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Free Agent
To Stand in for GODSENT
July 17, 2017
pyth will be standing in for GODSENT at DreamHack Atlanta, reports Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin of HLTV.
After his contract with Ninjas in Pyjamas expired, pyth has been waiting for a chance to get back into action. He'll now be getting that chance with GODSENT this weekend in Atlanta. GODSENT member znajder will be on vacation during the days of the event, which led the team gave pyth a call to fill in. pyth has already been bootcamping with the team at their facility, so they should be in pretty good form come time for Atlanta.
Free Agent
Contract with NiP expires
May 19, 2017
pyth is now a free agent after his contract with Ninjas in Pyjamas expired, the player announced on Friday.
The writing has been on the wall for this move for quite some time. NiP added draken back in March, and it looked like pyth was about to be on his way off the team. Now that the team has opted to not renew his contract, he is free to pursue options with other teams. He is a pretty capable rifler, so it shouldn't take long for him to find a new home.
Out the door
March 13, 2017
pyth is expected to leave Ninjas in Pyjamas with the recent addition of draken, neL of FlickShot reported on Monday.
Ninjas in Pyjamas have struggled throughout the 2017 calendar year, failing to place highly during either of the two tournaments they've competed in. That follows a disappointing second half to the 2016 season, in which NiP only walked away with two first place finishes, IEM Oakland and the StarLadder iLeague StarSeries Season 2, in the last seven months. pyth was supposed to be a part of the illustrious organization's rebuilding plans, but he'll instead hit the wayside as NiP looks to develop their newest prospect, draken, who previously played for Epsilon Esports. For now he'll double as a sub, but it seems likely pyth will find himself on another team soon.
Left with no answers in loss
December 19, 2016
pyth ended up with a poor 5/17 KD in NiP's loss against Vega Squadron on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
pyth didn't get a kill until Round 7 and even that was in a round loss as NiP came out the gate incredibly slow in this game. He and GeT_RiGhT were in a 2-vs-1, but somehow couldn't come up with the clutch and lost the round. He did get a double in the final round of the first half to get a second round for NiP. That was his last major contribution as they were systematically picked apart by Vega Squadron.
Struggles mightily against HellRaisers
December 16, 2016
pyth finished with a 16/25 KD during a best-of-one loss to HellRaisers on Friday in the ELEAGUE Major Qualifiers.
pyth was completely outclassed against HellRaisers. Only a few weeks ago, he was one of NiP's best fraggers in their IEM Oakland grand-final win over SK Gaming, but he looks like a shell of that player now. He bottom-fragged for NiP, and had a pitiful 52.9 ADR.
Big first half gets NiP off to strong start
December 15, 2016
pyth put up a 23/15 KD in Ninjas in Pyjamas' win over Renegades on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
pyth had himself a nice series to open up NiP's play at the major qualifier this weekend. He got off to a nice start with a double in pistol round, and once he got onto the AWP, he did even more damage. His angles with the sniper rifle were always on point and helped NiP go on a strong run to end the half. He contributed to that with back-to-back doubles in Rounds 6 and 7 as NiP decided to stop letting Renegades think they had a chance in this one. He led the team with a 19/7 KD and 108.6 ADR at the half. Things started to look a bit dire for NiP in the second half, though, as Renegades made a run of their own. pyth wasn't going to let that happen, and came up with a huge double that actually allowed NiP to get the bomb back and plant for the win. Even though f0rest ended up top-fragging for NiP, pyth's contributions with the AWP were incredibly beneficial.
Horrendous in ELEAGUE Quarters
December 1, 2016
pyth bottom-fragged, finishing with a 35/60 KD in a 1-2 ELEAGUE Quarterfinal loss Wednesday versus Astralis.
Two weeks ago against SK Gaming, pyth looked absolutely unstoppable. Against Astralis on Wednesday, he was a cardboard cutout of that player. The first map (Cobblestone) started horribly for pyth; he had just five kills, and was constantly picked on by Kjaerbye. He jiggle-peeked well in Round 21 to net a 2k, but was otherwise M.I.A. on Cobble. The second map (Train) was even worse for pyth. He went 3/17, with an unthinkably bad 36.7 ADR. At that point, NiP fans must not have expected much for the third map (Overpass), but pyth found a way to disappoint again, finishing with a 14/22 KD. If this is a sign of things to come for pyth, NiP fans will clamor for the return of Maikelele.
Carries NiP in IEM Oakland grand final
November 21, 2016
pyth contributed to a 2-1 win over SK Gaming during the IEM Oakland grand final with a KD of 63/56.
pyth was NiP's MVP in Sunday's instant classic versus SK. Without him, NiP might have gotten skunked right off of Train. His 21/17 KD on the map was NiP's only positive score, and he consistently earned refrags for his team when SK were first-blooding them every round with no mercy. On Cache, pyth and f0rest formed a fearsome duo to ignite a massive NiP lead that they managed to hold on to in the end. pyth cooled off on Cobblestone, bottom fragging for his team with a 16/22 score, but his first two maps were instrumental in keeping NiP around long enough to outlast SK. NiP have to be ecstatic with pyth's playoff performance at Oakland after a disappointing group stage. If his form looked subpar again in the playoffs, fans would no doubt be calling for maikelele to return.
Strong showing in dominating win
November 19, 2016
pyth earned a KD of 37/24 in NiP's 2-0 win against Immortals in the Round of 6 at IEM Oakland.
pyth had a quiet start to the series, not making much of an impact on Dust 2 in Game 1. Along with the rest of Ninjas in Pyjamas, pyth played his role extremely effectively, as NiP dominated Immortals with their superior coordination and teamwork. pyth didn't have the most statistically impressive game, finishing with a KD of 15/14 and an ADR of just 60.8, but he did what he needed to do for NiP to secure a 16-9 win. To make up for his lack of production in Game 1, pyth was a monster in Game 2 on Cobble. Picking up a trio of 3k's in Rounds 2, 12 and 14, pyth consistently won duels and opened bomb sites for NiP. pyth looked like a star in NiP's 16-4 win, earning a game-high 107.3 ADR alongside a 22/10 KD, as NiP secured the convincing 2-0 series win.
Consistent play nets victory over Heroic
November 18, 2016
pyth earned a 17/14 KD in his team's victory over Heroic on Thursday.
Although he started off relatively slowly against Heroic, pyth was instrumental to his team's success against Heroic. For the majority of the match, he was able to pick up frags when it mattered that allowed his team to find openings and gain an early round lead. Although he didn't pick up the most kills on his team, he was able to post an impactful 75.6 ADR while earning the least deaths in the game. He did not have any flashy or impressive plays, but rather played super consistently and continued to pick up meaningful frags that allowed his team to close out the map 16-8.
Slow start, big finish
November 18, 2016
pyth had a rather slow start for NiP, but overcame Cloud9 late by posting a 16/20 KD in Group B of IEM Oakland on Thursday.
pyth had a quiet first half against Cloud9, but came on when it mattered most. It wasn't until the eighth round where pyth managed to plant the bomb on B for NiP, giving his team a two-round lead early. He then followed up the next two rounds with a triple kill on the B bombsite and then had a cleanup round with a single kill to extend the lead 7-3. He also gave NiP a five-round lead with a double kill to secure the 13th round. However, his second-half performance was fair after giving up the 22nd round with a 1-vs-2 loss despite getting a double kill on the A bombsite retake. He helped NiP with a three-round cleanup to take the map over Cloud 9 16-14.
Consistent performance nets victory over mousesports
November 18, 2016
pyth earned an 18/14 KD in NiP's victory against mousesports on Thursday.
Although pyth had a rather slow start to his team's victory over mousesports, he was able to step it up when it counted to secure a victory for his team. He picked up the pace of things during the second half of the map and increased his impact for his team. Picking up a double kill on the pistol round, he allowed his team to start off with a victory. Shortly after, he picked up a triple kill defending the B bombsite to secure yet another victory for the team despite the start of the round looking rather grim. As a result, he was able to assist his team in closing out the map 16-8.
Underperforms in loss
November 18, 2016
pyth could only muster an 11/22 KD in Ninjas in Pyjamas' loss against SK Gaming in Group B of IEM Oakland on Thursday.
pyth was consistent enough early on for NiP, but it still wasn't enough to keep SK from getting out to a fast start. He first got on board in Round 4 with a double in a round loss, and then picked up a kill per round to help NiP get the next three rounds to bring it to 3-4. He fell apart in the second half, though. He picked up a kill in the pistol round before going seven rounds without a kill. Once the playoffs start on Saturday, NiP will need more from pyth if they wish to make a deep run.
Back in the starting lineup
November 6, 2016
pyth is finally ready to make his way back to the starting lineup, reports ESPN's Jacob Wolf.
After nearly three full months of being out of commission, pyth will join his team in competition. During his absence, Maikelele has been the main stand-in and has performed quite well. The team will no doubt be excited to get their leader back, though. His first online match back will be this Tuesday when they take on Team Dignitas in the Esports Championship Series. His first LAN will be in Oakland at the IEM event taking place towards the end of November.
Does not need surgery
October 24, 2016
pyth will not need surgery to repair his injured hand, the player tweeted Monday.
While it's great news for pyth, who has been out of action since August thanks to a debilitating hand injury, it likely means the NiP leader will still be out for an extended time. It was reported earlier that pyth will need at least another month in order to recover, a timeline that seems generous considering the potential need for surgery.
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