Kam Boom Seng 
Dominates Empire in a 2-1 win
February 3, 2018
Moon finished with an impressive 28/8/28 overall KDA in a 2-1 win over Empire at the fourth Starladder Invitational.
In Game 1 Moon played Mirana, continuing to show off his individual skill on the hero. As one of the few remaining pros who still plays Mirana, Moon tries to make every game a showcase of his skill. This was no exception; his positioning was excellent all game and he was able to dish out massive damage reliably in fights. Moon finished with a 13/1/12 KDA. In Game 2 Moon had a rough game on Juggernaut. He struggled to get into fights, often paying with his life. Moon also had to deal with the constant threat of Beastmaster, who could stun him during Blade Flurry and stop his attempts to flee. Moon finished with a 3/6/7 KDA. In Game 3 Moon played Death Prophet, finishing out the series with a very nice performance. His positioning was great all game, letting him get maximum use out of all his spells. Moon was also very good about having his ultimate available to turn fight wins into objectives. He finished with a 12/1/9 KDA.
Takes a game, but falls short of a win vs Newbee
February 2, 2018
Moon started strong but fell flat in a 1-2 loss to Newbee at the fourth Starladder Invitational. He finished with an overall KDA of 23/14/29.
Moon played Mirana in Game 1, showing off the power of simply playing a hero you're comfortable with. Despite Mirana not being very popular lately, Moon brought a lot to the table for his team in this game. His positioning was very good, and he did a lot of damage and disable. He finished with a 10/2/15 KDA. In Game 2 Moon played Puck, but his comfort on the hero wasn't enough to carry the day this time. He was dual laned against and fell behind early, and was never able to catch back up. He finished with a 4/6/4 KDA. In Game 3 Moon had a tough time on Death Prophet. Moon and the rest of Mineski were so reliant on ultimates, but Newbee did a great job playing around them. In fights, Moon found himself extremely hampered by all of Newbee's saves, and was unable to put his damage to good use. He finished with a 9/6/10 KDA.
Rose to the occasion against LFY
January 23, 2018
Moon was at the top of his game against LFY in ESL One Genting. The midlaner finished with a KDA of 12/3/21.
Moon played his deadly Puck in the opening game of the series. He easily outplayed Op's Death Prophet in the laning phase. His 11 minute Veil of Discord and 15 minute Blink Dagger easily set the pace for Mineski. His eight kills were crucial in his team's victory. In Game 2, Moon's Templar Assassin to another level. He schooled Op's Shadow Fiend in the last hitting department not allowing him to acquire enough souls to be a threat. His early game dominance allowed Mineski to pick up the lopsided win.
Strong and balanced showing rounds out win
January 4, 2018
Moon shined along with his teammates as Mineski defeated Team Secret in the Group Stages of Captain's Draft 4. Moon finished with a 10/5/19 KDA.
Overshadowed by gaudy stats of his teammates, Moon had himself a strong performance of his own. Having the fewest deaths on his team while still taking part in 29 kills on Ember Spirit is something Moon should be proud of. He can be even more proud of Mineski's 2-0 record as they are set to come out of groups undefeated. Mineski might just be the hottest team at Captain's Draft right now.
Starts Captain's Draft 4 with a strong performance
January 4, 2018
Moon finished with an 11/2/18 KDA in a commanding win against Vici Gaming at Captain's Draft 4.
Moon played Queen of Pain very well in Mineski's game against Vici. He used his mobility to great effect all game, eluding Vici's powerful but predictable spells in fights. He also contributed a lot of burst, as well as some nice right-click damage in the late game.
Early exit from the Perfect World Minor
November 23, 2017
NaNa had a rough time up against compLexity, finishing with a 5/5/5 KDA. Mineski is eliminated from the Perfect World Minor, finishing in 7th-8th place.
Although he did manage to secure a decent amount of kills with his burst damage, this was overall and underwhelming game from NaNa. In fights where he got kills, NaNa often had to Blink in too deep and give up his own life in exchange. In the long run against compLexity this proved to be a losing strategy, as most of NaNa's kills were on supports.
Solid series from Mineski's middle lane
October 22, 2017
NaNa finished with an overall KDA of 10/6/23 in Mineski's 2-0 win over LGD Gaming in the grand finals of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 NaNa played Mirana. This wasn't a particularly great game from NaNa compared to his previous performances at PGL Bucharest, but he still delivered what his team needed from him. NaNa was often the one to die from LGD's focused fire, but his team was able to turn these fights around and capitalize. NaNa finished with a 5/4/10 KDA. In Game 2 NaNa played Puck. This wasn't a very flashy game from NaNa, but he played well given the situation. Five minutes of lane swapping set his early game back a bit, but NaNa didn't let that stop him. Despite his items coming a minute or two later than ideal, NaNa was still able to be a very effective teamfight controller for Mineski. He finished with a 5/2/13 KDA.
Dominant across both games of a 2-0 win
October 20, 2017
NaNa finished with an overall KDA of 33/3/20 in Mineski's 2-0 win over Evil Geniuses in the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 NaNa played Puck. He drew relatively even in lane, but once NaNa started going for kills he blew the game wide open for Mineski. NaNa was untouchable in fights thanks to getting a lot of levels and a Blink Dagger very quickly. He finished with a godlike 16/0/9 KDA. In Game 2 NaNa played Mirana. He had another fantastic early and mid game, getting a lot of farm while being involved in many kills. He continued to play well as the game went later, especially when defending his own high ground. He dealt massive damage with his right clicks, and his positioning kept him alive through most fights. He finished with a 17/3/11 KDA.
Racks up the kills for Mineski
October 20, 2017
NaNa racked up the numbers for Mineski in their match against Natus Vincere at the PGL Minor. The young mid laner finished with a KDA of 28/14/22.
NaNa started the series with his signature Mirana against Dendi's Lina. He lost the laning stage pretty badly but made up for it with his mid-game plays. His Moonlight Shadows were timely and his Sacred Arrows connected for the extra crowd control. Nana finished the game with the game-high seven kills. In Game 2, his Tinker won the early phase against Dendi, but this time around his greedy positioning was punished often. 10 deaths on your Tinker is never acceptable. NaNa went back to Mirana in the final game of the series. His early game wasn't great but he still got his farm. He again picked up the pace after acquiring a 17-minute Diffusal Blade. Being involved in 17 of Mineski's 29 kills is a great feat as a mid laner.
Crumbled after a tight Game 1 loss to Liquid
October 12, 2017
NaNa finished with an overall KDA of 9/9/14 in Mineski's 0-2 loss to Team Liquid at the Starladder iLeague Minor.
In Game 1 NaNa played Necrophos. He got off to a very strong start. Mineski were able to find a lot of high-value kills for NaNa, but once it came time to push the enemy high ground it all started to crumble. NaNa was forced to waste his Reaper's Scythe early in fights because Mineski seriously lacked disable, leaving them without the damage to finish up. He finished with an 8/4/10 KDA. In Game 2 NaNa played Puck. This was a rough showing for NaNa. After losing his lane, NaNa wasn't able to be as effective in fights as Mineski needed. He was too susceptible to dying to Liquid's burst, and this proved to be his downfall in multiple fights. He finished with a 1/5/4 KDA.
Joins Mineski for upcoming competitive season
August 16, 2017
A tweet by Mineski's manager has confirmed that NaNa will be joining the team for the upcoming season.
NaNa has spent most of his career as a part of WarriorsGaming.Unity, which was effectively a stack of high-MMR players from SEA. The team achieved impressive regional results, but failed to make an impact on the international stage. As a part of Mineski, NaNa will be officially taking the position-one role, although it's more likely he and Mushi will swap positions depending on hero picks.
Average play in loss to Wings
January 6, 2017
NaNa finished Warriors Gaming Unity's 1-0 loss to Wings Gaming during Day 1 of ESL Genting with a KDA of 9/6/9.
NaNa played Tiny in the middle lane. He was able to hold his own and make good item timings, despite a myriad of deaths. As the game wore on, NaNa just wasn't able to keep up on farm or dish out a high amount of damage to accumulate kills, leaving Ahjit to face Wings alone.
Along for the downhill ride
December 10, 2016
NaNa finished Warriors Gaming Unitys 2-1 loss to OG during the quarterfinals of the Boston Major with a KDA of 8/13/24.
NaNa couldn't find any kind of success in any game against OG. Game 1 on Outworld Devourer, he managed to help put Ana out of commission for a bit, but could not deal the damage needed, opting for an awkward Pipe of Insight build. In Game 2, as Dragon Knight, NaNa was absolutely destroyed by Ana's Alchemist. NaNa found just this side of zero farm, finishing the game with only two major items. In Game 3, NaNa was given Pugna. Once again flubbing in the face of Ana's Alchemist, NaNa had little impact against OG's lineup as he and his teammates were steamrolled by OG.
Outpaces compLexity in 2-0 sweep
December 9, 2016
NaNa finished WG.Unity's 2-0 sweep of compLexity during the Boston Major with a KDA of 15/5/17.
NaNa played Timbersaw in both games against compLexity. NaNa completely outclassed canceL, doubling his farm for the first several minutes. Forcing compLexity to assist their ailing mid laner, NaNa created enough space without ceding too many deaths to give his team a large advantage that they would never relinquish.
Standout performer for WG.Unity in a loss to Wings
December 3, 2016
NaNa played well in both games, but it wasn't enough. WG.Unity lost 0-2 to Wings in the Boston Major group stages. He finished with a 20/11/20 KDA.
In Game 1 NaNa played Templar Assassin in the Dire middle lane. He did fantastic in his lane, winning the matchup against Mirana. Unfortunately for WG.Unity, NaNa didn't get off to a good enough start to totally take control of the game. Wings had lots of ways to control him in fights, and without Refraction, NaNa was an easy kill. He finished Game 1 with a 5/4/6 KDA. In Game 2 NaNa played Sniper in the Radiant middle lane. With bonus damage from Precision Aura, he was able to get a lot of farm in lane. This let him transition into a terrifying mid game. His team was well structured to protect Sniper sitting back and taking potshots at Wings. NaNa took excellent advantage of this, ripping through Wings' team with ease. This damage went both ways, though, and when Wings did managed to get to NaNa, he was an easy kill. It was a very close game, but eventually WG.Unity lost. NaNa finished with a 15/7/14 KDA.
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