Johan Sundstein 
An utter disaster in semi-final loss
January 9, 2018
N0tail finished OG's 2-0 loss to Vici Gaming in the semi-finals of Captains Draft 4 with and average KDA of 3/10/7.
N0tail awkwardly played a middle lane Dazzle in Game 1 with horrendous results. He barely got any farm thanks to his plethora of deaths and had limited impact on the game. In Game 2, he switched over to Viper and somehow had even worse results. He was unable to win midlane and was continually picked off from well timed ganks.
Solid performance in a commanding win
January 6, 2018
N0tail played well in both games of a 2-0 win against Empire at Captain's Draft 4. He finished with an overall KDA of 15/8/21.
N0tail played a very solid Lone Druid in Game 1. He farmed up his Radiance and Hand of Midas by 18 minutes, and then OG was practically unstoppable in fights. Capitalizing on his teammates' initiation, N0tail was able to move around in fights with a lot of freedom. He finished with a 7/3/12 KDA. In Game 2 N0tail played Viper, acting as a space creator and front-line damage dealer for his team. Although this role did leave N0tail with a few more deaths than he would have liked, they were all in the pursuit of the greater good for OG. He finished with an 8/5/9 KDA.
Kingly performance
January 4, 2018
N0tail churned out a solid performance for OG in their win against compLexity. The veteran carry finished with a KDA of 8/1/13.
N0tail played Monkey King in the lone game of the series .He easily won the lane against Moo's Pangolier thanks to his superior range. His 15-minute Battle Fury was impressive and it allowed him to stay on top of the net-worth chart. He racked up eight kills and really made his presence felt with his vision game and on-point stuns.
Struggles in odd roles
December 18, 2017
N0tail looked a bit lost in OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity in the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8, finishing with an average KDA of 2/5/10.
N0tail played Dragon Knight in Game 1 with mediocre results, serving as mostly a damage sponge and tower siege weapon while Resolut1on did the rest. N0tail finished with a 1/3/12 KDA. In Game 2, N0tail was heavily targeted as Tiny managing very little and finished with a 1/11/6 KDA. In Game 3, N0tail found success as Broodmother, dealing 4,400 building damage en route to a win finishing with a 5/1/12 KDA.
Commanding victory over Evil Geniuses
December 16, 2017
N0tail looked very strong in a 2-0 win over Evil Geniuses at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 14/6/24.
N0tail played Juggernaut in Game 1 and lead his team to a convincing win. His momentum started early on in lane and was enough to carry OG through to a very quick win to start their series. N0tail finished with a 7/4/14 KDA. In Game 2 N0tail played Tiny with similar results. He got off to a nice start and was essentially able to do whatever he wanted around the map afterward. Apart from a couple deaths, N0tail was an unstoppable killing machine that preyed on the weak EG supports. He finished with a 7/2/10 KDA.
Makes it work with a utility build
December 8, 2017
N0tail didn't have a great game but OG still won against TNC in MDL Macau. The veteran carry finished with a KDA of 9/12/23.
He played Juggernaut in the only game of the series. He found some good farm and went for a 16-minute Shadow Blade that would eventually become a Silver Edge. His damage output was lacking but his decision to go for utility over damage helped Resolut1on dominate the game. N0tail also found some key barracks in the late game while his teammates were keeping TNC busy.
Takes key objectives in the late game
December 8, 2017
N0tail wasn't at his best, but OG still pulled off the victory against LFY. The versatile carry finished with a KDA of 5/6/8.
N0tail picked the Broodmother in the lone game of the series. He won the early game against InFlame's Nature's Prophet, mostly thanks to his spiders outnumbering the treants. N0tail then opted to rush a 19-minute Radiance. It didn't work out too well because of the number of disables on the side of LFY, and he died six times. He did make use of the amount of attention LFY were giving to Resolution to take barracks under their noses, though.
Disappointing end to DotaPit for OG
November 4, 2017
N0tail finished with an 8/5/9 KDA in OG's loss to Newbee in the loser's bracket at the DotaPit Minor. OG are now eliminated.
N0tail played Razor. He was quite strong in the early phases of the game but started to fall off when OG couldn't press their advantage into a win. He was able to steal damage in fights but usually ended up getting controlled or kited before he could put that bonus damage to work.
Questionable decision making from the veteran
September 27, 2017
N0tail was a non-factor for OG as they lost to Team Secret in the Starladder EU Qualifier Finals. The veteran finished with a negative KDA of 3/14/20.
Only getting three kills in the finals of a qualifier is not something you want out of your carry and N0tail did not rise to the occasion. In the opening game, he went with Terrorblade. He went with the curious first item Mask of Madness in the first game. He was, however, punished by the self silence often as he could not Sunder himself out of a pinch and died six times. He still got a 22-minute Manta Style but his overall decision making was questionable. In Game 2, n0tail moved over to the mid lane with Necrophos. He decisively lost the lane against MidOne. He then died several times throughout the match and only picked up one kill with his Reaper's Scythe.
Excellent performance in win over Infamous
August 9, 2017
N0tail had a great performance in the elimination match at The Internation 2017 between OG and Infamous. He finished with a KDA of 7/1/12.
After a few shaky performances in the group stages, N0tail dominated in the elimination match on the Chaos Knight. He jumped to an incredibly quick start, picking up a double kill and both bounty runes before the first minute of the game had passed. Working well with Fly on Dazzle, he had no trouble controlling the safe lane to help him farm an early Armlet. After that it was smooth sailing for OG. They dominated teamfights, pushed well with Phantasm, and ended the match in just over 30 minutes.
Wasn't at his best for OG
August 5, 2017
N0tail didn't play a strong series, but OG still came away with a draw against Execration in The International 2017. The veteran finished with a KDA of 6/12/14.
In Game 1, he changed things up with Death Prophet. But his farm was lacking as his Soul Siphon wasn't very effective against Puck and he couldn't control his lane. He fell behind quickly and couldn't help Ana swing the game in OG's favor. In Game 2, he played a much better game on Bloodseeker. He was setting the tempo and helped make a lot of space for Ana. His 10-minute Hand of Midas was above average and his farm was guaranteed from that point, which allowed him to focus on racking up the kills for OG.
No match for Sccc
August 4, 2017
N0tail finished OG's 1-1 draw with Newbee during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 14/8/11
N0tail played Brewmaster and Phantom Lancer in Games 1 and 2 of the series against Newbee. In Game 1, N0tail floundered as he swapped lanes with Ana and found himself in too deep against Sccc's Morphling. In Game 2, N0tail returned to his usual safe lane as Phantom Lancer and proceeded to run kpii's Faceless Void out of the lane and destroy anything of Newbee's that came across his path.
Finds success in Game 2 as Pugna
August 3, 2017
N0tail finished OG's 2-0 victory over Cloud9 during the group stages of The International 2017 with a final KDA of 14/8/18.
N0tail played Phantom Assassin and then Pugna in the Bo2 series, staying in the safe lane with each respective hero. Given the opportunity to farm in Game 1, N0tail toppled tower and heroes with ease. In Game 2, he utilized Pugna to help keep s4 alive as he engaged the entirety of the enemy team and also used Life Drain to secure several kills of his own.
Lackluster performance from OG icon
July 7, 2017
N0tail looked lost against LGD in OG's defeat in MDL 2017. The veteran Dane finished with a KDA of 12/10/18.
The statline may suggest that N0tail played an okay series, but his output in the series was really lacking. In the opening game, he went with the meta-popular Bloodseeker. He was very aggressive from the start and this resulted in OG being put in a bad spot to help him out. He picked up a 12-minute Drums of Endurance before going for the necessary Black King Bar. This was punished by LGD easily, as they just kited him often with not much difficulty. In Game 2, N0tail took the mid lane instead of Ana. His Death Prophet had a much better game, but that's not saying much. He may have picked up nine kills, but having a 394 gold-per-minute statline on your mid laner is never acceptable.
Back in business after rough first day at MDL
July 6, 2017
N0tail finished with an 11/6/10 KDA in a victory over LFY in the MDL 2017 group stages.
N0tail played Chaos Knight. He had a rough early game, but adapted his item build and playstyle smartly to help OG come back into the game. By investing in cheaper items like Armlet and Diffusal Blade along with an early Black King Bar, N0tail was able to make himself effective in fights. By being a threat, N0tail created a lot of space in fights for Ana's Invoker, which lead OG to the win.
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