Yang Wei Ren 
VICI Gaming
Good Magnus, underwhelming Batrider
August 12, 2017
Eleven had some good plays in LGD's lost to Team Liquid in The International 2017. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 5/9/6.
Eleven kicked off the series with Magnus in the offlane. He got a 14-minute Blink Dagger despite a less than desirable start. He landed some good Reverse Polarities that unfortunately lacked follow-up. Eleven also had one commendable Aegis steal that gave his team some breathing room. In Game 2, his Batrider was less effective even with an earlier Blink Dagger timing. He was caught out position at times and his Flaming Lassos weren't very impactful.
Shooting blanks against VP's assault
August 9, 2017
eLeVeN was severely ineffective against Virtus Pro in his team's loss in The International 2017. The veteran finished with a KDA of 2/13/3.
Being only involved in five of your team's total kills throughout a series is simply unacceptable for the tempo-important off laner. He went with his Beastmaster in Game 1. eLeVeN was very aggressive alongside his Lich against VP's very potent tri lane. He was punished many times and he never really got any momentum as he died six times in the opener. eLeVeN never even tried to make a Necronomicon, a key item for the hero, since he really was in a state of poverty. In Game 2, his Earthshaker was slightly a better showing. He gave Ramzes a hard time in the early game and even managed a 12-minute Blink Dagger, but his initiations weren't quite there as LGD never had a chance against VP.
Minimal impact in draw with Team Liquid
August 4, 2017
eLeVeN finished LGD's 1-1 draw with Team Liquid during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 7/11/13
eLeVeN played Axe in both Games 1 and 2 against Team Liquid. Game 1 seemed to be a success, achieved regardless of eLeVeN's contributions. He was highly effective at pulling Matumbaman from invisibility and killing off spiderlings, but it was more Ame and Maybe doing the heavy lifting. In Game 2, eLeVeN was not in much of a position to engage or counter-engage. Despite a favorable hero match up against Team Liquid's lineup it was LGD's lineup gimping itself that prevented eLeVeN from rallying his team.
Can't repeat his Day 1 success in a loss to iG.Vitality
August 3, 2017
eLeVeN finished with a 5/15/11 overall KDA in LGD's 0-2 loss to iG.Vitality in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 eLeVeN played Tidehunter. He got off to a decent start in lane, but struggled to initiate for his team as the game went on. iG.V did too good of a job playing around eLeVeN's Ravage. There was rarely a moment where he was able to connect on more than two heroes, and this was the bulk of LGD's teamfight control. He finished with a 2/8/6 KDA. In Game 2 eLeVeN played Magnus. He had another pretty rough game. It was incredibly difficult for eLeVeN to get off a good Reverse Polarity, and in the few instances that he did he ended up dead for it. He finished with a 3/7/5 KDA.
Provides good plays despite struggles
July 7, 2017
eLeVeN wasn't at his best, but LGD still managed to sweep OG in MDL 2017. The veteran off laner finished with a KDA of 4/10/31.
eLeVeN kicked off the series with Faceless Void. He had a very efficient game, which started from a great laning stage. He only died once in the game and had several multi-hero Chronospheres that were key in LGD's win. In Game 2, eLeVeN's Beastmaster wasn't as good, as he died several times. His aggression was punished several times by OG, but he still provided many good intangibles for his team with Hawk scouting and Primal Roars.
LGD's offlane uncommonly absent in a loss to iG
July 6, 2017
eLeVeN was ineffective in LGD's loss to iG in the MDL 2017 group stages. He finished with a 3/5/4 KDA.
This was a weak showing from eLeVeN, who struggled to start fights or find kills despite a decent early game. eLeVeN secured a 10-minute Blink Dagger for himself, but it didn't lead to very much for LGD as a whole. They were unable to find more than a total of 13 kills all game, and eLeVeN was only a part of seven of those.
Solid initiations deliver LGD a well-earned win
July 5, 2017
eLeVeN looked solid in a win over Evil Geniuses in the MDL 2017 group stages. He finished with a 2/5/20 KDA.
eLeVeN played Batrider. This was another solid performance from eLeVeN, who has been playing very well so far at MDL 2017. Although he did end up with a few more deaths than most of his team, eLeVeN's initiation was very effective all game. His ability to single out a hero and bring them back into his teammates was very useful because of the huge burst potential of LGD's draft.
Solid performance from the LGD offlane
July 5, 2017
eLeVeN finished with a 4/2/17 KDA in an LGD win over OG in the MDL 2017 group stages.
eLeVeN played Tidehunter. Apart from an early death in lane and one more after 30 minutes, eLeVeN played a close-to-perfect game. His Ravage use was always on point, following up on Ame's Chronospheres to provide insane control for LGD. OG were often not even given the chance to respond to LGD's initiation thanks to excellent chain disables on the part of eLeVeN and LGD.
Inconsistency hurts LGD off lane
June 16, 2017
eLeVeN played an erratic series for LGD as they were swept by Team Secret. The veteran finished with a KDA of 3/8/9,
In Game 1, eLeVeN went with the situational Legion Commander pick. He couldn't contest MP's farm, though he did end up with an acceptable 13-minute Blink Dagger. Unfortunately for him, his initiations were extremely shaky as he only picked up a single kill and 10 Duel Damage. In Game 2, his Enigma had a much better outing. His early farm was great, and he had several great Black Holes in the game, but in the end, he and his team were simply outclassed by Team Secret.
Excellent showing in semifinal win
June 16, 2017
eLeVeN played very well to help LGD topple Virtus.pro 2-1 at The Summit 7. He finished with a final KDA of 16/14/37.
Game 1 was a struggle for eLeVeN on Venomancer. Virtus.pro managed to pick up an early Pipe of Insight and Mekansm, which negated his damage output from Poison Nova. Unable to make as much of an impact, he finished with a KDA of 3/8/3. In Game 2 he played as Batrider and completely turned things around for his squad. Finishing 6/1/15, it seemed as though there was no hero for Virtus.pro that was safe from his Flaming Lasso. Choosing to stick with Batrider in Game 3 paid off for eLeVeN, as he was able to keep the ball rolling for LGD. He did an excellent job of always getting the jump on Virtus.pro's Troll Warlord, allowing LGD to take out the strongest core in the field before a teamfight would even break out. He finished Game 3 with a final KDA of 7/5/19.
Great initiations in 2-1 win
June 15, 2017
eLeVeN did an excellent job keeping his cores alive in LGD's 2-1 victory over Team NP. He finished the series with an overall KDA of 8/12/38.
Playing as Batrider in Game 1, eLeVeN stuck to his role as a key initiator and generated multiple kills with his Flaming Lasso. He was an important factor in LGD's win, as he always able to jump on one of Team NP's cores to effectively secure teamfights. Game 2 was a rough performance for eLeVeN on Earthshaker. Although he had a few brilliant Echo Slams, he was rarely able to disrupt Team NP's Enigma from getting off his Black Hole, which solidified LGD's loss. In Game 3 eLeVeN supported his team with Omniknight. Picking up an early Hand of Midas, he was actually one of the most farmed heroes by the end of the game. eLeVeN did an excellent job of timing his ultimate to keep his team alive during confrontations, and consistently saved his cores from death with his Purification.
Disappointing showing during punishing defeat
December 6, 2016
eLeVeN had an exceptionally poor series against Ad Finem in which he ended with a pathetic 4/26/21 KDA.
Much of the blame for EHOME's disappointing performance lies squarely on the shoulders of eLeVeN. EHOME had hoped to use his hard initiating hero picks to force the longer ranged Ad Finem line ups to fight them, but constant mistakes in the latter half of the series all but invalidated that strategy. Even his Nyx Assassin in Game 1 was far from convincing, despite a bevy of attractive targets to pray upon. He ended up finding only two kills in the entire game, though he redeemed himself with some excellent teamfight disruption that ultimately allowed his teammates to take the victory. The latter two games, however, were unmitigated disasters for eLeVeN, who took Clockwerk into each of them and proved that he needs to brush up on a hero that's seen increasingly more attention as the tournament has progressed. He quite rarely managed to land a Hookshot, and seeing as EHOME's entire composition more or less relied on him to do so in order to take down the evasive ThuG that failure proved a critical one. Without the ability to engage fights profitably, EHOME were slowly chipped away at by Ad Finem's much longer range, and ultimately dropped the series unexpectedly.
Does all he can in loss to Virtus Pro
November 17, 2016
old eleven was not his usual, consistent self as EHOME fell to Virtus Pro in The Summit 6. The off laner only finished with a KDA of 5/13/26.
The most encouraging sign from old eleven was that he managed to pick up the most assists for his team in the series. In the first game he was on Dark Seer. Normally the hero gets his farm even if he is denied a lane but that was not the case for old eleven in this one, as he only managed a poor 304 gold per minute while dying a total of six times. old eleven found the most success on the Clockwerk in the second game. He had the most assists for his team at 18 and really made his presence felt by making plays all over the map. In the last game old eleven went with Venomancer. He abandoned the early laning phase and decided to go to the jungle. The risk did not work out for them, as Ramzes' Lifestealer had absolute free farm and was too much for EHOME to handle. old eleven did however dish out the most hero damage on his team at 16,700, but it was not enough.
Average series from EHOME's off lane
November 11, 2016
old eleven played an OK series, but was mostly relegated to supporting his Alchemist. EHOME won 2-0 against EG at the NA Beat Arena Invitational. old eleven finished with a 2/12/18 KDA.
In Game 1 old eleven played Omniknight in the Radiant off lane. He had a rough lane against Arteezy's Venomancer, even with the protection of Repel. He was able to fall back on playing protect the Alchemist, and turned old chicken into a superman against EG. old eleven finished with a 1/5/10 KDA. In Game 2 old eleven played Nyx Assassin, starting in the Dire safe lane. He got a very fast level 6, but apart from his first rotation, old eleven struggled to find kills in the mid game. In a game with 12 total kills by 28 minutes, old eleven struggled to keep up in net worth. Once again old eleven's hopes rested on his Alchemist. EHOME's faith in Alchemist was rewarded once again, and they secured a Game 2 win. old eleven finished with a 1/7/8 KDA.
Awkward series, but a win nonetheless
October 21, 2016
Old eleven picked up a good series for EHOME in their victory over LGD in The Summit 6 Chinese Qualifiers. He tallied a KDA of 13/18/40 in an overall impactful performance.
It was an awkward start for Old eleven in the series, with a forgettable performance on the off-lane Nyx Assassin. He wasn't particularly impressive with his individual performance on the space-creating Nyx. His Game 1 KDA of 2/7/13 was just padded by EHOME's good performance as a team. He got the Axe the second game around in EHOME's lone loss of the series. His stats once again don't stand out, as he tallied a 2/6/1 KDA. Axe is one of the most game-changing heroes in the game, an Old eleven didn't step up to the plate. Game 3 was where Old eleven finally stepped up in his comfort Sand King pick. He got an early Blink Dagger and managed to do the second most hero damage in his team. In the final game of the series he used the Dark Seer in the off lane. He stifled the Ame Huskar's early-game farm and even managed a 14-minute Mekansm and Arcane boots. Old eleven could have been better, but it was good enough for EHOME as they book their ticket to LA in November.