The International 7
KeyArena, Seattle
With a prize pool that will certainly inch closer to $30 million as the tournament grows ever closer, The International 2017 will once again be a spectacle to behold.

Event Dates:
August 2, 2017 through August 12, 2017

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Moves to Mineski
August 16, 2017
A tweet by Mineski's manager has confirmed that Jabz will be joining the team for the upcoming season.
Along with his teammate from Faceless, iceiceice, Jabz will be playing in the new Mineski roster this season. Jabz and Faceless found mixed success, often dominating within the SEA region but failing to deliver the same results in international competition. This new Mineski roster is another superstar lineup, and it remains to be seen if the players can overcome their shaky histories.
Hungry for the Aegis
August 12, 2017
Miracle dominated Maybe and LGD in Team Liquid's victory in The International 2017. The superstar finished with a KDA of 19/2/11.
Miracle's Morphling in the opener caught LGD by surprise and he was catalyst in the win. He outfarmed Maybe early on and his illusion usage was spot on as he baited out big ultimates from LGD twice in the match. 704 gold per minute? Too easy for M-God. In Game 2, Miracle went with a safelane Huskar. His farm was insane and his rotations always bore fruit. He racked up 10 kills and his only death made space for MATUMBAMAN to take a set of barracks for their side.
Complimented his team very well
August 12, 2017
Mind_Control was on his usual impactful self in Team Liquid's win over LGD in The International 2017. The soft-spoken offlaner finished with a KDA of 8/6/21.
Mind_Control kicked off the series with Dark Seer in the offlane. Mind_Control found the early farm and got a Mekansm and Blink Dagger by 20 minutes. His Surges helped his teammates out of a pinch and his Vacuums set up his team very well in the one-sided affair. In Game 2, he tried his luck with Venomancer. He was forced to jungle early so his farm wouldn't suffer. He rotated well even if he jungled as he accumulated the second most hero damage done in his team.
Beats his own Broodmother record
August 12, 2017
MATUMBAMAN had a great series as Team Liquid eliminate LGD in The International 2017. The Finnish carry finished with a KDA of 10/5/13.
MATUMBAMAN went with his Necrophos, unbeaten for him at TI7, in the opening game of the series. Despite being ganked and killed many times early on, he bounced back after getting his 14-minute Veil of Discord. In Game 2, he was on his signature Broodmother mid. He rushed Desolator and got it at a record nine minutes in, beating his previous record in the process. While Miracle was making space, he always went for objectives, which kept LGD on the back foot all game long.
Perfect rotations from Liquid support
August 12, 2017
gh rotated perfectly for Team Liquid against LGD in The International 2017. The star support finished with a KDA of 6/5/23.
gh was rocking it on the Earthshaker in both games of the series. He was constantly on the lookout to make things for his team in the early game. His efforts were not in vain as his Fissures were simply on point. He even found a four-man Fissure early on in Game 1. His Blink Dagger timings were also not far apart for both games as he acquired them shortly after the 15-minute mark.
Erratic played doomed LGD's chances
August 12, 2017
Victoria's early game play was erratic in LGD's sweep against Team Liquid in The International 2017. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 5/10/11.
Victoria forced the issue with Kunkka in both games of the series. In Game 1, his rotations turned out very well as he found himself a three-minute Arcane Boots But his efficiency fell off very quickly as Liquid adjusted. In Game 2, he tried his antics again with no success. Liquid were more than ready for the trick once more as he failed to pick up a single kill. He only reached level 7 in the 25-minute game.
Outdueled and outclassed
August 12, 2017
Maybe was schooled by Miracle and Team Liquid in the International 2017. The prolific midlaner finished with a KDA of 5/11/6.
Rarely do you see Maybe struggle in a series, but Team Liquid were too much for LGD's star player. In the opening game, Maybe's Mirana just couldn't hit the mark. His Sacred Arrows were missing and his damage output was sorely missing in the lopsided lost. In Game 2, he went with the unorthodox safe lane Death Prophet. His level progression was slow because of the lane and he had to buy too many defensive items that he never really became a threat.
Good Magnus, underwhelming Batrider
August 12, 2017
Eleven had some good plays in LGD's lost to Team Liquid in The International 2017. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 5/9/6.
Eleven kicked off the series with Magnus in the offlane. He got a 14-minute Blink Dagger despite a less than desirable start. He landed some good Reverse Polarities that unfortunately lacked follow-up. Eleven also had one commendable Aegis steal that gave his team some breathing room. In Game 2, his Batrider was less effective even with an earlier Blink Dagger timing. He was caught out position at times and his Flaming Lassos weren't very impactful.
Couldn't handle Liquid supremacy
August 12, 2017
Ame was the lone spark for LGD as they bow out of the International 2017 against Team Liquid. The carry finished with a KDA of 5/5/8.
Ame was the only player on LGD with a positive KDA and a plus-400 gold per minute stat line. In Game 1, his Phantom Assassin never really got going. He didn't get any early kills to help him snowball. He managed to get his items at a decent time, but Liquid were too prepared against the PA. In Game 2, Ame went with the carry Timbersaw. This game turned out better for him as he farmed a 14-minute Bloodstone and he dished out a good amount of damage. He picked up two kills and only died once despite the lopsided game.
Heroic performance in sweep
August 10, 2017
Super is the glue guy for LFY and did all the right things for his team in their series against Virtus Pro. The veteran mid laner finished with a KDA of 16/7/22.
His numbers actually went up in the series, but he didn't necessarily do anything mind boggling. His opening game on Death Prophet was a walk in the park for him. He farmed well and pushed whenever Exorcism was available. He was only killed once and he rarely made mistakes in the game. In Game 2, he was on the niche pick Pugna. Despite the hero's win rate dropping at TI7, Super still made it work by taking advantage of the opportunities given to him. He overstayed his welcome at times and was picked off, but he against generally made good plays for his team as he racked up 13 kills.