Egor Zhabotinskii 
PENTA Sports
Shut down by his opponents
January 23, 2018
Ark never got going in PENTA's defeat against Team Liquid in ESL One Genting. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 1/5/3.
His Phantom Lancer in the only game of the series was pressured from a very early point in the game against Liquid. With constant rotations, he never got the time to farm any significant item after his greedy 19 minute Battle Fury. His team was behind for majority of the game and the item was a questionable decision for Ark.
Finds a new home
September 13, 2017
In a an official Tweet by Spartak Esports, it was reported that .Ark will be joining the red-and-white family.
.Ark previously played for SEA organization Mineski before going back to his roots in Russia. Previously touted as a star for the future, .Ark hasn't lived up to his expectations. He is still only 20, however, so his future may yet be bright.
Free Agent
No longer a part of Mineski
August 16, 2017
In a tweet by Mineski's manager, it was confirmed that .Ark would be leaving the team.
.Ark played with Mineski for just shy of three months, but failed to accomplish anything of note in terms of results. The team's failure to qualify for The International 7 was likely the final straw, and now that the event is over major shuffling can begin. .Ark hasn't made any announcements of a new team, but he doesn't use Twitter and his VK page is private, so it's difficult to tell what his plans may be.
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