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Unable to bring Ghost a win
June 8, 2017
mitch finished Ghost Gaming's loss against CLG on Wednesday in the ECS with a 26/35 KD.
mitch was in the middle of the pack for his team in their Game 1 loss, but as a team, they struggled big time. There was basically nothing that they could do to stop CLG from steamrolling their way to a 16-6 win. Game 2 was his time to shine, but even as the best on his team, he was still pretty mediocre. Ghost Gaming were simply never able to get into a groove against CLG in the game. Ghost Gaming will certainly need to hit the drawing board after this season after only having won a single game all season long.
Outclassed by Liquid
October 16, 2016
no_one finished Thursday's 1-1 split against Liquid with a 25/35 KD.
no_one was obviously not at the level Liquid were at, or even teammates Brehze and Nifty for that matter. He looked lost on rotations, and couldn't hold choke points or bombsites effectively. When Liquid wanted to attack the weak point on Selfless, they often looked to no_one with major success.
Falters on Train
October 16, 2016
kaboose went 34/38 in Thursday's 1-1 split against Liquid.
kaboose was a big X-factor on Mirage. He was on point with his rotations, and helped Selfless overwhelm Liquid after an opening pick from Nifty on the AWP. However, he did regress back to the mean on Train, where Selfless was no match for TL.
Scorching hot with the AWP
October 16, 2016
Nifty put up a 35/35 KD against Liquid in a 1-1 split on Thursday.
Nifty wasn't able to get rolling with the AWP on Train, since Selfless' economy quickly faltered, but his AWP was one of the biggest reasons Selfless were able to pull off the upset on Mirage. He poured in a ton of entry frags, constantly earning Selfless the numbers advantage, and a lot of his shots were high degree-of-difficulty looks, too. The first map was a massive outlier against a stronger opponent, however, so it would be ill-advised to bank on Nifty to suddenly become the next kennyS for the rest of his career.
Not able to match Liquid's level
October 16, 2016
m1tch went 21/36 against Liquid in a 1-1 split on Thursday.
m1tch stepped up in a few key moments during this series. On the CT side, he completely mind-gamed Hiko on Train in a rare Selfless round win by putting down smoke over the bomb, baiting Hiko out by tapping the bomb and then spraying Hiko down beautifully. It was a textbook CT 1-vs-1 clutch, but it also showed the limitations of a player like m1tch. He's knowledgeable, but his mechanics are simply not up to par with the world's best. When it came down to who can hit their shots, Liquid came out on top far more than m1tch did.
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Selfless release team
April 8, 2017
Team owner Steve "Ryu" Rattacasa has announced that they have released their entire roster with immediate effect.
The news comes after the team was left with just three active players after Slemmy and Nifty signed with compLexity and Renegades respectively. Ryu mentioned that that organization will take a step back to reevaluate their current position in the scene but will also continue to monitor the scene for talent. All players have been released from their contracts but will remain to play under Selfless colors in the ESL Pro League, who sit last in the North American standings.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Eliminated from CyberPowerPC Summer 2016
August 28, 2016
Selfless lost a close 2-1 series against Immortals in the quarterfinals of CyberPowerPC Summer 2016 and have been eliminated.
Perhaps feeling the absence of Relyks, who left the team last week, Selfless were left without a real strong contributor and faltered in their series against Immortals on Saturday. Their two losses were extremely one-sided, losing 16-4 on Cobblestone and 16-2 on Cache. It seemed as though their biggest weakness was playing on the CT-side in this series; they went a combined 7-26 on that side. While they did win the second game on Mirage to force a third game, they just never seemed to be that strong and cohesive as a team.