Does his best in loss
September 13, 2017
Snappi finished Heroic's loss to BIG on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League with a 36/40 KD.
For as rough of a Game 2 that Heroic had, it's quite surprising that Snappi even managed to come out with an almost even KD. He was essentially the only consistent member of his team from start to finish here. If Heroic wants to gain any traction here in the Pro League, Snappi will likely be the catalyst.
Bottom frags for Heroic
September 13, 2017
MODDII managed just a 23/43 KD in Heroic's 0-2 loss against BIG on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
This was surely one of MODDII's worse showings with Heroic. From start to finish, he seemed to be a step off. He was at the bottom of his team in both games and never found his groove whatsoever. He managed to not have the worst ADR in Game 1, but the same could not be said for the final game. There, he only had a 5/16 KD and 21.1 ADR. He was essentially at the wrong place at the wrong time over and over. He will soon want to forget this one.
Bringing the boom
August 23, 2017
JUGi posted a solid 48/29 KD on Tuesday with a 2-0 win over HellRaisers in ESL Pro League Season 6.
JUGi had a solid performance overall in Game 1 with the AWP, posting a solid 26/8 KD and a team-leading 101.3 ADR. JUGi shut down HellRaisers' attempt to take mid control and was keen on his rotations to hold off any push into the A-bombsite. His precise sniping helped the team dominate in the first half 10-5. Throughout the second half, JUGi won a majority of his duels on entry kills that allowed his team to secure several bombsites. With the economy secure and a massive lead ahead of HellRaisers, JUGi finished Mirage with a 16-8 win. Game 2 JUGi had an active first half with several bomb plants and post-plant holds in a tight race to the half. Starting from an 8-7 deficit, JUGi had a slow start on the defense but managed to snipe down HellRaisers on the slow climb back into the game where he edged a 16-14 finish on Overpass, posting a 22/21 KD and 69.6 ADR.
Entry-frag king in Game 2
August 23, 2017
MODDII earned a solid 40/30 KD on Tuesday in ESL Pro League Season 6 with a 2-0 win over HellRaisers.
Game 1 MODDII had a quick 4-0 lead, holding off HellRaisers even before the team could enter a bombsite. However, once his opponents managed to break through, MODDII was on the other side holding off the offense with several holds on the B- and A-bombsite. His consistent defensive plays helped the team to hold onto a massive lead, finishing the first half up 10-5. In the second half, MODDII picked up several entry kills with his team behind him to clean up the rest. Each round was won thanks to his quick entries that claimed Mirage 16-8, posting a 19/11 KD and 83.0 ADR. Game 2 MODDII was on a rampage with the opening entry kills primarily on the B-bombsite despite the slow start. He also contributed to a few bomb plants to help the economy, as both teams were neck and neck until HellRaisers took the lead 8-7. MODDII's defense in the second half had another slow start but then rallied back with several key retakes to edge Overpass 16-14.
Snaps back into action
August 23, 2017
Snappi combined for a 39/32 KD on Tuesday with a win over HellRaisers 2-0 in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Snappi got the defense going in the first half of Game 1 with key holds on the B-bombsite early on to secure a 4-0 start. Throughout the first half, Snappi continued to passively hold onto the B-bombsite, but also played aggressively on the anti-ecos, which paid off with economic stability. His consistency turned into a big 10-5 lead going into the second. During the second half, Snappi contributed mostly to securing bomb plants early on to keep the economy stable while HellRaisers slowly started to fight back; however, they came up short of a win as Snappi earned an 18/12 KD and an 83.8 ADR during the 16-8 Mirage win. Game 2 Snappi was another offensive member with several entry kills in the first half as well as a couple of bomb plants to secure much-needed rounds. The neck-and-neck battle ended with Snappi taking an 8-7 deficit into the second half, but a quiet start had some effect on the team early on. However, Heroic ultimately managed to hold off HellRaisers for a 16-14 win on Overpass.
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Heroic release valde
July 18, 2017
Valdemar "valde" Bjorn Vangsa has announced that he is no longer under contract under Heroic.
Earlier this year the 22-year-old expressed his uncertainty about his future on Heroic as a result in being benched ahead of the Closed qualifier for ESL One Cologne. During that time, Heroic revealed that it would help the young player find a new team while under contract. However, according to a tweet from valde, he is now free to join another team without negotiations including Heroic. valde has released contact information regarding any inquiries as the young promising Nordic player find a new home.