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Released from OG
August 17, 2017
In a post on the team's Facebook page, OG confirmed that Ana would be leaving the team for the upcoming competitive season.
Ana began his Dota 2 career by joining Invictus Gaming, but it wasn't until he was picked up by OG after The International 6 that he truly rose to fame. During his time with OG, Ana claimed first place at both the Boston and Kiev Majors, as well as numerous other strong finishes. Despite his success with the team and massive growth as a player over the year, OG's 7th-8th place finish at The International 7 this year prompted this move. Ana announced via his own personal twitter that he will be taking a break for the upcoming season, but he will likely be in high demand upon his return.
Dominates the middle lane
August 9, 2017
Ana played superbly to help OG topple Infamous in the elimination round of The International 2017. He ended the series with a KDA of 11/2/4.
Ana showed how dangerous he can be on Invoker in the lone game of the series. Using his Ice Wall to fend off early rotations from Infamous, there was no slowing down Ana's farm. Picking up a scepter in under 20 minutes, he stayed at the top of the networth chart throughout the game, and dished out 15,156 damage in OG's 32-minute win.
Alchemist love pays off
August 5, 2017
Ana showed off his chops against Execration in their draw at The International 2017. The mid star with a KDA of 19/8/14.
Ana went with Alchemist in both games of the series. In Game 1, he was outdueled by Raging Potato's Necrophos in the early game. He still did his best keeping OG in the game by staying on top of the networth chart, but it was never enough. Game 2 was a complete bounce-back performance for Ana. He won mid against the James Timbersaw and was never slowed down from there. An 11-minute Radiance is insane and it summed up Ana's performance for Game 2.
Looked great as OG continues to roll
August 4, 2017
ana brought the pain as OG completed to 2-0 sweep over Hellraisers in group stages of The International 7. ana finished the series with a 15/2/13 KDA.
ana started hot on Ursa in Game 1, grabbing 12 kills, and then he never really cooled down. This might have been the quickest sweep of TI7 yet, and OG is firing on all cylinders. ana continued to lead them in fights and will play a pivotal role as TI7 progresses.
Not adept at lane swapping
August 4, 2017
Ana finished Newbee's 1-1 draw with OG during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 18/9/15
Ana played Anti-Mage and Templar Assassin in Games 1 and 2 of the series respectively. In Game 1, Ana tried a lane swap with N0tail, taking his Anti-Mage to the safe lane. Despite farming well, Ana was not the most evasive Anti-Mage, and he and his teammates could not hold Sccc's Morphling in one place long enough to kill him more than once. In Game 2, Ana returned to the middle lane and schooled Sccc's Invoker as he and N0tail's Phantom Lancer ran over towers and heroes alike in a bloody race to turn Newbee's Ancient into rubble.
Shows up Fata in 2-0 victory
August 3, 2017
Ana finished OG's 2-0 victory over Cloud9 during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 13/8/25.
Ana played Templar Assassin and then Invoker in OG's Bo2 against Cloud9. With the help of JerAx, Ana handled Fata in both games with ease. His ability to create havoc allowed the rest of OG all the time they needed to assume control of both games.
Lone spark in OG's struggle
July 7, 2017
Ana was the lone positive for OG in their loss to LGD in MDL 2017. The OG star finished with a KDA of 12/10/21.
Ana kicked off the series with his signature Invoker. Despite his familiarity with the hero, he was outplayed Maybe's Mirana in the early game. His 11-minute Hand of Midas was way later than his average, and because of this he couldn't get going. Ana was forced to farm most of the mid game as well, as Maybe had his way with OG. In Game 2, OG decided to switch things up by moving Ana to the safe lane. His showing on the Faceless Void was still not great, unfortunately. He was forced to stay defensive, picking up a very early Linken's Sphere. Nine kills isn't bad, but Ana should have definitely done more.
OG's middle lane puts on a spectacular Invoker show
July 6, 2017
Ana played an outstanding game, finishing with a 19/2/10 KDA against LFY in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Ana played Invoker, delivering a very impressive performance. He had a difficult early game, but managed to pull off a very impressive comeback. With the rest of his team helping to create space, Ana farmed his way back into the game at an astonishing pace. After scoring an Ultra Kill at 24 minutes, Ana was fully in control of the game. His two deaths this game both took place in the lane phase before 10 minutes; afterwards his performance was close to perfect.
Team too heavy
July 5, 2017
Ana finished OG's 1-0 loss to Evil Geniuses during the group stages of MDL 2017 with a final KDA of 14/7/5
Playing as Invoker, Ana succeeded on a comfort hero. However, the success of one cannot undo the mistakes of the other four. Fighting better than he farmed, Ana could do very little to empower his teammates or turn the game around as OG were put down by a swift Drow Ranger lineup from Evil Geniuses.
OG's middle lane unable to carry on his own
July 5, 2017
Ana finished with an 8/8/6 KDA in a difficult loss to LGD in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Ana played Ember Spirit. He was the only member of OG to have anything close to a decent game. His choice to go for a Radiance as his first item meant he was dealing a lot of chip damage all game, but this was unfortunately not enough to tip the scales in OG's favor. He dealt the most damage of anyone in the game with 42,000, but it wasn't the kind of damage OG needed to win.
Puts on an insane show in Game 1, but couldn't keep it up for the whole series
May 27, 2017
Ana dominated Game 1, but fell off sharply afterwards in OG's 1-2 elimination match loss to Faceless at the Manila Masters. He finished with an overall KDA of 39/18/29.
In Game 1 Ana played Invoker. This was an outstanding performance from Ana. He started out slow in classic Invoker fashion, but soon he had completely taken over the game. His damage was completely out of control in fights, and there was nothing Faceless could do to stop him. Ana finished with an incredible 19/0/13 KDA. In Game 2 Ana played Storm Spirit. This was a miserable game for Ana. He died four times in lane to rotations from Jabz's Clockwerk, and by the time he was even able to think about a comeback, Black^'s Anti-Mage was totally in command of the game. Ana was mostly a liability in fights thanks to his high mana pool, which made for some spectacular Mana Voids. Ana finished with a 5/9/5 KDA. Ana played Mirana in Game 3. He found the most success of anyone on his team thanks to his high magical burst damage, but this wasn't enough to carry the rest of OG. They had serious damage issues outside of Ana's burst, which has far too long of a cool down to be the sole source of burst damage. Ana himself was also very vulnerable to being whittled down. He finished the game with a 15/9/11 KDA.
Put on a show in a big victory
April 30, 2017
Ana could not be stopped as OG defeated Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the semifinals of the Kiev Major. OG advances on to the grand final to face Ana finished the series with a 22/9/26 KDA and destroyed nine towers, five barracks and four Roshans in the series.
In order to defeat EG and make the grand finals, OG needed a playmaker. That role was filled by Ana as he was the most dominant player in the series. First on Ember Spirit and then on Templar Assassin, Ana led his team with 11 kills in each game. In even more impressive fashion, he died only nine times in a highly competitive series. As OG needed to comeback in Game 2, Ana led the charge as he even dominated the objectives. OG is firing on all cylinders as a team right now and looks to cap off the tournament run with a title.
Can't win with his best hero
April 25, 2017
Ana finished OG's 2-0 loss to Invictus Gaming during the Kiev Major group stages with a final KDA of 12/12/18.
In Game 1, Ana was bested on his favorite hero, Invoker. Losing the middle lane to Op's Templar Assassin, it never got better as the game progressed. In Game 2, Ana played Dragon Knight. Though he was effective at pushing down objectives and surviving, Ana was unable to be the dynamic playmaker he usually is for OG. Lacking a sense of urgency, OG were surprised by BurNIngs Anti-Mage, which rolled over everything in its path on the way to victory.
OG's middle lane carving out his spot among the best
March 31, 2017
Ana played a great series in OG's 2-0 win over Newbee on the first day of DAC 2017 playoffs. He finished with an overall KDA of 26/7/23.
Ana played Storm Spirit in Game 1. Although he fell behind Sccc's Shadow Fiend in lane, Ana did a great job catching up in the jungle as well as participating in OG's kills. Ana was quite effective in fights, but he did wind up overextending himself a few times too many. Despite a few careless deaths, Ana was still an incredibly potent late-game force for OG, helping secure their win. Ana finished with a 13/4/15 KDA. In Game 2 Ana played Outworld Devourer. He had a bit of a rough lane once again, but this time Ana completely took over the game after the lane phase. His damage output almost single-handedly carried OG through the entire game. With 33,600 damage dealt, he did almost double the next-highest player's damage. Ana finished with a 13/3/8 KDA.
Outstanding Game 2 to finish off OG's group stage
March 28, 2017
Ana played well overall in OG's 1-1 tie with VG.J in the Dota 2 Asia Championships. He finished with an overall KDA of 22/14/43.
Ana played Nyx Assasin middle in Game 1, a very unconventional pick. Ana usually gets a hero that scales well with gold and experience, and this game really showcased how important that strategy is. Ana showed that he can play a competent Nyx Assassin, but OG needed damage and not disables in this game. Ana finished with a 3/10/18 KDA. In Game 2 Ana was back on a farming core, playing Ember Spirit. The difference from Game 1 was like night and day. Ana played an excellent game on Ember Spirit, expertly moving around fights and locking down critical targets. After a subdued Game 1, Ana went absolutely ham in Game 2, finishing with a 19/4/25 KDA.
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