Zhang Zhicheng 
VICI Gaming
Got the win despite not being at his best
November 25, 2017
LaNm was an effective roamer in the Vici domination of LFY at the Perfect World Masters. The veteran player finished with a KDA of 3/5/24.
LaNm played the roaming Clockwerk in the series opener. His early rotations didn't help his team much. He finally got to farm a 21-minute Blade Mail which helped his initiations tenfold. In Game 2, LaNm was much better on his Undying. His Decay harass in the early game ensured the lanes went in his team's favor. His excellent usage of Tombstones down the line helped secure the easy win. His 14 assists were the highest in the deciding game.
Racked up a ton of assists
November 19, 2017
LaNm played perfectly alongside his teammates as Vici Gaming defeated Vega Squadron 2-0 in the Group Stages of Perfect World Masters. LaNm finished the series with a 2/2/39 KDA.
One thing was incredibly consistent through this series; wherever there was action, LaNm was there and having a positive effect on it. LaNm and Paparazi was the deadly duo as LaNm racked up a ridiculous 39 assists in the two-game series, most of which came from Paparazi kills. Vici got the exact their game plan precisely how they wanted to against Vega and it ended in a quick series sweep.
Uncomfortable in the roaming role
October 12, 2017
Lanm was an inefficient roamer for Vici Gaming as they lose to SG in Starladder. The veteran support finished with a KDA of 1/18/15.
Lanm went with Nyx Assassin in both games of the series. His opening match had a fairly okay early game where his rotation got kills for his teams, but his decision to buy a Hand of Midas at 19 minutes instead of the important Blink Dagger really hurt his team's chances. Their teamfight effectiveness went out of the window as he struggled to get himself into a good position for Impales. In Game 2, he didn't go for the Hand of Midas anymore, but his Blink Dagger timing was still 10 minutes too late.
Marginal impact during defeat against Ad Finem
December 6, 2016
LaNm, along with his team, had a poor showing against Ad Finem that resulted in him ending the series with a mere 2/21/18 KDA.
This series was a poor example of LaNm's play, as the support that seemed so strong back at The International looked to be a pale shadow of himself against Ad Finem. Despite being well-known for his excellent map sense, LaNm spent the majority of the series getting caught out somewhat pointlessly, as he racked up numerous early game deaths in all three games. Furthermore, his picks were often geared towards the early game, making those deaths even more problematic, as it wasn't as if his Ogre Magi could suffer being off the map early on when he's at his most powerful. While he did prove himself a capable hand at Shadow Demon during Game 2 - his Disruptions were often the only thing that saved EHOME from complete disaster over the course of the game, even if they did often result in his death - it wasn't enough to salvage EHOME's chances of victory.
EHOME heads straight to the lower bracket
November 17, 2016
EHOME captain LaNm could not lead his team to victory against Virtus Pro in The Summit 6. The veteran support player only managed an overall KDA of 5/17/18.
It's interesting to note that LaNm was equal in total deaths with old chicken, EHOME's mid laner, in the series. In the first game LaNm was on the Keeper of the Light. He was negligible in the match as he barely contributed anything apart from wards. His high ground defense advantage was also easily negated by Virtus Pro. In EHOME's only win LaNm was on the Oracle. He kept old chicken's Huskar alive with clutch False Promises which helped them pick up the win. It was a complete turnaround from his poor showing in the first game. In the last game of the series, LaNm went with the surprising Pudge pick. While a favorite in the pub scene, Pudge's effectiveness relies heavily on landing his Meat Hooks. LaNm had some moments in the last game, but with the natural risky pick of the Pudge it did not work out for the Chinese squad in the end.
Along for the ride in a 2-0 win over EG
November 11, 2016
LaNm played an average series in EHOME's 2-0 win over EG at the NA Beat Arena Invitational. 2/14/27.
In Game 1 LaNm played Rubick. LaNm had a relatively low-impact early game. He helped find a kill on SumaiL's Shadow Fiend, but it didn't do much to slow down SumaiL. LaNm managed to keep a calm head on his shoulders, and transitioned into the powerful late-game Rubick offers. LaNm finished with a 0/5/15 KDA. In Game 2 LaNm played Rubick again. Once again he struggled to get much done in the early game, but this was more the fault of Rubick than LaNm. EG's heroes were too durable for him to do much besides disable them with his lift. EHOME once again managed to endure a rough early game and fall back on an Alchemist. LaNm finished the game with a 2/9/12 KDA, but EHOME were able to grind out another win.
Skillful draft and play from EHOME's captain
October 21, 2016
Veteran Chinese captain LaNm proves time and time again that he's still got it. LaNm led EHOME in their 3-1 victory over LGD in The Summit 6's China Qualifier Finals. He finished with a KDA of 9/11/35.
LaNm once again proved that impacting a game goes well beyond the stat sheet. In Game 1, he chose the Silencer for himself. It was instantly a good pick because LGD's draft was reliant on their combo-oriented teamfight. He had several good Global Silences that just stopped LGD in their tracks. LaNm's only poor performance in the series was the Game 2 Rubick. He was highly ineffective and finished the game with a pitiful 0/3/3 KDA. He went back to the Rubick in Game 3 to more encouraging effect. His presence was felt from the get-go, and he racked up a total of 11 assists. In the final game LaNm composed a perfect Pugna-oriented draft for his team. He once again picked up Rubick for himself that proved LaNm's infatuation with the hero. It was justified, however; the power of Fade Bolt weakening their enemies' tower defense potential was greatly efficient. LaNm remains a top-tier drafter and support player despite getting up there in age.
Has a massive impact in team's big victory
August 11, 2016
LaNm played a phenomenal series as EHOME defeated Alliance 2-0 in round one of the upper bracket of The International 6. LaNm finished with a 5/2/36 KDA and destroyed two towers in the series.
What was most amazing about LaNm's performance in the series was the fact that he was constantly involved in engagements, and he always had a positive impact. Often, players are constantly in the action and both win and lose some fights. In this series LaNm was around the action as he racked up a game-high 36 assists while only dying twice the entire series. He played incredibly smart, determined to keep EHOME in the Upper Bracket, and he did just that. Beautiful performance from LaNm.
Consistently good play in 2-0 triumph over MVP.Phoenix
August 6, 2016
LaNm played consistently well in EHOME's 2-0 series against MVP.Phoenix. He finished the series with a 7/7/32 KDA.
LaNm played Kunkka in the Dire off lane for Game 1. His area of effect damage was a huge component in his team's Game 1 victory. Game 2 was much more difficult for LaNm as he played Ogre Magi in the Radiant safe lane. His contributions were most notable later on as his move speed and attack speed buffs from Bloodlust hastened his team's pushing capabilities, earning EHOME the win for Game 2.
Proves his consistency during victory over Execration
August 3, 2016
LaNm took down Execration along with his team, earning a 11/10/48 KDA in the process.
"Consistency" and "Ogre Magi" are usually not two terms that are heard together, but LaNm proved to be the exception during the first two games against Execration. He waded across the map, bullying anything he found with his incredibly high armor. As the game wore on, he would unleash his greatest weapon: his amazing luck with Multicast. Nearly every spell was at least doublecast, and there were more than a couple triple casts over the course of the first two games as well. For the final game of the series, Execration had had their fill of his bullying and took the Ogre pick away from him, forcing him onto Undying. Surprisingly, he wielded the pick expertly all throughout the game, even in the late game where he tends to be seen as a liability. His tombstones provided ample disruption throughout the game, and his ability to soften up Execration members helped EHOME chew through Execration's cores late in the game as they took the game in the super late game, and with it the series.
Lanm: Eliminated from ESL One Manila 2016 by virtue of 0-2 loss to Team Secret
April 24, 2016
Lanm played two disappointing games in EHOME's quick 0-2 loss vs. Secret at ESL One Manila 2016. Lanm finished with a terrible overall KDA of 0/11/4. EHOME is eliminated from ESL One Manila.
In Game One, Lanm played Bristleback in the Radiant bottom safe lane. He had a good early lane, but the gold and experience he got went completely to waste. Lanm's damage was almost completely ineffective, only dealing 1,200 to Secret, the least on his team. Lanm failed to secure a single kill or assist, finishing Game One with a miserable 0/5/0 KDA. He managed to secure a tower for EHOME, but EHOME got completely overrun by Secret's magic damage. Not coming anywhere close to completing a Black King Bar, Lanm died to magic burst at the start of every fight. EHOME lost Game One in 25 minutes. In Game Two Lanm played Abbadon in the Dire top safe lane. An unconventional position one pick, Lanm failed to provide the amount of damage needed from a carry hero. He proved unable to get much gold or experience from his lane, ending with less net worth than Old Eleven's off lane Tiny. Lanm was ultimately completely ineffective in fights. His team died too fast for him to save anyone with Aphotic Shield, and he was often left as the last person alive, unable to do anything. Lanm only dealt 2,200 damage to Secret, as he he relied too hard on oldchicken's Death Prophet to deal damage. He finished Game Two with another poor KDA of 0/6/4. EHOME lost Game Two even faster, this time in 23 minutes. EHOME is eliminated from ESL One Manila.
Lanm: Played well, not enough to win over Fnatic
April 23, 2016
Lanm played a poor Game One followed by a better Game Two, but ultimately fell short in both games. EHOME lost 0-2 versus Fnatic in their first series at ESL One Manila 2016. Lanm finished with an overall KDA of 8/4/10. EHOME moves on to face Team Secret in an elimination match.
In Game One Lanm played Weaver in the Dire top safe lane. He had a very difficult game, faced with a Doom and Nyx Assassin to control him in fights Lanm struggled to make an impact on the game. He didn't finish his first major item, a Linken's Sphere, until 22 minutes into the game. By that point, Fnatic was too far ahead for it to give Lanm enough survivability to make a difference. Lanm dealt 5,700 damage to Fnatic's heroes, without enough health to stay in fights for long Lanm struggled to find kills. He finished with a 2/2/4 KDA. EHOME lost Game One. In Game Two Lanm played Bristleback in the Radiant bottom safe lane. Falling back to an unconventional but powerful pick, Lanm had a much better game that Game One. He was able to dish out major damage in fights, even versus Pugna's Nether Ward thanks to his Bristleback passive. Lanm dealt a massive 14,600 damage in fights, but it was mostly spread damage from his quills. This meant he failed to secure the kills that EHOME needed to actually win fights. Lanm finished Game Two with an overall KDA of 6/2/6. EHOME lost Game Two.
Lanm: Win over LGD sends Ehome to Epicenter China Qualifier finals
April 5, 2016
Lanm led his team in assists with a KDA of 8/3/22 in Ehome's 2-0 win over LGD in the Epicenter China Qualifier lower bracket finals on Monday.
Lanm was steady all match long playing a conservative role throughout. In Game One Lanm played Weaver and played him to the meta using his escape and avoidance powers to avoid death while also using those same powers to chase down and hurt wounded enemies. His use of Shukucki was of particular interest in the rush towards the ancient, as he wounded all five members of LGD in that final fight. Lanm ended their 25-12 Game One win with a KDA of 4/2/9. Doom would be the hero of choice for Lanm in Game Two and it was prophetic. Ehome did a great job of allowing Lanm to farm and level the abilities he needed. Lanm chose to max out Scorched earth by level seven and Infernal Blade by 10. This allowed Lanm to simply mix it up and was a killing and assist machine starting at around the 10-minute mark until the end of the match. Lanm finished Game Two with a KDA of 4/1/13. With this win, Ehome will face NewBee in the Epicenter China Qualifier finals to see who will get to travel to Moscow, Russia and compete in the wild card round taking place May 9-15.
LaNm's EHOME invited to Shanghai Major
December 31, 2015
Team Captain LaNm and EHOME received the #4 Direct Invite to March's Shanghai Major, as announced by Dota 2.
Team invites continue to follow the results of The Frankfurt Major. EHOME is the first Chinese team to receive an invitation. Their youth and relative inexperience on the big stage may scare some people, but they've begun to synergize well as a team and could become a bit of a dark horse come March
LaNm: Leads Ehome over Vega Squadron
November 16, 2015
Lanm put together a KDA of 5/3/22 in the sweep of Team Vega Squadron in the Frankfurt Major.
Lanm played a vital supporting role in both games as he played one of his signature heroes, Abaddon, to near perfection. Lanm led all heroes in hero-healing in both games, healing for 3700 in Game One, only to follow it up with 6000 points of healing the second game. Lanm provided much needed TP support and rotations, effectively saving his teammates with a timely heal or shield. Lanm posted an average KDA ratio of 10 between the two games, the highest of any support role player. By only dying three times between the two games, Lanm was able to be active for any team engagements, while at the same time being able to pressure objectives and find much needed levels.