Simon Eliasson 
Twist and shout in 2-0 loss
September 14, 2017
twist went 40/45 on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to BIG in ESL Pro League Season 6.
twist had a consistent beginning of the halves against BIG, however, the start on Cache led to a promising first half with the help of his strongholds on the A-bombsite. Although BIG came rallying back to steal the first half lead 8-7 going into the second. With the momentum crushed in the first half, there was nothing to help twist in the second half as he was only able to win one round for the 16-8 loss. Game 2 twist had a much better performance in the second half after a 9-6 deficit in the first. With a strong defensive start and short comeback, despite the 16-13 loss, posting a team-leading 24/24 KD and 104 ADR.
Dismal series loss to LDLC 2-0
September 13, 2017
twist posted a 38/37 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to LDLC in ESL Pro League Season 6.
After taking a crucial Round 4 loss, twist came up big in the following round with a triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite to reduce the 3-2 deficit to one. However, the remainder of the half was a dismal performance on a weak economy for an 11-4 loss. The second half shed some light after the second pistol round loss to win five rounds until LDLC closed out Game 1 16-9. A very slow start to Game 2 on Overpass began to lighten up thanks to twist's Round 9 triple AWP kill to hold the A-bombsite with a 7-2 deficit. Losing the AWP meant losing rounds ahead as twist picked up only five rounds in the first half with a 10-5 loss. The second half was no better, as the offense couldn't get past LDLC for a 16-8 loss.
Strong showing in Game 2 to lock up split
June 7, 2017
twist posted a 30/35 KD in GODSENT's series split with FaZe Clan on Wednesday in the ECS.
twist started off strong in this series, tallying a 3k in Round 2 to keep things a bit even early on. He almost managed to turn things around for his team early on with a bomb plant in Round 6, but he missed a shot and lost a 1-vs-1. Had they won that round, it's possible that GODSENT could have gotten something going. But they didn't and were trounced 16-3. Game 2 started off in a similar vein, but as the game progressed, all of GODSENT were on top of their game to get back into it with a strong comeback. They won 14 straight to take the map 16-10 and split the series.
Late comeback hero in draw
May 13, 2017
twist earned a 41/39 KD on Tuesday in a draw with in Week 4 of ECS Season 3.
twist had a slow start to Game 1 on Train unable to win many rounds in the first half including his final round won in the half, where he picked up a double opening kill on the B-bombsite for the tough 11-4 deficit at the half. However, the second half twist had a much better start winning rounds for the defense including his round 20 retake on the B-bombsite to win the 1-vs-1 clutch for the triple. Although the efforts weren't enough to close out Game 1 for a 16-11 loss, posting an 18/19 KD and 71.5 ADR. In Game 2, twist had another rough start for the defense taking a tough 10-5 loss at the half. However, the offense remained composed throughout the second half thanks to twist picking apart the defense for a 23/20 KD and 95.3 ADR to take Game 2 16-13 to even the series 1-1.
Goes back to GODSENT in swap with Fnatic
February 4, 2017
twist is back with GODSENT after a trade with Fnatic, ESPN's Eric Van Allen reports.
The initial swap with these two teams has essentially been undone, with JW and flusha back to Fnatic, while disco doplan and twist were sent back to GODSENT. While the trade seemed to workout okay for both teams, Fnatic saw a slight edge when compared, as it most recently finished 3rd at the ELEAGUE Major. With some of the strongest members of that team in disco and twist now back with GODSENT, the team will look to win some tournaments throughout the rest of the year.
Slow starts in both games against Astralis
January 28, 2017
twist went just 30/42 in Fnatic's poor showing against Astralis in the semifinals of the ELEAGUE Major.
twist didn't get kills in the first couple rounds of this game, but his double in Round 5 helped Fnatic secure the round and stop a three round streak from Astralis. While he wouldn't be as bad as olofmeister in the rest of the half, he wasn't exactly the strongest either. At least, that was the case during the early rounds. Late in the game, he was very strong for Fnatic. His kills here and there were just what Fnatic needed to force overtime. He showed strong resolve to pick up the final frag needed in Round 4 of overtime and keep hope alive for Fnatic. However, that was the last round that Fnatic would win in the 19-16 loss. twist was unable to find footing of any kind in Game 2 where Astralis ran roughshod all over Fnatic. From the jump, Fnatic looked completely outgunned and outmanned in this 16-5 loss.
Quiet in loss against Dignitas
November 22, 2016
twist posted 7/18 KD in Fnatic's loss to Dignitas in the ELEAGUE Season 2 Group D winner's final.
twist started off slow until the fourth round where he managed to give Fnatic their first round win in the half when he cleaned up the A-bombsite with a kill. He contributed to Fnatic's other two rounds won with a trade kill to give his team an advantage. However, his performance dwindled going further into the evening. Unable to win any rounds in the second half, twist ends the evening with a grueling 16-3 loss.
Twists Fnatic forward
November 10, 2016
twist posted a 21/13 KD in Fnatic's win over FaZe Clan in ECS Season 2 Europe.
twist played a huge role in Fnatic's defense on Tuesday against FaZe Clan. Fnatic managed to win seven rounds, with twist contributing to more than two kills in each of those rounds. He started off with a double kill on the B-bombsite hold with an SMG, boosting the economy early for Fnatic. He then took the seventh round away from FaZe with a defuse after locking down a 1-vs-1, taking the lead 6-1. Despite FaZe coming back in the first half 9-6, twist was firing on all cylinders in the second half on offense, generating Fnatic's economy early. twist closed the best-of-one with a triple kill on the B bombsite in a post-plant situation to take the win from FaZe 16-7.
Playmaker in winning effort
November 8, 2016
twist earned a KD of 52/47 in Fnatic's 2-0 win over Dignitas on Monday.
twist took a while to get going in Game 1 on Dust 2, but came online in a big way for Fnatic. Picking up a huge ace in Round 17, twist gave Fnatic a lead that they would never let go of. twist would follow up with a 3k in Round 19 and a 4k in Round 31 to give Fnatic a hard-fought 19-16 win in OT, earning a KD of 30/24 and a staggering 101.7 ADR in the process with great rifle work. twist didn't have the same level of success on Overpass in Game 2, but was nonetheless effective in picking up frags for Fnatic. With a more subdued 74.3 ADR, twist posted a 22/23 KDA\ in another overtime win to give Fnatic the 2-0 over Dignitas.
Frag hunter
October 19, 2016
twist finished Fnatic's day with a combined 49/40 KD and a split against
twist started off with a slow run on Map 1 with an 18/19 KD. He had a few moments of glory as he stood tall on the B-bombsite against's high-powered offense, picking up a few double kills to slow them down. However, it wasn't enough to stop as the plow took Map 1. He then took on Map 2 with fury as he got a double entry kill in mid in the 9th round to allow his team to plant the bomb on B. He also won a 1-vs-3 clutch in the 15th round on the B-bombsite to close out the first half 9-6. He will move onto the playoffs with this split against Virtus.Pro.
Puts the twist on SK
October 18, 2016
twist's big day earned him a split against SK and a 37/30 KD.
twist came out strong against SK on Mirage with a 23/14 KD. Alongside his teammates, twist was able to perfectly execute on the T-side to gain the advantage onto SK early. He also shut down SK's offense not allowing them to pick up a single round in the second half. He then went on to grab a double kill at map point alongside dennis to close out the first map 16-5. twist saw Map 2 to be more of a challenge, but he managed to stay composed with a 14/16 KD. Although Fnatic lost Map 2, the team walks away with a 1-1 split against SK going into Day 3.
Consistent play earns Map 2 victory against HellRaisers
October 18, 2016
Earning a 39/41 KD, twist had a standard performance to aid his team in a 1-1 series score.
Fnatic had a tough start to their series against HellRaisers. They seemed to be on different pages throughout the map and twist struggled to pick up kills. Although he had an impressive flick that allowed his team to pick up their fifth round win during the first half, he was quiet throughout the remainder of the map. This combined with Lekr0 underperforming greatly allowed the enemy team to pick up 16-13 victory. Thankfully, twist was able to keep his composure going into the second map. Earning an impressive triple kill on offense, he secured his team's 14th round victory that ultimately allowed them to close out Overpass and tie the series 1-1.
Fails to show up for his team in series loss
October 15, 2016
twist put up a measly 23/35 KD in Fnatic's 0-2 loss to Team EnVyUs on Saturday in Season 2 of the ECS.
twist started off pretty poorly when he tried to contest mid in the opening seconds of Game 1 on Dust 2. Instead of picking up an entry frag, he was taken out by NBK. twist switched over to the AWP at one point to try and bring his team back a bit, but it was a futile effort. Once they fell into a rut, there was no stopping it on their way to a 16-5 loss. twist once again tried to use the AWP to pick up some entry frags and zone off the map, but just as in Game 1, this was an incredibly futile effort. The only round in which his AWP actually made a difference was in Round 14 where he found a double that gave Fnatic their fourth and final win of the map.
Stays alive more than any other player in big sweep
October 14, 2016
twist put up a strong 34/15 KD in Fnatic's sweep of FlipSid3 Tactics on Wednesday.
twist grabbed an SMG in Round 2 and picked up a double kill with it to put Fnatic up 2-0 on the first map. He grabbed an AWP in the later rounds of the first half and finally started to show up a bit. His highlight play of the first half came with a nice snipe as he was dropping off a roof to end Round 10. These plays defined Fnatic's big 16-2 win here. twist was able to do some nice damage in the first half of the second game, even using the Tec-9 at one point to pick up a few kills. He had the second-highest ADR (90.8) on the team, which gave his team the requisite damage to take this game 16-9 and continue to stay atop the standings of the EU Pro League.
Huge Game 2 secures split
October 5, 2016
twist put up a 37/36 KD in Fnatic's 1-1 split with Team EnVyUs on Wednesday.
twist was extremely slow to get going in this game against EnVyUs, as he had no kills in the first 10 rounds. He tried to use the AWP to get ahead, but he quickly lost a sniper duel with kennyS. He finally picked up a kill with the AWP in Round 11, but it still was a very poor start to this game for twist. He added in another double in Round 15 to bring the score to 6-9 at the half. He was much better in the second half, with five kills in the first three rounds. He even did better with the AWP in the second half too, as he grabbed a 3k with it to bring Fnatic within two rounds. His second half was incredibly strong, as his AWP was good enough to set Fnatic on a bit of a roll to try and mount a comeback. The comeback would ultimately come up short, though. The second game on Dust 2 saw twist get off to a much better start than his Game 1. He grabbed a double in Round 1 to get Fnatic off to a 1-0 start. His AWP was incredibly strong early on, which gave Fnatic a 6-1 lead in this game. He continued to land crazy shot after crazy shot on his way to a 22/12 KD in the game to take the 16-8 win.
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