Ludwig Wahlberg 
Evil Geniuses
Can't make use of extra space
July 6, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses' 1-0 loss to Newbee during the group stages of MDL 2017 with a final KDA of 6/9/21
zai played Venomancer as a support to Arteezy's Chaos Knight in the safe lane. Burdened by Newbee's aggressive tri lane, it was a miracle that zai found any farm. Though he made a late attempt to build himself into a fourth core hero, zai was unable to make the transition fast enough, and EG's highly experimental lineup earned the team a rough loss.
Tries to find an answer to Chaos Knight
July 6, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses' 1-0 victory over Vici Gaming during the group stages of MDL 2017 with a final KDA of 6/6/14.
Zai played a support Pugna in the safe lane with Arteezy's Venomancer. Unable to completely provide for Arteezy, zai did what he could to make the best of a bad situation. Although zai never finished his Aghanim's Scepter, he did a fair job of keeping his teammates from the clutches of Chaos Knight. Through use of Decrepify and Nether Blast, zai made some inroads to besting MDL's spotlight hero.
Drowns OG in Torrents
July 5, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses 1-0 win over OG during the group stages of MDL 2017 with a final KDA of 2/4/23.
Playing Kunkka to help SumaiL win the middle lane, zai was ruthlessly efficient. zai landed every single Ghostship he cast and averaged three heroes per Torrent on the way to a quick and merciless victory.
Apalling performance from EG's flamboyant support
June 11, 2017
Zai had a horrible series for Evil Geniuses as they were mostly powerless against Team Liquid in the Epicenter grand finals. The spitfire support player finished with a KDA of 4/25/30.
Zai's Kunkka was forgettable in Game 1. His rotations weren't amounting to anything and he died six times and ended with the lowest net worth by the end of the game. He switched over to Treant Protector in Game 2 and barely died. For a hero always deep within enemy lines, that is a formidable feat as he provided crucial crowd control and vision for his team. In Game 3 however, Zai churned out a completely different performance while still on the Treant Protector. Liquid learned their lesson and was ready for him as he died nine times. In the final game, Zai's deny pick Io worked terribly for his team. He wasn't on the offensive early and that really goes against the philosophy in picking the hero. His 197 gold per minute emphasized how little he was doing in the must-win match for EG.
Great performances in 2-0 sweep
June 9, 2017
zai played very well in Evil Geniuses' 2-0 victory against Clutch Gamers in Epicenter. He finished with a final KDA of 7/7/28.
zai played as a safe-lane Sand King in Game 1. This was a smart move, as he was up against an off-lane Broodmother from Clutch Gamers. Using his Caustic Finale, zai was able to capitalize on all the spiders in his lane, effectively stopping any sort of farm from the Broodmother. Since the rest of his team was easily handling Clutch Gamers, zai was able to farm silently throughout the game, eventually picking up a Radiance for a little more late-game security. In Game 2 zai went as Ancient Apparition. Working very well with his Earthshaker and Treant Protector, he had no issues landing perfect Ice Blasts that devastated Clutch Gamers, who had only one hero with a BKB all game. He ended this game with a KDA of 4/5/21, and dealt just under 10,000 damage.
Amazing series from Evil Geniuses support
June 7, 2017
zai was very impressive in Evil Geniuses' 2-0 win over on the final day of Epicenter group stages. He finished with an 11/5/15 overall KDA.
In Game 1 zai played Sand King support. He had an amazing start, picking up a Blink Dagger at 12 minutes. After this insanely quick Blink Dagger pickup, the rest of the game was no problem for zai. He finished with a 4/2/8 KDA. In Game 2 zai played Sand King again. This was another very impressive game for Evil Geniuses support. His Blink Dagger only came a minute later than in Game 1, and he was once again extremely good at using his spells in fights. zai finished with a 7/3/7 KDA.
Sets up the plays for EG
May 29, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses' 3-1 victory over Newbee during the Grand Finals of the Manila Masters with a final KDA of 10/22/63
In Game 1, zai played Clockwerk in the middle lane with SumaiL's Outworld Devourer. Being a constant nuisance to the enemy Sniper, zai used his cogs to trap enemies just long enough to net SumaiL the kill. In Game 2, zai played a roaming Windranger as Evil Geniuses attempted to force their way through Newbee before Naga Siren could come online. Evil Geniuses threw bodies against the towers of their enemy to no avail. In Game 3, zai played Enchantress. Launching missiles from afar, zai dealt 5.5k damage to the enemy structures. In Game 4, zai was a good laning presence and an even better team fighter. His Captain's Rum helped Arteezy's Bristleback stay alive even longer during the fights, helping to put Newbee away.
Delivers when it counts in a close win over Team NP
May 28, 2017
zai looked poor in Game 1, but came back in style to secure a win in Evil Geniuses 2-1 win over Team NP in the Manila Masters lower bracket final. He finished with an 11/21/49 overall KDA.
In Game 1 zai played Sand King support, and had a poor showing on the champion. He finished his Blink Dagger at 17 minutes, butthis wasn't enough to salvage Evil Geniuses' game. He finished with a 2/7/6 KDA. zai played Night Stalker support in Game 2. He was much more effective in this game, finishing up an Aghanim's Scepter by 25 minutes without a Hand of Midas. The vision advantage granted by zai was crucial to Evil Geniuses' ability to fight. His Crippling Fear silence was also extremely valuable for finding kills on Fata's Ember Spirit. zai finished with a 3/10/33 KDA. In Game 3, zai played Undying. Undying is historically one of his best heroes, but it's been over six months since he's played it. If this game is any indication, playing Undying for zai is like riding a bike. He didn't seem to miss a beat, always getting off his spells in a useful and effective way in fights. When he did die, it forced massive commitment from NP and usually lead to an overall gain for Evil Geniuses. zai finished with a 6/4/10 KDA.
Weak series from Evil Geniuses' support
May 26, 2017
zai had an underwhelming series in Evil Geniuses' 0-2 loss to Newbee at the Manila Masters. He finished with a 7/9/17 KDA.
zai played Tusk in Game 1. He made some nice moves in the early and mid game with Snowball saves on his teammates, but as Evil Geniuses started to lose control of the game, zai fell off dramatically. He ended the game with a 6/5/12 KDA. In Game 2 zai played Kunkka. Once again, zai made a few good moves in the early game, but things fell apart as the lane phase ended. He couldn't land any big combination plays with Universe's Dark Seer, and soon Evil Geniuses fell too far behind to fight into Newbee. He finished with a 1/4/5 KDA.
Worked best from the background in the loss
April 30, 2017
zai went down with his pride as Evil Geniuses lost 2-0 to OG in the semifinals of the Kiev Major. zai finished the series with a 6/13/30 KDA in the series.
zai is not the type of player that will put up gaudy kill numbers that jump off the page. In this series, however, he was able to rack up an impressive 30 assists in just two games. Although it was a surprising number to see in a losing effort, the numbers seem hollow as EG was swept 2-0. zai could not stay alive either as he was picked off 13 times. He played well on Io, but EG is disappointed with not ending the Kiev run with a title.
Evil Geniuses' support game falls flat
March 28, 2017
zai couldn't get anything going in Evil Geniuses' 0-2 loss to Invictus Gaming at the Dota 2 Asia Championships. He finished with a 12/6/21 KDA.
zai played Keeper of the Light in Game 1. He had an extremely uneventful and low-impact early game. zai spent a lot of time running around trying to farm the jungle, but dying to Nyx Assassin ganks instead. He managed to gather up the gold for an Aghanim's Scepter eventually, and EG were able to win some fights with his daytime vision, but it wasn't enough. zai finished with a 3/8/9 KDA. In Game 2 zai played Phoenix. He failed to achieve much of anything, and was quickly turned into a punching bag for iG's heroes. He finished the game with a 0/5/4 KDA.
Unable to disrupt Liquid in Game 2
March 28, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses' 1-1 draw with Team Liquid during the group stage matches at DAC 2017 with a final KDA 4/11/25.
In Game 1, zai played a roaming Slardar and found success in his ganks and lane pressure. As the game got moving, zai was an integral part of EG's wombo-combo, laying down multi-man stuns off the back of Universe's Vacuums and allowing SumaiL to drop the hammer on Liquid. In Game 2, zai's Monkey King was caught out consistently. Despite a decent strategy intent on controlling large team fights, the enemy Naga Siren's ability to reset engagements with Song of the Siren proved to be too much and Evil Geniuses were forced to settle with a draw.
Resilient as always
March 28, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses' 2-0 victory over Newbee during the group stage matches at DAC 2017 with a final KDA of 2/5/32.
In Game 1, zai's Warlock helped increase the effectiveness of all his teammates' abilities. Fatal Bonds helped ensure EG's made the most out of each team fight. In Game 2, zai continued his streak of superb play on Keeper of the Light during this tournament. Staying out of trouble and ceding every kill to his cores to maximize gold and experience efficiency, Zai was the set up for SumaiL's Game 2 domination.
Struggles to make space against aggressive foe
March 27, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses' 2-0 loss to Invictus Gaming Vitality during the group stages of DAC 2017 with a final KDA of 6/13/20.
zai played Spirit Breaker in Game 1. Reliant on ganking and jungle creeps for his gold, zai found himself in an unfavorable situation from the start. Most of zai's ganks were turned on their head by dogf1ghts' superb Earth Spirit performance. In Game 2, zai's Keeper of the Light was an under-appreciated asset for Evil Geniuses. He saved many lives with his Blinding Light and helped immensely in securing EG the vision they desperately needed to stay in the game with their backs against the wall. Despite getting all the value he could from his hero, zai was unable to help Evil Geniuses nab the victory and instead had to settle for a 2-0 defeat.
Sultan of saves
March 27, 2017
zai finished Evil Geniuses' 1-1 tie with Team NP during the group stages of DAC 2017 with a final KDA of 8/7/32.
zai played Silencer in Game 1. He did an admirable job of protecting Arteezy's Slark in the safe lane early on and even helped secure a few kills. His ultimate was an excellent teamfight tool through the mid-game, but faded down the stretch as his lack of big items relegated his value to positional and situational play. In Game 2, zai let loose as Dazzle. His lack of items had no effect on his worth. Evading death in more ways than one, zai only died once through the whole game and saved his teammates from certain death on several occasions with Shallow Grave. Constantly a pain for Team NP, zai delivered over 10,000 healing to EG as they rolled to a dominant Game 2 victory.