Dennis Edman 
To stand in for Astralis
November 24, 2017
Astralis superstar dev1ce will miss the BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen, Denmark due to medical leave, the organization has announced.
Astralis suffered through IEM Oakland with an illness that struck sniper super star dev1ce just prior to the event, missing the first match against EnVyUs. Now, the sniper will be unable to play in the BLAST Pro Series as Astralis was forced to look for a replacement. The organization finally came around and picked up recently benched GODSENT member dennis to play for Astralis in Denmark.
dennis benched
November 15, 2017
GODSENT have revealed that the organization has benched former Fnatic star dennis.
The results from GODSENT have been rather lackluster as the team missed the ESL Pro League Playoffs and the Major qualification. dennis released a statement regarding issues with the team's structure and discipline. As a result, dennis has been placed on the bench with his contract an option to buy out. dennis will be replaced with pyth and/or hampus as stand-ins until further notice.
Lacking in kills with 2-0 loss
September 13, 2017
dennis posted a 26/41 KD in Tuesday's loss to LDLC in ESL Pro League Season 6.
dennis struggled to find any frags in the first half of Inferno of Game 1 with little to no kills to help the defense. However, his Round 10 triple-kill retake on the B-bombsite reduced the lead to two rounds 6-4, but it was the last round won for GODSENT. Down 11-4, dennis struggled to find any frags in the small comeback of the second half as the team took the 16-9 loss. Game 2, dennis continued to struggle to find frags and hold off another strong offensive first half from LDLC with another 10-5 deficit. The second half was another disappointing run as dennis took the series sweep in a 16-8 loss on Overpass.
Free Agent
Expected to join GODSENT
August 20, 2017
The former Fnatic member is set to join the active roster of GODSENT in the coming days, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot Esports.
It is reported that the former Fnatic member will be joining Pronax and company on the active roster. Just after six months when the Fnatic roster reassembled, dennis and olofmeister decided to part ways after numerous upsets and early exits from recent offline tournaments. GODSENT will now have a complete lineup, where dennis will likely make his debut on Tuesday to begin Season 6 of ESL Pro League. No official comment has been made by player or organization.
Likely to exit Fnatic
August 8, 2017
dennis is set to leave the active roster of Fnatic to potentially join GODSENT in a transfer, according to a report by Flickshot.
dennis is set to leave the active roster of Fnatic unable to stay consistent in a dismal 2017 year. The team has struggled to find its groove although gaining back their core players JW, flusha, and KRiMZ, who exited the team to join Pronax in GODSENT. Reports claim the team's issues are "general" and that dennis is set to transfer to GODSENT for Lekr0, who would return after his short adventure with the team earlier this year. Neither player or organization has made an official comment.
Loses the battle of dennis vs. denis
July 4, 2017
dennis posted a 17/23 KD in Fnatic's loss against mousesports on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
dennis was looking great to open up this game on Tuesday. He was rotating extremely well in the early going, which led to his blistering 8/2 KD after just four rounds. As the game progressed, however, his play declined tremendously. He finished 9/22 after his hot start, including just one kill in the final seven rounds of the game. All of Fnatic needs to tighten up their play if they wish to go the distance in Cologne.
Unable to finish off G2
May 31, 2017
dennis finished Fnatic's loss to G2 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals with an 18/22 KD.
dennis, much like the rest of Fnatic, had a rough go of this game against G2. He was especially off since he didn't pick up a kill until Round 8, where he picked up a double for their third round win. With his team taking a 10-5 deficit into the half, he came out strong with a double entry frag on the FAMAS in Round 17. He found himself with an AWP in the late rounds to try and stymie the tide of G2's hurricane, but they ultimately came up short in the 16-11 loss.
Consistency is key in big win
May 31, 2017
dennis secured a 17/9 KD in Fnatic's win over Cloud9 on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
dennis opened up this game with a double kill in the pistol round before adding in a 3k in Round 3 and double in Round 5. He continued chipping in consistent kills for the rest of the first half to keep Fnatic moving right along to a 13-2 lead. He only tallied three kills in the second half, but still only ended up nine kills, which was the least in the entire lobby.
Can't do it alone against SK
May 30, 2017
dennis picked up a 10/18 KD in Fnatic's rough loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
dennis, much like the rest of Fnatic, tripped coming out the gate in this game against SK. He didn't get his first kill until Round 6, but even then it didn't result in a win for his team. That win didn't come until Round 9, with dennis playing a major part in the round win. He used his Deagle to get two one-tap headshots to make things 8-1. That was only his second and third kills of the game, though. Fnatic looked completely outclassed in this game, but with two wins earlier in the day, they are still looking strong going into the second day of competition.
First half thrashing in match win
May 30, 2017
dennis earned a 21/12 KD on Tuesday, Day 1 in the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals with a win over EnVyUs.
dennis had a spectacular start to the first half on Inferno on the offensive side. dennis had a strong read on the defense early and into the late rounds enough to secure a first half lead of 12-3. Though the second half was a little bit louder as EnVyUs managed to pick up a few rounds on the offensive side while dennis struggled to counter. However, dennis managed to get his wits together and close out the map with a 16-9 win contributing to a runner-up 88.3 ADR.
Led in kills and Map win
May 30, 2017
dennis posted a solid 28/15 KD on Tuesday in a 1-0 win over Immortals on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals.
dennis had a superb start with a 7-0 lead to start out Inferno on the defense while leading the way in frags as well. His Round 6 quad kill on the A-bombsite hold further extended the early lead for Fnatic which eventually led to a 10-5 first half finish. In the second half, dennis had a quick start getting the pistol and the anti-eco wins to further secure the few eco-rounds. Immortals then fired back by slowing dennis and the offense down, but that didn't last long as dennis closed out Inferno on a half-buy and a triple entry kill into the B-bombsite. dennis earned a solid and team-leading 107.1 ADR in the 16-9 win on Day 1.
Dominant early in 2-0 sweep over mouz
May 25, 2017
dennis posted a firm 49/41 KD on Wednesday in the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 sweep over mousesports.
dennis got off to a great start in Game 1 of Train, taking the first half by storm with a 9-0 lead, including his Round 8 win with a triple kill on the retake. dennis continued to dominate the first half on the defense for a massive 12-3 lead at the half. mouz won the second pistol as well as their first anti-eco round until dennis had the economy to help the team get to map point; however, mousesports won the last five rounds before dennis closed Game 1 16-10, posting a 26/17 KD and an impressive 96.7 ADR. Game 2 dennis had a rough start only winning four rounds in the early stages of the first half as mouz dominated the rest for an 11-4 lead. mousesports won three straight until dennis got the defense going in the buy round to hold off the offense to force overtime. dennis remained confident in the extras rounds, only giving up two rounds to take Nuke in overtime, posting a 23/24 KD and 71.0 ADR in the sweep.
Strong in Game 2
May 24, 2017
dennis posted a 17/32 KD on Tuesday in a series draw against Astralis in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
dennis struggled during Game 1, posting a low 4/15 KD and 34.1 ADR. dennis had a hard time trying to rally his team over the defense in a dismal 14-1 loss at the half. The second half didn't help, as dennis took a two-round loss to a 16-1 loss on Inferno. Game 2 dennis took another deficit early down 3-0 but managed to comeback and won six consecutive rounds to take the lead 6-3. dennis gave up a couple of rounds but managed to finish the half up 8-7. dennis rocked the second half with a great showing on the offensive side to take down the Astralis defense, winning eight out of nine rounds and grabbing a double kill on the B-bombsite to close out Inferno 16-8, posting a 13/17 KD and 66.0 ADR in the series draw 1-1.
Leads team to dominating series sweep over Dignitas
May 17, 2017
dennis earned a 40/22 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series win over Team Dignitas in the Esports Championships Series Season 3.
dennis started off Inferno for the defense with a quick 6-0 lead until the offense of Dignitas came back to lighten the deficit to 9-6. dennis led the offense in the second half to a pounding seven-round dominating run to close out the second half 16-7. dennis capitalized on post-plant and created odd-man situations to take the Game 1 win, earning a 17/11 KD and 68.8 ADR. Game 2 dennis played perfect defense in the first half to take the massive 15-0 lead at the half. dennis played aggressively and never missed a beat until the early stages of the second half on the offense. dennis got out to a slow start on the offense until Round 22, where he led the team to the last round won for a 16-6 Game 2 win, posting a 23/11 KD and 95.0 ADR in the 2-0 series.
Closing time over Kinguin in sweep
May 11, 2017
dennis earned a solid 45/32 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series sweep over Kinguin in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
dennis had a rather slow start to Train with the early first half going both ways until Round 8, where dennis picked up a double entry into the B-bombsite to secure the round, down 5-3. Then in the following round, his triple kill secured the post-plant and the 1-vs-1 to cut the lead down 5-4. The Round 12 and 13 bomb plants helped dennis secure two rounds including the lead at the half up 8-7. dennis remained quiet in the second half with only a few kills picked up until Round 23, where he clutched a defuse inside of a smoke during battle. dennis closed out Game 1 with a double in Round 25 and a triple kill in Round 26 to take Train 16-10, posting a 20/15 KD and 79.8 ADR. Game 2 dennis started off Overpass with a double hold on the A-bombsite to help take the first pistol round. dennis remained on a roll, helping his team take a 3-0 lead before a Round 4 triple kill with the AWP on the A-bombsite made it a 4-0 deal. dennis continued to help his team take a massive lead with a Round 6 double kill to secure the B-bombsite. He then contributed to the 10th round won with a double-kill hold on the A-bombsite for the 10-0 lead before Kinguin stepped up their game. dennis took the 12-3 lead at the half and carried it over into the second half with the second pistol round won. dennis finally contributed to the last round won with a bomb plant on the B-bombsite to take Game 2 16-8, posting a 25/17 KD and 115.7 ADR.
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