Johan Sundstein 
Secures 2-0 win for OG
August 17, 2018
N0tail played well in both games of a tight 2-0 win over Invictus Gaming in the group stages of the International 2018. He finished with an overall KDA of 9/20/30.
In Game 1 N0tail played Silencer to shut down the Relocate plays from Boboka's Io. He did a good job using Global Silence to ensure OG would win fights, and positioned his hero well to ensure that he survived to rack up some stolen intelligence. He finished with a 5/5/17 KDA. N0tail picked Silencer again in Game 2, but without an Io to counter this time. He still made the hero work extremely well for OG, using Global Silence to pull things back from the brink in a lot of bad looking fights despite giving up a worrying amount of deaths. He finished with a 4/15/13 KDA.
Shut down hard by Virtus.pro
May 24, 2018
N0tail played a poor game as Kunkka vs Virtus.pro at ESL Birmingham. He finished with a 0/7/2 KDA.
This was a consistently miserable experience for N0tail, who spent a lot of the game either dead or running away. He was useless in fights beyond his initial round of spells and he wasn't even guaranteed to get those off. Once Virtus.pro got ahead, N0tail was pretty much useless to OG.
Stepped up his game in important match-up
April 30, 2018
N0tail had a quiet but solid performance for OG in their crucial win against Secret at Epicenter XL. The carry finished with a KDA of 12/6/24.
In Game 1, n0tail tried his luck with Lone Druid in the safelane. But he his pick was quickly countered by Secret with Ace's Timbersaw. He never got going against Ace's aggression and his impact was sorely lacking. In Game 2, he bounced back with his Visage play in the mid lane. He outdueled MidOne and was making a lot of plays happen for OG. His Familiar micro was spot on in the game as well as they were always in the right place at the right time whether for a gank or for the tower objective. In the final game, his Faceless Void recovered from his poor laning stage to initiate excellently for his team with well-timed Chronospheres despite the generally sub-par farming game.
Starts Day 2 of DAC with a win
March 30, 2018
N0tail played Tiny in a win against Optic at DAC 2018. He finished with a 9/5/11 KDA.
This was a solid game overall from N0tail. He did a nice job supporting and enabling the team's coach, 7mad, who is currently standing in on the carry position. N0tail's movement around the map created a lot of space all game, giving 7mad room to farm up. In fights, N0tail did a great job putting himself in a position to burst down key OG heroes.
Huskar cheese fails miserably
March 23, 2018
N0tail had an erratic series against Newbee in Dreamleague Season 9. The veteran finished with a KDA of 11/13/9.
N0tail gambled on a Huskar and Oracle draft in the series opener. The move failed miserably for OG, as he lost the laning stage against Kpii's Enchantress. His progression was really way too slow because of his poor start and the pick felt very underwhelming. He bounced back in the second game with his Tiny. His Tiny got a good start and he used it to set the tempo for OG. But once Newbee was sticking together, he was hard pressed to get a kill to keep OG's momentum.
Shut down by Liquid
March 7, 2018
N0tail had a rough game against Liquid at PGL Bucharest, finishing with a 7/7/16 KDA.
N0tail played a mediocre Lycan vs Liquid in OG's elimination match. He did a good job chasing down the Liquid supports in fights, but this often came at the cost of his own life. This meant that even if OG did win the fight, their ability to take objectives off the back of it was seriously limited.
Disappointing finish for Major veteran
February 22, 2018
N0tail finished with an overall KDA of 7/15/12 in a 0-2 loss to Liquid at ESL One Katowice.
In Game 1 N0tail played Lifestealer. He did well in lane but was slowed down drastically going into the mid and late game. After farming a Radiance at 21 minutes, N0tail spent a lot of time looking for kills that didn't amount to much gained. He finished with a 5/8/10 KDA, spending most of the late game getting kited around. In Game 2 N0tail played Tinker. All his items were delayed thanks to a rough lane against MATUMBAMAN's Viper, and N0tail's game never improved. Liquid applied constant pressure that gave N0tail almost no room to come back into the game. He finished with a 2/7/2 KDA.
Conservative approach falls flat
February 21, 2018
N0tail was not too involved in the action as OG lost to Vici Gaming 1-0 in the first round of ESL One Katowice. N0tail finished with a 4/3/9 KDA.
N0tail had a gameplan and stuck to it. He did not partake in too much action and just did the dirty work that doesn't show up in the box score. N0tail led OG in objectives by taking four towers but really didn't help much at all in fights. It was nice that his first death didn't come until 43 minutes into the game, but he wasn't able to do enough with his time to build their lead.
An utter disaster in semi-final loss
January 9, 2018
N0tail finished OG's 2-0 loss to Vici Gaming in the semi-finals of Captains Draft 4 with and average KDA of 3/10/7.
N0tail awkwardly played a middle lane Dazzle in Game 1 with horrendous results. He barely got any farm thanks to his plethora of deaths and had limited impact on the game. In Game 2, he switched over to Viper and somehow had even worse results. He was unable to win midlane and was continually picked off from well timed ganks.
Solid performance in a commanding win
January 6, 2018
N0tail played well in both games of a 2-0 win against Empire at Captain's Draft 4. He finished with an overall KDA of 15/8/21.
N0tail played a very solid Lone Druid in Game 1. He farmed up his Radiance and Hand of Midas by 18 minutes, and then OG was practically unstoppable in fights. Capitalizing on his teammates' initiation, N0tail was able to move around in fights with a lot of freedom. He finished with a 7/3/12 KDA. In Game 2 N0tail played Viper, acting as a space creator and front-line damage dealer for his team. Although this role did leave N0tail with a few more deaths than he would have liked, they were all in the pursuit of the greater good for OG. He finished with an 8/5/9 KDA.
Kingly performance
January 4, 2018
N0tail churned out a solid performance for OG in their win against compLexity. The veteran carry finished with a KDA of 8/1/13.
N0tail played Monkey King in the lone game of the series .He easily won the lane against Moo's Pangolier thanks to his superior range. His 15-minute Battle Fury was impressive and it allowed him to stay on top of the net-worth chart. He racked up eight kills and really made his presence felt with his vision game and on-point stuns.
Struggles in odd roles
December 18, 2017
N0tail looked a bit lost in OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity in the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8, finishing with an average KDA of 2/5/10.
N0tail played Dragon Knight in Game 1 with mediocre results, serving as mostly a damage sponge and tower siege weapon while Resolut1on did the rest. N0tail finished with a 1/3/12 KDA. In Game 2, N0tail was heavily targeted as Tiny managing very little and finished with a 1/11/6 KDA. In Game 3, N0tail found success as Broodmother, dealing 4,400 building damage en route to a win finishing with a 5/1/12 KDA.
Commanding victory over Evil Geniuses
December 16, 2017
N0tail looked very strong in a 2-0 win over Evil Geniuses at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 14/6/24.
N0tail played Juggernaut in Game 1 and lead his team to a convincing win. His momentum started early on in lane and was enough to carry OG through to a very quick win to start their series. N0tail finished with a 7/4/14 KDA. In Game 2 N0tail played Tiny with similar results. He got off to a nice start and was essentially able to do whatever he wanted around the map afterward. Apart from a couple deaths, N0tail was an unstoppable killing machine that preyed on the weak EG supports. He finished with a 7/2/10 KDA.
Makes it work with a utility build
December 8, 2017
N0tail didn't have a great game but OG still won against TNC in MDL Macau. The veteran carry finished with a KDA of 9/12/23.
He played Juggernaut in the only game of the series. He found some good farm and went for a 16-minute Shadow Blade that would eventually become a Silver Edge. His damage output was lacking but his decision to go for utility over damage helped Resolut1on dominate the game. N0tail also found some key barracks in the late game while his teammates were keeping TNC busy.
Takes key objectives in the late game
December 8, 2017
N0tail wasn't at his best, but OG still pulled off the victory against LFY. The versatile carry finished with a KDA of 5/6/8.
N0tail picked the Broodmother in the lone game of the series. He won the early game against InFlame's Nature's Prophet, mostly thanks to his spiders outnumbering the treants. N0tail then opted to rush a 19-minute Radiance. It didn't work out too well because of the number of disables on the side of LFY, and he died six times. He did make use of the amount of attention LFY were giving to Resolution to take barracks under their noses, though.
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