Andreas Fridh 
Will take the player-coach role
May 5, 2018
Heroic has announced the recent step down of peacemaker has made way for MODDII to take the player-coach role.
The 28-year-old will be deemed with a new player-coach role, according to RFRSH Entertainment Director Kasper Hvdit, who also mentioned the team's full lineup will be announced "in the near future". MODDII will be overseeing his teammates behind the monitor, but until then the team will undergo structural changes after recently losing in-game leader Snappi and AWPer JUGi to OpTic.
Starts Week 7 on a high note
April 25, 2018
MODDII went 40/36 on Tuesday in a 2-0 series win over Team EnVyUs in Week 7 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Train was the first map that MODDII took in the neck-and-neck series with EnVyUs, where he picked up a strong 4-0 lead on the T-side. The comfortable lead began to whittle away, but Heroic still came out on top with a 9-6 half. MODDII's contested second half saw all thirty rounds on Train, as he peeled away with a 16-14 win, posting a 21/20 KD and an 80.7 ADR. The start to Cobblestone saw MODDII faced with a 5-0 deficit on the T-side, but this time around it was MODDII to be whittling away the EnVyUs lead, as the half saw both sides duke it out. MODDII came up big for Heroic to secure Round 13 with a triple entry kill on the B-bombsite, breaking the tie for a 7-6 lead. EnVyUs ended the half with an 8-7 lead but could not carry it into the second half, where MODDII held the line for a 16-13 series win.
Slow first halves results in loss
December 3, 2017
MODDII gathered a 49/44 KD in the 2-1 loss to Natus Vincere on Saturday at DreamHack Open Winter.
MODDII kicked off the series on Inferno for the defense, who contested early in the pistol round but was unable to take the win. However, the following three rounds were won thanks to the firm hold on the B-bombsite and help on the rotations. Although Na'Vi dominated the remainder of the half for an 11-4 lead. MODDII also couldn't find his groove in the second half which granted Na'Vi the 16-5 Inferno win. Down 1-0 in the series, but not out just yet as MODDII remained composed in the first half of Overpass with a great display of defense for the 10-5 lead. Na'Vi didn't do down without a fight as the early rounds were contested but MODDII opened up the bomb site and evened the series with a 16-9 win. A fairly even start to Train quickly turned sour as there was no money in the bank for MODDII to win more than four rounds in the first half or gain some sort of map control. However, the second half was more controlled with the aggressive offense and keen rotations to keep Na'Vi on their toes. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get past the defense for a 16-12 loss.
Couldn't overcome Na'Vi in loss
December 2, 2017
MODDII posted an 18/20 KD on Friday at DreamHack Open Winter with a 16-11 loss to Natus Vincere through Day 1.
The start on Overpass went well for MODDII on the offense as he picked up a clean 4-0 start, thanks to his aggressive offense to take control of the map. However, Na'Vi eventually returned to the game and pick up three straight of their own after the buy-round. With the economy reset, MODDII got back on his feet in Round 8 with a slow play on the A-bombsite to extend the lead 5-3. From there, he continued to pick up three more rounds playing more passive on the approach to punish the aggressive defense. Although Na'Vi adjusted and returned with four rounds to settle the first half with an 8-7 score. After picking up the pistol round, MODDII then picked up the following anti-eco with a 1-vs-3 clutch on the A-bombsite for the 10-7 lead. Unfortunately, MODDII was unable to hold off the aggressive offense by Na'Vi for the remainder of the half, resulting in a 16-11 loss, posting a 63.9 ADR.
Quiet in Game 2 comeback
October 17, 2017
MODDII posted a 29/39 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
MODDII struggled in the first half of Inferno on the defense as the G2 offense was too much to handle. After taking a massive 13-2 deficit at the half, MODDII finally started to win some rounds in the second half for the offense by hounding down on the B-bombsite. Picking up the entry kills, MODDII would help win eight rounds in the second half but it wasn't enough to overcome G2, who would take Game 1 16-10. Game 2, MODDII didn't have the greatest start on Nuke as G2 would hold down the line on the defense in tight contention. However, MODDII was able to pick up a few offensive rounds on the lower-B push to close out the half with a 10-5 deficit. Going into the second, MODDII would lunge for a 4-0 start to cut the lead to one rounds 10-9. With money now in the bank for G2, MODDII couldn't hold G2 with the aggressive offense to reach a 14-10 lead. However, MODDII didn't pick up many kills to help his team in the come back as he posted a team-low 11/22 KD and 61.8 ADR in the 16-14 loss.
Crushed in primetime
September 30, 2017
MODDII posted an 11/17 KD on Friday in a dismal loss to Astralis 16-2 in Group D of ELEAGUE Premier.
MODDII had little to show in the crushing performance against Astralis with only one round won in the first half for the offense. Down 14-1 going into the second half, nothing could help the team win more rounds for the defense as the team took a massive 16-2 loss during primetime to be sent to the losers bracket to fight another day. MODDII led the team in frags but came second best with a 68.0 ADR.
Bottom frags for Heroic
September 13, 2017
MODDII managed just a 23/43 KD in Heroic's 0-2 loss against BIG on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
This was surely one of MODDII's worse showings with Heroic. From start to finish, he seemed to be a step off. He was at the bottom of his team in both games and never found his groove whatsoever. He managed to not have the worst ADR in Game 1, but the same could not be said for the final game. There, he only had a 5/16 KD and 21.1 ADR. He was essentially at the wrong place at the wrong time over and over. He will soon want to forget this one.
Entry-frag king in Game 2
August 23, 2017
MODDII earned a solid 40/30 KD on Tuesday in ESL Pro League Season 6 with a 2-0 win over HellRaisers.
Game 1 MODDII had a quick 4-0 lead, holding off HellRaisers even before the team could enter a bombsite. However, once his opponents managed to break through, MODDII was on the other side holding off the offense with several holds on the B- and A-bombsite. His consistent defensive plays helped the team to hold onto a massive lead, finishing the first half up 10-5. In the second half, MODDII picked up several entry kills with his team behind him to clean up the rest. Each round was won thanks to his quick entries that claimed Mirage 16-8, posting a 19/11 KD and 83.0 ADR. Game 2 MODDII was on a rampage with the opening entry kills primarily on the B-bombsite despite the slow start. He also contributed to a few bomb plants to help the economy, as both teams were neck and neck until HellRaisers took the lead 8-7. MODDII's defense in the second half had another slow start but then rallied back with several key retakes to edge Overpass 16-14.
Fails to shine when his team needs him the most
May 7, 2017
MODDII went 55/55 in Heroic's loss to Misfits at DreamHack Tours on Sunday.
As his KD suggests, MODDII was simply average in this series loss to Misfits. He was never really able to do anything to give his team much of a boost, which left them struggling against the all-around team game that Misfits put up. He did manage to get a triple kill in Round 8 of Game 1, but from then on, he couldn't be relied upon for much of an offense for quite some time. Two more late triple kills put his team up 15-11, but then they all fell apart and Misfits took the game. Even in Game 2 when Heroic took down Misfits 16-4, he didn't wow anyone with his play. He opened up with doubles in Rounds 2 and 3 of the game, but then sort of let his teammates do the heavy lifting in the rest of the game. In the last game, his deficiencies were even more on display. He had an early double kill to tie things at five rounds each, but then only picked up one more double kill in the rest of the game. This was certainly a contributing factor to his team's tough loss in this series.
Poor Game 2 dooms Heroic
May 1, 2017
MODDII ended Heroic's 1-2 loss to Immortals in the semifinals of DreamHack Austin with a 46/57 KD.
MODDII wasn't the greatest in this opening game against Immortals, but what he put out was enough to pick up the win. His first kill didn't come until Round 4 and he only had three kills in the first 12 rounds. He did pick up doubles in key moments, though. One came in Round 13 to help Heroic get closer to a tie, and he got another in Round 26 to put his team up by two. Immortals ended up tying it up, but then Heroic recovered for the 16-14 win. MODDII started off Game 2 well enough, notching a double entry frag in the pistol round, followed by a double in Round 2 and a 1-vs-1 clutch in Round 3. From there, he was pitiful, though. After those five kills, he only managed to pick up three more in the 16-6 loss. He was a bit better in Game 3, even if it wasn't enough for a win. He clutched Round 4 in a 1-vs-2 with just 1 HP left, and then tied things up with a 3k in Round 6. Another double in Round 12 was enough to get Heroic on a nice first half run, but the second half is where they fell apart. Immortals were far too strong and picked up the 16-13 win to bounce Heroic from the tournament.
Kickstarts comeback train against LDLC
January 13, 2017
MODDII ended Heroic's win over LDLC in the Group A winners match at DreamHack Leipzig with an 18/19 KD.
MODDII didn't get off to a smashing start here against LDLC, as he had no kills to his name after the first four LDLC wins. Once the team banded together and started rattling off some wins though, MODDII was right there leading the pack. He picked up back-to-back triples in Rounds 6 and 7 to get his team closer to tying things up. He would then take a bit of a back seat, just racking up kills here and there before picking up a nice double in Round 13 with the AK. Heroic then would falter early in the second half after picking up an 8-7 lead at the half. They lost six straight before MODDII and Snappi had enough and got them back into the game. While he did help get the comeback train started, he didn't really contribute much. Luckily for him, the rest of his team put up a really strong game and took the map 16-13.
Chips in with big kills in win
January 13, 2017
MODDII tallied a 22/14 KD in Heroic's victory over qwerty in Group A of DreamHack Leipzig on Friday.
MODDII wasted no time at all getting going in this game against qwerty. He picked up a big 3k in Round 1 that got his team off to a nice start. He would add in just a kill here and there before securing doubles in both Rounds 7 and 8 to keep his team on quite the roll in this first half. Not content to sit back and let his team pitch in, MODDII added in more multi-kills with 3k's in Rounds 11 and 12. While he would have no kills the rest of the half, and only five total in the second half, his double in Round 23 would prove to be the biggest of the half, as it stopped a bit of a comeback attempt that qwerty had been on in the game. Heroic would go on to win the game the following round.
Miserable performance against NiP nets defeat
November 18, 2016
MODDII finished Heroic's defeat against NiP in Group B of IEM Oakland on Thursday with a 9/21 KD.
MODDII had an extremely poor performance against NiP to say the least. He started off the map struggling to get anything done, dealing minimal damage and failing to pick up a single kill in the first four rounds of the map. After this poor display, he was able to pick up a couple of frags but ultimately unable to do much for his team at all. As the game progressed, he continued to be lackluster, moving into the second half of the map with only seven kills to his name. Unfortunately for Heroic, this number would not change much in the coming rounds. In the remaining nine rounds of the map, he found only two additional frags. The result was expected, with Heroic falling to NiP 8-16.
Grabs rarely seen grenade kill in big win
November 18, 2016
MODDII finished Heroic's win over SK Gaming in Group B of IEM Oakland on Thursday with a 22/21 KD.
MODDII started off on the right foot against SK by getting an opening double in the first half pistol round. Just to show how well Heroic was playing in this game, MODDII picked up an elusive grenade entry frag in Round 6. He then almost clutched a 1-vs-2 in Round 17, but couldn't get the last kill. Despite this low point, Heroic kept pushing and eventually wrapped the 16-13 win over one of the favorites of the entire tournament.
Comes up short in win over G2
November 12, 2016
MODDII tallied a 19/26 KD against G2 in a win during the Group A winner's match at Northern Arena Montreal
MODDII didn't start this game so hot, as he only had one kill in the first three rounds. Even as Heroic started to rack up the rounds, MODDII didn't really contribute a whole lot. He came in clutch with a double in Round 11 to get Heroic yet another round win to go up 7-4. MODDII ended up disappearing for most of the rest of the game, but contributed with a key kill here and there to help his team wrap up the win. Still, Heroic will need a bit more from the rifler if they wish to get deeper in the playoffs.
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