Yang Pu 
Invictus Gaming
Joins iG to fill BurNIng's shoes, also changes nickname
September 6, 2017
In a release on weibo, iG confirmed that END would be joining the team in place of BurNIng and changing his nickname to GazEoD.
GazEoD first came into the spotlight in 2015 when he played for EHOME and placed 5th-6th at The International 2015. Since then, he has spent the majority of his career with Vici Gaming. GazEoD achieved some notable results, but no huge tournament wins in his career. His move to iG places him under a lot of pressure to fill BurNIng's spot, but GazEoD is a capable player and should serve as a positive addition to the team.
Falls flat as Chaos Knight
July 6, 2017
END finished Vici Gaming's 1-0 loss to Evil Geniuses during the group stages of MDL 2017 with a final KDA of 7/3/7
END played a safe-lane Chaos Knight and was the best-supported player on his team in lane. Despite this, END was incapable of converting his safety into farm, tower kills, or lane domination. Ultimately Vici Gaming threw in the towel, unable to put Evil Geniuses away despite their advantage in the late game.
Fails to show up in loss
December 10, 2016
END finished LGD.FY's 2-1 loss to Ad Finem during the quarterfinals of the Boston Major with a KDA of 18/4/16.
END was mostly absentee during LFY's games. Playing Weaver in Game 1, Terrorblade in Game 2 and Ursa in Game 3, END played well individually, but his team suffered at the start and end of the series. ENDs Terrorblade play in Game 2 was also very individualistic play, he spent most of the game farming and pushing objectives. Not on the same page as the rest of his squad, LFY's five-man was dependent on everyone playing END's game.
Massacres LGD in 2-0 sweep
December 9, 2016
END finished LGD.FY's 2-0 sweep of sister squad LGD during the first round of the Boston Major with a KDA of 26/2/34.
In Game 1, END played a safe-lane Juggernaut. He was able to prey on the less mobile Nyx Assassin in lane. With little disable to hold him down during the team fights, END bludgeoned LGD with a game-high 16 kills and only two deaths. Switching over to Lifestealer, END performed even better in Game 2. Scooping up his Armlet in just 10 minutes, END scored 10 kills and gave up no deaths as LGD completely fell apart.
Poor showing against Wings secures low seed in group
December 3, 2016
END earned a measly 4/9/5 KDA during LFY's one-sided defeat at the hands of WIngs.
END had a very rough series against Wings where he ended up with little support and even less success. Considering he started off the series with an Anti-mage pick, a champion that requires a significant amount of both those things, he obviously didn't fare well. Wings exploited his vulnerable early game relentlessly, as Shadow's Orchid Clinkz was ruthlessly effective at gunning down either END's supports or END himself. The fabled Anti-mage late game never managed to come about as LFY simply couldn't find an opportunity to stall Wings' momentum. The second game proved to be an even more extreme version of the first. LFY played the early game quite poorly as a team, and a few clever lane swaps ensured that Wings' weaker lanes were much more difficult to exploit. LFY overextended multiple times early on, and END paid the price, as once he was delivered into the team via Infest on his LIfestealer, he had no options except to win the fight or die trying. LFY didn't manage to win a single fight over the course of the game, and END's KDA reflected the fact, as he was sent packing with a terrible 2/6/3 KDA by the end of the game, ending the series and LFY's hopes of a good seed come the elimination rounds.
Two games on Ursa works well, but not well enough
December 3, 2016
In Game 1, END seemed to be the only player on LGD Forever Young who could gain momentum. Unfortunately, the same pick wasn't enough in Game 2. END finished the series with a combined 23/9/21 KDA.
Playing with LGD Forever Young, END hoped to start the Boston Major on a high note. Playing Ursa in both games seemed to work well for him, but unfortunately not for the whole team. In Game 1, his Ursa was played in the top safe lane, ending with a 5/2/1 KDA. Nobody was able to get anything going, but END was the closest to that. In Game 2, END took over the middle lane, once again on Ursa. LGD Forever Young hung in there, having a lead for the first 26 minutes of the game, but Digital Chaos was able to take the lead back. Over the 71-minute brawl, END was able to rack up an 18/7/20 KDA, looking like one of the team's top performers. With 50,800 hero damage, he was the right-hand man to Super!'s Razor. LGD Forever Young lost the game after a key triple kill where Digital Chaos stormed the base and won the game. END's Ursa looks like it will need answering from Wings Gaming, who they will face off against next at the Boston Major.
Indominatable in 1-0 victory
October 29, 2016
END finished Vici Gaming's 1-0 rout of VG.J in the Boston Major Chinese Qualifier with a KDA of 9/0/10.
END was given Lifestealer in the safe lane, accompanied by ddc's Silencer. Unfazed by hym's offlane Bounty Hunter, END was able to secure very fast farm, completing his Armlet before 10 minutes. END and Ghost finished the game with no deaths after carving through VG.J's lineup.
Played like the most dominant player on the map
October 29, 2016
END put on a show as Vici Gaming defeated EHOME.X 1-0 in the Boston Major China Main Qualifier. END finished with a 7/1/15 KDA and destroyed two towers in the series.
Playing Juggernaut, END was the leader of this unstoppable Vici Gaming charge to victory. EHOME.X was never able to handle him as he was the focal point in every team fight, racking up a game high kills and assists. This dominant showing bodes very well for Vici as this is exactly how they want him to play to make a championship run.
Disappointing series eliminates Vici Gaming from MarsTV Autumn finals
September 30, 2016
END played a mediocre series in Vici Gaming's 0-2 loss to OG, ending Vici's MarsTV Autumn league run. He finished with a 9/6/9 KDA.
In Game 1 END played Juggernaut. He started out in the Dire off lane as part of an aggressive triple lane, but it didn't go very well. They failed to secure kills or a farm advantage over OG, and END was forced into catch-up mode. He never actually managed to catch up, though, remaining behind all three OG cores in net worth all game. He finished with the cursed KDA of 3/2/2. Vici lost Game 1. In Game 2 END played Ursa in the Radiant middle lane. Thanks to generous help from his supports, END was able to actually win his lane as a melee hero against Razor. He did a decent job in fights, but OG's strong teamfight was often too much for him. END finished the game with a 6/4/7 KDA. Vici lost Game 2.
A force to be reckoned with
September 30, 2016
END was an absolute monster through the series as Vici Gaming defeated MVP Phoenix 2-1 in the first round of the lower brackets of the MarsTV Dota 2 League. END finished with a 42/9/35 KDA and destroyed seven towers, a Roshan in the series.
Even as MVP Phoenix took their game, END could not be stopped at all. He found double-digit kills in every game of the series and averaged just three deaths per game as well. Showing proficiency on Terrorblade, Ursa, and Lifestealer, END played great on his own as well as when his team was around him. Every bit of his strong play was needed, as they series came down to a Game 3 that was slightly in favor of MVP Phoenix up until Vici stole it in the late game. END can take the most-valuable-player award for this series and try to carry this momentum through the rest of the tournament.
Unable to pull through in 2-1 loss
September 28, 2016
END played hard, but it simply wasn't enough, as he finished with a KDA of 13/9/19 in Vici Gaming's 2-1 loss to Evil Geniuses at the Mars Dota League 2016 group stages.
END started Game 1 on Terrorblade. Despite several quick deaths early in the game, END managed to recoup his farm and quickly accumulate items. Dealing out 10,000 physical damage while being kept alive by Fy's Ghostship and DDC's False Promise, END was able to lead VG to a Game 1 victory with a KDA of 7/2/11. Game 2 saw END jump out to another quick farming lead, this time on Anti-Mage. He picked up his Battle Fury at 12 minutes followed by a seven-minute Manta Style. END did his best to keep his head down and farm, but in the end EG was able to overwhelm the rest of Vici before END could begin to make a real impact. Vici was stomped out and END finished Game 2 with a KDA of 3/3/1. In Game 3 END was tasked with playing Luna. He fell into his usual quick farming patterns, but this time was more involved in the teamfights. END's fast farming and 63-percent kill involvement would prove to be useless, as Vici did not have the damage output to deal with Evil Geniuses, losing the series 2-1. END finished Game 3 with a KDA of 3/4/7.
Unable to get anything going during 0-2 loss
August 7, 2016
END didn't have a great series against EHOME. We had seen many strokes of brilliance from him, but EHOME shut him down, limiting him to a 1/6/6 KDA.
In Game 1, END played Juggernaut in the bottom safe lane. With a 1/3/1 KDA and a middle of the pack 3,600 hero damage, END didn't really do much. Unable to get anything going, he hoped to bounce back for Game 2. That didn't happen. Playing Terrorblade, he amassed a disappointing 0/3/5 KDA. While he did have the second highest hero damage at 5,300, EHOME still took the lead and snowballed it out of control. Vici.Reborn got last place in Group B and will play TNC Gaming in a decider match on Monday.
Polarized series in 1-1 tie with MVP.Phoenix
August 6, 2016
END played a difficult series as Vici.Reborn went 1-1 with MVP.Phoenix. He ended with a 24/8/14 KDA.
END had a poor start to the series as he played Drow Ranger in the Radiant safe lane for Game 1. Once the game progressed beyond laning, END immediately fell into a slump with three deaths in three minutes. END never recovered, and his team felt the lack of his presence, resulting in Vici.Reborn's loss for Game 1. END found redemption in Game 2 as he played Ursa in the Radiant safe lane. He subjected his foes to a relentless frenzy of aggression, never giving them time to recompose themselves and pushing onward. It was too much for MVP.Phoenix to handle, and when Vici.Reborn won Game 2, END had an astonishing KDA of 22/1/8.
Massive performance leads to a Vici.Reborn 2-0
August 5, 2016
Being the push-bot for Vici.Reborn wasn't enough for END. After Game 1, he went on to be the team's leading man, ending with an 18/8/30 KDA.
Push. Push. Push. That was END's job in Game 1 as Drow Ranger. While he did plenty of pushing with 8,800 tower damage, he also was involved in 30 out of 38 kills. At an 8/6/22 KDA he looked good going into Game 2. His Terrorblade was terrifying, leading to a massive performance and a 2-0 victory. At 10/2/8 END was a one-man army. He had the highest hero damage by over 5,000 and the highest tower damage at 5,400. Nobody could lay a finger on him, with his two deaths coming in the mid game. END has been showing great performances and Vici.Reborn will need to capitalize on it if they hope to get a spot in the winner's bracket.
Team-leading performance loses momentum after Game 1
August 5, 2016
END had a nearly flawless start to their series against Digital Chaos but had trouble in Game 2. After losing as much momentum as he did, he ended the series with a 9/3/15 KDA.
END was the man to beat in Vici.Reborn's first game against Digital Chaos. Playing Juggernaut in the bottom safe lane, he was able to slash his way to a 7/1/13 KDA. Leading both hero and tower damage is another accolade that belonged to END. Hoping to get a 2-0, END played Drow Ranger in Game 2. Sadly, it was not even close to the same success. With a 2/2/2 KDA, he didn't have the worst performance on Vici.Reborn. Nobody seemed to be able to get any momentum and they lost in 22 and a half minutes. END will need more consistency if Vici plans to make it to the winner's side of the bracket, and even more so if they hope to make it far into the main event at The International 6.
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