Peter Dager 
United States
OpTic Gaming
TI hopes shot down with top six finish
June 9, 2018
ppd finished with a 1/25/16 KDA in a 2-0 loss to Virtus.pro at the China Supermajor.
ppd was the punching bag for Virtus.pro in Game 1. He got decent mileage from his spells in fights but ended up going down practically any time he was on the same screen as a Virtus.pro player. ppd finished with a 1/12/7 KDA. Game 2 was a similar affair for ppd, on Ogre Magi this time. There was a brief period where Optic held a small lead, but this was mostly just a repeat of the Game 1 domination Optic experienced. ppd finished with a 0/13/9 KDA.
Sweeps his old team 2-0
June 6, 2018
ppd finished with a 7/13/26 overall KDA in a convincing win vs Evil Geniuses at the China Supermajor.
ppd played a great Undying in Game 1. He was always able to get off some spells before going down, and his Tombstone was extremely powerful this game. He finished with a 1/8/13 KDA. ppd closed out the series with another good performance, on Jakiro this time. He played well with practically nothing in terms of net worth, getting a lot of mileage from his spells. He finished with a 6/5/13 KDA.
Takes Optic to the grand finals vs Virtus.pro
May 26, 2018
ppd played a good series against Fnatic at ESL Birmingham, taking it 2-1. He finished with an overall KDA of 5/17/26.
ppd played Tusk in Game 1. He did a nice job saving his team as well as chasing down kills with Snowball. ppd finished with a 2/2/11 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Jakiro, getting completely shut out by Fnatic. After assisting in getting first blood, things spiraled out of control for Optic. ppd finished with a 0/8/1 KDA. In Game 3 ppd played a nice Bane. Although he did die a lot, he played very well before going down. He was very good about making sure not to give away Fiend's Grip as an easy Spellsteal, making the game much harder for DJ's Rubick. ppd finished with a 3/7/14 KDA.
Smashed by Virtus.pro
May 24, 2018
ppd finished a one-sided loss to Virtus.pro at ESL Birmingham with a 1/8/4 KDA as Bounty Hunter.
ppd had a difficult early game, taking a very long time to hit level 6 and get access to Track. By that point, Virtus.pro had already taken total control of the game. ppd was able to get a couple nice Track kills, but by that point it was far too little and too late.
Shows off his chops in good series vs Mineski
May 23, 2018
ppd played well in a 2-1 win over Mineski at ESL Birmingham. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/34/49.
ppd played Bane in Game 1. He did well in lane but had a very rough time in the mid and late game. He was an easy target for Mineski all game, especially when standing still to channel his ultimate. ppd finished with a 2/12/10 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Bane again. This time his sacrificial deaths actually led to something, exposing the positive side of ppd's playstyle. He tanked a lot of ganks this game, but also created a huge amount of space for his cores. ppd was usually able to at least get some of his ultimate off in fights too. He finished with a 2/16/11 KDA. ppd played a very nice Undying in Game 3. He put on a huge amount of early pressure and was actually able to make himself transition into the later stages of the game by not giving up a lot of deaths. He even managed to finish up three items, a rare feat for ppd. He finished with a 3/6/28 KDA.
Major hopes cut short
April 24, 2018
ppd finished with a 0/20/19 overall KDA in a 2-0 loss to VGJ.Storm, eliminating Optic from the Supermajor qualifiers.
ppd got absolutely crushed on Bane in Game 1. He couldn't get much done in lane and going into the mid and late game he was almost completely useless. All it took was a sneeze from any of the VGJ.Storm cores and ppd went down. He finished with a 0/13/11 KDA. In Game 2 ppd had another rough game. He played Rubick this time, but outside of a couple a few nice steals of Repel he was very ineffective against VGJ.S. He finished with a 0/7/8 KDA.
Loses after giving up an early lead
March 30, 2018
ppd played Night Stalker in a loss to OG at DAC 2018. He finished with a 1/11/6 KDA.
He found some nice early kills against OG, but the advantage and map control gained from this was thrown away in a series of poor fights and pick-offs in the mid game. With his team's lead gone, ppd's early deaths and low gold came back to bite him.
Finally makes the playoffs of a Major with Optic
March 7, 2018
ppd played Witch Doctor in a convincing Optic win. He finished with a 4/3/14 KDA.
He went for the aggressive Maledict focused build that has been popular recently, using it to get Optic off to a nice early lead that they would ride until starting to snowball out of control. In fights ppd was positioned well enough to get some good use from his spells before dying or getting stunned.
Came up clutch when he was needed most
March 5, 2018
ppd did what was needed as OpTic Gaming defeated Virtus.Pro 1-0 in the group stage of The Bucharest Major. ppd finished with a 4/5/6 KDA.
Last we saw Virtus.Pro play a match, they were capturing the championship as ESL One Katowice. OpTic faced the tall tasks of taking on the hottest team in the world right off the bat in this one, but boy did they make it count. With the net worth drastically in favor of VP, OpTic was able to crack the game open, form a comeback and steal the win all in one swift move. Killing nine VP members in a three-minute span, ppd and OpTic closed the game right when they needed to.
First Major with Optic off to a rough start
February 20, 2018
ppd finished with a 1/4/4 KDA in a loss to Virtus.pro at ESL One Katowice.
ppd played Chen, getting Optic off to a very strong start against Virtus.pro put failing to follow through on it. A poor fight followed by a disastrous one at Roshan threw away a lead of nearly seven thousand gold and all of Optic's momentum. They were unable to recover, losing in a swift throne push by Virtus.pro after another lost fight.
Bitter loss to rival complexity
December 16, 2017
ppd had a tough series in Optic's 1-2 loss to complexity at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/15/28.
While ppd certainly played well on Winter Wyvern in Game 1, a huge part of Optic's win came from his overall drafting. In particular, the last two picks of Batrider and Phantom Lancer were incredibly hard counters to complexity's immobile draft. ppd's Wyvern was just the cherry on top that ensured teamfights for Optic. He finished with a 1/2/10 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Witch Doctor, but he couldn't deliver nearly as impactful a performance as in Game 1. He finished with a 5/7/7 KDA. In Game 3 ppd played Ancient Apparition in what was a rough game for ppd and Optic. They felt pressured into getting a Divine Rapier on Pajkatt's Gryocopter, but almost immediately lost it to complexity. With the Rapier gone, there was little ppd could do to recover it. He finished with a 2/6/11 KDA.
Leads Optic to three quick wins
December 14, 2017
ppd showed off some textbook position-five captaining in three wins vs LGD at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/13/31.
In Game 1 ppd played a textbook Ogre Magi. He ran around the map helping his cores with their lanes, and transitioned into spamming Bloodlust on his teammates. He finished with a 0/4/5 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Ancient Apparition. His performance was very similar to Game 1, just with more kill participation thanks to Ice Blast. He finished with a 6/5/15 KDA. ppd played Ogre Magi again in Game 3, leading Optic to a very convincing series win against a weak LGD opponent. He essentially played another game just like Game 1, with a lot of focus on stacking Bloodlust with other auras and grouping up his teammates to push and fight. With their aura advantage, Optic were able to force down LGD. He finished Game 3 with a 2/4/11 KDA.
Will captain OpTic Gaming
September 26, 2017
In an announcement on OpTic Gaming's Twitter, Ppd will be part of the organization's first foray in Dota 2.
The Dota 2 world was sad to see ppd retire and assume his role as CEO of Evil Geniuses. But his competitive fire has no waned as ppd is back under yet another big name organization with OpTic Gaming. Known as one of the best drafters and in-game shot callers, ppd is looking like the right man for the job.
Free Agent
A true return
September 5, 2017
PPD was amongst many old faces on the roster announced on Twitter by Ludwig 'Zai' Wahlberg on Tuesday.
After building a casual team known as WanteD last year, PPD decided that he simply couldn't stay away from Dota2. He stepped down as CEO of Evil Geniuses at the same time that Zai left the squad to become the captain of this new, yet to be named, squad. PPD is one of the best captains to have ever played the game and expectations will be high for his team in the upcoming season.
Returns to the professional spotlight with impressive win
February 3, 2017
ppd played a solid series in WanteD's 2-1 win over Digital Chaos in the DAC 2017 regional qualifiers. He finished with a 12/22/47 overall KDA.
In Game 1 ppd played Rubick. He got some nice kills in the early game, but WanteD failed to get enough of a lead to handle the double threat of Meepo and Luna from DC. In the end ppd ended up being an easy kill in every fight, unable to get much done with his spells. He finished with a 7/10/12 KDA. In Game 2 ppd played Ogre Magi. The life of Ogre Magi is seldom glamorous, and this game was no exception. Fortunately, ppd is probably the most capable player on heroes like that. He did a nice job roaming around the map early, and was a disruptive force in fights later on. His Bloodlust on Chessie's Luna was also a massive boost to WanteD's damage. ppd finished with a 3/9/19 KDA. In Game 3 ppd played Shadow Demon. This time ppd had more of a chance to show off his reaction time and decision making with Disruption. Along with QO's Outworld Devourer, WanteD had two powerful save heroes. They were able to limit DC to a measly six kills throughout the entire game. ppd finished with a 2/3/16 KDA.
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