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Erratic played doomed LGD's chances
August 12, 2017
Victoria's early game play was erratic in LGD's sweep against Team Liquid in The International 2017. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 5/10/11.
Victoria forced the issue with Kunkka in both games of the series. In Game 1, his rotations turned out very well as he found himself a three-minute Arcane Boots But his efficiency fell off very quickly as Liquid adjusted. In Game 2, he tried his antics again with no success. Liquid were more than ready for the trick once more as he failed to pick up a single kill. He only reached level 7 in the 25-minute game.
Ineffective rotating spelled doom for LGD
August 9, 2017
Victoria could not stop the bleeding for LGD as they drop to the Lower Bracket in The International 2017. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 1/10/8.
He tried his luck with Kunkka in the series opener. He had some good plays early pressuring the mid lane, but his effectiveness quickly disappeared as VP began reading his rotations like an open book as he only finished with four assists and zero kills in Game 1. In Game 2, he changed it up on the Nyx Assassin. His early game went similar and he played the good vision game with his scouting. There was one odd moment when he was saving Vendetta for no reason and got picked off by VP, giving away free gold. Unforced errors for Victoria really hurt LGD's chances.
Rough series for LGD's support
August 3, 2017
Victoria finished with an overall KDA of 2/9/25 in LGD's 0-2 loss to iG.Vitality in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 Victoria played Tusk. He made some pretty nice saves with Snowball over the course of the game, but this wasn't enough to rescue his team. iG.V were playing excellently around all of LGD's teamfight ability and control, leaving Victoria with little recourse as the game went on. He finished with a 1/4/10 KDA. In Game 2 Victoria played Earth Spirit. This was another pretty tough game for Victoria. There were no good lanes for him to rotate to and gank for in the early game. His long-range disable was pretty useful as the game went on, but it just wasn't enough to turn the tides. He finished with a 1/5/15 KDA.
Continues to rack up assists
August 2, 2017
Victoria pushed his team to the max as LGD Gaming took a 2-0 sweep over Team Empire in the group stages of The International 7. Victoria finished the series with a 5/5/29 KDA.
Still feeling good off of their first sweep of the day, LGD had their sights set on number two. Victoria played great in their first series and kept that momentum going right into this one. Playing Kunkka in both games, Victoria racked up a team-high 29 assists and died only five total times. LGD is hot right now.
Shines all over the map
August 2, 2017
Victoria racked up the assists as LGD Gaming took a 2-0 sweep over Fnatic in the group stages of The International 7. Victoria finished the series with a 6/4/38 KDA.
There were no TI jitters as LGD came out firing on all cylinders. Victoria did a great job supporting his teammates in all of the many fights, nearly all of them going in favor of LGD. Victoria racked up an impressive 38 assists in just two games as LGD started of TI well with a sweep.
Sad game for LGD's position-four support
July 6, 2017
Victoria had a rough time vs iG in the MDL 2017 group stages, finishing with a 1/7/6 KDA.
Victoria played Sand King, but was unable to find any success in his attempts to roam. Between his inability to find kills and giving up a lot of deaths, Victoria didn't finish a Blink Dagger until 24 minutes. By this point LGD was trailing by far too much, and Victoria couldn't do anything to stem their losses.
Excellent game all around from LGD's support
July 5, 2017
Victoria finished with a 0/3/20 KDA in a win over Evil Geniuses in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Victoria played Earth Spirit. He was very effective early, especially when roaming to the middle lane. His presence there helped Maybe get off to an incredible start on Lina. As the game went on, Victoria had a bit of trouble keeping up in experience but was still very effective in fights. His long-range disable was very good against Evil Geniuses' lineup.
Excellent supporting from LGD's position four
July 5, 2017
Victoria finished with a 4/4/25 KDA in LGD's win over OG in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Victoria played support Kunkka. He was very effective all game, providing the disables and chasing ability that LGD needed against OG's elusive lineup. X Marks the Spot was very useful against OG's Ember Spirit, and Ghost Ship provided yet another disable to follow up Chronosphere with.
Erratic performance from LGD support
June 16, 2017
Victoria was very rough around the edges for LGD as they were relegated to the Lower Bracket by Team Secret. The roaming support player finished with a KDA of 12/12/9.
Victoria played Nightstalker in both games of the losing series for LGD. In Game 1, his Nightstalker was mostly a non-factor as he barely contributed anything for his team. He did turn it around in the second game as he helped secure two early kills against Khezu's Bristleback. The early momentum helped LGD take control of the game, but costly mistakes in the end game hurt their chances.
Solid but quiet performance in 2-1 win
June 16, 2017
Victoria played two decent games in LGD's 2-1 victory over at The Summit 7. He finished the series with an overall KDA of 3/11/28.
Victoria had a rough Game 1 as Clockwerk, finishing with a KDA of 0/8/3. Going up against a Dark Seer and Kunkka turned out to be too difficult, as his Hookshot/Power Cogs combo was too heavily countered. Game 2 went much better for him as a roaming Night Stalker. He disrupted the middle lane early on for Maybe on the Queen of Pain, and this paid off heavily for LGD, as he would eventually take complete control of the game. In Game 3 he played as Sand King, and although he didn't have too much of an impact overall in damage output, he managed to disrupt multiple plays from, whose lineup was heavily catered toward big combos with level 6 abilities.
Assists his team to 2-1 victory
June 15, 2017
Victoria showed some impressive plays in LGD's 2-1 win over Team NP at The Summit 7. He finished the series with a final KDA of 9/15/51.
Victoria played as Clockwerk in Game 1. Working well with Yao on Ancient Apparition, he was able to set up easy Ice Blast combos with his Power Cogs to help pick off Team NP's cores during teamfights. His Hookshots were on point, and he finished with the most assists at 22. In Game 2 Victoria played as Sand King, and things didn't go well for him. Although he did a great job of disrupting fights with his stun, he wasn't able to escape as well and kept getting picked off in confrontations. In Game 3 he tried his luck at Sand King again, and helped LGD completely dominate Team NP. His Epicenter/Stun combos were spot on, and he led the field in assists again with 19.
Breezed through Faceless for a win
December 5, 2016
Victoria took advantage of the favorable matchup as LGD swept Faceless 2-0 in the group stage of Boston Major. Victoria finished with a 5/3/26 KDA and destroyed a tower in the series.
All of LGD was able to pad the stats in this series as they clearly are on a different level than Faceless. Victoria played Oracle and Io as he grabbed 13 assists in each of the two decisive victories en route to the series sweep. Victoria and all of LGD looked very comfortable and continue through the Boston Major with their eyes set on first place.
Supporting helps team get a win in back and forth game
October 31, 2016
The LGD teams went at it at the Boston Major China qualifiers and Victoria really helped set the original LGD apart from its sister team, LGD Forever Young. In the back and forth game, Victoria ended with a 2/2/12 KDA.
Using LGD's first pick, the second overall pick of the draft, LGD put Victoria on Rubick. The game was very unstable with the gold lead trending up and down all game for both teams. Strong Rubick play was necessary if LGD hoped to take out their sister team, LGD Forever Young. With a 2/2/12 KDA, Victoria didn't let anybody down. Playing a more roaming style, he was able to help his team get ahead, specifically Ame's Juggernaut and Maybe's Mirana, who ended up carrying the team to a victory.
Had a rough series in the loss
July 23, 2016
Victoria could not get anything going as CDEC.Youth lost 2-0 to Evil Genius in the quarterfinals of Starladder iLeague Season 2 finals. Victoria finished with a 2/9/7 KDA in the series.
Victoria was not ready for the challenge of upsetting Evil Geniuses, as he never seemed comfortable. There was hope as him and CDEC.Youth looked competitive to start Game 1, but it didn't last long as Evil Geniuses stormed back to take the game. Victoria took a step further back in Game 2, never finding a kill, but dying six times. There is a lot of way to go for CDEC.Youth to compete with Evil Geniuses.
Picked apart by LGD Gaming in 0-2 loss
July 11, 2016
Victoria had one of the better performances on the CDEC.Youth squad against LGD Gaming with a 6/8/9 KDA. CDEC only had two gold leads throughout the entire series totaling just over 600 gold. With this loss, CDEC.Youth is eliminated from Nanyang Championships Season 2.
While CDEC.Youth suffered a pretty disheartening loss, Victoria showed that he could play well from behind. In Game 1, Victoria was put onto Elder Titan where he had a consistent performance. With three deaths, he had the lowest deaths on the team and had the second-highest kills with three, right behind the five from Inflame's Death Prophet. He also had the second-highest hero damage at 4,900, beating their position one player (Ame's Lycan) by almost 1,000. Game 2 was a similarly consistent performance for Victoria. Amongst the wreckage of CDEC.Youth, Victoria was able to pull off a 3/5/3 KDA, having a 100 percent kill participation. Victoria's Phoenix seemed to be a priority pick for CDEC.Youth and with a 100 percent kill participation and 3,200 healing in a 38-minute loss we can tell why. It will be interesting to see how Victoria performs when CDEC.Youth isn't getting stomped, and we may get to see that in their game against We Are Young in the Dota Professional League on Tuesday.
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