Peter Dager 
United States
OpTic Gaming
First Major with Optic off to a rough start
February 20, 2018
ppd finished with a 1/4/4 KDA in a loss to Virtus.pro at ESL One Katowice.
ppd played Chen, getting Optic off to a very strong start against Virtus.pro put failing to follow through on it. A poor fight followed by a disastrous one at Roshan threw away a lead of nearly seven thousand gold and all of Optic's momentum. They were unable to recover, losing in a swift throne push by Virtus.pro after another lost fight.
Bitter loss to rival complexity
December 16, 2017
ppd had a tough series in Optic's 1-2 loss to complexity at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/15/28.
While ppd certainly played well on Winter Wyvern in Game 1, a huge part of Optic's win came from his overall drafting. In particular, the last two picks of Batrider and Phantom Lancer were incredibly hard counters to complexity's immobile draft. ppd's Wyvern was just the cherry on top that ensured teamfights for Optic. He finished with a 1/2/10 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Witch Doctor, but he couldn't deliver nearly as impactful a performance as in Game 1. He finished with a 5/7/7 KDA. In Game 3 ppd played Ancient Apparition in what was a rough game for ppd and Optic. They felt pressured into getting a Divine Rapier on Pajkatt's Gryocopter, but almost immediately lost it to complexity. With the Rapier gone, there was little ppd could do to recover it. He finished with a 2/6/11 KDA.
Leads Optic to three quick wins
December 14, 2017
ppd showed off some textbook position-five captaining in three wins vs LGD at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/13/31.
In Game 1 ppd played a textbook Ogre Magi. He ran around the map helping his cores with their lanes, and transitioned into spamming Bloodlust on his teammates. He finished with a 0/4/5 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Ancient Apparition. His performance was very similar to Game 1, just with more kill participation thanks to Ice Blast. He finished with a 6/5/15 KDA. ppd played Ogre Magi again in Game 3, leading Optic to a very convincing series win against a weak LGD opponent. He essentially played another game just like Game 1, with a lot of focus on stacking Bloodlust with other auras and grouping up his teammates to push and fight. With their aura advantage, Optic were able to force down LGD. He finished Game 3 with a 2/4/11 KDA.
Will captain OpTic Gaming
September 26, 2017
In an announcement on OpTic Gaming's Twitter, Ppd will be part of the organization's first foray in Dota 2.
The Dota 2 world was sad to see ppd retire and assume his role as CEO of Evil Geniuses. But his competitive fire has no waned as ppd is back under yet another big name organization with OpTic Gaming. Known as one of the best drafters and in-game shot callers, ppd is looking like the right man for the job.
Free Agent
A true return
September 5, 2017
PPD was amongst many old faces on the roster announced on Twitter by Ludwig 'Zai' Wahlberg on Tuesday.
After building a casual team known as WanteD last year, PPD decided that he simply couldn't stay away from Dota2. He stepped down as CEO of Evil Geniuses at the same time that Zai left the squad to become the captain of this new, yet to be named, squad. PPD is one of the best captains to have ever played the game and expectations will be high for his team in the upcoming season.
Returns to the professional spotlight with impressive win
February 3, 2017
ppd played a solid series in WanteD's 2-1 win over Digital Chaos in the DAC 2017 regional qualifiers. He finished with a 12/22/47 overall KDA.
In Game 1 ppd played Rubick. He got some nice kills in the early game, but WanteD failed to get enough of a lead to handle the double threat of Meepo and Luna from DC. In the end ppd ended up being an easy kill in every fight, unable to get much done with his spells. He finished with a 7/10/12 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Ogre Magi. The life of Ogre Magi is seldom glamorous, and this game was no exception. Fortunately, ppd is probably the most capable player on heroes like that. He did a nice job roaming around the map early, and was a disruptive force in fights later on. His Bloodlust on Chessie's Luna was also a massive boost to WanteD's damage. ppd finished with a 3/9/19 KDA. In Game 3 ppd played Shadow Demon. This time ppd had more of a chance to show off his reaction time and decision making with Disruption. Along with QO's Outworld Devourer, WanteD had two powerful save heroes. They were able to limit DC to a measly six kills throughout the entire game. ppd finished with a 2/3/16 KDA.
Free Agent
Moving to a management position
September 15, 2016
According to the team's press release, ppd will be stepping down from his role as a player and captain for Evil Geniuses.
Although he was previously removed from the team's roster on Valve's major registration website, ppd's role in the new Evil Geniuses was made public today. According to the press release, ppd will be assuming a business management role within Evil Geniuses. Whether this is the true end of ppd's playing career remains to be seen, but either way his time spent with Evil Geniuses marks him as one of the most successful Dota 2 captains and players of all time.
Free Agent
ppd removed from Evil Geniuses
September 4, 2016
According to the Valve major registration website, ppd has been released from Evil Geniuses as of Sat.
ppd spent almost his entire Dota 2 career playing under the Evil Geniuses banner. He joined the team in Feb. of 2014, completely turning around the Evil Geniuses brand. Under ppd's leadership, the team would go from a running joke to a serious top contender. ppd capped this off by securing a win at The International 5, and a spot on the Aegis of Champions. Most recently, ppd and Evil Geniuses finished third at The International 6.
Team captain has slow start in 1-2 loss
August 15, 2016
The Evil Geniuses' captain didn't have the greatest start against Digital Chaos. In Game 2, ppd was able to start having stronger performance, but unfortunately ended the series in a 1-2 loss. He had a combined 5/17/31 KDA.
In Game 1, ppd's Shadow Demon didn't have much success, if any. In the bottom off lane, he supported zai's Kunkka. Nobody on Evil Geniuses seemed to be able to withstand Digital Chaos's strong play. ppd was no exception, ending the game with a 0/8/7 KDA. Moving to Dazzle in Game 2, things turned around for both ppd and all of Evil Geniuses. With a 2/5/11 KDA, he also racked up 7,500 hero healing. With strong support play, he enabled Fear's Sven and SumaiL's Medusa to carry the game. While Digital Chaos had a lead for the majority of the game, Evil Geniuses was able to come back and snowball a quick victory. Going into Game 3, ppd once was put on Dazzle. Game 3 was do or die both teams and Evil Geniuses unfortunately died. ppd was able to keep a strong scoreline having a 3/4/13 KDA and 11,200 hero healing. Digital Chaos just had gained too much of a lead. Evil Geniuses mounted a bit of a comeback, but after a team-kill at 47 minutes, Digital Chaos closed out the game and the series. ppd should be proud of his performance at The International 6. Evil Geniuses got third place and brought home just under $2.2 million dollars.
Evil Geniuses captain has strong showing in 2-0 victory
August 11, 2016
In an unbelievable Game 1, ppd led Evil Geniuses to an incredible victory. They were able to keep that momentum up and snowball the series 2-0. ppd finished the series with a combined 8/15/45 KDA.
Game 1 of the Evil Geniuses vs EHOME series may be the most memorable game of The International 6 so far. ppd played Ancient Apparition in the bottom safe lane. In a high-kill game, ppd had a 4/10/28 KDA and helped his team in a comeback victory. At one point the boys in blue were down by almost 20,000 gold. During the game, Evil Geniuses actually never had a gold lead, even when they won. With the only structure on the map left for Evil Geniuses being one Ancient tower, they got a few key kills and stormed down the middle lane to win the game. Coming off of that rush, ppd got a priority pick onto Shadow Demon. In a much less eventful game, he racked up a 4/5/17 KDA. Alongside his 3,000 hero healing and 1,300 tower damage, ppd had a strong showing on the back of SumaiL's Medusa, Evil Geniuses took the game and the series. Evil Geniuses will be playing Wings Gaming in the winner's bracket finals, and they should feel confident going into the series as they just 2-0'd the number one seed. They play on Friday, Aug. 12.
Didn't show off his best stuff in the series split
August 7, 2016
ppd wasn't able to put together his usual strong series play as Evil Geniuses split the series 1-1 with LGD Gaming in Day 3 of Group Stages of The International 6. ppd finished with a 1/13/22 KDA and destroyed a barracks in the series.
ppd was not able to find a kill in Game 1, but played slow and steady to weather the swings of Game 1. He was picked off a couple times, leading his EG with four deaths, but his teammates helped him out to grab the win. In Game 2, ppd again had trouble staying alive, leading the team with nine deaths. His teammates were not able to overcome it again as EG fell in Game 2 and ended up with a series split.
Way too much for Escape to handle
August 5, 2016
ppd played a phenomenal series to grab a quick 2-0 Evil Geniuses series win over Escape Gaming in Day 2 of Group Stages of The International 6. ppd finished with a 6/2/21 KDA and destroyed a tower in the series.
ppd, both on Dazzle and Chen, played perfectly. His spotless 4/0/13 KDA in Game 1 forced a 24-minute surrender from Escape, as it was clear who the better team was. Game 2, ppd died twice, but not from making a recognizable mistake. There really was not anything about his game that needed improving from this series, but with how good EG is as a team, they will find a way to get even better.
Largely passive performance against Wings ends in tie
August 3, 2016
ppd came away from EG's very close tie against Wings with a 2/11/28 KDA.
ppd would take Dazzle into Game 1 against Wings, and the pick would get punished hard early, as he was caught constantly while rotating and had very little impact on the early game aside from feeding Wings. Fortunately, that didn't stop him from casting Shallow Grave on SumaiL during every fight, which was all that was asked of him during EG's Win/Loss. His impact in the second game would be extremely similar, as his Ogre Magi proved to have a similarly linear style. He Bloodlusted his carries and stunned anything in front of him, which proved to be enough to take the game and tie up the series.
Strong showing ends in a disheartening loss for Evil Geniuses
July 25, 2016
The Evil Geniuses captain had a strong series until the deciding match against F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in their 1-2 loss. ppd's overall KDA of 10/14/33 wasn't the team's largest problem, but through the combination of faults, Evil Geniuses were eliminated from the StarLadder iLeague Season 2 Finals.
In Game 1, ppd played Shadow Demon to strong success. Getting a priority pick, Evil Geniuses hoped that this would put them in a good spot to continue their tournament dreams. With a 2/3/9 KDA, it looked like Evil Geniuses were going to take Game 1 for a majority of the battle. After being ahead for 33 minutes, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was able to swing the lead in their favor and win five minutes after. After an overall strong showing in Game 1, ppd was put on Shadow Demon in Game 2. After a contentious 25 minutes, with neither team getting a gold lead of 1,100 or more, ppd and the boys in blue were able to take the lead. After 18 minutes they were able to force F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to call "GG," sending it to Game 3. ppd finished Game 2 with a 6/4/17 KDA and 2,900 hero healing. During the 48 minute deciding match, ppd played Witch Doctor after F.R.I.E.N.D.S. took Shadow Demon as their first pick. Just like in Games 2 and 3, it was a close game. Evil Geniuses actually had a strong gold lead at two points, largely caused by Sumail's Mirana. Unfortunately they were unable to keep their lead and after 45 minutes and a few ppd deaths, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. took the series and the match. ppd didn't have his best showing, finishing at just 2/7/7. While other teams are preparing for The International 6, ppd will need to take a look at his team and how he can better lead them if they hope to make a run for the title of world champions.
Captain unable to lead Evil Geniuses to victory
July 24, 2016
In the one-sided match between Evil Geniuses and Na'Vi, ppd was unable to give his team the tools to win. Losing 0-2 with a combined game time of 43:56, Evil Geniuses looked outclassed on all fronts. ppd was unable to rally his team, ending the series at a 6/10/8 KDA.
Things didn't seem to pan out for Evil Geniuses and their captain, ppd, was not immune to their downfall. While they did not have a strong performance as a squad, ppd did seem to have an average showing. In Game 1, ppd brought Crystal Maiden to the top safe lane, supporting Fear's Drow Ranger. With a 6/7/4 KDA, maybe Fear and ppd should have switched roles. ppd did more hero damage (5,800) as the five position player than the one position player. Na'Vi was unrelenting as they kept a gold lead for the 28-minute beat down. After calling an early "GG" to keep their heads up and not focus too much on the loss, Evil Geniuses went into Game 2. ppd brought Vengeful Spirit to the top safe lane to little success. One disappointing fact for Evil Geniuses was that ppd's 0/3/4 KDA actually looked impressive compared to the rest of the team. Evil Geniuses was dismantled in the 15-minute stomp, forcing them into the lower bracket. ppd will be leading the boys in blue against Team Secret and hopefully he can raise team morale in order to keep their tournament dreams alive.
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