Wang Chunyu 
LGD Gaming
Beautiful play from LGD's young star
July 7, 2017
Ame played an almost perfect game for LGD in their sweep of OG in MDL 2017. The young carry finished with a KDA of 22/4/29.
Ame's series opener on the Gyrocopter proved the hero is still deadly in the right hands. His farm was excellent from the beginning as he farmed a 13-minute Mask of Madness. He used his power spike to perfection as he racked up the game-high 12 kills. In Game 2, Ame's Medusa once again had a great showing. He picked up the unorthodox Blade Mail first on the hero. It payed off very well for them as it turned around many clashes in their favor.
Difficult game for LGD's carry
July 6, 2017
Ame had a rough showing against iG in the MDL 2017 group stages, he finished with a 3/4/7 KDA.
Ame played Terrorblade, one of his favorite heroes. He had a decent lane, but didn't manage to make the transition into the mid-and-late game well enough. He was able to be pretty impactful in fights, but the rest of his team was far from enjoying the same success. Ame wasn't able to make up for that by himself, and eventually also started to fall behind.
Leads LGD to a chaotic victory
July 5, 2017
Ame finished with a 15/5/7 KDA in an LGD win against Evil Geniuses in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Ame played Chaos Knight. He had a great game, dominating the map from the time that the horn sounded. He dealt massive burst damage with his Phantasm illusions, and was an extremely effective counter to Arteezy's Lifestealer. Evil Geniuses didn't have any good way to deal with his illusions, so Ame was allowed to run rampant in fights.
Impressive game from LGD's carry
July 5, 2017
Ame finished with a 10/2/20 KDA in LGD's win over OG in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Ame played Faceless Void. This was an impressive performance from Ame, who managed to take control of his lane early. He put himself in an excellent position to continue controlling the game through Chronosphere, as well as contributing a sizable chunk of damage himself. His lockdown was especially valuable this game against both Ember Spirit and Meepo.
Calm presence in lost
June 16, 2017
Ame was the steadying force for LGD as they succumbed to Team Secret in The Summit. The up-and-coming carry finished with a KDA of 10/6/11.
Ame's opening game on Terrorblade had him enjoy an excellent early game. He managed the most last hits by match's end, but it wasn't enough as his trust in his teammates was a little too much, causing him to be left hanging by his team often while overstaying his welcome in the frontline. His second game on the Weaver was more impactful. He was leading the net-worth chart early so he was set to take over. Ame managed 482 gold per minute and racked up nine kills.
Fails to deliver in sweep
December 9, 2016
Ame finished LGD's 2-0 loss to LGD.FY during the first round of the Boston Major with a KDA of 8/11/15.
Ame played Lifestealer in Game 1. Finding quick farm and a couple early kills, Ame looked to be in a good postion heading into the mid game. After taking some bad engagements, Ame found himself unable to contend with the cores of LGD.FY, but he was unable to catch up as he was forced to fight. In Game 2, Ame played Weaver. LGD.FY had excellent wave-clear abilities on several heroes and more than enough disables to keep Ame in check. As a result, he was not as potent in teamfights as LGD anticipated.
Finished the sweep with a perfect stat line
December 5, 2016
Ame played absolutely perfect as LGD swept Faceless 2-0 in the group stage of Boston Major. Maybe finished with a 12/0/15 KDA and destroyed four towers, two barracks and two Roshans in the series.
Ame put on a clinic on how to play Phantom Assassin and Luna to their full potential. Ame looked completely in control of the series as he was able to clearly outmatch his Faceless counterparts. Not dying a single time in the series, Ame can bring this momentum into the next stage of the Boston Major as the competition will get a lot more difficult.
Strong play slices way to a victory
October 31, 2016
Ame had a phenomenal showing against his sister team, LGD Forever Young at the Boston Major China qualifiers. With a 10/2/7, KDA he pushed his way to an LGD victory.
Ame chose Juggernaut as LGD's third pick in their battle against LGD Forever Young at the Boston Major China qualifiers. In the contentious, 39-minute game, Ame was a monster. With his 10/2/7 KDA, he was a massive part of their win. Alongside Ame was Maybe's Mirana and between the two of them, LGD was unstoppable. Ame ended the game with the highest net worth at 25,700 and tower damage at 4,600. He also had the second highest hero damage at 15,400, trailing Maybe by just over 5,000. The game was a close one, which was great to see if your involved with the LGD organization.
Can't keep it together throughout series
October 21, 2016
9k player Ame showed that MMR isn't everything with a poor showing at The Summit 6 Chinese Qualifiers. The former CDEC Youth player had a 21/17/12 KDA.
Ame had an awkward Game 1 where he got Luna in the safe lane. He just couldn't get going despite a 521 GPM. He appeared lost, and his lack of experience on the bigger stage showed. As Luna, a known tower-pusher, he only registered a total of 621 tower damage. Ame stepped up his play in Game 2, LGD's only win; he was given the Juggernaut. An impressive 10/1/3 KDA was only undermined by dealing the least hero damage amongst the three LGD cores at 10,400. However, it was all downhill for Ame after Game 2. He had the most deaths on his team in Game 3 as Slardar. Then his lack of composure and focus showed in Game 4 as Huskar, as he made many mistakes left and right. Ame may be 9k, but he has a long way to go if he wants to make it in the pro scene.
Unable to perform well against LGD in 0-2 loss
July 11, 2016
CDEC.Youth's position one player was a large factor in their 0-2 loss to LGD Gaming. Ame only had two kills in the series regardless of his priority pick in Game 1. He ended the series with a disappointing 2/12/9 KDA.
Ame did not show up for their elimination match against LGD Gaming. In Game 1, CDEC.Youth didn't have any standout players or score lines but Ame was more of a problem than a solution. Playing Lycan, both Ame and his lane partner, Xz's Shadow Demon, were unable to slow down xiao8's Tidehunter in their bottom safe lane. While xiao8 wasn't what won the game for LGD, he set up massive plays that allowed LGD to take the game. Ame ended the game with a 1/5/7 KDA. Game 2 picked up right where Game 1 left off. It seemed like CDEC.Youth was on tilt because at no point in the game did they have a gold lead. Ame was put on Timbersaw, where he finished with another disappointing 1/7/2 KDA. One beacon of hope in this disappointing series was he led the team's hero damage in Game 2 with 5,600. CDEC.Youth was eliminated from Nanyang Championships Season 2 with this loss and will need Ame to get more than two kills if they plan to beat We Are Young on Tuesday in the Dota Professional League.
Outstanding series vs VG.Reborn at Nanyang Season 2
July 11, 2016
Ame was absolutely incredible in CDEC.Youth's 2-0 win over VG.Reborn at the Nanyang Season 2 Championships. He finished the series with an overall KDA of 16/3/16. CDEC.Youth advances to face LGD Gaming.
In Game 1, Ame played Drow Ranger in the Radiant bottom safe lane. Ame was given an essentially free lane to farm, with only fy's Kunkka rotating to bottom to try and leech the experience from the lane. Ame got a quick level six, giving his team a huge damage boost through his Precision Aura and the passive agility bonus from Marksmanship. Ame scaled incredibly well into the mid game, going for a fast Mjolnir in order to combat the classic problem Drow Ranger has of not being able to scale past 30 minutes. Ame finished the game with a 3/1/9 KDA. CDEC.Youth won Game 1. In Game 2, Ame played the surprise Huskar pick in the Radiant bottom safe lane. Ame had a great game, going to lane with a Dust of Appearance and using it to secure first blood on fy's Rikimaru. After starting the game with his foot on the gas, Ame never let up. Once again CDEC.Youth had chosen a strategy to execute, and they did it almost to perfection. Ame's Huskar was a nearly unstoppable force, requiring all five VG.Reborn heroes to bring him down on his own. When his team was there to back him up in force, Ame was invincible. He dealt a staggering 18,800 damage to enemy heroes in a 29 minute game. Ame finished the game with a 13/2/7 KDA. CDEC.Youth won Game 2.
Shining star of his team in a loss to Wings Gaming
July 7, 2016
Ame played a very impressive series, but couldn't carry by himself in CDEC.Youth's 0-2 loss to Wings Gaming at the Nanyang Season 2 Championships. He finished the series with a 23/11/15 KDA. CDEC.Youth drops to the lower bracket to face the winner of WG.Unity vs VG.Reborn.
In Game 1, Ame played Timbersaw in the Radiant middle lane. He had a very annoying lane against bLink's Batrider. Although bLink wasn't able to actually secure a kill on Ame by himself, Sticky Napalm forced Ame to play very carefully. Going into the mid game, Ame was a powerhouse of damage for CDEC.Youth. With nothing to lock him down except Flaming Lasso and Echo Stomp, Ame easily chained from tree to tree dealing massive damage to Wings in the meantime. He did massive damage throughout the game, but eventually Wings got the tools to counter him. With Silver Edge to disable his Reactive Armor, he was a much easier kill for Wings in the late game. He finished with a 16/6/12 KDA. CDEC.Youth lost Game 1. In Game 2, Ame played Slark in the Dire bottom off lane. CDEC.Youth were attempting to pressure Ursa with an early triple lane, but found only a Slardar in the bottom lane. Eventually his supports left to protect Demons' Lifestealer in the top lane. Ame finished a quick Shadow Blade, and began to terrorize Wings' supports in the back of fights. With no good way to lock him down during Shadow Dance besides Black Hole and Slithereen Crush, it was easy for Ame to commit heavily into fights but still escape. In the late game, those disables proved to be Ame's downfall. There was no escape from Wings' Black Hole into Static Storm combination, even for Slark. Ame finished the game with a 7/5/3 KDA. CDEC.Youth lost Game 2.
Looking like A-God in CDEC.Youth's impressive win over Digital Chaos
July 5, 2016
Ame went absolutely insane in CDEC.Youth's 2-0 win over Digital Chaos at the Nanyang Season 2 Championships. He finished the series with an overall 32/7/41 KDA. CDEC.Youth advances to the upper bracket semifinals to face the winner of Team Empire vs Wings Gaming.
In Game 1, Ame played Morphling in the Radiant top safe lane. He had an excellent early game after Moo's Tidehunter moved into the jungle very early. In addition to his free farm lane, Ame was given first blood. He started out with a nice lead and was able to maintain it going into the mid-game, overcoming the classic weakness of Morphling. In the late game, Ame was practically able to take on Digital Chaos 1-vs-5. With Dragon Knight to back him up, Ame was almost completely unkillable. Ame finished the game with a Godlike 28/1/8 KDA, putting Digital Chaos to shame. CDEC.Youth won Game 1. In Game 2, Ame played Naga Siren in the Dire middle lane. Although he was faced with an extremely difficult lane opponent in w33's Death Prophet, Ame actually managed to turn an early rotation into two deaths for Digital Chaos. He completed an impressive 17 minute Radiance given the pace of the game, and was able to quickly transition into Naga's classic split pushing. CDEC.Youth struggled in teamfights in the mid game when Ame wasn't able to commit with his actual hero. Despite losing a barracks before 30 minutes, Ame was still able to keep his team's lanes constantly pushed out onto Digital Chaos's side of the map. In late game fights, Ame was able to bring down Digital Chaos's heroes thanks to his incredibly strong illusions. He finished the game with a 4/6/33 KDA. CDEC.Youth won Game 2.