Johan Sundstein 
Lackluster performance from OG icon
July 7, 2017
N0tail looked lost against LGD in OG's defeat in MDL 2017. The veteran Dane finished with a KDA of 12/10/18.
The statline may suggest that N0tail played an okay series, but his output in the series was really lacking. In the opening game, he went with the meta-popular Bloodseeker. He was very aggressive from the start and this resulted in OG being put in a bad spot to help him out. He picked up a 12-minute Drums of Endurance before going for the necessary Black King Bar. This was punished by LGD easily, as they just kited him often with not much difficulty. In Game 2, N0tail took the mid lane instead of Ana. His Death Prophet had a much better game, but that's not saying much. He may have picked up nine kills, but having a 394 gold-per-minute statline on your mid laner is never acceptable.
Back in business after rough first day at MDL
July 6, 2017
N0tail finished with an 11/6/10 KDA in a victory over LFY in the MDL 2017 group stages.
N0tail played Chaos Knight. He had a rough early game, but adapted his item build and playstyle smartly to help OG come back into the game. By investing in cheaper items like Armlet and Diffusal Blade along with an early Black King Bar, N0tail was able to make himself effective in fights. By being a threat, N0tail created a lot of space in fights for Ana's Invoker, which lead OG to the win.
Trying strats or saving strats as Arc Warden
July 5, 2017
N0tail finished OG's 1-0 loss to Evil Geniuses during the group stages of MDL 2017 with a final KDA of 2/5/8
N0tail was drafted a late-pick Arc Warden. A niche pick that is not uncommon for OG, it was both risky and comfortable for N0tail. Though he dealt a large amount of damage over the course of the game, N0tail was torn asunder by Arteezy's Drow Ranger time and time again.
Demoralizing game for OG's carry
July 5, 2017
N0tail had a rough game, finishing with a 1/9/4 KDA in a loss to LGD in the MDL 2017 group stages.
N0tail broke out the rarely seen Meepo. He had a very difficult time in this game against LGD's onslaught of disables and burst damage. Between Chronosphere, Ravage, Ghost Ship, and Sacred Arrow, N0tail simply had too much stuff to avoid to be effective. Just a single Meepo clone getting caught ensured his certain death.
Eliminated from the Manila Masters after a weak series
May 27, 2017
N0tail looked good in Game 1, but weak otherwise in OG's 1-2 elimination match loss to Faceless at the Manila Masters. He finished with an overall KDA of 11/17/44.
In Game 1 N0tail played Arc Warden. OG has had limited success with this very strange hero, but N0tail did a good job making it work this time. He was vulnerable if enemy heroes could actually get to him, but thanks to good positioning and support from his team, N0tail was able to keep himself alive and effective in fights. He finished with a 6/3/17 KDA. In Game 2 N0tail played Lycan. This was one of N0tail's worst games in a long time. OG failed to secure more than a single tier one tower all game. N0tail was essentially a support for most of the game. He did virtually no damage, and didn't even have the net worth to be a split-push threat. He finished the game with a 1/6/6 KDA. In Game 3 N0tail played Faceless Void. He had another very difficult game for many of the same reasons as in Game 2. He did manage to get more gold and items this time, but he struggled to deal meaningful damage. Even Chronosphere wasn't powerful enough against Faceless, who did a good job spreading out against N0tail. He finished with a 4/8/21 KDA.
Did what he needed to do to win
April 30, 2017
N0tail came out hot to help his team to victory as OG defeated Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the semifinals of the Kiev Major. OG advances on to the grand final to face Virtus.pro. N0tail finished the series with a 18/9/21 KDA and destroyed six towers, four barracks and a Roshan in the series.
All eyes were on this premier matchup to see who would make the grand finals. Those eyes were quickly widened and surprised as they watched OG take a commanding 1-0 series lead. OG seized the lead early and never let off the petal in large thanks to some amazing play by N0tail. On Terrorblade, N0tail was constantly just making a positive impact for OG as he led in objectives and fought well without dying. After only two deaths in the Game 1 win, N0tail cooled off in Game 2 as all of EG stepped up. Now on Timbersaw, N0tail backed off the objectives and focused on the fighting as he finished with a team-high 11 kills in the impressive win.
Can't make Arc Warden work
April 25, 2017
N0tail finished OG's 2-0 loss to Invictus Gaming during the Kiev Major group stages with a final KDA of 16/8/16.
In Game 1, N0tail played Arc Warden in the safe lane. Farming just as fast as he could from the very start, N0tail's efforts still weren't enough to overcome s4's woes. With too much in iG's lineup able to deal with OG's strategy, N0tail was never truly in a position to win the game. In Game 2, N0tail played Spectre. Itemization may have been the key to OG's loss with N0tail opting for a Manta Style instead of a Radiance. With nothing to deter Xxs' Magnus from blinking on top of their heroes, OG was tossed about once BurNIng joined the fray.
Not the best game from OG's captain, but a win nonetheless
March 31, 2017
N0tail didn't look as strong as usual, but it was still enough to secure a 2-0 win over Newbee on the first day of DAC 2017 playoffs. He finished with an 11/8/44 KDA.
In Game 1 N0tail played Naga Siren. He had the absolute dream early game for Naga Siren: nearly free farm in his lane and even being able to participate in a lot of OG's kills. OG hit a huge speed bump in the mid game where N0tail actually fell behind in gold, but they were able to bring it back to secure the win. N0tail finished with a 6/3/25 KDA. N0tail played Alchemist in Game 2. He started out in the safe lane, a very odd choice for Alchemist and a decision that would come back to bite OG. N0tail's rough early game was certainly a speed bump on OG's route to victory, but the rest of his team were able to pick up his slack until N0tail was ready to fight. He finished with a 5/5/19 KDA.
Mixed performance from the OG safelane
March 28, 2017
N0tail played an interesting series in OG's 1-1 tie with VG.J in the Dota 2 Asia Championships. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/12/37.
In Game 1 N0tail played Troll Warlord. He got off to a decent start, but as the game dragged on OG's ability to deal damage rested almost solely on N0tail's shoulders. Although Troll Warlord is a strong hero, he really shines with a partner to benefit from his Battle Trance. N0tail finished with a 4/8/9 KDA. N0tail played Naga Siren in Game 2. After their very strange Game 1, N0tail seemed to buckle down and play much more standard Dota. This was a very typical Naga Siren game, he started off a bit weak but eventually got a Radiance and took over the game. He finished with a 3/3/28 KDA.
Consistency remains key for OG carry
March 28, 2017
N0tail played a consistent and effective game for OG in their win over Team Empire in the Dota Asia Championship 2017. The popular carry finished with a KDA of 12/7/36.
N0tail went with Terrorblade in the safelane in the opening game. He had free farm for majority of the early game as snowballed pretty easily. He racked up the highest hero damage (22,000) and tower damage (11,000) in a low-key but effective game for the Dane. In Game 2, N0tail was on the rarely picked Arc Warden. It caught Team Empire completely off guard as he managed to get an 11-minute Hand of Midas, which he easily abused with his Tempest Double. N0tail finished the dominating win with 21 assists.
OG's carry delivers two excellent games
March 26, 2017
N0tail looked solid in both games of OG's 2-0 win over Wings in the Dota 2 Asia Championships group stage. He finished with a 13/2/21 KDA.
In Game 1 N0tail played Terrorblade. He played an excellent game to kick off OG's run at DAC. N0tail's target selection in fights was on point, and his positioning was also great. After the changes to Dragon Lance, he opted to skip it in favor of a faster Manta Style. This let OG take extremely convincing fights with N0tail's huge physical damage to overwhelm Wings. N0tail finished with an 8/1/11 KDA. In Game 2 N0tail played Terrorblade again. He played another great game on Terrorblade, grouping up and fighting with his team in order to secure the space for Ana to succeed on his Alchemist. In fights, he supplied the physical burst damage that let OG quickly bring down heroes and structures with ease. N0tail finished with a 5/1/10 KDA.
Ill equipped to handle VGJ
February 27, 2017
N0tail finished OG's 2-1 loss to Vici Gaming.J during the semifinals of the Starladder Season 3 LAN with a KDA of 19/15/22.
In Game 1, N0tail played Juggernaut in a dual safe lane where he easily disposed of rOtk's Abyssal Underlord. Pushing down towers and killing his opponents as he went, N0tail finished Game 1 in perfect form with a KDA of 9/0/14. In Game 2, N0tail played Sven in a dual offlane with s4's Slardar. After being set back early on, N0tail never really recovered. He was consistently outmaneuvered by Freeze's Storm Spirit and a more mobile and coordinated VGJ unit. In Game 3, N0tail was hampered by similar problems as Game 2. In an awkward and greedy lineup, N0tail, as Gyrocopter, was unable to find the protection he needed to succeed. As a result, OG were swept away in about 38 minutes, relegated to a third place finish at Starladder.
Surprise pick from OG carry sets the tone
February 24, 2017
The iconic N0tail showed off his quality as OG dismantled TNC in Starladder Season 3. The Danish carry finished with a KDA of 13/10/27.
His surprise Meepo in the first game mentally affected TNC's game immediately. With no good counter, N0tail was primed to dominate. His 16-minute Boots of Travel allowed him to take over the map with efficient farming. No one of the opposing side could keep up with his 763 gold per minute as it was a slow and ground-out win for the boys in green. In Game 2, N0tail was on the new meta-dominator Lone Druid. N0tail did not disappoint, as he spearheaded OG's death ball to an easy win.
OG's streak of domination continues
February 23, 2017
N0tail looked excellent in both games of OG's 2-0 win over Team Secret at the Starladder iLeague Season 3 finals. He finished with an overall KDA of 18/4/29.
In Game 1 N0tail played Lone Druid. He went for an interesting item build, skipping the now-common Dragon Lance in favor of a fast Maelstrom. This let OG take very convincing fights much early than they would have with the traditional Dragon Lance build, while N0tail was still able to attack from a comfortable range. In game 2 N0tail went for an oddball Chaos Knight pick. Although he struggled in the mid game because Secret could clear his Phantasm illusions, N0tail came back into the game with a vengeance once he got his first items. N0tail was definitely playing second fiddle to Ana's Invoker in this game, but his damage and lockdown were critical pieces of OG's success. N0tail finished with a 7/2/16 KDA.
Rough games from OG's carry in their close loss to Evil Geniuses
January 23, 2017
N0tail had a shaky series in OG's 2-3 loss to Evil Geniuses in the grand finals of Dota Pit Season 5. He finished with an overall KDA of 26/28/44.
In Game 1 N0tail played Lone Druid in the Radiant safe lane. He went for the new right-click oriented item build, content to sit 900 range behind s4's Underlord and Ana's Alchemist. While EG scrambled to deal with Ana, N0tail was dishing out massive damage from complete safety. He finished with a 4/1/10 KDA. In Game 2 n0tail played Brewmaster in the Radiant safe lane. He got off to a rough start in lane which never got better for N0tail as the game went on. Despite starting out as position one, he soon found himself behind JerAx's support Weaver in gold. N0tail finished with a 2/9/8 KDA and a lesson learned the hard way about picking unconventional safelane heroes. In Game 3 N0tail played Slark in the Dire safe lane. It took him a long time to get online, but once he was going there was no stopping N0tail. It required massive commitment to bring him down, so he was able to run rampant around the EG backline. N0tail finished the game with an impressive 10/3/10 KDA. In Game 4 N0tail played Sven in the Dire safe lane. He got some good early farm, but had a very rough mid-game after the lanes broke down. He got kited or disabled constantly by EG in fights, and even with s4's Omniknight behind him was still vulnerable to burst. He finished the game with a 4/9/7 KDA. In Game 5 N0tail played Sniper in the Radiant safe lane. He did very well in lane, but OG's lack of major teamfight ability soon began to hurt them. There was no real frontline to protect N0tail, and despite his best efforts to snipe EG from a distance, he couldn't keep enough space between him and death. N0tail finished the game with a 6/6/9 KDA.