Stanislav Glushan 
Spartak Esports
Joins Spartak Esports
September 13, 2017
In a an official Tweet by Spartak Esports, it was announced that 633 will be joining the red and white family.
633 had recent stints with Team Spirit and Fantastic Five before joining up with Spartak. As the oldest member of the squad, 633 will be tasked with mentoring his very young team. Known for his Invoker in the CIS region, a lot weighs on 633's knowledge of the game as he tries to lead his team to glory.
633: Fantastic Five is eliminated from The International 6
June 27, 2016
633 played a shaky series in Fantastic Five's 1-2 loss to Escape Gaming in The International 6 European regional qualifiers. He finished the series with an overall KDA of 14/11/26. Fantastic Five is eliminated from The International 6.
In Game 1, 633 played Death Prophet in the Radiant middle lane. 633 had a great early game, easily able to both outfarm and bully qojqva's Invoker out of the lane with Crypt Swarm. 633 made sure that qojqva was denied any kind of easy farm, delaying his Hand of Midas as long as possible. His Spirit Siphon was powerful enough to protect him from rotations, as well as keep him alive in fights. Without the damage to bring him down, 633's Exorcism dealt massive unchecked damage to Escape in fights. Escape simply didn't have the defenses, even with a Dazzle, to stand up to 633. He finished Game 1 with a flawless 11/0/8 KDA. Fantastic Five won Game 1. In Game 2, 633 played an extremely unorthodox Omniknight in the Radiant middle lane. Although he couldn't do anything to kill or contest qojqva's Lone Druid in the middle lane, 633 was able to get very nice gold and experience for himself. Unfortunately for Fantastic Five, even with a lot of gold, Omniknight is not a powerful late game damage dealer. His spells gave the rest of his team a huge boost in fights, but ultimately Fantastic Five only had one source of damage in Illidan's Medusa. 633 was unable to have enough of an impact on fights for Fantastic Five to win. He wasn't able to keep everyone alive, and Escape Gaming did a great job switching and focusing targets. He finished the game with a 1/6/13 KDA. Fantastic Five lost Game 2. In Game 3, 633 played Batrider in the Radiant top off lane. Despite being in the off lane, 633 had an excellent early game against KheZu's Timbersaw. He was able to easily control the lane with Sticky Napalm and the threat of magical burst from Firefly. Even in a lane he should win, 633 managed to die to KheZu. After getting off to a poor start, 633's impact in the game was much less than it should have been. He was unable to use his Blink Dagger to initiate without dying in most cases, and his damage was almost negligible because of his level disadvantage. He finished with a 2/5/5 KDA. Fantastic Five lost Game 3.
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