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Struggling to find his place
November 16, 2017
boltz finished SK Gaming's 2-0 win over OpTic Gaming in the quarterfinals of IEM Oakland.
While boltz still isn't an official member of SK Gaming, he's still seeming to struggle with finding his spot on this high-powered roster. Even though SK was torching OpTic on Overpass to open the series, boltz was lagging behind his teammates. He only managed a paltry 8/9 KD in the 16-2 win. He seemed to just be in the wrong place and found himself dead a few too many times without finding a kill. boltz bounced back a bit on the second map, however. He was second on his team with a 20/18 KD and he even came up with a big triple kill hold in Round 14 to keep OpTic bogged down in the eventual 16-12 win.
Defensive comeback for the win
November 15, 2017
boltz posted a firm 23/17 KD on Tuesday in a 16-13 win over the Ninjas in Pyjamas in Group A of IEM Oakland.
The series started as the Swedes contested early on, taking the pistol round with ease. However, a few rounds were shared until the Ninjas finally broke free and dominated boltz in the first half for an 11-4 lead. Going into the second, boltz picked up a few rounds to start the half, but NiP still held into the lead. In Round 23, boltz came up big with a triple entry kill into the A-bombsite to cut the deficit by three with a 13-10 score. boltz then contributed to the six consecutive rounds won to close out Cobblestone 16-13, posting a 91.1 ADR.
Small impact in a big way
November 14, 2017
boltz gathered a 17/32 KD on Tuesday with a 22-20 win over Team EnVyUs in Group A of IEM Oakland.
boltz contributed to the 3-0 start over EnVyUs early on for the offense on Cobblestone. However, the lead didn't last long as boltz couldn't get past the defense for four straight rounds as nV took the 4-3 lead. boltz was able to buy in Round 8 which allowed him to pull off a quick entry and post-plant hold to secure the round. With a small lead late in the first half, nV kept the score close to even out the first half with an 8-7 score. The second half was a smooth start with the pistol win on the defense but nV made some noise with the early 9-9 tie. Although boltz played consistently for SK to help tread for a 13-10 lead. Eventually, boltz earned map point but nV rallied back and force overtime. The overtime rounds flopped back and forth to each team but it was boltz to keep his team alive with a triple entry-kill on the B-bombsite to force double overtime. The extra rounds continued as both teams traded back-and-forth, but it was finally boltz and co that closed out the game with a 22-20 win.
Newest member of Team Liquid
November 13, 2017
steel is the next member to join Team Liquid, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Per Sources
With the benching of stanislaw, Team Liquid has decided to bring in steel from Immortals to help the team reach new heights. While the team won the Americans Minor to move on to the Major Qualifier in January, they have been a bit down on their luck of late. This all culminated with their loss to Cloud9 in the semifinals of iBUYPOWER Masters this past weekend. The team hopes that steel will be a boon to the team going into IEM Oakland this weekend where steel will make his Liquid debut. While he won't be able to play with the team at the Qualifier since he was already eliminated during his time with Immortals, Liquid has still signed him as a permanent member of the team.
Officially signs with Immortals
November 7, 2017
Immortals have revealed on their website the signing of shz from Tempo Storm.
Immortals have now confirmed the signing of shz to replace boltz on the active roster, who recently joined SK on a loan-term basis. With boltz future more than likely signing with SK Gaming after helping the team win EPICENTER, and seen actively practicing with the SK squad. Although no official statement has been made regarding this situation, shz will make his first debut for the team in the Brazilian qualifiers for WESG Americas, which will conclude on Friday.
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Immortals add destiny
October 10, 2017
Immortals have announced that they have permanently added destiny to the active roster.
Immortals have officially signed the former Tempo Storm member, destiny, who was on trial for some time to a permanent deal. Since HEN1, LUCAS1 and fnx parted ways after the release of kNg, Immortals have been trialing and working with other Brazilian players in the market. The team has seen better days in ESL Pro League holding the 10th spot in the NA standings. Although the team has had some growing success since signing horvy just a week ago. Now, with destiny in the lineup, the organization still remains short one more player on the active roster.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Officially signs horvy
October 3, 2017
Immortals have announced they have inked former k1ck player, horvy, after departing ways with kNg.
After departing ways with kNg and the twins, LUCAS1 and HEN requesting the bench, the organization has officially made its first roster move. horvy has been added to the active roster, alongside steel and boltz, the 19-year-old rifler had made a name for himself in his former k1ck jersey. However, after leaving the team in August, horvy has been without a team but the recent drama surround Immortals will give him a chance as the team rebuilds. Immortals will continue to search to complete their roster.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Granted emergency transfer
September 27, 2017
WESA has granted Immortals an "emergency transfer" in ESL Pro League Season 6 as well as adding a third transfer spot, ESL announced.
Immortals have been graced by ESL and WESA on allowing an emergency transfer as twin LUCAS1 and HEN1 asked to be benched following the release of kNg last week. The organization asked the WESA for "one additional emergency transfers to be able to restructure responsibly." With the start of Season 6, ESL updated its transfer regulations, reducing the number of transfers from four to two "in order to ensure team stability and encourage a continuity of rosters." Now, due to an extraordinary situation, the WESA has decided to amend the existing transfer regulations as well as add a third transfer for emergencies only. In spite of the chaos, Immortals have also added two players destiny and shz, who signed with Tempo Storm last month. It is uncertain if Immortals will ink both shz and destiny or for a short-term solution in ESL Pro League.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
HEN1, LUCAS1, and kNg set to exit
August 16, 2017
According to HLTV, Immortals core members HEN1, LUCAS1, and kNg have asked to exit the active roster.
The North American organization is now in panic mode as it is reported to lose its core members of HEN1, LUCAS1, and kNg. The shocking news comes as the team finished runner-up at PGL Major Krakow to Gambit, however, the team has expressed their emotions to CEO Noah Whinston as dissatisfaction hinting internal issues. The organization now scrambles to secure its next spot at the Major as well as the roster lock set for Friday.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Set to add horvy
August 16, 2017
The organization is set to sign former k1ck member, horvy, who is waiting on the transfer process, reports of HLTV.
The North American organization has finally come to terms with the former k1ck member who left the team in early May after a six month run. However, during that time the team could not complete the transfer in time due to horvy's via application being denied, which resulted in kNg being added to the roster, with whom would finish runner-up at PGL Major Krakow. Now, horvy still awaits his completion of his visa application and an undisclosed transfer fee of his contract from k1ck. It has yet been determined by the organization about which player horvy could replace as no official comment has been made.