Maroun Merhej 
Team Liquid
Perfect rotations from Liquid support
August 12, 2017
gh rotated perfectly for Team Liquid against LGD in The International 2017. The star support finished with a KDA of 6/5/23.
gh was rocking it on the Earthshaker in both games of the series. He was constantly on the lookout to make things for his team in the early game. His efforts were not in vain as his Fissures were simply on point. He even found a four-man Fissure early on in Game 1. His Blink Dagger timings were also not far apart for both games as he acquired them shortly after the 15-minute mark.
Doesn't play his best in the sweep
August 4, 2017
gh was not able to shine as Team Liquid completed to 2-0 sweep over Infamous in group stages of The International 7. gh finished the series with a 5/16/34 KDA.
Game 1 saw Liquid come out lazy, especially gh as he died a team high 10 times in the close win. All of Liquid picked it up for Game 2, except gh. He still was not playing at the level we expect from him, dying a team-high amount again on Earthshaker. gh is happy to get the sweep, but will need to pick it up outside of groups.
Rattles and rolls as Earthshaker
August 3, 2017
gh finished Team Liquid's 1-1 draw with Evil Geniuses during the group stage of The International 7 with a final KDA of 6/11/28.
gh played Earthshaker in both Games 1 and 2 and roamed the map in both games as well. In Game 1, gh turned fights with his well-timed initiations, frustrating Evil Geniuses and preventing them from regaining a hold on the game. In Game 2, gh was less effective as Evil Geniuses wisened to his ways, ensuring that he was taken care of quickly or before a fight broke out.
Outstanding series from Liquid's newest addition
August 2, 2017
gh was very impressive in Liquid's 2-0 win vs Fnatic in the group stages of The International 7. He finished with an overall KDA of 1/3/21.
In Game 1 gh played Io. He played an excellent game on this rarely seen hero. This game was a great example of why Io is a perma-ban against Liquid. gh was all over the map, providing healing and a damage boost to whoever needed it. He finished with a 0/2/10 KDA. In Game 2 gh played Keeper of the Light. Every time this hero isn't banned against Liquid the game goes poorly for their opponent, and this game was no exception. He was all over the map finding kills and helping out the lanes, leading Liquid to another easy win. He finished with a 1/1/11 KDA.
Two solid Earthshaker games from Liquid's support
August 2, 2017
gh looked good in Liquid's 2-0 win over iG.Vitality in The International 7 group stages. He finished with an overall KDA of 4/15/35.
In Game 1 gh played Earthshaker. After his performance at Dreamleague, it should come as no surprise that gh played an excellent game vs iG.V. His positioning was excellent, and he managed to deal massive damage in fights with his spells. He finished with a 1/6/18 KDA. gh played Earthshaker again in Game 2. He once again put on a solid performance, although he died a lot more in this game because Liquid spent most of it fighting from behind. When it really counted in the late game, gh delivered a massive combo play with MATUMBAMAN that lead to Liquid securing mega creeps and the game. He finished with a 3/9/17 KDA.
Impressive series from Liquid's support
July 21, 2017
gh played very well in Liquid's 2-0 win over Planet Odd in the Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 7 playoffs. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/14/34.
In Game 1 gh played Keeper of the Light. He did a nice job assisting MinD_ContRoL in the off lane, and soon transitioned into farming for his Aghanim's Scepter. Almost instantly after he finished it, Liquid were able to push into Planet Odd's base and secure two lanes of barracks. gh finished with a 2/5/14 KDA. In Game 2 gh played Rubick. He didn't have nearly as impressive a game as his previous Keeper of the Light performance, but gh still managed to deliver what Liquid needed in fights. He finished the game with a 5/9/20 KDA.
Excellent plays from behind in both of Liquid's wins
July 21, 2017
gh finished a tight 2-0 win over Vega Squadron in the Dreamhack Dreamleague playoffs with an 11/25/54 overall KDA.
In Game 1 gh played Earth Shaker. He had a tremendously difficult game, but managed to persevere through it all as Liquid pulled off an impressive comeback win. gh took his role of sacrificial support extremely seriously, giving up a total of 14 deaths, but ensuring that a more important member of Liquid could escape. He finished with a 5/14/19 KDA. In Game 2 gh played support Zeus. Once again gh found himself in a very difficult situation. It was extremely difficult playing Zeus against Vega's lineup, and GH's lack of mobility seriously hurt him all game. Despite this, he was able to be very effective in fights from range with his spells. gh finished with a 7/11/35 KDA.
Crazy performance from the touted Liquid support
June 11, 2017
gh was a beast for Team Liquid in their win over Evil Geniuses in the Epicenter 2017 grand finals. The high-profile support player finished with a KDA of 10/16/60.
gh is known as one of the best Io's in the world and he showed just that on Game 1. He applied the pressure on SumaiL early and his Bottle made sure that Miracle was always in fighting condition as they ran away with the opener. gh's Slardar in Game 2 struggled to make a positive impact early on. His 16-minute Blink Dagger was acceptable, but he was making a bit too many mistakes with his initiation, which EG took advantage of. In Game 3, his Earthshaker was groundbreaking. Even if he picked up a late 20-minute Blink Dagger, he was constantly hitting several heroes with his Fissure and his rotations were highly disruptive for his opponents. He was again on Earthshaker in the final game and his impact was similarly impressive as Team Liquid defended the Epicenter crown.
Impressive initiation from Liquid's support
June 10, 2017
gh played very well in Liquid's 2-0 win over LGD.ForeverYoung in the semifinals of Epicenter. He finished with an overall KDA of 6/12/29. Liquid advance to the grand final to face Evil Geniuses.
In Game 1 gh played Slardar. He had a bit of a rocky early-game, but more than made up for it with his performance in the mid and late-game. He was able to follow up on MinD_ContRoL's Vacuums to hit massive muti-hero stuns that tipped the balance of the game in Liquid's favor. He finished with a 2/7/16 KDA. gh played Slardar again in Game 2. There was no Dark Seer on his side this time, but gh managed to be just as effective. His stuns were great, and he did an impressive job staying alive in chaotic fights. He finished with a 4/5/13 KDA.
Supports his team to impressive victory
June 9, 2017
gh played well in Liquid's 2-1 win over in the quarterfinals of Epicenter. He finished with a 3/15/23 overall KDA. Liquid advances to face LGD.ForeverYoung in the semifinals.
In Game 1 gh played Pudge. He was extremely unimpactful all game. His attempts to harass middle failed when he didn't hit a single hook, and things didn't improve much as the game went on. gh finished with a 1/11/6 KDA. In Game 2 gh played his signature Keeper of the Light. He looked much more comfortable in this game compared to his Pudge performance. His positioning was excellent, and his Illuminates were often hitting three or more heroes, inflicting massive damage for a support. gh finished with a 1/3/7 KDA. gh played Keeper of the Light again in Game 3. He played essentially a repeat of Game 2. His positioning was great again, and he got another fast Aghanim's Scepter, which let Liquid push early and end the game. He finished with a 1/1/10 KDA.
Terrible series from Liquid's 9000 MMR support
June 5, 2017
gh looked very weak in Liquid's 0-2 loss to Secret in the Epicenter group stages. He finished with an overall KDA of 1/20/18.
In Game 1 gh played Phoenix. He didn't get a single kill, by gh's contributions were still worthwhile. His use of Supernova was usually very good, and when his egg exploded, Liquid easily won fights. The problem with Phoenix is just how much hinges on Supernova, and in the late-game Secret were able to bring down the egg. gh finished with a 0/10/16 KDA. In Game 2 gh played Pudge in what was a comically terrible game for gh. He had one of the worst early games I've seen in a professional game in a long time. He finished the game with a whopping 10 deaths and only participated in three kills all game. He finished with a 1/10/2 KDA.
Excellent performances in day 2 of Starladder
May 19, 2017
gh did an excellent job supporting his team to a convincing 2-0 victory over Vega in the StarLadder Invitational #2. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/7/24.
gh played as Slardar in Game 1. He did an excellent job of setting up kills early on, especially in the mid lane, allowing Miracle's Invoker to eventually take total control of the entire game. Taking advantage of Dark Seer's Vacuum, gh was able to land his Crush on multiple heroes at a time, and paved the way for his Faceless Void and Invoker to deal out the damage. gh supported his team as IO in Game 2. With gh setting up excellent Relocate plays and keeping his teammates alive in confrontations, Vega never had a chance to make anything happen. gh healed for 7,336 by the end of the game, and finished with a final KDA of 5/3/13.
Supports his team in two convincing wins
May 19, 2017
gh was excellent in both games of Liquid's 2-0 win over Faceless at the second StarLadder Invitational. He finished with an overall KDA of 0/7/15.
In Game 1 gh played Dazzle. Apart from a missed Shallow Grave near the end of the game, gh played a great match. He was where his team needed him to be, and he did a nice job staying alive himself. gh finished with a 0/2/6 KDA. gh played Keeper of the Light in Game 2. You don't get to be the number one Keeper of the Light on Dotabuff without some serious skills, and gh put those on display in this game. He managed to find the farm for a 20-minute Aghanim's Scepter, which gave Liquid the vision they needed to go for their aggressive push to end the game. gh finished with a 0/5/9 KDA.
The ups and downs of the Liquid support
April 29, 2017
gh could not get things done for Team Liquid as they were eliminated by Invictus Gaming in the Kiev Major. The Lebanese support finished with a KDA of 5/25/35.
gh rolled into the first game on his Tusk. He didn't hesitate in applying the pressure early game for his team. However, his lack of self-control with his Snowballs resulted in 11 deaths. His Earthshaker in the second game was on similar terms. His late 21-minute Blink Dagger hampered his impact and his 14 deaths were unfortunate. He was again on Earthshaker in the final game. He had an earlier Blink Dagger and his Fissures ended up being more impactful but it wasn't enough as his team was eliminated. Overall, gh had some positives, but they were greatly outweighed by his mistakes in the series.
Liquid support flaunts his mid skills
March 29, 2017
gh shifted over to the mid lane in Team Liquid's stomp over Team NP in DAC 2017. The versatile pro finished with a KDA of 4/3/17.
gh was on Naga Siren for their crucial tiebreaker match. He had a successful early game as he punished Aui_2000's aggressive dive very early on. The advantage allowed him to farm an impressive 15-minute Radiance. That was when he started taking over the map with his incredible micro skills. It looked very easy for the young Lebanese player as he gave Team NP more than they could handle.