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Free Agent
A swift exit
September 6, 2017
As announced on Hellraisers' website, Swiftending has been replaced by SexyBamboe on the team.
Swiftending was just part of Hellraisers for two months before the team parted ways with him. He had some good moments during their run at The International 7, but it apparently wasn't enough.
A tale of two games for HR carry
August 3, 2017
Swiftending was given much attention by Execration but Hellraisers still take the draw in The International 2017. The carry player finished with a KDA of 21/14/27.
Swiftending kicked off the series with the unconventional Pugna carry pick. It worked very well for the majority of the early game as he farmed well and took out some towers. His 22-minute Aghanim's Scepter was impressive but it wasn't enough as Execration regained their footing. In Game 2, it was back to basics for Swiftending on the more meta Sven. His 620 gold per minute was fully deserved, as he struck the perfect balance between farming and rotating.
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