Saahil Arora 
United States
Forward Gaming
Early exit from TI8
August 20, 2018
Universe tried his hardest but couldn't carry on his own against Serenity at The International 8. He finished with a 7/4/10 KDA.
Universe played well on Mirana all game but couldn't do enough by himself to pull the rest of his team out of the hole they were playing from. He had the most success of anyone on Fnatic by far, actually managing to find kills and deal good damage in fights. This loss eliminated Fnatic from competition in 13th-16th place.
A heroic effort amounts to nothing in both games
August 18, 2018
Universe had a rough time in both games of a 2-0 loss to Evil Geniuses in the group stages of The International 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 14/10/17.
In Game 1 Universe played Pugna. His positioning was pretty good all game, but he couldn't keep EG's heroes off of him forever. If he couldn't escape during the duration of Decrepify, there was no chance for Universe to live through getting focused. He finished with an 8/4/9 KDA. In Game 2 Universe played Legion Commander. He had a decent early game but just couldn't do enough to stop the EG menace from swallowing up Fnatic. He soon stopping winning Duels and became afraid to even use the spell outside his own base. He finished with a 6/6/8 KDA.
Snatches two games from the edge of defeat
July 29, 2018
Universe played a solid series in Fnatic's 2-0 win over VGJ.Storm at the Summit 9. He finished with an overall KDA of 16/12/21 on Tiny.
In Game 1 he did a very good job initiating for Fnatic, although he did end up getting killed often in fights. His deaths created a lot of space for EternaLEnVy and Abed though which allowed Fnatic to hold out and come back to secure the win. He finished with a 7/6/11 KDA. Universe delivered a repeat of his Game 1 performance in Game 2, once again helping Fnatic to pull a win seemingly out of nowhere in the late-game. He finished with a 9/6/10 KDA.
Untouchable on his Enchantress
July 25, 2018
Universe played a well-rounded series for Fnatic in their draw against OpTic. The veteran offlaner finished with a KDA of 14/9/13.
In Game 1, Universe kicked off the series in explosive fashion with a dominant Enchantress game. He gave Pajkatt's Bristleback a lot of problems early on. He single-handedly made so much space for Fnatic with his early-game shenanigans that Abed and EternalEnvy managed to farm in peace. Universe played Pugna in Game 2 of the series. His slow start against 33's Phoenix was fixed with the help of DJ's Dark Willow. With his team falling behind too fast, Universe never got to dictate the tempo of the game.
Tough times in the offlane
May 26, 2018
Universe had a rough series in a 2-1 loss to Optic at ESL Birmingham. He finished with a 13/10/31 overall KDA.
In Game 1 Universe played Axe. He had a rough time initiating for Fnatic against all the AoE damage and control on Optic. Even after a nice laning phase, Universe didn't have the gold or level lead he needed to blink into the Optic lineup. He finished with a 2/4/5 KDA. Universe played a fantastic Night Stalker in Game 2. After getting a completely free lane, he started moving around the map ruthlessly pressuring Optic. Even if he didn't get a kill, Universe was constantly forcing Optic to react to him and giving Fnatic the edge. He finished with a 7/0/13 KDA. In Game 3 Universe had a rough time on Batrider. He had a lot of work to do as Fnatic's primary initiation and couldn't deliver. He played well, but Fnatic needed him to hit every Lasso without fail. He finished with a 4/6/13 KDA.
Gets revenge on his former team
May 23, 2018
Universe took down his old friends as Fnatic defeated Evil Geniuses 1-0 in the group stage of ESL One Birmingham. Universe finished with a 6/2/12 KDA.
This was a big match for Universe. After parting ways with EG months ago, the move still feels fresh as he was a pillar of EG DotA for so long. Although it doesn't seem there are any hard feelings, everybody still wants to beat their ex. Universe lived up to the challenge and had the best game of any Fnatic member. This should give Uni and his team some solid momentum.
Low impact series from Fnatic's offlane
May 12, 2018
Universe had a poor showing in a 0-2 loss to VGJ.Storm at GESC Thailand. He finished with an overall KDA of 2/11/6.
In Game 1 Universe had a rough time on Abaddon. He was constantly putting himself into dangerous situations to try and create space for his team, but this didn't pan out for Fnatic. After a very poor lane phase for all of Fnatic, Universe struggled greatly to try and keep his teammates alive in fights but it was futile in the end. He finished with a 1/5/2 KDA. Universe was practically non-existent in Game 2 on Doom. His presence in fights was almost completely negligible even when he got Doom off, and he died in almost every engagement of the game. He finished with a 1/6/4 KDA.
Proves his worth against former team
May 10, 2018
Universe had his usual quiet-but-effective performance for Fnatic at GESC Thailand. The veteran offlaner finished with a KDA of 1/4/19.
Universe played Dark Seer in the offlane against the boys in blue. He was zoned out by Misery often and had to rely on Ion Shell to get his farm. Uni still managed to get a 10-minute Helm of the Dominator and he single-handedly created problems for EG with his well-micro'd Ion Shell creep. He itemized pretty defensively, which always allowed him to get his combo off despite the four deaths.
Carries his team from the offlane
March 24, 2018
Universe played a great series in Fnatic's 2-0 win over Team Liquid at Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 9. He finished with an overall KDA of 11/3/36.
In Game 1 Universe played a fantastic Underlord. Throughout this entire game with a total of 65 overall kills, Universe didn't die a single time. Not only that, but he managed to do it while being the front line for Fnatic in every single fight. His positioning was incredible, letting him provide a strong, stable anchor for his team to play around. He finished with a 9/0/21 KDA. In Game 2 Universe played Abaddon, once again taking up the role of the team's rock. He did end up dying a few times in this game, but his performance was once again a huge part of Fnatic's win. His aggression in fights created lots of space for his teammates, especially EternaLEnVy's Lycan. Universe finished with a 2/3/15 KDA.
Did little to help the Fnatic cause
February 25, 2018
Universe couldn't do much against Virtus Pro's aggression as Fnatic fall in the semifinals of ESL One Katowice 2018, finishing with a KDA of 5/9/12.
Universe failed to make use of the farm priority that Fnatic gave him in the laning stage of the series opener. His Beastmaster never really amounted to much in helping Abed get his farming space. In Game 2, he played Underlord but failed to recapture his heroics in their series against Team Secret.
Free Agent
Joins Fnatic
January 13, 2018
In a release on its website, Fnatic announced that Universe would be joining the team to replace Ohaiyo in the offlane.
Apart from a brief stint in Team Secret, Universe spent the large majority of his Dota 2 career playing for Evil Geniuses until he announced his departure from the team in December of 2017. This is a large move for the talented American offlaner, but should bring some desperately needed stability to a talented, yet erratic, Fnatic roster.
Free Agent
Parts ways with Evil Geniuses
December 20, 2017
In a surprising move today, Evil Geniuses announced on its website that Universe would be leaving the team.
Universe has played for EG throughout almost the entirety of his Dota career. Apart from a brief stint on Quantic Gaming in 2013, Universe had five years as a part of the squad before today. This roster move comes after a disappointing end to 2017. The team's highest placement was third at the Dreamleague Season 8 Major, a marked disappointment compared to what EG fans had become used to in the past. For Universe, this doesn't look like the end. He almost immediately tweeted 'LFT,' or looking for team, after the official EG announcement was made.
Summit 8 run ends in a rough loss
December 16, 2017
Universe finished with an overall KDA of 5/8/12 in a rough 0-2 loss to OG at the Summit 8.
In Game 1 Universe played Tidehunter but had a very tough time using his Ravage to start good fights. OG got too much of a lead in the lane phase, and Universe was unable to get in position for Ravage to hit the right heroes. He finished with a 3/5/7 KDA. In Game 2 Universe played Faceless Void but was greeted by the same problems that hounded him in Game 1. He was constantly foiled by either s4's Omniknight or Resolut1on's Arc Warden when trying to use Chronosphere, which left the EG teamfight with nothing to stand on. He finished with a 2/3/5 KDA.
Very impressive Legion Commander game to open the series
December 14, 2017
Universe finished with an overall KDA of 17/7/34 across a 2-1 series vs compLexity at the Summit 8.
In Game 1 Universe played an explosive Legion Commander. After a brief early lull, Universe started to rocket up his damage and net worth through Duel kills. By the end of EG's 38-minute win, Universe had acquired 90 bonus damage and 10 kills. He finished with a 10/3/13 KDA. In Game 2 Universe played Abaddon. This wasn't a very exciting game, like Game 1, but Universe played it just as well. After giving up first blood he didn't die a single time, and was able to keep him team in fighting shape through a lot of damage. He finished with a 2/1/17 KDA. In Game 3 Universe played Underlord. He was pretty ineffective all game apart from a few nice saves with his ultimate. He wasn't ever able to get into effective range of compLexity's ranged heroes, and found himself struggling to have any effect. He finished with a 5/3/4 KDA.
Plays well in losing effort
December 13, 2017
Universe gave it his all as Evil Geniuses lost to Team Kinguin 2-1 in the Group Stages of The Summit 8. Universe finished with a 10/9/41 KDA in the series.
As one of the best players in the game, Universe is consistently putting up great performances. This was no exception, except it just wasn't enough. Oddly enough, Universe's worst game came in EG's one win, showing that Universe is great at playing in the clutch and willing his team to victory. This will be a tough one to swallow as EG seemed to throw Game 3 late and lose the series. Universe looked great on Elder Titan and Batrider, still showing that he is one of the best.
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