Marcus Hoelgaard 
Team Secret
Picked up by Team Secret
September 5, 2017
Team Secret announced via Twitter on Tuesday that Ace would be joining the team as their new carry for the upcoming season.
Ace who has spent most of his career playing in an all-Danish lineup never found much success with the exception of being picked up by Cloud9 last season. Ace should be a nice addition to Team Secret and will undoubtedly shock people with improved play over the course of time.
Consistency the name of the game for Cloud9's carry
February 10, 2017
Cloud9 carry Ace was the most consistent player of the series in their victory over Team Secret in the Dota Asia Championship EU Qualifiers. The veteran Dane finished with a KDA of 13/7/26.
Ace started the series with Luna in the safe lane. His 10-minute Helm of the Dominator into a 20-minute Manta Style was as good a timing as it gets. He linked up with Broodmother to mow down towers in the eventual victory. In the following game, Ace was on another push specialist in Terrorblade, but this time it would be Team Secret who would control the game as Ace had a lowly three kills and three deaths. In the final game of the series, objective gaming was again on Ace's mind as he went with Drow Ranger. A 14-minute Roshan for C9 made sure that they would take control of the game and not give Secret any breathing room. Ace also finished Game 3 with an impressive 8,100 Tower Damage done as he epitomized objective gaming.
Rough series to start the Dreamleague playoffs
November 25, 2016
Ace's series started out well but quickly went south in The Imperial's 0-2 loss to Team Liquid at the Dreamhack Dreamleague season 6 playoffs. He finished with an overall KDA of 3/7/5.
In Game 1 Ace played Luna in the Dire safe lane. Ace got off to a nice start, dominating his lane like Luna is supposed to. He was the net-worth leader for most of the game, and along with BabyKnight's core Warlock Ace, gave The Imperial massive teamfight power. Liquid's teamfight was strong as well, and if the Chaotic Offering golems were quickly dealt with, The Imperial's teamfight was actually very weak. The Imperial lost two fights near their base, and that was the game. Ace finished with a 2/3/2 KDA. In Game 2 Ace played Juggernaut in the Dire safe lane. He had an alright start to the game, but The Imperial's first few fights ended in his deaths. He went for a desperate 21-minute Battle Fury to try and catch up, but by that point Miracle's Alchemist had doubled his net worth and then some. Ace never even got close to catching up, and the Battle Fury was the nail in that coffin. Ace finished with a 1/4/3 KDA.
Dominant display in 2-0 victory
November 11, 2016
Ace finished The Imperial's 2-0 win over Vega Squadron with a final KDA of 22/7/23.
In Game 1, Ace played as Phantom Assassin. Only having to contend with Mag's Tidehunter for farm, Ace was able to accrue his items quickly. Ace was able to carve through Vega, with appropriate countermeasures to all of Vega's disables. In Game 2, Ace played Phantom Assassin again. This time only facing a Nyx Assassin, Ace had an even easier time in lane, accumulating items faster than before. Despite never being able to take down fn's Ursa, Ace obliterated the rest of Vega. Leaving fn with a gimped team was more than enough to put an end to Vega as Imperial took the series 2-0.
Pattern of inconsistency forming in 1-1 draw
November 7, 2016
Ace finished The Imperial's 1-1 draw against Virtus.Pro in DreamLeague Season 6 with an KDA of 24/7/18.
Ace dominated in Game 1 as Luna in a dual safe lane with Ryze's Rubick. After securing several early kills against Slardar and grabbing a 13-minute Dragon Lance, Ace was able to dominate Game 1, with the assistance of BabyKnight. In Game 2, Ace played Juggernaut. Despite getting a fairly quick Manta Style, Ace was unable to overcome the lockdown from Virtus.Pro.
Unable to finish off Liquid in 1-1 draw
November 7, 2016
Ace finished The Imperial's 1-1 draw with Team Liquid in Dream League Season 6 having a KDA of 31/9/22.
Ace played Weaver in Game 1, running a dual lane with NoiA's Abaddon. He found good farm in the lane, but was able to take off after several mid game kills. Doing his best to split push Liquid to death, Ace dealt 10,100 damage to buildings en route to a Game 1 victory. In Game 2, Ace played a fearsome Ursa, scooping up a Blink Dagger in only eight minutes. Despite racking up 17 kills during the match, Ace's Linken's Sphere was not an acceptable substitute for the Black King Bar needed against Team Liquid and The Imperial fell to the pushing power of Team Liquid.
Split series vs Team NP after great Game 1
October 19, 2016
Ace looked stellar in Game 1 but fell flat in Game 2 of The Imperial's 1-1 series tie vs Team NP in Dreamhack DreamLeague season 6. Ace finished with a 7/5/15 overall KDA.
In Game 1 Ace played Legion Commander in the Dire safe lane. Ace had the most passive early game of his team, content to farm away top while his teammates rampaged around the rest of the map. When Ace joined in the fighting, Imperial's advantage increased even more. Ace finished the game with a 4/0/8 KDA. Imperial took Game 1 in a complete stomp. In Game 2 Ace played Phantom Assassin in the Dire off lane. Although he got off to a nice start, a solo death to MSS' Nyx Assassin slowed him down considerably going into the post-lane phase. He went for a Battle Fury to catch up and try to match up against Aui_2000's Naga Siren. Although he dealt considerable damage 15 percent of the time, Imperial couldn't afford to rely on critical strikes vs the slow death that is Naga Siren. Ace finished with a 3/5/7 KDA. The Imperial lost Game 2.
Ace: 0-2 Loss to No Diggity eliminates team from ESL One Frankfurt qualifier
April 19, 2016
Ace played a solid series, but was unable to do enough in the Danish Bears' 0-2 loss vs. No Diggity in the ESL One Frankfurt European qualifier. Ace finished with an overall KDA of 12/7/8. Danish Bears are eliminated from ESL One Frankfurt.
In Game One, Ace played Gyrocopter in the Dire top safe lane. Although he played well, it wasn't enough to bring the Danish Bears to victory. Ace finished the game with a KDA of 5/2/5, participating in 100 percent of his team's 10 kills. He managed to deal 9,400 damage to enemy heroes, but this couldn't tip the scale in Danish Bears's favor. Ace also secured two towers for his team. Danish Bears lost Game One 10-18. In Game Two, Ace played Ursa in the Dire top safe lane. Although he played well, Ursa is not a hero that can carry by itself. Ace dealt an impressive 10,400 damage to enemy heroes considering his team's position in the game. He finished with a 7/5/3 KDA, also securing a barrack and two Roshans for his team. Danish Bears lost Game Two 13-27.
Ace: 1-2 loss to Power Rangers ends bid for Epicenter
April 13, 2016
Ace ends the European Epicenter Qualifer with a KDA of 10/11/12 in their 1-2 loss to the Power Rangers, thus eliminating them from Epicenter.
In Game One, Ace played Ursa in the Radiant bottom safe lane. Despite a rough lane, he was able to accelerate himself and his team in the game by securing four Roshans. Ace dealt 11,100 damage to enemy heroes and 3,400 damage to structures. He finished with an impressive KDA of 8/2/9. Ace was also able to secure two barracks for his team, and he denied a tower. Danish Bears won Game One 29-17. In Game Two, Ace played Timbersaw in the Dire bottom offlane. This was the 33rd Timbersaw pick in patch 6.86, and it didn't work out very well. Ace only managed to deal 2,100 to enemy heroes, and failed to get a single kill. Danish Bears failed to take a single tower, and Ace only did 22 damage to enemy structures. Ace finished Game Two with a KDA of 0/3/1 falling in Game Two, 4-20. In Game Three, Ace played Gyrocopter in the Radiant bottom safe lane. Although he had 100 percent kill participation, Danish Bears only secured a total of four. Ace managed to deal 5,900 damage to enemy heroes, the most on his team, but it wasn't enough to sway team fights. Ace finished Game Three with a 2/7/2 KDA in their Game Three 4-25 loss.