Syed Sumail 
Evil Geniuses
Continues to struggle in offlane role
January 5, 2018
SumaiL finished with an overall KDA of 16/14/32 in a rough 1-2 loss to Team Secret at Captain's Draft 4.
In Game 1 SumaiL had a tough time on Pugna. He did some very good damage, both in fights and to buildings, but was ultimately too fragile to stand in fights against Secret's overwhelming area damage. There was a good mixture of magical and physical damage on Secret as well, rendering his Decrepify useless as a defensive tool. He finished with a 6/4/8 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Magnus, one of his favorite heroes from his time as a middle laner. His comfort on the hero really showed in this game. SumaiL's initiations were very good, and he did a great job beefing up Arteezy's Juggernaut for fights. He finished with a 3/3/10 KDA. In Game 3 SumaiL played Beastmaster. He did a nice job farming and made a couple of good plays, but this was an overall underwhelming performance from SumaiL. He finished with a 7/7/14 KDA.
Struggles in his offlane debut
January 4, 2018
SumaiL did not look comfortable yet as Evil Geniuses lost to compLexity Gaming in the Group Stages of Captain's Draft 4. SumaiL finished with a 3/7/4 KDA.
With the roster changes, SumaiL has to now get used to playing off lane instead of mid. This was a not great sign for the shift, as SumaiL played very poorly on Axe. We know SumaiL has a ridiculous amount of talent, but he will still need to make adjustments to make a new position work.
Big improvement for the newly transitioned offlaner
January 4, 2018
SumaiL finished with a 4/3/13 KDA in a solid performance vs Pain Gaming at Captain's Draft 4.
SumaiL played Beastmaster, greatly improving on his earlier offlane showing against compLexity. His positioning was, for the most part, very good this game. He was able to use his spells well, and stayed alive long enough for his attack-speed aura to have a big impact in fights.
Moving to offlane
December 20, 2017
SumaiL has struggled lately in the middle lane as the recent patch has changed the strength of the role. Seeking to create some results without disbanding, EG will make some role changes. SumaiL dominated the middle lane when he first broke onto the scene and will seek to do the same with less resources at his disposal in the offlane role.
Shut down by OG
December 16, 2017
SumaiL got manhandled in Evil Geniuses' 0-2 loss to OG at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/12/6.
SumaiL got off to a good start on his Razor in Game 1 but was brought to a quick stop as OG started to acquire their key items. He was unable to stay alive long enough in fights to leech the damage he needed, and it quickly became easy for OG to burst him down. SumaiL finished with a 7/7/3 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Medusa, but things didn't go much better at all for him. Despite the strengths of the hero, OG had no trouble bringing down SumaiL in fights. He was shut down so hard that he never made it to his plus-800 mana talent at level 20, which would have made him much tankier. SumaiL finished with a 1/5/3 KDA.
Lights out Tinker showing in Game 2
December 14, 2017
SumaiL played an impressive series overall against compLexity, finishing with an overall KDA of 22/6/25.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Medusa. It took him a while to bring himself online, but SumaiL managed to maintain Medusa's impressive winstreak so far at the Summit 8, bringing it to a total of five games. SumaiL made all the usual Medusa moves, and eventually was just too tanky for compLexity to bring down. He finished with a 4/1/13 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL crushed compLexity on Tinker. He went for a Dagon after getting Kaya and Boots of Travel, which let EG start fights with an instant kill on a compLexity hero. SumaiL also avoided giving away a massive gold and experience bounty with an ill-timed death, the downfall of many Tinker players. He finished with a 15/2/9 KDA. In Game 3 SumaiL played Medusa again, finally ending the Medusa winning spree. There were a few moments where it looked like SumaiL was going to be able to deal the damage EG needed, but a few close calls allowed compLexity to snowball beyond the point where SumaiL could hope to kill them. He finished with a 3/3/3 KDA.
Unable to recover from slow start
December 13, 2017
SumaiL came out of the gates slow as Evil Geniuses lost to Team Kinguin 2-1 in the Group Stages of The Summit 8. SumaiL finished with a 19/11/26 KDA in the series.
With Arteezy playing at his best, SumaiL seemed to be the force that can push EG over the edge to victory. Unfortunately SumaiL made some costly mistakes in Games 1 and 3, as his five deaths in each game proved very costly, with EG lost both games. We were able to see some vintage SumaiL in Game 2 as he went 11/1/6 on Timbersaw, he just needs to be more consistent.
Shows off his flexibility when focused
December 2, 2017
SumaiL took the back seat to Arteezy after getting heavily pressured in lane today in a 2-0 win over Na'Vi at the DreamLeague Season 8 Major. He finished with an overall KDA of 12/4/22.
In Game 1 SumaiL played an excellent Dragon Knight. He was a great front line for him teammates, and in addition to dealing a large amount of damage he allowed Arteezy to move around in fights with ease. Although not a flashy hero, SumaiL has been struggling recently so wins like this are a positive sign. He finished with a 6/1/10 KDA. SumaiL took Timbersaw to the middle lane in Game 2, but was greeted by an absolutely brutal Zeus and Undying dual lane. The first 10 minutes of the game were miserable for SumaiL, but by 25 minutes, SumaiL was back in the game with a Bloodstone and EG were on top. He finished the game with a 6/3/12 KDA.
Solid enough series from EG's middle lane
December 1, 2017
SumaiL finished with an overall KDA of 10/8/13 in a 2-0 win against Infamous.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Timbersaw. If he hadn't been playing so cocky, SumaiL probably would have finished this game without a single death. He played extremely well throughout most of the game, and when he actually respected the limits of his hero was unstoppable. He finished with a 5/4/4 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Medusa. Despite dying a few times, it always took massive investment from Infamous to actually bring him down. Also, while Infamous was committing onto SumaiL, the rest of EG and SumaiL were all dishing out their damage to Infamous. SumaiL finished with a 5/4/9 KDA.
Finds his groove
October 27, 2017
SumaiL finally came to life in the Evil Geniuses victory against Fnatic in ESL One Hamburg. The spitfire mid laner finished with a KDA of 16/3/15.
His Mirana in the first game of the series dominated Xcalibur early. His Sacred Arrows were connecting at crazy angles and Fnatic could not do anything about it. After getting a 13 minute Diffusal Blade, SumaiL just wreaked havoc on the Fnatic side on the way to his 13 kills and 644 gold per minute. In Game 2, his Bloodseeker wasn't as explosive. His three kills weren't mind-blowing but he made sure he made every Rupture count.
Far from his dominant self
October 22, 2017
SumaiL made some good plays against LGD in his team's loss at the PGL Minor. The young star finished with a KDA of 13/10/17.
SumaiL kicked off the series with Ember Spirit in the mid lane. He struggled laning against Maybe's Ursa as his Flame Guard did not protect him from Ursa's heavy physical damage. He rushed a 13-minute Boots of Travel to catch up for his bad early game. Sumail then followed it up with a 15-minute Veil of Discord. He picked up the most kills for his team in the opener but it was too late for EG. In Game 2, he went with his signature Storm Spirit. His early game went better this time around and he even had stacks to fall back on. His 15-minute Bloodstone was above average and his initiations were smooth. Unfortunately, LGD were way too prepared to play against Sumail's ever-popular hero.
Nearly 40 kills in an incredibly one-sided win
October 21, 2017
SumaiL finished with an overall KDA of 37/5/20 in Evil Geniuses' 2-0 win over VGJ.Thunder at the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Monkey King. He dominated this game thanks to setup from Cr1t and Fear. SumaiL's Wukong's Command almost did enough damage on its own to wipe VGJ by the end of the game. He was equally hard for VGJ to pin down, moving in and out of fights with Black King Bar and Tree Dance. He finished with a 20/5/8 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Visage. With the bonus damage from Arteezy's Drow Ranger, SumaiL absolutely dominated his lane in the early phases of the game. He continued this domination all the way to the victory screen, never giving VGJ a moment to catch their breath. He finished with an extremely impressive 17/0/12 KDA, a part of all but one of EG's 30 kills.
Rough series for Evil Geniuses' middle lane
October 20, 2017
SumaiL finished with an overall KDA of 16/14/10 in Evil Geniuses' 0-2 loss to Mineski in the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Mirana. SumaiL was the only hero on EG to have anything close to a good early-game, and his start wasn't even that great. He was involved in all 10 of EG's kills, but wasn't able to put out enough damage to stop the Mineski onslaught. He finished with a 7/4/3 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL played Necrophos. He got absolutely thrashed in lane and the early game. This put EG behind massively as the game went on. The game did extend to the point that SumaiL was able to catch up, but by then Mineski were well equipped to handle whatever he could throw at them. He finished with a 9/10/7 KDA.
Held back by hero choice in Game 2
October 20, 2017
SumaiL finished Evil Geniuses' 2-1 victory over VGJ Thunder during the group stages of the PGL Minor with a final KDA of 26/19/54
In Game 1, SumaiL's Bloodseeker dominated the game, creating plenty of space for his Lone Druid carry. Game 2 was a complete 180, as SumaiL's kill-less Jakiro couldn't have been more ineffective, losing his lane and the game along with it. Game 3, SumaiL's Sniper is likely what kept Evil Geniuses in the game. A hero with excellent high-ground defense, SumaIL's Sniper was able to keep VGJT at bay while his teammates wore them down in a one-and-a-half-hour decider game.
Flashy performance as Evil Geniuses asserts dominance vs VGJ.Storm
September 24, 2017
SumaiL finished with an overall KDA of 28/8/32 in Evil Geniuses' 3-0 win over VGJ.Storm in the grand finals of the ESL Hamburg Major NA qualifier.
In Game 1 SumaiL played Puck. He played a good game as EG's elusive initiator. He did lead his team in deaths, but with only three. He also led his team in damage done with 27,000. SumaiL finished with an 8/3/8 KDA. In Game 2 SumaiL took Nyx Assassin to the middle lane. A bit of a throwback to the old days of Dota, SumaiL made this pick work very well. Not only did he dominate his lane with help from Cr1t's Spirit Breaker, but SumaiL was a terror for the rest of the game. He finished with a 6/3/12 KDA. In Game 3 SumaiL played Ember Spirit. After such a commanding first two games, it seems fitting that SumaiL would dominate so hard in the final game. After winning his lane with help from Cr1t, SumaiL went on to terrorize VGJ. He finished with a 14/2/12 KDA.
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