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To stand in for kNg
September 13, 2017
cogu will be filling in for kNg when Immortals takes the stage at the ELEAGUE Premier on Friday, reports Sam Nordmark of Dot Esports.
It's been quite some time since cogu has been thrust into the spotlight, but he'll have a chance to help Immortals tackle their group in Atlanta this weekend. One of the most esteemed players in Brazilian Counter-Strike history, cogu is probably the best option Immortals could have selected as their stand-in. He will hopefully help them skate past the drama and make some waves in their group this weekend.
To take time off due to health concerns
August 10, 2016
horv has been taken off INTZ' starting roster, reports Sasha Erfanian of theScore.
horv is currently dealing with some unannounced health issues and will be seemingly sidelined for the foreseeable future. He was replaced by the Argentinian player, JonY BoY. INTZ will look to continue the strong string of performances they have had lately after coming in second at both the ESL Brazil Premier League and Liga XLG 2016.
Signs with INTZ
August 10, 2016
JonY BoY has joined INTZ Esports, reports Sasha Erfanian of theScore.
JonY BoY is being brought onto the team due to the health issues that are currently plaguing current team member, horv. The choice to sign this particular player may bring a bit of head-shaking along with it due to the fact that he was part of the Argentinian team that knocked Brazil from the qualifier for the 2016 World Championships. The team has been on the rise of late, though, as they recently finished second in the ESL Brazil Premier League as well as Liga XLG 2016.
Aquired by INTZ e-Sports
July 25, 2016
SHOOWTiME is the most recent addition to INTZ e-Sports, as announced by the team's twitter in a post earlier this week.
Earlier this week, it was announced by Immortals that Wilton "Zews" Prado would be taking over the in-game leader role on the team and that SHOOWTiME was going to be leaving the lineup. At the same time, INTZ e-Sports have been rebuilding their roster, making SHOOWTiME a perfect fit for the team. The team announced in a Twitter post that he would be joining the roster as the team's sixth member, alongside cogu, gut0, invul, KHTEX and horvy. It is unknown at this time which members will be in the starting lineup.
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