Olof kajbjer 
FaZe Clan
Officially joins FaZe Clan
August 20, 2017
olofmeister is officially a member of FaZe Clan, the team announced on Facebook Sunday.
After reports came out earlier in the week that the veteran would be joining FaZe, the team made it official on Sunday. He will be joining a roster that is looking for a way to get over the hump that they've been stuck on for most of this year. While they had a string of grand final appearances, that all came to a screeching halt at the PGL Major where they went 0-3 in the group stage. The addition of olof will certainly be a major boon for this squad that already added GuardiaN, one of the best AWPers in the game, a few weeks back. The team will be in action this week with the start of the ESL Pro League.
Free Agent
Set to join FaZe Clan
August 17, 2017
olofmesiter is set to join the active roster of FaZe Clan along side GuardiaN, according to a report from Flickshot.fr.
olofmeister had spent three years on the active roster of Fnatic until recently parting ways with the roster alongside dennis to be sent on the team's transfer list. Now, the superstar is set to join FaZe Clan to replace kioShiMa, who has spent that past 18 months on the roster since April of 2016 filling in the void left by Maikelele. The 25-year-old will complete the roster to what is considered one of the best rosters on paper, bringing in experienced players who have won several international tournaments .
Set to leave Fnatic
August 8, 2017
olofmeister is set to leave the active roster alongside teammate dennis, according to a report by Flickshot.
olofmeister is set to leave the active roster of Fnatic after rebuilding the team just a year ago when teammates JW, flusha, and KRiMZ transferred to GODSENT. However, the players reunited earlier this year and have not been the same Fnatic the community saw during the 2015-2016 campaign as the issues seemed to be related to players goodwill and tactics. It is reported that Golden, who is currently playing for Fnatic Academy, will fill the void if olofmeister does decide to step down and focus on his future. There has been no comment by player or organization.
Continues downward trend
July 4, 2017
olofmeister posted the lowest kills on the server when Fnatic lost to mousesports on Tuesday at ESL Cologne, finishing with a 13/19 KD.
olofmeister, once one of the best players in all of CS:GO, continues to come up short on a regular basis. Even when his team was off to a hot start, olof was lagging behind by quite a bit. He did have some trademark moments, but they are still coming few and in between these days. His play took a spectacular nosedive in the final few rounds of the game, as he only tallied a single kill in the last seven rounds. Unsurprisingly, mouz won all seven of those rounds and picked up the 16-11 win. While he likely will never be what he used to be, olof needs to step up at least a bit more than he has been of late if Fnatic wants to make it out of the Swiss group stage.
Only positive KD on Fnatic in loss
May 31, 2017
olofmeister posted a 22/19 KD in Fnatic's loss at the hands of G2 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
While olofmeister had a rough time on Day 1, he continued his strong run on Day 2 with another strong performance in his team's 16-11 loss to G2. While he didn't get a kill until Round 5, once he got his hands on an AWP, he was impressive with the sniper rifle. He picked up double kills in Rounds 7 and 8 for his team's second and third wins of the game. He kept on with some consistent kills on his AWP into the second half, but without a ton of help from his teammates, Fnatic were picked apart in the 16-11 loss.
Gets back on track
May 31, 2017
olofmeister picked up a KD of 18/11 in Fnatic's lopsided win against Cloud9 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
olofmeister was much better in this game than he was yesterday, which gave his team a huge boost in this big win over Cloud9. He picked up a kill in the first few rounds, which was a far cry from the 11 rounds it took him to get a kill when he faced SK. He then showed some nice rotations to pick up a double kill in Round 7 with a flawless rotation outside. After this, he picked up an AWP to continue Fnatic's strong first-half run. While Cloud9 tried to mount a comeback in the second half, Fnatic knocked them right back down to lock up the 16-6 win.
Fails to be the leader his team needed
May 30, 2017
olofmeister managed an anemic 5/17 KD in Fnatic's loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
olofmeister, one of the most storied players in the CS:GO scene, played as if he was new to the game here against SK. It took him a whopping 11 rounds to finally get on the board, and even when he did, it didn't result in any positive gains for his team. The absolute low point of the game for him here was in Round 14 where he killed his own teammate, which threw off their positioning and led to a round loss. Only ending with five kills, olofmeister needs to pick it up immensely as the group stages go on to give his team a fighting chance in making it out of the group stages.
Average in match win
May 30, 2017
olofmeister posted an 18/16 KD on Tuesday, Day1 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with a win over EnVyUs.
olofmeister opened the bombsites along his dominant first half adventure allowing his team for the early bomb plants to further secure the economy for his team early on. olofmeister also held off the defense on several post-plant retake attempts, which led to the massive 12-3 lead at the half. The second half was a much slower start as olofmeister struggled to hold off the offense of EnVyUs, but came back in the late rounds to close out the map 16-9, earning a solid 80.3 ADR along the way.
Resilient in match win
May 30, 2017
olofmeister posted a firm 21/14 KD on Tuesday, Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with Fnatic's win over Immortals.
olofmeister had a quick start to Inferno while holding off the offense on several occasions on the A-bombsite knowing the default setup far too well. olofmeister started by winning the pistol round with a double entry kill to deny the retake on the A-bombsite. From there, his pistol round heroics led to a 7-0 lead until Immortals struck back late. olofmeister seemed to struggle in the late rounds of the half that saw Immortals bring the score to 10-5 at the half. However, olofmeister had a smooth start to the second half on the offense getting a few entry kills and solid executions to win a few rounds until Immortals rallied back. Though the Immortals parade was short lived and olofmeister closed the map out 16-9 earning an 82.7 ADR on Day 1.
Late lift in Game 2 OT win
May 25, 2017
olofmeister earned 45/38 KD on Wednesday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a series 2-0 win over mousesports.
olofmeister had a great start to Train, taking a huge 9-0 lead for the defense early, shutting down the offense from trying to execute the A-bombsite as well as his quick rotation to the B-bombsite. mouz picked up a couple of rounds late in the first half; however, olofmeister capitalized in Round 13 with a triple-kill hold with the AWP on the A-bombsite to make the lead 11-2, which led to an 11-4 lead at the half. olofmeister had a solid start to his second-half performance, despite mouz coming back to win five straight before being shut out 16-10, with olofmeister posting a 16/16 KD and 67.7 ADR. Game 2 olofmeister suffered a taste of his own medicine after taking a plunging in the first half of Nuke, facing an 11-4 deficit early. However, olofmeister came alive on the defense after mouz won three rounds to start the second half with a comeback to force overtime, including his Round 21 quad kill hold on the A-bombsite. olofmeister excelled in overtime to take down mouz 19-17 on Nuke, earning the team a solid 29/22 KD and 83.5 ADR.
Quiet in series draw
May 24, 2017
olofmeister posted a 23/32 KD on Tuesday in a series draw versus Astralis in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
olofmeister had a horrible start to Train, taking a rough 14-1 loss at the half, unable to pick up kills in the tough offensive first half. The second half was no better, as olofmeister finished Game 1 with a 6/17 KD and 61.2 ADR. Game 2 seemed promising despite the early 3-0 deficit to start Inferno, but olofmeister never backed down. A slow start ended with a big finish as olofmeister picked up a fair amount of kills and assists in the first half, but he really excelled in the second half. After taking the half up 8-7, olofmeister had a smooth second half, controlling the lead over Astralis and winning his duels that eventually led to round wins. olofmeister also picked up a fair amount of entry kills punishing the overaggressive defense for a 16-8 win in Game 2, posting a much better 17/16 KD and 74.2 ADR.
Dominates in Game 1 of sweep
May 17, 2017
Olofmeister posted a 39/21 KD on Tuesday in a dominating 2-0 series over Team Dignitas in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
olofmeister had a blitzing start on Inferno, racking up rounds and kills for the defense up 6-0 to start the series. Although olofmeister had a great start, his performance on the B-bombsite was tested as the rounds began to tilt towards Dignitas for a 9-6 lead for the Swedes. The second half featured no down time, as olofmeister ripped through the bombsites for entries. He also held off in post-plant clutches to contribute to winning seven out of eight rounds for a 16-7 Game 1 win, posting a hefty 32/10 KD and 135.9 ADR. Although Fnatic won Game 2 16-6, olofmeister's performance was a dismal display as he only managed a 7/11 KD and 35.1 ADR throughout the game.
Ousting Kinguin in sweep
May 11, 2017
olofmeister posted a 45/32 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series sweep over Kinguin in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
olofmeister had a great start to Train with a double entry into the A-bombsite to help secure the first pistol round of the series. He then went into the following round with a triple kill on the A-bombsite but came up short of the anti-eco win. olofmeister managed to tie the game in Round 4 with a bomb plant on the A-bombsite that eventually secured the round 2-2. After three rounds given up, olofmeister closed out the Round 8 frenzy with a double kill to secure a 2-vs-1 post plant on the B-bombsite. Still trailing Kinguin, the olofmeister bomb plant in Round 11 helped reduce the deficit to 6-5. olofmeister closed out the half with a Round 14 win with a double on the A-bombsite to secure the half up 8-7. The second half started well for olofmeister, as he was able to hold off the offense with a triple kill on the A-bombsite to win a 1-vs-1. olofmeister had one more round with a triple in Round 19 to help secure Game 1 16-10, earning a 26/17 KD and 103.7 ADR. Game 2 olofmeister was off to a hot start holding off the A-bombsite with a double to secure the pistol round. Then in Round 3, his hunger for kills grew as he picked up the third and final kill to secure Round 3 up 3-0. olofmeister helped the team close out the half with the final kill to take the 12-3 lead. Last, he contributed to the four rounds in the second half before Kinguin's short comeback to take Game 2 16-8, posting a 17/15 KD and 72.5 ADR on Overpass.
Head hunter olofmeister
April 9, 2017
olofmeister earned his 16/7 KD on Friday over Virtus.pro in a best-of-one win in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
olofmeister got off to a strong start on Inferno on the offensive side, opening up the bomb sites and pushing the defense to the side for an early 3-0 lead. After giving up one round, olofmeister began to work his entry-kills punishing the defense on the B-bombsite with a double headshot to secure the fifth round. In the remainder of the half, he picked up a couple of double kills and assists for a staggering 13-2 lead. The second half went in a blink of an eye as olofmeister closed out the game taking the remaining three rounds for a crushing 16-2 win posting a 16/7 KD and 98.8 ADR.
Shows off none of his veteran presence in loss
April 6, 2017
olofmeister tallied a 12/21 KD in Fnatic's tough loss to Astralis on Day 3 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Despite olof being such a stalwart for this Fnatic team, he showed none of his veteran presence during their loss to Astralis on Thursday. He barely put out more damage (48.1) than flusha (47.1) who was at the bottom of the scoreboard for Fnatic. He lost almost every matchup in the game, especially when faced against dupreeh; he was a paltry 1/7 against the Astralis leader. When Fnatic comes out against Virtus.pro on Friday, olof will need to put together a much better performance if he hopes to help his team get the win and stave off elimination.