Round 28 to secure four kills between the two of them on a beautiful crossfire. That proved to be the last round they'd win, however, as Immortals took the final two rounds to secure the 16-14 win.
Consistent play leads to sweep
August 22, 2017
flusha put up a 35/31 KD in Fnatic's sweep over BIG on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
flusha never really put himself at the forefront of this series, but what he did was play incredibly consistent to keep Fnatic marching right towards the finish line. By far his best round in the opening game of the series was his beautiful defuse fake in Round 14 to pick up the final two kills in the round. While that was probably his only memorable round across both games, he was still adding in kills here and there to help his team. They simply looked very strong and will certainly be a strong contender this season.
Falls of late in loss
July 4, 2017
flusha put together a 15/23 KD in Fnatic's loss to mouesports on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
flusha, like most of Fnatic, started off extremely hot in this game. He was a big part of the team's fast start that saw them go up 6-0 from the get go. Even when flusha slowed down a bit in the first half, he was still putting up better numbers than all of mouz were. The problem for flusha was that he simply kept going down as the game progressed. He only managed to pick up two kills in the final seven rounds that mouz won to take this map 16-11. flusha will certainly needs to step it up in the second series to avoid the harrowed 0-2 start.
Shuts down late Cloud9 run
May 31, 2017
flusha put up a 16/13 KD in Fnatic's one-sided win against Cloud9 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
flusha took a few rounds to get on the board, but his double in Round 4 was a great start. While only having three kills after eight rounds, he didn't die very many times to keep Fnatic on a nice first half pace. He then picked up both the AWP and rifle in the later rounds of the second half to boost Fnatic to a 13-2 halftime lead. When Cloud9 went on a run in the second half, flusha showed right up to shut it down with a double in Round 21 and inch them closer to a win.
Late double AWP setup falls short
May 31, 2017
flusha ended Fnatic's loss to G2 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals with a KD of 15/18.
flusha started well enough with doubles in Rounds 3 and 4 of the first half, but then he couldn't find much else to contribute until picking up another one in Round 13. By that point, G2 were already rolling right along to the sizable 10-5 first-half advantage. He came out with a 3k in the second pistol round by using a nice angle on the B-site that G2 was unable to account for. He tried to double AWP with dennis late in the second half, but even that wasn't nearly enough to prevent the 16-11 loss.
Inconsistent frags lead to lopsided loss
May 30, 2017
flusha tallied a 9/16 KD in Fnatic's loss against SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
flusha didn't get on the board until Round 6 of this game, but that wasn't entirely surprising once you realize that his team didn't get a kill to their name until Round 9 of the game. flusha was right there in that round with a double kill that gave his team the win. With a bit of economy under their belt now, flusha followed that up with another double kill in the following round. However, Fnatic failed to gain any real momentum from the wins and only one a single round more in the rest of this 16-3 loss.
Big first half performance in match win
May 30, 2017
flusha posted a 17/18 KD on Tuesday, Day 1 with a win over EnVyUs in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
flusha had a great start to the offense of Inferno with a dominating first half performance with a 12-3 lead going into the second half. flusha racked up the kills with the entries as well as the aggressive plays made to get the rounds quickly over EnVyUs. However, the second half was a slow start with EnVyUs coming back to win six against the defense. flusha did manage to get the defense together and finally close out the map by winning the fourth and last round for Fnatic in the 16-9 win, earning a team-leading 99.6 ADR in the win.
Quiet in win
May 30, 2017
flusha posted a slim 13/14 KD on Tuesday with a 1-0 Fnatic win over Immortals in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
flusha had a quick start winning the pistol and the two anti-eco rounds, but began to dwindle off when it came to picking up kills. He contributed to the massive 7-0 start, but sputtered in the late rounds aside from his Round 12 triple kill hold on the B-bombsite push. flusha finish the half 10-5 going into the second with a smooth start on the offense finding his comfort zone. With a few mid rounds given up, flusha closed out the map with a few entry kills and post-plant holds on the offense picking up a 60.9 ADR along the way for a 16-9 win on Day 1.
Strong in late Game 2 comeback
May 25, 2017
flusha posted a 48/ 40 KD on Wednesday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a series sweep 2-0 over mousesports.
flusha had a strong showing on the defense in the first half over mouz with an alarming 9-0 lead to start the half. mouz managed to squeeze a few rounds out of the flusha dominance in the first half for a 12-3 lead. mouz came back late to get some rounds over flusha, but he changed the game with a quad-kill retake on the B-bombsite to send Game 1 to map point. mouz won the last five rounds before flusha closed Train with a 16-10 win, earning a runner-up 23/13 KD and 91.7 ADR. Game 2 flusha had a rather dismal start to the first half of Nuke, only winning a few rounds early in the half as flusha faced an 11-4 deficit at the half. However, his defense came alive after mousesports won the first three rounds and eventually made it a map-point scenario, but flusha came back to force overtime. flusha remained strong throughout the extra rounds, taking down mouz 19-17 in Game 2 and posting a 25/27 KD and 79.9 ADR in the series sweep.
Strong closing to Game 2 over Astralis
May 24, 2017
flusha earned a firm 33/29 KD during the draw versus Astralis on Tuesday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
flusha had a slow and tough start to Game 1 on Train, taking a massive 14-1 deficit at the half. The second half was worse as flusha only earned a low 9/16 KD and 66.2 ADR as Astralis took the last two rounds of the game to finish 16-1. Game 2 flusha faced another deficit to start the half; however, down 3-0, flusha battled his way back, winning six consecutive rounds, including his Round 6 triple kill hold on the B-bombsite, to take the lead 6-3. flusha finished the first half up 8-7 and continued to look strong throughout the second half with a double in Round 22 to stop the short comeback from Astralis. flusha finished the half winning eight out of nine rounds to even the series 1-1, taking Inferno 16-8 and earning a 24/13 KD and 100.5 ADR.
Closes out series sweep over Dignitas
May 17, 2017
flusha posted a firm 43/24 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series over Team Dignitas in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
flusha had a stellar start to Inferno for the defense to hold off for a massive 6-0 lead to start off the half. flusha had a solid defensive play, switching from site to site until Dignitas read the defense for a comeback short of a half down 9-6. flusha continued to dominate in the second half on the offense to rack up seven rounds and close out the half, only giving up one round for a 16-7 win and posting a 17/10 KD and 72.7 ADR. flusha dominated in the second half on Mirage for a 15-0 start for the defense, playing highly aggressive defense. However, the second half was a slower start until Round 22 flusha contributed to the offensive round win to close the series 2-0 up 16-6 on Mirage, earning a 26/14 KD and an impressive 124.5 ADR.