Joins Valiance as coach
June 16, 2018
kassad has been hired to coach Valiance's CS:GO team, the Serbian organization announced.
The 31-year-old had been on the lookout for a new home after parting ways with Renegades last month. kassad helped Renegades place first at two Asia Minors and at the StarLadder i-League Invitational #2. Leaving Renegades, kassad will be reunited with emi and LETN1, with whom he attended IeSF World Championship 2016, placing top-eight at the event.
Unable to break out in the second half
April 19, 2018
huNter posted a 14/18 KD on Wednesday in the 16-4 loss to SK Gaming in the Group B elimination match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The Group B elimination match started rather slow for huNter and co. as their T-side was dominated by the defense of SK Gaming, who went on to secure a 6-0 lead. huNter managed to contest and helped secure two rounds before SK responded with a 13-2 lead at the half. A new slate in the second half gave huNter and his men the confidence to get back on their feet by securing the second pistol and the following anti-eco, but it wasn't enough as SK returned with three straight to secure the match.
Unable to clinch Mirage
April 18, 2018
huNter posted a 24/16 KD on Wednesday in the 16-13 loss to mousesports in Group B at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The group stage began with a dismal turn of events as huNter and his team faced a tough 7-0 deficit. Able to earn a couple of rounds before ending the half 13-2, huNter went into the second half to aggressively get the triple-kill entry into the A-bombsite to secure the second pistol round. This triggered the T-side to pull together a massive second-half comeback with 11 rounds on the board, thanks to huNter's Round 21 triple entry kill into the B-bombsite and his fantastic Round 23 flank to catch mouz off guard. Unfortunately, huNter fell short in the remaining three rounds as mouz went on to secure their win.
Cut short of a comeback
April 18, 2018
emi collected a 22/19 KD on Wednesday in a 16-13 loss to mousesports in Group B at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
emi experienced a rather tough beginning through Valiance's opener on Mirage, faced with a 7-0 deficit right out of the gates. emi helped string together the only two rounds he and his team could achieve through the first half. However, the second half was a different story, as emi was rock solid on the T-side to get the entry-kills and secure map control for 11 rounds to tie the game 13-13. Unfortunately, his run with mouz came to an end as his 81.0 ADR was not enough to help secure the win.
Falls short in second half
April 18, 2018
LETN1 posted a 21/22 KD on Wednesday in a 16-13 loss to mousesports in Group B at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
LETN1 group stage began with a tough start on the CT-side of Mirage as mousesports opened up the half with a 7-0 lead. The two teams then traded rounds, as LETN1 was one of the heroes to clinch one of their two rounds with a triple-kill hold on the B-bombsite. Mouz went on to secure the 13-2 half, but LETN1 and co. marched through the second half on the T-side to secure 11 straight, during which LETN1 made up for a two-man deficit with a triple post-plant hold on the B-bombsite. With no luck on his side, unfortunately, LETN1 still could not come out on top to secure the win in the remaining three rounds.
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Finalizes Qi Invitational list
April 21, 2018
Valiance will join Imperial as the final two teams to finalize the eight-team list for the Qi Invitational, according to a report from
Valiance will attend the Qi Invitational shortly after competing at DreamHack Masters Marseille, where they went out after just two matches following defeats to mousesports and SK Gaming. The news comes as the tournament organizers were looking ot invite a fourth Asian team but due to Flash and VICI Gaming forming a new roster, the tournament organizers were forced to fill the void with a last-minute replacement in Europe. The Serbian-based team will be playing on home soil at a studio in Belgrade, Serbia where the Qi Invitational will take place from April 24-26.